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... in archaeology, astronomy, literature, and philology. None such, however, has appeared since Ideler's day, nearly a century ago; so that, with the desire of taking up again this most interesting task, and the ... Smith of Virginia fame; and of interest to all New Jersey people that his father was from the province of East Jersey, but, as a loyalist in our Revolution, was compelled to flee to England, where the son ... been called the Zenith-star; and, being circumpolar, descends toward the horizon, but, without disappearing, rises easterly, and thus explains the poet's line the East and the West meet together. It was nearer the pole than ...
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... Grand Canyon Welt-side Terminus and Alluvial Fans of Thrust Sheet in Southwest Colorado Welt-Side Terminus and Alluvial Fans in South Africa Near Phalaborwa Thrust Blocks North of Kaibab and the Grand Canyon Ice Sheet Surfaces on Northeast Slopes of Wind River Mountains Ice ... Surfaces on Northeast Slopes of Uinta Mountains The Wasatch Welts The Wasatch- Uinta and the East African Welts in Two Great Shield to Welt Complexes Glacial Trough Cutting Directly Through Thrust Sheet Linearly-gouged Shield in Labrador Coal Deposits and the Map of Pangaea ... ridge) comprise two comparable roughly hexagonal secondaries to the main shock failure zone. (2 ) An obstruction near Easter Island seems to have been responsible for sending out the broad rise westward through Pitcairn Island to the Society Islands and ...
Terms matched: 8  -  Score: 20763  -  19 Jun 2005  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/cook/prehistory.htm
... to South-West, the Abydos Temple facing North-East. But Egyptian temples were constructed with respect to the River Nile. Near Seti's Temple, the Nile runs from South to North by local standards, thus the Temple faces local East. ... II Seti's Cenotaph and Archaic Mystery Religions LOCAL AND GLOBAL DIRECTIONS AND THEOLOGIES In more traditional areas of the Moslem Middle East, blasphemy is a capital offense. To mock the Holy Names is not tolerated. Serious religion is the most ... relation to Seti's Temple. If one passes a line directly through the center of that Temple, running from its Eastern front to its Western back, the line will pass directly through an inner Chapel of Amen-Ra and, continuing West ...
Terms matched: 8  -  Score: 18937  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/kronos/vol0803/006seti.htm
... ships smoothly rising toward the sky," the weather becoming "milder" as he rose! To be so near the Paradise of God's own planting, to be the first discoverer of the way in which the believing world could ... Strength of the Hill of Sion " Shang-te's upper and lower palaces CHAPTER IV. THE CRADLE OF THE RACE IN EAST ARYAN OR HINDU THOUGHT. The world of the Brahman; The abode of Yam; The varshas of the upper ... not in Venezuela, nor in any of its neighbor states. Of course Columbus supposed himself to be off the eastern coast, not of a new continent, but of Asia. His idea of the location of the terrestrial Paradise ...
Terms matched: 7  -  Score: 13713  -  19 Jul 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/paradise/index.htm
... 236-252 Polystrate fossils, unfossilized trees in pre-Cambrian taconite mine; The Bill Meister discovery of footprints in "trilobite beds near Delta, Utah; "Cold fusion" Attempted\ hoax; Earthquakes from pumping of GSL; "The Einstein ... by small reverse rotqting retreat of Asia under impact by India and Arabia, both stages hinged at Alaska 11 - East Indies - Australia originally joined by long narrow oust - crumpled and frossly distroted by continental drift 12 - Part of ... in Africa taken from the cockpit of a RTZ plane flying from Johannesburg to the Palabora mine. That overthrusts went easterly in Africa and westerly in western USA is striking proof of the ice cap model of the rupture of Pangaea and ...
Terms matched: 7  -  Score: 13587  -  19 Jun 2005  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/cook/scientific.htm
... Toxodons on the Crowns of the Bottom Figures page 317 Conclusion 318 A Counting Board for Eclipses 318 Table of Eclipses near Horizon. 1. Satellitic Eclipses. 321 2. Solar Eclipses 323 Table of Shell' Eclipses 326 20. ... 7 terrestrial radii. The Satelliteheld tide-ring, whose waters must have actually flowed' round the Earth from west to east, took along' the terrestrial globe, and further speeded up its rotation. At a distance of 5-9 terrestrial ... their script would certainly still tantalize the Rawlinsons and Champollions of our time and remain as puzzling as the boustrophedons of Easter Island, for instance. As it is-it would almost appear as if the deviser of the Calendar of Tiahuanaco wanted ...
Terms matched: 7  -  Score: 13419  -  19 Jun 2005  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/bellamy/calendar.htm
... gave her her potency and the sacred Whitethorn which banishes unluck from the threshold touched with it. Her festival was near Midsummer (Calends of June) and Beans were then eaten with pork (of a sacrificed sow). Thence ... the N, is proved by ab hieroglyphs being left, and abti hieroglyphs and and hieroglyphs and hieroglyphs and being East. hieroglyphs by itself is also the sign of the hieroglyphs East. Besides, hieroglyphs which indicates the N, ... it continuously turns to the right."21 This would only be true to an observer facing S. The Eastern and Western walls of Peking, built under the second of the Ming Emperors (circa 1400) are directed 20 ...
Terms matched: 7  -  Score: 12415  -  29 Sep 2002  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/night/vol-1/night-09.htm
... determination of these last has become almost . impracticable. When the species are arranged in a series, and placed near to each other, with due regard to their natural affinities, they each differ in so minute a degree from ... a dry and equable climate. No difference could be detected between this wheat and that which now grows in the East and elsewhere ; and in regard to the barley, I am informed by Mr. Brown, the celebrated botanist ... . 613 Antecedently to investigation, there was no reason for presuming that the vegetable productions, growing wild in the eastern hemisphere, should be unlike those of the western, in the same latitude ; nor that the plants of the ...
Terms matched: 5  -  Score: 10673  -  20 Jul 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/lyell/geology-3.htm
... there any connexion, in regard to climate, between the extraneous fossils and the still living organized bodies which most nearly resemble them ? May it be concluded, that the transportation of these living organized bodies, if such a thing ... happened, has taken place from north to south, or from east to west ; or was it effected by means that irregularly scattered and mingled them together ? And, finally, is it still possible to distinguish the epochs of ... the Hudson, falling in many places over high precipices, and the rocks very much water worn. On the easterly side of this range of mountains? which divides the state of Massachusetts from New- York, the water empties ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 10636  -  20 Jul 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/cuvier/earth.htm
... strictly on European evidence but including all Neolithic and subsequent cultures, Gimbutas covered an extremely large area extending from the Near East and south-eastern Europe, through central Europe and the Mediterranean, to western and northern Europe. According to Gimbutas ... broader context of early voyaging. If contact did occur, it may also help us establish from which direction (east or west) the main thrust of influence came. The ancient Maya civilisation inhabited the south-eastern extremity of present day ... to both the artisan marks shown by Gimbutas and those from Comalcalco. It is interesting that the Rongorongo Script of Easter Island has a striking concordance with elements of Indus Valley Script. Certain scholars, notably Heine-Geldern [31] suggest ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 8856  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/review/v1999n1/21comal.htm
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