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... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS HOMO SCHIZO I: Human and Cultural Hologenesis by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER SEVEN PSYCHOPATHOLOGY OF HISTORY The death-scream of Lady Macbeth is heard off-stage and Macbeth, told of her end, generalizes the human tragedy: Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow mCreeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the ... closer to the core in mentation and behavior. Whenever the natural environment seemed to settle down, it appeared that he might invent ways of reaching beyond his limitations, and his historical spiral moved away from the core. But simultaneously, as if magnetized by the core, he would be pulled inwards to it. Thus it has happened that the record of ... it is-- then homo schizo must be both subject and author, and then in a way all history is the autobiography of this species. Historism is a production of histories about history. In its various guises, it is evoked in order to train the people of a culture how to avoid and handle anxieties. It is typically addressed to some ...
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... From: Aeon II:3 (1990) Home¦ Issue Contents Greek History Begins in the Sixth Century B.C. Benny Peiser The Controversy about the Olympic Victor list To calculate the times precisely therefore is difficult, particularly if one reckons according to the Olympic victors, whose records, as reported, were compiled only lately by Hippias, without being founded ... to most suspicious genealogical calculations the fall of Troy was dated far back into the twelfth century B.C. In both the Iliad and the Odyssey the Greek gods intervene directly into the historical occurrences. Accordingly, for mythologists and chronographs the Trojan War was believed to be the true turning point of Greek history. This break marked the end of mythical and the beginning ... mentioned by Herodotus and Thucydides as historical incidents with no chronical intent." (35) Herodotus had been to Olympia several times in order to carry forward parts of his famous histories. Certainly he would have known about a chronographical system or some find of records at Olympia had they only existed in his times. Where Thucydides refers to the Olympic Games he ...
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... early bronze age" culture in Egypt, were built of granite, quartz, basalt and diorite, materials that cannot be worked effectively without iron tools. In the earliest consecutive history of Egypt, that of Herodotus, the pyramids are said to have been built late in Egyptian history, after the time of Ramses II. In the excavations at Uruk, ... abridged English version of Gunnar Heinsohn's manuscript on the revision of Mesopotamian chronology. A complete German edition will be published in Franfurt in May, 1988. Part I The Sequence of Historical Periods in Southern Mesopotamia since the Beginning of Advanced Culture According to Conventional Historiography. I. Until ca. 3000 BCE: Neolithic villages with tribal societies. Problems: The ethnic ... 610 BCE); (d) the absence of Assyrian remains from the 12th to the 8th century BCE, i.e., of the period in which according to Herodotus (Histories I, 95) Assyria experiences her early growth. Instead, excavators of the Khabur region have found directly under the Hellenistic strata (from after ca. 330 BCE) so-called ...
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... C Workshop and Review. 1. Introduction I am as anxious as David Rohl to rid ancient Greece of its troublesome Dark Age. His proposed series of essays on early Greek history in relation to the New Chronology he espouses is therefore greeted with open arms. In this respect, I would call on those concerned with the reconstruction of ancient history to utilise ... Troy: the founding and building of the city and its encircling wall; the immediate cause of its war with the Achaean host; and its ultimate fall. Given that a historical kernel must lie embedded within this mythological material, one cannot accept as veracity each and every detail supplied by Homer and other writers, even in those instances where the excision, ... on which she built Carthage [62. Timaeus (345-250 B.C.), who is the oldest authority for the legend of Dido, does not uphold Virgil's version in his Histories as neither does any other writer, Greek or Roman, ahead of Virgil. 7. In Conclusion That the Greek Dark Age is a mythic fabrication of modern historians has now ...
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5. The Great Comet Venus [Aeon Journal $]
... Venus. His key sources were historical. In fact his primary source was myth, and his work implied that the mythical profile of Venus holds a more promising key to planetary history than either astronomers or historians have ever imagined. In 1972, Velikovsky's work became the exclusive subject of a journal I had founded called Pensée, and over the following three years ... claimed, the comet and protoplanet Venus disturbed the Earth, devastating early civilizations. But Velikovsky did not draw significantly on modern data or observations of Venus. His key sources were historical. In fact his primary source was myth, and his work implied that the mythical profile of Venus holds a more promising key to planetary history than either astronomers or historians have ... to a new vantage point, one in which the researcher enjoys the freedom to consider unusual possibilities. Do the Aztec and Mayan codices, the inscriptions on stone, the oral histories and the towering monuments speak for events no longer occurring in the skies? The unexpected symbolic parallels give the researcher a new way of perceiving his subject. Grant the possibility of ...
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... of error in the conventional chronology This paper, first set in type in the early 1950's, will appear as a supplement to Peoples of the Sea. The student of ancient history, especially the history of the second millennium before the present era, is accustomed to relate the chronology of the entire ancient East to Egyptian reckoning. "A system of relative ... is far more important and decisive, and I wish to stress it --is the sequence of the dynasties by any means definitely determined. Only in a few individual cases is there historical evidence to indicate the order of two dynasties that ruled consecutively. The monumental evidence, it is admitted, does not provide material sufficient by itself for constructing a chronological system. ... from the New Kingdom to the present, in which the historians have no great changes to propose, no greater than a few years for one or another event. All the histories of the various peoples are geared firmly together from -1580 on. STATEMENTS OF CENSORINUS AND THEON COMBINED The established chronological system depends entirely on the accuracy of the statements of Censorinus and ...
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7. In Defence of Higher Chronologies [SIS C&C Review $]
... 4th centuries [12. This amounts to lowering Assyrian chronology by nearly three centuries. 2. Benny J. Peiser has recently tried to eliminate nearly two centuries of early Greek history, with a comparable lowering of the Mycenaean Age from where Velikovsky had it. Peiser puts the beginnings of Greek history in the early 6th century or so [13. Everything ... that would be 'mythic', not historical. Thus Peiser argues against the historicity of the Olympic Era, said to have begun in -775. He also claims that the Homeric poems as we know them could be lowered to the early 5th century, or even later. 3. Heribert Illig and others have claimed that about 3 centuries need to be removed ... monuments were located is under the Temple Mount, which for obvious reasons cannot be excavated. Thus, the most important area for investigation, and the one to which the Biblical histories of David and Solomon mainly refer, remains terra incognita. But even the area that is, at least partially, available for excavation- the ridge known as the City of ...
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8. The Homeric Question [SIS C&C Review $]
... Pausanias IX:30,3) The so-called 'Homeric Question', which has been hotly debated by scholars for many centuries, is one of the most controversial subjects in ancient history. Like critical research on the Hebrew Bible, research on Homer concerns ancient texts, written by authors whose motives, sources and dates are unknown [1. For the single ... so, whether he actually composed the epics named after him, let alone if he wrote them down. We shall never know for certain whether or not 'Homer' was a historical person. Consequently, the question, 'when did he write the Iliad?' is meaningless. Instead, I shall discuss the chronological problems related to the successive stages of the ... can explain why unambiguous Bronze Age features, as well as undeniable Iron Age traditions, are covered by the Iliad and the Odyssey [5. It is known that the Greek historians used extremely long genealogies and generation lengths for their calculations, the use of which led to grave time differences for Homer's century. All of these ancient dates and mythical genealogies are ...
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9. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... . Obviously, if a couple of centuries of darkness have been added into the SIP (in addition to those added into the TIP) they will have caused distortions in the history of neighbouring countries which are Egyptologically dated (similar to the distortions outlined by James et al. in Centuries of Darkness for the TIP). This is exactly what we find ... IIB MB IIC 1550 (Kenyon) (Albright etc) In reality this is not a straight sequence with neat horizontal lines. Whilst one can draw horizontal lines if referring to historical periods, the pottery styles (on which the terminology is based) overlap considerably. This is not normally made clear and many archaeologists do not even seem aware of it. ... any explanation within the orthodox chronology how the Hyksos could have overpowered Egypt in the way Manetho avers. Velikovsky, by placing the Exodus immediately before the Hyksos Period, reconciles the histories of Egypt and Israel and effectively disposes of the infiltration theory. It is no longer necessary to contradict the records of either country. Most of the 13th Dynasty Asiatics were Israelites ...
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... From: Proceedings of The Third Seminar of Catastrophism and Ancient History (1986) Home¦ Issue Contents The Early Assyrian King List, The Genealogy of the Hammurapi Dynasty, and the "Greater Amorite" Tradition Herbert A. Storck The Assyrian Kinglist (AKL) [1 is one of the most important chronographic texts ever uncovered. Initially it was thought ... the general Amorite influence.[40 Malamat adds: [41 Moreover, these royal genealogies were composed in a technique similar to that known in the Bible, of fictitiously linking historical personages to earlier eponyms in fact representing names of an artificial character, such as tribes or geographical entities as demonstrated by Finkelstein concerning GHD, and Kraus for AKL. What is ... in Sargonic Mesopotamia." Orientalia, Vol.51 (1982), p. 306. 35. Koenige, p. 4. 36.R. Drews, "Assyria in Classical Universal Histories." Historia, Vol. 14 (1965), p. 131. 37.Poebel, p. 253. 38.Van Driel, Cult of Assur, p. 2, n ...
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