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... From: The Velikovskian Vol 1 No 4 (1993) Home¦ Issue Contents Before the Day Breaks(1)-- A Perspective Charles Ginenthal "Before the Day Breaks" is a memoir of the relationship Velikovsky shared with Albert Einstein, of their debate over the history of the solar system and the Earth, and of the significant role played by electromagnetism in celestial motion. The two men had met in Europe in the 1920s, when Einstein was editing the mathematics and physics sections of the Writings of the University and the Library of Jerusalem- Scripta Universitatis atque Bibliothecae Hierosolymitanarum, edited by Velikovsky. Velikovsky likened the later years with Einstein, 1952 to 1955, to the wrestling struggle Jacob had one night with a man near the Jordan River. The man cried out, "Let me go, for the day breaketh."(2) Jacob, irrepressible, demanded, "I will not let thee go, except thou bless me."(3) In a deep sense, Velikovsky struggled and laboured with Einstein for three years, ...
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2. Before the Forum [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Before the Forum Having surveyed the years when we created the Scripta and, again, the years of occasional contacts in the United States, first on behalf of the plan to initiate the Academy, then on behalf of my own work, starting with the visit of early July, 1946 in Princeton, I return to that period when, upon having met Einstein at the lake and exchanged letters with him, the contact seemed to be torn again. Yet, apparently, my bearing intrigued him. One evening, later in the fall (1952) I received a visit from a chemist, Dr. Plungian, accompanied by his wife, Gina, a sculptor. Gina was a friend of Einstein ? s daughter, Margot, who was also a sculptor. The Plungians had heard from Einstein that I was living in Princeton. Gina, interested in what she had read about my work or was told by Einstein, and generally interested in writers and artists, was pleasantly surprised to find that my wife also was a sculptor. Dr. Plungian came ...
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3. Penelope [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Penelope During the fall of 1954 we did not meet due to Einstein ? s poor health. He was told by his physician, Dr. Dean, not to see people and to reduce much of his activity. Einstein also ceased going to the Institute. As I heard later, at that time, in the late summer and the fall, his blood condition deteriorated and could not but cause concern. The medical findings were not known to the public, not even to acquaintances; in general there was always a desire to keep personal matters out of the public view. Thus, for instance, once during the period I describe in this book fire broke out in Einstein ? s house, an old frame structure with a porch, staircase and partitions, all well dried and a little rickety, which could easily be enveloped by fire. It was a case of faulty wiring. When the flames broke out, Einstein, the only man in the house, beat the fire out singlehandedly, first closing the windows to cut off the fire from ...
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4. March 11, 1955 [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... March 11, 1955 This evening, as one week earlier, and even more so, Einstein was of unusual concentration. We read the second half of my paper ? On the Four Systems of the World.? We sat at the round low table in his study, he at my left, not in an easy chair as he was wont, light shining on the paper that we read passage after passage, stopping and discussing. We started at 8:30 and continued till after 11:15, for two and three quarter hours. This time, in order to keep Miss Dukas awake her fatigue was usually the cause of our breaking up I brought with me the first of the three triple-ring binders with ? Stargazers and Gravediggers,? the story of the suppression of Worlds in Collision; I did not intend it for Einstein but for her, to have my discussion with Einstein unburdened by the usual sight of Dukas, vivid at the beginning of a session, but tired after a day of the many chores of both the household and ...
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5. The Einstein-Velikovsky Correspondence [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... The Einstein-Velikovsky Correspondence This correspondence is discussed in Velikovsky ? s book Before the Day Breaks Einstein to Velikovsky July 8, 1946 Velikovsky to Einstein July 16, 1946 Einstein to Velikovsky January 5, 1951 Velikovsky to Einstein August 26, 1952 Einstein to Velikovsky August 27, 1952 Velikovsky to Einstein September 10, 1952 Velikovsky to Einstein January 6, 1954 Velikovsky to Einstein May 21, 1954 Einstein to Velikovsky May 22, 1954 Velikovsky to Einstein June 16, 1954 Velikovsky to Einstein September 17, 1954 Velikovsky to Einstein January 11, 1955 Velikovsky to Einstein February 2, 1955 Velikovsky to Einstein March 7, 1955 Einstein to Velikovsky March 17, 1955 ...
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6. A Round Sun [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... A Round Sun Since Einstein at the time of my lecture before the Forum wished to be present, and later had to satisfy himself with the reports of the three females of his household (Gina Plungian could be counted as belonging to the household), I supplied him with a copy of it. January 6, 1954 Dear Professor Einstein: I have carefully put into writing my lecture before the Forum of the Graduate Students here (October 14, 1953). Doing so I was guided by the desire to place it before you for reading. In the written form I have considerably shortened the archaeological and geological parts of my address; but I have elaborated on the astronomical part of it to a greater length than I did orally. Before submitting this paper to you I have asked Professor Lloyd Motz of the Astronomy Department of Columbia University to check its factual statements. I am aware of the great demand on your time made by various authors; therefore have my sincerest thanks for agreeing to read this paper. Cordially yours, Immanuel Velikovsky After a ...
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7. Vox Popvli [Aeon Journal $]
... daily appeared. Indeed, ancient references to the sun-god's daily cycle are impossible to understand apart from the simultaneous phases of Venus: as the "sun" grew brilliant, so too did the planet Venus, the planet's "rays," or "glory," providing a primary component of the sun-god's "brilliance." Hence the Egyptian claim that Venus occupied the whole of the sky as Re came into brilliance, an absurd statement given currently prevailing conditions but perfectly descriptive of the circumstances which prevailed during the polar configuration. Redesigning Einstein Henry Zemel, from New York, N. Y., writes: In his "Antiquated Textbooks: Redesigning the Solar System," [9 Dwardu Cardona seems to have redesigned Einstein as well. As he wrote: "Einstein's theory of special relativity was formulated as the result of many attempts to reconcile Newtonian mechanics with electro-magnetism." [10 As far as I'm aware, Einstein's early thoughts focused on more basic concepts, such as "space," "atomism," "the continuum," and the constant ...
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8. The Last Meeting [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... The Last Meeting After seeing Bradbury I took the train back to Princeton, and had very little time before my appointment to see Einstein. This time it had been Elisheva who asked me to do something about the fulfillment of my prognosis, and to see Einstein: this was very unusual on her part. It turned out to be my last meeting with him. Elisheva thought to remain in the car because I was dropping in for a few minutes only, but I asked her to enter with me, as at all previous occasions. She would have regretted it later if she had not been present at this meeting, the last, after having attended all our long conversations since November 1953. It was four in the afternoon when we arrived at Einstein ? s house. As in all our conversations since the the previous summer, Einstein received us in his study on the second floor. As usual we found him standing in front of his chair to greet his visitors on entering the room. We sat in chairs, the low round table before ...
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9. March 4, 1955 [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... March 4, 1955 In the beginning of March Einstein started again to visit the Institute; a call came from him through Miss Dukas: would we not come that evening?; he would like to discuss my letter. Einstein was in his study, his feet wrapped in blankets, and an electric heater burning close by; he stood up in an attempt to bring us blankets too, though it was not cold in the room. A glass of water was on the table in front of him. I had not seen him since he became sick over a half year earlier. His face was rounder, his composure was mellower. He would not argue as vigorously as he usually did, and less often laughed his uproarious laugh. He read my letter aloud, line after line, and discussed it; he read with great relish the page of Newton ? s that I included the very last page from the Principia, where Newton made a prophetic statement concerning the role of electricity in nature; and we discussed Newton ? s discoveries, and ...
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10. 112 Mercer Street [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... 112 Mercer Street Einstein ? s house at 112 Mercer Street is located only a short distance from Nassau Street, the main street of this university town. Nassau Street at its western end divides into several avenues, like the trunk of a maple tree that throws many unequal branches simultaneously at one and the same joint. Two of the streets run toward Trenton; if one should walk along one of them, Mercer Street, past the buildings of the Princeton Theological Seminary, he would find Einstein ? s house on the left side where the street begins to go downhill. The wooden two-story building stands between not dissimilar neighboring structures. It is unpretentious with a narrow front an d stretches into the backyard with its gray-painted sidings. Located in an area of low elevation, it is probably in one of the less comfortable parts of town, hot and humid in the summer. Einstein used to leave the town in the summer months and go to Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks, but in later years he discontinued his summer departures and stayed home. Continuing a ...
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