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1. Megalithic Circles and Star Charts [Journals] [SIS Review]
... From: SIS C & C Review 2004:2 Incorporating Workshop 2004:3 (August 2004) Home | Issue Contents Megalithic Circles and Star Charts Moe Mandelkehr Now only the stones remain, bleak, leaning against the winds that blow across their silence. The fires are out. The midsummer sun has for years risen above empty, fallen rings. The people and their fears are gone. There are only the stones and they have no message for the visitor. ' A. Burl - on the stone circles of the British Isles. This paper discusses a couple of strange patterns associated with 2300 BC the construction of huge megalithic monuments around the world and the creation ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 482  -  01 Apr 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/review/v2004n2/03megalithic.htm
... . The only conclusion sought to be deduced from the facts stated is as to the possible migration in prehistoric times of the Swastika and similar objects. No conclusion is attempted as to the time or place of origin, or the primitive meaning of the Swastika, because these are considered to be lost in antiquity. The straight line, the circle, the cross, the triangle, are simple forms, easily made, and might have lean invented and reinvented in every age of primitive man and in every quarter of the globe, each time being an independent invention, meaning much or little, meaning different things among different peoples or at different times among the same people; or ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 454  -  19 Jul 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/swastika/index.htm
... Gate V. The Tiahuanacan Linear Unit of Measurement Recapitulation 21. A Note on the Apparent and the Real Diameter of the Satellite 22. The Orientation of the Calendar Gate 23. Tuncamayani' The Number Eleven-The Hendecade 24. T/Hours and T/Minutes 25. The Tiahuanacan Time Scale and its Relation to the Winged Figures and to the Circle 26. The First Twelfth: Additional Symbolisms General Remarks I. The Symbolisms on the Body II. The Central Part of the Body III. The Human Face Symbols IV. Why the Human Face Symbols are Pendant from the Arms V. The Crested Condors VI. The Distribution of the Symbols between the Left and Right Sides of the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 419  -  19 Jun 2005  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/bellamy/calendar.htm
... 8, symbol of Divinity- Caduceus-Lunar Zodiac-Books of Taht-The Divine Pymander of Hermes-The Egyptian Psalmist-Prisse Papyrus-Lemuria-Australia-The Emerald Tablet- Mitzraim Philosophy-Pillars-Rosetta Stone-Caduceus Cynocephalis-Symbol of Mercury-Astrology. CHAPTER IX. -Guardians of the Super Realms Neptune and Uranus-Occult and Mystic-Known by the Ancients-Mythical Creations-Uranus and Astrology -The Atlanteans-Atlantis-Poseidon-Neptu e-CUbe of Neptune-Rediscovery of Planets-Our Present Era and Astrology. CHAPTER X. -The Circle of Necessity The Zodiac and its Ancient Origin-Auras-Zodiac and Occultism-Fixed Stars-Precessional Periods-Bible and Zodiac-Ten Sign Zodiac-Its explanation-Zodiacal Light-Building of the Zodiac or the Heavens-Calendars-Commencements-Zo iacal Signs, their Myths and Legends, their Rulers and Astrological Significance-The Pleiades-The Fixed Stars-First Globe or Chart- Zodiac and its Mystical Relation to all Theologies. CHAPTER XI. -" What I Tell You in ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 367  -  19 Jun 2005  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/celestial/book2.htm
5. Mysterious Circles [Journals] [SIS Workshop]
... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1990 No 1 (June 1990) Home | Issue Contents REVIEWS Mysterious Circles Books discussed: Circular Evidence - a detailed investigation of the flattened swirled crops phenomenon by Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews (Guild Publishing, London, 1989) The Circles Effect and its Mysteries by George Terence Meaden (Artetech Publishing Company, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, England, 1989) Both these books give excellent descriptions of very peculiar events for which it is hard to find a satisfactory scientific explanation. Something or somebody suddenly appears and goes, leaving traces on the ground of a very baffling character, which are occasionally associated with other even more startling noise and vision effects ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 334  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/workshop/w1990no1/32myst.htm
... --Its many beautiful Myths- The Palm Tree- Trees of the Lenni Lenape Indians- Oak Tree- The Druids- The Mistletoe- Yule Log- Tree, Pillar, Sceptre- Original Temples- Acacia or Thorn Bush. CHAPTER VIII. --Festivals of Fire May Pole- Worship of the Sun- Mystical Fire- Festivals of the Sun at the Solstices- Baal Fires- Origin of the Christmas Tree- Mummers- Fire Dances- Circle Dance- Pyrrhic Dance- Serpent Dance of the Indians- Baldur- Divining Rod- Mithra- His Cult, and Christianity- Zoroaster and John of Patmos- Serapis, its Worship- Gnostics- Horus the Egyptian Messiah- Constellation of Osiris. CHAPTER IX. --Celestial Waters Deluges and their ancient Traditions- Constellation of the Dragon- Pyramid- Deluge and Dragon- Dual Meaning of the Flood- Mysticism of the Ark- Deluge ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 328  -  19 Jun 2005  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/celestial/book.htm
... concerning the origins of the Basques, their language, and the significant role they might have played in pre-Columbian European voyages to the American continent. Several items in particular uncovered by Frank in her investigations caught my attention. These are summarized below in relevant quotes from Hadingham's article. "There, defying the jagged contours and plunging slopes, perfect circles of green were inscribed on the landscape. Some of the circles were as big as a quarter-mile or so across. What could the mysterious circles be? One of the circles was marked by upright stone pillars. Were these circles like Stonehenge?" [1 ] "The Circles were marked by a stone at the center and eight ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 327  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/aeon/vol0506/065use.htm
8. Saturn's Cosmos [Books]
... natural" ways of representing the sun because one sees the signs everywhere!) Though everyone seems to agree on the solar origins, (1 ) many disagree as to what the signs depict. In the image, does the outer band represent a parhelion (atmospherically caused halo around the sun)? Or does it stand for "the circle of the sky"? Some commentators suggest that the outer circle is itself the sun, leaving open the question of the meaning of the enclosed dot. (2 ) Similarly, in evaluating the sign , the experts cannot agree whether the four arms of the cross denote rays of the sun or four quarters of the world. It ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 293  -  15 Nov 2001  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/saturn/ch-04.htm
... Roth Ramach, where " paddles " is not, I venture to assert, the proper rendering of r£mach. The French rame, which meant a branch before it became an oar, is a straight illustration of my objection; and ramus and radix are of the same family, which brings us near to the radius of a circle' and the spoke of a wheel. This wheel was made by Simon Drui'3 assisted by Mog Ruith, a celebrated Irish Druid from the island of Valencia' The wheel enabled Simon Drui to fly in the airclearly a legend of a winged heavens-wheel god-but it broke-an Icarus incident-and parts of it. were (seep. 273) brought to ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 258  -  04 Oct 2001  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/night/night2.htm
10. Stonehenge: What Was It? [Journals] [Horus]
... Simply stated it is this: "The phases of the Moon exactly repeat themselves on the same days of the year every nineteen years, but not in any year in between." Since early times, and even in some cultures today, the waxing and waning of the Moon has been the astronomical basis of the month. The Moon circles the Earth once in a fraction over 29.5 days. During that time it completes one set of phases. It was quite obvious to ancient observers that coordination of lunar months with solar years could provide a natural, ready-made calendar cycle. There are many examples in ancient history of luni-solar calendar systems based on the fact that there ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 255  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/horus/v0102/horus05.htm
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