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Man, Myth and Mayhem in Ancient History and the Sciences
Over 450 publications, 5000 images, 6000 documents, 10,000 pages and ½-million words

The dragon. A comet symbol?Planet Earth, photo by Apollo 17.

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The Earth and the other planets in the Solar System bear witness to a catastrophic past. Craters scar many moons, and the "age of the dinosaurs" ended when a large meteorite supposedly hit the Earth.

But have there been catastrophic events in mankind's more recent past? Does the wrath of the gods in ancient records symbolize earlier catastrophes? Does archaeology show significant disturbances around 2300BC? Does astronomy support catastrophism in only the early development of the Solar System, or much more recently?

It is to be expected that cosmically-induced global catastrophes should be a running theme through the disciplines. Hence, this work is interdisciplinary in its very nature. And if disciplines conflict in their interpretation, does the interpretation of the evidence or the discipline require revision?

This work is a compilation of thousands of articles, books and Web sites, covering a wide range of viewpoints. Some are quite convincing, some speculative, and others apparently preposterous.

The Pyramids: Astronomical map or burial tomb?
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