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... Egypt. The principal axis of this complex actually runs from North-East to South-West, the Abydos Temple facing North-East. But Egyptian temples were constructed with respect to the River Nile. Near Seti's Temple, the Nile runs from South to North by local standards, thus the Temple faces local East. Fig 1: Seti's Cenotaph and Temple at Abydos (from Atlas ... Let us try to form a mental image of the Cenotaph in relation to Seti's Temple. If one passes a line directly through the center of that Temple, running from its Eastern front to its Western back, the line will pass directly through an inner Chapel of Amen-Ra and, continuing West, the line will bisect the Inner Osiris Hall at the Westernmost ... Pharaoh of the Middle Kingdom. (3) There is general agreement that Seti used the Cenotaph, and that his own fabulously beautiful Temple at Abydos- constructed in its local East-West axis points directly to the tombs of the Kings of the First and Second Dynasties only three miles distant from the Cenotaph. If one stands at the entrance of Seti's Temple looking ...
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... . The question is whether the harness emerged from deep within or whether the globe was harnessed by an exoterrestrial force. Except in westernmost North America, in East Africa and the Near East, through Iceland and Central Asia, through the Adriatic-Rhine River rift, and beneath India, the fractures course below the sea, where they are rendered visible by the ridges ... south region until it met with the westward shifting "American" continents, whereupon it veered northwards until it reached the northwestern fork of the north polar fracture. It skirted the eastern rim of the great pit of the Moon material that had been blasted up and away. A secondary forking sent the fracture northwards shortly after the south polar fracture occurred, slicing ... Earth by its cap against its rotational direction. Earth's rotational velocity slowed sharply. All lines of weakness were stressed. The Globe shuddered from the blow and fractured deeply. The eastward rotation of the Earth sent the deep fracture rushing down the "Atlantic" and "Pacific" sides to the other end of the spin, the South Pole. The Intruder ...
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... Kroeber and others, examines 200 basic, defined culturalfeaturesof the "Old World Oikoumene." [8 What would be called the "common heritage" of the peoples of the Near East. Of these features one in eight is found in Meso-America definitely. He believes that another tenth would be added to the New World list when checked out through the whole ... . Kondratov continues: In the last century philologists discovered a remarkable similarity among the languages spoken over the vast area that extends from Madagascar, near the shores of Africa, to Easter Island in the eastern part of the Pacific. It has now been demonstrated that the similarity is not accidental. The languages spoken on Madagascar and on Easter Island which, along ... . A second sea would be produced from the Lunarian catastrophes and be deepened by transverse cleavages of the world-girdling fracture system; it is discoverable today as the Balearic, Ionian and Eastern Mediterranean basins. It may have been a major locale of recovery for humans and their cultures. But the recovery was far from peaceful. Africa slammed into Europe at several points ...
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... are believed to have invaded Anatolia from Europe in c. 1200 B.C., while the Kashkaeans, who manifest certain proto-Hattian affinities, lived in the mountains north of the Hittites near the Black Sea and had long been their adversaries. The Urartian formation it should be noted, however, shows many parallels with that of the Hittite Empire, which traditionally antedates ... From: Kronos Vol. IV No. 1 (Fall 1978) Home¦ Issue Contents Eastern Anatolia and Velikovsky's Chronological Revisions- II A Comparison of the Two Chronologies Robert H. Hewsen According to Velikovsky, the traditional synchronization of the chronologies of the Middle East is off by anywhere up to eight centuries depending upon the area and the era under consideration ... Hittites as a vassal of Assyria. Pushed out of their lands, apparently by the Cimmerian invasion (c. 687 B.C.), the Mushkians and the Tabalians slowly migrated eastward toward the Black Sea coast where the Greeks were to know them as the Moskhoi and the Tibarenoi.(8) Eventually both of these people settled in what is now Georgia ...
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... - "the only egg"-- and was lauded as "thou egg who becometh as one renewed." (126) According to Diodorus, on a column erected near Nysa, in Arabia, Osiris is made to say: "I was born of a brilliant and magnificent egg, and my substance is of the same nature as that which ... was said to have been the source of various elements of creation. (192) But that has always been the manner by which the original myths evolved in philosophical-religious thought. Easter Eggs We have seen, above, how the ritual dedicated to Osiris incorporated the fashioning of eggs out of various substances. This leads us to a consideration of the traditional association ... , Ostara, Ostern, Eostra, Eostre, Eostur, Eastra, Eastur, Austron and Ausos, which deity can be said to be a variant form of the better known eastern goddess variously alluded to as Astarte, Astar, and/or Ishtar. (193) Among other things, Astarte was considered to have been the consort of Adonis. It ...
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... of a great ball trailing an enormous tail, which it ultimately lost, moving across the ancient axis of Solaria Binaria. It excited an accumulation of opposite electrical charge on the near pole of the Earth and the Earth's axis tilted to present the pole to the intruder. The tilt would permit the Earth to suffer the least interruption of rotation. The sudden ... Many details not given here are provided in Kondratov's Riddles of Three Oceans. For instance, he writes: "The majority of experts agree that dry land once existed in the Easter Island area. It may have been a large land mass or most probably a group of islands that later sank. [or both in successive phases.But when did they ... 77. It seems proper to repeat that despite the recent surge of interest in it, Meso-American mythology is almost untouched by comparison with the great labors that have gone into Near Eastern and Classical European study over many centuries. The Chibchas and Mozcas of the high eastern plateau of Columbia report that they were once uncouth savages and were visited by Bochica, a ...
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7. Evidence of An Inversion Event? [Aeon Journal $]
... are on the equator at 0 degrees longitude and at 180 degrees longitude. Maximum linear velocities during the roll would then be encountered along the 90 degree meridian. Although the terrain near the poles of the roll axis would have a low linear velocity, the terrain along the 90 degree meridian would be displaced by 12,500 miles in 24 hours, which ... as far south as the 52nd parallel in Germany. The Putorana upland and the Taymyr Peninsula of northern Siberia were glaciated, as well as the Verkhoyansk Range and other mountains in eastern Siberia. In the southern hemisphere, a glacier stretched along the Andes the entire length of Argentina. The mountains of the southern island of New Zealand were also heavily glaciated. ... some point exceed 1,000 mph, if the inversion period is 24 hours or less in length. Similar to the atmosphere, the ocean would attempt to retain its previous eastward direction of motion, and the roll velocity of the mantle would be nearly crosswise to this motion. As a result, in certain locales the ocean floor and continental land masses ...
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... and Lower Ordovician strata undermine the theory that they evolved from some (yet to be discovered) species of invertebrate [17. North of the Grand Canyon, exposed for example near the bottom of the much younger Zion Canyon, is 125,000 square miles of conglomerate known as the Shinarump, consisting of gravel and occasional boulders cemented in coarse sandstone. ... and later deposits suggest successions of tsunamis, such as would have resulted from the suboceanic extrusions and the rapid separation of continents. Because Triassic rock is absent from the western and eastern Atlantic coasts south of Spitsbergen, and the same is true of Jurassic rock, except along parts of the European coast, the opening up of the Atlantic Ocean probably began no ... , thrust North and South America away from Europe and Africa, creating the Atlantic Ocean. Beyond the Americas, squeezed between the westward movement of the Americas and the contrary, eastward momentum of Asia, the basin of the Pacific Ocean deepened. Other land masses split away from the impact zone to form the continents of Antarctica, Australia and India, pushed ...
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9. Ebla and Near East Chronology Part I [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History V:1 (Jan 1983) Home¦ Issue Contents Ebla and Near East Chronology Part I Phillip Clapham Ebla and Naram Sin Paolo Matthiae, excavator of Tell Mardikh, the ancient city of Ebla,[l dates the destruction of level MIIBI (royal archives phase) to the campaigns in the west waged by Naram ... extant during MIIB2 Ebla and not MIIBI as advocated by Matthiae. The Guti MIIB2 Ebla ended in conflagration also. Likewise, sites associated with the Akkadians in a great arc from eastern Anatolia, the Khabur triangle (i.e. Tel Brak), and the middle Euphrates-Tigris (Mari and Asshur), and deep into Sumeria, display evidence of similar conflagration, ... i.e. Bohemia and Alsace. Similar evidence has been discovered not only at Ugarit moyen II:I but at Qatna, Byblos, and almost all Syrian sites examined, and eastward as far as Tell Brak. The Middle Bronze metal assemblage was derived from these immigrants-- particularly illuminating in respect to John Dayton's work, [20 where he seeks to ...
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... observed under arctic Canada, Siberia and under Antarctica. For a dipole field, we would expect one region of immense flux at each pole but instead we observe two such regions near, but not at, the North Pole (one under Canada and one under Siberia), and... two under Antarctica. Static flux bundles are also observed under ... ... remained virtually stationary for more than 250 years. Static zero flux patches... permanent regions of very low flux are observed at the North Pole, under Easter Island, in the Northern Pacific Ocean and, in many models, near the South Pole... particularly surprising near the poles, which is where a dipole field would ... Geironydd in Wales have been combined to form a United Kingdom master curve, which in turn has been reviewed with respect to cores taken from Skanderborg So, a freshwater lake in eastern central Jutland, Denmark. 'For features younger than about 4500 BP, the Danish ages appear to be older than the United Kingdom by up to about 1000 years but for features ...
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