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61. The Age of Velikovsky [The Age of Velikovsky] [Books]
... Copyright@ 1976 by Dr. C. J. Ransom All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of the Publisher, except where permitted by law. Reprinted by arrangement with the author. Delta@ TM 755118, Dell Publishing Co., Inc. ISBN: 0-440-50323-X Printed in the United States of America First Delta printing-May 1978 The Age of Velikovsky C. J. Ransom To Linda Contents Preface Early Life of Dr Velikovsky Chapter I: The Review Chapter II: The Events Chapter III: The Historical Construction Chapter IV: The Common Questions Chapter V: The Planets and Moon Chapter VI: Dating Methods and Misapplications Chapter VII: The Earth Chapter VIII: The Modern Affair Historical Supplement Appendix Notes PREFACE In the 1940's, Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky developed a unique model for the recent history of the solar system. His ideas were eventually presented in the form of a cosmological reconstruction ...
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62. Another Look at Velikovsky's Ages in Chaos [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... Newsletter, summer 1982). The information I have assembled from these diverse sources and situations has helped me to better understand Velikovsky's ideas with respect to both the real and the imagined bases upon which they pertain. First, Stiebing is very effective in discussing the absolute lack of archaeological support for Velikovsky's thesis. The main problem centers around remains of the Egyptian New Kingdom being found in the Late Bronze Age layers in Palestine and the remains of the Israelite kings being associated with Iron Age layers located above the Late Bronze strata. As Velikovsky wants to make these two periods contemporaneous, this situation requires explanation. Velikovsky never fully addressed this problem, which was brought to his attention subsequently. Some of his followers attempted to resolve it; many, however, have begun to doubt even their own solutions, and Stiebing discusses many of these and other archaeological re-interpretations in his BAR article. For now, such revisions (while some may wish to toy with them) have in no way improved the archaeological picture they seek to correct. Thus while our present view may ...
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63. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... From: SIS Review Vol V No 4 (1984) Home¦ Issue Contents Bookshelf CULTURA AMNESIA Lest We Remember MANKIND IN AMNESIA by Immanuel Velikovsky (Sidgwick& Jackson: London, 1982; £7.95) "I can only stand in deepest awe and admiration before the depths and heights of the soul whose world beyond space hides an immeasurable richness of images, which millions of years of living have stored up and condensed into organic material. My conscious mind is like an eye which perceives the furthermost spaces; but the psychic non-ego is that which fills this space in a sense beyond space. These images are not pale shadows, but powerful and effective conditions of the soul which we can only misunderstand but can never rob of their power by denying them. For comparison I can think only of the wonder of the starry night sky, for the equivalent of the inner world can only be in the outer world; and just as I experience this world through the medium of the body, so I experience that other world through the medium of the soul ...
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64. Focus [SIS C&C Review $]
... From: SIS Review Vol III No 3 (Winter 1978/79) Home¦ Issue Contents Focus Lest we forget IN MAY 1974, Dr Velikovsky was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Arts and Science by the University of Lethbridge, Alberta. By this act, as DR EARL R. MILTON, Chairman of the Department of Physics, notes, "the University was recognising a world famous scholar whose work epitomises the ideology of the University that interdisciplinary studies have value". For the two days preceding the convocation ceremony, the University hosted an international symposium with the theme "Velikovsky and Cultural Amnesia". The Proceedings of this event have now appeared, under Dr Milton's editorship and with the title Recollections of a Fallen Sky.* We can do no better than present the papers via Dr Milton's introduction to the collection (from which the quotation above was taken), here in a heavily abridged form:- "Although the papers all relate to some aspect of Cultural Amnesia, they deal with subjects as diverse as anthropology, geology, narrative ...
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... SIS Workshop Vol 3 No 2 (Oct 1980) Home¦ Issue Contents Some Notes on the Revised Chronology (part one) by Lester J. Mitcham I believe that a number of identifications made in, and following from Dr. Velikovsky's chronological revisions are the result of misinterpretations and misquotes. I should like to take this opportunity to correct some of them. I further believe that the correct application of certain data will result in a chronological revision vastly different from Dr. Velikovsky's. 1) In Kronos III:3 p.13, Velikovsky states:- "However, Herodotus also gave a second name of the Egyptian king who opposed Sennacherib. He called him Sethos and Psammetich. He said that after the departure of the Ethiopian king Sabacos (Shabaka) from Egypt, Sethos became king; but in another place he said that, after the departure of the Ethiopian king Sabacos Psammetich (" for the second") became king (2)." (2) refers to Herodotus II, 141 and 152. Later he adds:- "The king ...
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66. Focus [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Workshop Vol 3 No 1 (Jul 1980) Home¦ Issue Contents Focus VELIKOVSKY AFFAIR? New Scientist. 10/5/80, p. 102-3 It seems that when the Letters Editor of New Scientist slipped in Jill Abery's letter (see Workshop.vol .2 no.4. p.6) he did so without prior consultation with John Gribbin. And Mr. Gribbin is not pleased, to judge by the 1 columns of "refutation" he fills in the Forum section. He will admit that Velikovsky did precede the others- very generous of him- but explains:- "The difference is that, in scientific terms, the Velikovsky version has a bolt missing, whereas Enever, Barry Niven and Jerry Pournelle did their sums properly". We have seen this kind of argument before, have we not, in relation to Prof. Alvarez? (see Workshop vol.2 no.4. p.10) Mr. Gribbin has a "champion" to refute Velikovsky (he doesn't do this himself) and this shining knight is one Carl Sagan, "astronomer" ...
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67. Josephus and Velikovsky [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Workshop Vol 5 No 3 (Sep 1983) Home¦ Issue Contents Josephus and Velikovsky George R. Harvey That portion of the works of Josephus which runs parallel to the Old Testament shows imperfect agreement between the two in some details. Josephus must have had access to historical documents not preserved in the Scriptures. Dr Immanuel Velikovsky used some of Josephus's writings as evidence to support his contention that the Old Testament describes a time when the Solar System was periodically disrupted, causing havoc on Earth. However, Velikovsky did not choose to use all potential references in Josephus. I wish to point out some not used. Abraham an Astronomer Although there is no mention of such in the Scriptures, Josephus asserts that Abraham studied the movements of the heavens: "In the tenth generation after the Flood, there was among the Chaldeans a man righteous and great, and skilful in the celestial science."(l) "He communicated to them [the Egyptians arithmetic, and delivered to them the science of astronomy; for, before Abram came into ...
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... in 1975. None of that new data, however, would affect the main text of our "Analysis" paper; the only effect would be on the Appendix at the end, especially Tables I and II, which summarized the data on the various tablets. Much of that material in the Appendix has been extensively updated in our subsequent publications. A second respect in which "Analysis" is not up to date has to do with what the Venus tablets tell us about Venus and about Earth. Like many others, including Velikovsky, we at one time took it for granted that the Venus tablets would tell us about a radically different orbit of Venus. Such an assumption arises very naturally for those who are familiar with the conventional assignment of the Venus observations to the first half of the second millennium, and who are also familiar with Velikovsky's views about the earlier history of Venus. We have gradually come to realize, however, that at the time of the observations Venus might have been on or close to its present orbit. It would be fascinating ...
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69. Transcripts [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Transcripts of the Morning and Evening Sessions of the A.A.A.S. Symposium on ? Velikovsky ? s Challenge to Science ? held on February 25, 1974 Transcribed and Edited by Lynn E. Rose INTRODUCTION Full, verbatim transcripts were prepared by me between 1977 and 1979, covering both the Mornig Session and the Evening Session of the A.A.A.S. Symposium in San Franscisco; these were based not only upon my own tapes but also upon other tapes kindly provided by Warner B. Sizemore and by Frederic B. Jueneman. A few spots that have remained inaudible are marked with ? [?,? ? [inaudible,? or the like. The prepared papers themselves are simply mentioned at the points where they were delivered; they are not included as part of the transcripts. All six of the speakers eventually published papers elsewhere anyway, either in Pensée IVR VII or in Scientists Confront Velikovsky, or in Velikovsky and Establishment Science (Kronos III:2). Velikovsky ? s paper was ready to be printed on the very day of the Symposium, and three of ...
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... From: SIS Review Vol III No 2 (Autumn 1978) Home¦ Issue Contents The remaining contributions to this issue jointly form an approach to the later parts of Velikovsky's historical reconstruction by three of the speakers at the conference at Glasgow last Spring, who also provided a significant part of the material for the special issue of our last volume, where a wide Variety of new and compelling evidence was presented to support the chronological revision Velikovsky proposed in the, first book of the AGES IN CHAOS series, "From the Exodus to King Akhnaton". Peter James' detailed consideration of the latest volume in the series evaluates Velikovsky's proposals for the identification of the XIXth Dynasty of Egypt with the XXVIth Dynasty of Manetho and other writers, in the light of the archaeological and epigraphical evidence now available and the interpretation Velikovsky gives it. His conclusion is that this later part of Velikovsky's "re-write" of history faces considerably more problems- some apparently insuperable- than that for the earlier period. Later papers, however, will show that the reconstruction in Volume I ...
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