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1. Comments [Catastrophism Geology $]
... From: Catastrophist Geology Year 1 No. 1 (June 1976) Home¦ Issue Contents Comments Derek V.Ager Swansea, Great Britain Claude Albritton Dallas, U.S.A. John M.Bell New York Aart Brouwer Leiden, Holland R.H.Brown Berrien Springs, U.S.A. George Cuvier Paris Horace C.Dudley Chicago, U.S.A. Farouk El-Baz Washington D.C. F.J.Faber Voorst, Holland V.Axel Firsoff Glastonbury ... the desirability of including discussions of some aspects of the "Lunatic fringe". Thus my book brought me much literature from the Velikovsky band, but when I asked for concrete geological evidence there was immediate and complete silence. "Neocatastrophism" is in my view, a valid scientific hypothesis that deserves more careful attention by geologists, but we will not acquire ... respectability if we associate ourselves with Atlantis-hunters or for that matter, flat-earthers! Derek V.Ager Dept. of Geology and Oceanography University College Swansea, Great Britain.*** I think that it is very important to keep an open dialogue with aberrant minority groups. As a matter of fact I regard willingness to listen to their opinions as the very touchstone of ...
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2. Glaciations, Biologic Crises and Supernovae [Catastrophism Geology $]
... From: Catastrophist Geology Year 2 No. 2 (Dec 1977) Home¦ Issue Contents The Russian version of this paper has appeared in Bull. MOIP, sec. geologie, 1977/1: 1-32. Glaciations, Biologic Crises and Supernovae L. J. Salop All-Union Geological Research Institute, Leningrad, USSR Summary and Introduction The organic evolution of ... planet during the Phanerozoic is characterised by sudden mass extinctions of various groups acompanied or followed by the sudden proliferation of forms belonging to the same or to other groups. During the Precambrian and at the Precambrian-Cambrian bundary discontinuities are distinguished by the sudden expansion of many forms, not preceded by extinctions. Both types of crisis must be regarded as revolutions in the history ... . When examining the ecological aspects of Life on Earth one must bear in mind that the environment, sensu lato, embraces the whole Universe. This paper is primarily addressed to geologists and thus certain information from astrophysics arid radiation genetics is included. Acknowledgements A talk on the subject of this paper was given at the sitting of the Scientific Council of VSEGEI in ...
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... From: Catastrophist Geology Year 2 No. 1 (June 1977) Home¦ Issue Contents Continuous Versus Discontinuous and Self-Perpetuating Versus Self-Terminating Processes Peter Gretener Department of Geology, The University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada ABSTRACT In this paper, continuous processes, as for example compaction or erosion, are contrasted with discontinuous ones, such as collapse or ... all processes proceed at finite velocities and any discontinuity therefore represents a finite length of time. Just what duration of time may allow an event to qualify as a singularity in the geological record, depends on the total time frame considered. Discontinuities also occur over a wide range of frequencies, from several times per century to once or twice for the whole of ... particularly when geopressured and/or gas cut will act in this fashion (Hedberg, 1974). Only in the last decade or so has shale diapirism caught the attention of geologists, but the literature on the subject is already extensive and growing rapidly. Acidic and basic magmas rising through the crust are governed by the same mechanical concept and on the largest ...
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... LIST MANAGER: Brian Stewart CONTENTS BACK TO BASICS.................... Mel Acheson MICROBES IN GEOLOGY: part 1............. Earl Staelin WATER ON MARS?........... ... ARE BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTATIONS INVOLVED? Copyright, July, 2002 EXCERPTS: The past twenty years has witnessed a revolution in geology-the discovery that microorganisms or microbes play a major role in many geological processes in the crust of the earth. The evidence goes back over 200 years... [forcing Geologists to take a new look at old problems in which microbes appear ... play a prominent part. [Among these are the formation of limestone, petrified wood and bone; the formation of elements such as hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, magnesium, calcium, silica, aluminum, phosphorus, chlorine, and sulphur; the formation of heavy metals such as iron, manganese, silver, and gold, the origin of geodes, ...
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... ., Etudes sur les Glaciers, Neuchatel, 1840; Geikie, J. The Great Ice Age, London, 1877, 2nd edn.; Flint, R.F. Glacial Geology and the Pleistocene Epoch, New York, 1947, p.523; Denton, G.H. and T.H. Hughes (eds.): The Last Great Ice Sheets, New York ... a consideration of the anecdotal material (apparently recollecting this event) outside the parameters of this essay. The 'Drift' Blanketing many parts of the world's land surface is an extensive geological deposit known as the 'drift'. Like its thickness, its composition varies from district to district, consisting of intractable clay in one place, of coarse gravel and assorted rocks ... 'drift' accumulated quickly and confusedly, perhaps in pellmell fashion like snow whirled about during severe snow storms- but a drifting of gravel and boulders? The only natural mechanism which geologists initially envisaged as possessing the power and universality necessary to produce the observable effects involved immense masses of water acting agitatedly on literally a hemispheric (or even greater) scale. This ...
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6. Neocatastrophism? [Catastrophism Geology $]
... From: Catastrophist Geology Year 2 No. 2 (Dec 1977) Home¦ Issue Contents Neocatastrophism? Otto H. Schindewoff (Geological-palaeontological Institute, Tübingen University, West Germany) Neocatastrophism? by Otto H. Schindewoff (1896-1971) is an address to the 113th General Assembly of the German Geological Society held in September 1961 in Hamburg, and was published ... 1963 in the journal of that Society (Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft, Zeitschrift 114/2 430-445) Publication in English by permission of the Society (Hannover, West Germany). Translation by V Axel Firsoff (Glastonbury, U.K.). Derek V. Ager of Swansea University College, UK, has been so kind to check the palaeontological terms and names ... rocks regarded as late Algonkian. From this it would follow that "in North America and North Europe a period of at least half a thousand million years preceding the Cambrian remained geologically unrecorded". This would shed "a completely new light on the geological and palaenntological problems associated with the Proterozoic Palaeozoic transition". Where the error lies, I am unable ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 2105  -  09 May 2004  -  51k  -  URL:
... totally useless adaptation in an organism? This is precisely what he and Sagan would be suggesting when they discuss the fruit fly and reject its ultraviolet adaptation as unimportant. CRATERS AND GEOLOGY OF THE MOON According to Stiebing, "[ s cientists find other problems with Velikovsky's theories: Velikovsky's explanation of craters and geology of the Moon is questionable.... ... high surface features should all have disappeared long ago, if they were formed in astronomically ancient times. The fact that they have not settled suggests that these are very young, geological features. And it is odd that Sagan should have raised this issue, since he was the one who showed that Venus' topography could not be supported even if its crust ... of Mars. Carr states: Originally there was considerable resistance to accepting the idea that they were formed by water erosion because the martian surface is so dry, but now most geologists believe that the valleys were formed by floods of water.... In fact, the channels most closely resemble large terrestrial flood features than typical river valleys. One of ...
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... of such intimations of the Earth's exoterrestrial transactions, until the earth sciences will undergo their own theoretical quantavolution. In this process, poorly equipped though we may be to move between geology and history, we shall have to reconcile the two modes of thought and bodies of fact. There ought to be no logical conflict between natural laws and historical events. Either ... explanation has to do with a hot turbulent mantle that continually causes surface disturbances. Geologists were responsible for this belief and mostly share it. What can be labeled as the conventional geological position is summarized by Shelton [4: Most geologists look inside the earth for the ultimate driving force of diastrophism; no known exterior forces are sufficiently versatile to account for the ... believes that the Earth is stable and quiet, and that where it is not so, the explanation has to do with a hot turbulent mantle that continually causes surface disturbances. Geologists were responsible for this belief and mostly share it. What can be labeled as the conventional geological position is summarized by Shelton [4: Most geologists look inside the earth for ...
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... of the Desiccation of the Mediterranean Sea by Cándido Manuel García Cruz Candido Manuel Garcia Cruz was born in Sidi Ifni (Morocco) in 1952 and is a teacher of biology and geology. He has published several articles about the history of earth sciences. He has also translated works on continental drift and plate tectonics and the theory of the earth, by James ... discovery in 1970 of the Mediterranean evaporites in boreholes drilled by the Glomar Challenger, the existence of salt deposits under the Mediterranean deep-sea floor was established, formed within a relatively short geological time of about 0.5 Ma [1. This fact, which needs to be correlated with the corresponding regression of the world-wide ocean, could be accounted for only if we consider ... glacial-eustatic regression of the world-wide ocean [7, 8. The desiccation of Mediterranean occurred during the Late Miocene, about 5.5 Ma ago. This event, which is considered a geologically recent catastrophe, affected the area's landscape, the regional and global climate, and the distribution and evolution of flora and fauna. The Mediterranean basin became a desert, its climate ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 2089  -  05 Mar 2003  -  26k  -  URL:
... which now rules the minds of earth scientists with more rigidity than the generalities of uniformity ever could. Since these interlocking notions are likely to be the last bastion of defense for geology and geophysics against the barbarous ideas of Velikovsky, one may reasonably wonder: What is all this business about a succession of magnetic polarity cycles? The great stampede to embrace sea-floor ... of overly conservative thinking.(1) We are now assured that reversals of the earth's magnetic field were so frequent in the past that hundreds of them are recorded in the geological annals of the last 70 or 80 million years (though none shows up as an historical event). The work that provoked this remarkable about-face has allegedly confirmed the complementary hypotheses ... symmetry prediction had been substantiated by work in many other parts of the world, and the sea-floor-spreaders were welcoming new riders for their bandwagon every day.(4) Meantime, geologists working on land had identified several apparent geomagnetic reversals, as recorded in the remanent magnetism of extensive rock formations; and had "dated" them radiometrically. They had worked out ...
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