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... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS GODS FIRE Moses and the Management of Exodus by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER SIX THE CHARISMA OF MOSES "To deny a people the man whom it praises as the greatest of its sons is not a deed to be undertaken lightheartedly- especially by one belonging to that people." So goes the first sentence of Sigmund Freud's book on Moses and Monotheism, that views Moses as an Egyptian disciple of Pharaoh Akhnaton, and he continues: "No consideration, however, will move me to set aside truth in favour of supposed national interests." [1 If Freud had published his first line in 1980 rather than in 1937, he might perhaps have taken advantage of the reconciliation achieved by the leaders of Egypt and Israel to advertise his works as an historical gift to the reconciliation. For the first time in 3400 years, some people were speaking well of the Egyptians. (It matters little in the rhetoric of religion or ethnicism that neither the Egyptians nor the Israeli of today are much like their namesakes of ...
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2. Sigmund Freud and Moses the Lawgiver [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Sigmund Freud and Moses the Lawgiver Twice Freud strayed away into a by-path off the high road of psychoanalytic investigation once, many years ago, when he he wrote a study of aesthetics, and the second time in his eighties, when he undertook an inquiry into biblical history. Both times the prophet Moses was the object of his investigation. In the first instance it was Michelangelo ? s statue of Moses, selected out of all the work produced by Michelangelo and from all the other creations of the plastic arts. Later it was Moses the law-giver, whose historic figure exercised a compelling effect on the spiritual vision of the creator of depth psychology. Is this accidental? A man may accidentally meet another twice at the same spot, but it is not accidental when an old man returns to the place where once, in the full vigor of his manhood, a figure held him enthralled. What compelled the man who maintained that he was ignorant of the ? oceanic feeling ? of religious experience to approach the great religious founder and attempt to illuminate his spiritual ...
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... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS GODS FIRE Moses and the Management of Exodus by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER EIGHT THE ELECTRIC GOD A famous figure of the French Enlightenment of the Eighteenth Century, Voltaire, reduced the miracles of the Bible to a laughing stock of the French salons. Voltaire nevertheless believed in a god. In a world then bemused by the technology of clocks, with clock-makers and clock-philosophers everywhere, he examined the astronomical system of the Earth and the heavens and pronounced it a clock. With all of this clockwork, said he, there must be a clock-maker somewhere. So Moses and his men will be readily understood when, in an environment that exhibited electrical effects in many places, they found, behind the grand son et lumière show, a great electric god, Yahweh. It may be that Moses, in ways unsuspected by the psychohistory of science, has infiltrated the lives and work of Newton, Darwin, Edison, Einstein, and others; by his tenacious insistence on the single god, he made all things dependent ...
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... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS GODS FIRE Moses and the Management of Exodus by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER SEVEN THE LEVITES AND THE REVOLTS The "Hebrews" of Exodus were of various degrees of Hebrew-ness. Many were quite Egyptian. Many others were assimilated to Egyptian culture. The most important larger group were traditionally loyal Elohists. Few could have been Yahwist, inasmuch as Moses was only then expounding the new cult. In what would have been Goshen, at Tell ed-Dab'a, a town of the Middle Bronze Age has recently been excavated. It reveals a heavy non-Egyptian, Palestinian aspect. Skeletal remains, etymology, and artifacts disclose a heterogeneous population of Semitic and other backgrounds [1. This would support our theory that the proto-Israelites were a geographically separate and autonomous people, to some degree maintaining their old ethnic identity, living among Egyptians and other peoples from East and West, intermarrying, holding a full range of occupations, but now caught up in a xenophobic, anti-semitic period and forced to supply corvées and employ birth-control. It is not ...
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5. A Harbinger of the Exodus? [SIS C&C Review $]
... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review (1994) "Proceedings of the 1993 Cambridge Conference" Home¦ Issue Contents A Harbinger of the Exodus? David Salkeld A puzzling aspect of Velikovsky's published works is the scant attention he gives to the man known as Moses. This is strange when one recalls that he went from Tel Aviv to the USA in 1939 to comb reference libraries for data on Moses, Oedipus and Akhenaten, in preparation for a book he planned on Freud. These researches eventually emerged in the book Oedipus and Akhnaton [1. But although two of his other books- Worlds in Collision and Ages in Chaos- treat the Exodus in some detail, they barely mention Moses. Accepting Irving Wolfe's thesis [2 that Freud's book Moses and Monotheism angered Velikovsky, one might expect that he would use his own writings- presenting his catastrophic interpretation of the Exodus- to bolster the case for Moses as a Jew, and monotheism as a Jewish concept. But his published works contain no such case, and there has been no indication of such ...
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6. The Egyptian Prince Moses [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Proceedings of The Third Seminar of Catastrophism and Ancient History (1986) Home¦ Issue Contents The Egyptian Prince Moses Charles McDowell Introduction Moses is one historical character about whom much is written but about whom we need still more information. The biblical account in Exodus tells us almost nothing about his first forty years. Indeed, it seems the ancient Jewish writers deliberately distorted his early years for fear the truth about his life at the Egyptian court would cause Jews to abandon cherished concepts of Judaism. The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to begin a restoration of the life of young Moses during the period in which he served the pharaohs of Egypt. The Problem: Hellenism or Antisemitism? Jubilees: A Defense of Judaism. This reconstruction of the life of Moses begins with an examination of the Book of Jubilees. R. H. Charles dates Jubilees at about 105 B.C. and claims that an anonymous Pharisee wrote it to defend Judaism against the inroads of Hellenism. Charles notes that Jubilees: [1 Glorifies the Law as an eternal ordinance ...
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... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS GODS FIRE Moses and the Management of Exodus by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER TWO THE SCENARIO OF EXODUS Amidst the escalating terrors of the plagues, the Egyptian government struggled to control the total situation. Boldly exploiting the disasters, Moses and his followers hastened to organize the Exodus. Negotiations proceeded in an ever more tense setting, The antagonist of the God-King Pharaoh Thaoi Thoum was the man Moses. What Moses was really like and what his background was will be portrayed later. In anticipation, here one may consider that Moses was a Hebraic Egyptian raised in a royal household, on the princely level of an adopted son of a princess. He had a named father whom he never saw. He was exiled by his pharaoh-father, and was now back on the scene of his earlier life, dealing with a pharaoh who, considering Egyptian royal incest practices, could have been his step-brother, his step-uncle, or his step-father, or even a combination thereof, and whom he had once known well. Much that the ...
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8. GODS FIRE: [Quantavolution Website]
... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS GODS FIRE Moses and the Management of Exodus by Alfred de Grazia APPENDIX TECHNIQUES FOR THE ASSESSMENT OF LEGENDARY HISTORY The Book of Exodus reminds one of the Iliad and other great epic poems. But Iliad and Odyssey chanted of much later events [1. I am ready to believe, with Cassuto, that "one of the principal sources- possibly the principal source- was... an ancient epic poem, an epos dating back to earliest times, that told at length the story of the Egyptian bondage, of the liberation and of the wandering of the children of Israel in the wilderness." [2 It has numerous lyric passages still, also word and sound play, and formulas and fixed numbers to help remember its verses. V. Cassuto points out various sacred literary harmonies through the text: the play upon threes, sevens, and seventies, for example; the repetition of words for emphasis; the use of expressions of salvation and deliverance in the 3rd episode of Moses in Midian, ...
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9. GODS FIRE: [Quantavolution Website]
... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS GODS FIRE Moses and the Management of Exodus by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER FIVE LEGENDS AND MIRACLES Settled temporarily by the Holy Mountain, Israel awaits miracles. Moses and no one else must provide them. The Mountain is very active- smoke and fire abound. The scene is obscured by the continued high dusty and turbulent sky. Moses ascends the Mountain and gets initial instructions regarding preparation of a covenant. Moses returns and receives the assurances of the people: "All that Yahweh has spoken we will do." [1 Yahweh, hearing this, commands Israel to be present at the foot of the mountain on the third day of their consecration. The third day broke with horrendous thunder, lightning, clouds, and trumpet blasts upon the mountain. The people assembled as instructed. Yahweh called up Moses and Aaron and delivered the Ten Commandments to the multitude. Apparently the people could not make out his words with all the thunderings, lightnings, the sound of the trumpets and the mountain smoking, so they ...
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10. The Cloud of Jehovah [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... 1.5 cubits in size overlaid with gold (Exodus 26:29). The Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 25:11) and the Table for holding the Showbread (Exodus 25:24) were also overlaid with gold, and the Altar was overlaid with copper (Exodus 27:2). This assemblage occupied an area of some 5000 square cubits (Exodus 27:18)-- totally foreign to its nomadic context. From the time of its completion the Tabernacle was a focal point of remarkable phenomena: So Moses finished the work. And the cloud began to cover the tent of meeting, and Jehovah's glory filled the tabernacle. And Moses was not able to go into the tent of meeting, because the cloud resided over it and Jehovah's glory filled the tabernacle. [Exodus 40:33-35* The Cloud subsequently dictated the movements of the body of Israelites. And when the cloud lifted itself up from over the tabernacle the sons of Israel would break camp during all their stages of journey. However, if the cloud did not lift ...
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