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241. pc (Psycho-Ceramics) [Kronos $]
... From: Kronos Vol. I No. 3 (Fall 1975) Home¦ Issue Contents pc Frederic B. Jueneman Copyright© 1975 by Frederic B. Jueneman Editor's Preface- [See Note (1) Since the publication of WORLDS IN COLLISION (1950), there has been no dearth of critics eagerly willing to find fault with Immanuel Velikovsky and/or his work. What began in 1950 has not yet run its course, though a full twenty-five years has elapsed. The legacy of Harlow Shapley, et. al., is still very much with us. Having exhausted a variety of media, including TIME, NEWSWEEK, and the popular press, the latest detractors have found comfortable refuge in Science-Fiction outlets such as GALAXY and ANALOG. It is an article in the latter which especially concerns us here. In the October 1974 issue of ANALOG, Isaac Asimov wrote a rather bizarrely muddled piece, "CP", in which he vilified Velikovsky in typical ad hominem fashion. Not wishing to seem condescending by employing the term "crackpot", ...
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... From: SIS Review Vol IV No 2/3 (Winter 1979/80) Home¦ Issue Contents "Extra-Scientific" Dimensions of Science Dr Robert McAulay Robert McAulay, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York, has taken a keen interest in the Velikovsky controversy. His other published work on the subject has appeared in THEORY AND SOCIETY and in ZETETIC SCHOLAR. Viewed in the wider social context, the conflict between Velikovsky's views and the scientific community can be seen to be symptomatic of long-standing opposition between competing world-views, with heavy religious overtones. IF THE CONTROVERSY which began with Worlds in Collision has spawned a wealth of publications dealing with various implications of IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY'S work and with the merits of his catastrophism vis-à-vis prevailing scientific notions, there is as well a growing assortment of efforts which attempt to explain the social dynamics of that dispute. Articles by DE GRAZIA, POLANYI, MULKAY, DOLBY, STORER, MARTIN, and my own recent efforts all take steps in this direction [1. Readers of SISR are likely to be particularly ...
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243. CHAOS AND CREATION: CHAPTER 10: VENUS AND MARS [Quantavolution Website]
... and became a hot, young planet circling the Sun for all the world like an ordinary planet is supposed to behave. Figure 31. VARIANTS OF THE COMETARY GODDESS INANNA. Twelve Principal Variants of the Cometary Goddess Inanna Symbol, Source: Falkenstein, Archiasche Texte aus Uruk, cf. Rose (1977). CAREER OF AN ANDROGYNE The year around 3450 B. P. was the most devastating since the fall of Saturn; 1453 B. C. may be the exact year by present retrospective reckoning; the superb work of Velikovsky guides us in this as it does elsewhere in these pages [4. It was a year when the plagues struck Egypt, as the Bible recounts, and the exodus of some Hebrew and Egyptian survivors occurred. Every city in the world must have been shaken and damaged. Tidal floods swept over every coastal culture. Volcanoes erupted. The Earth was scorched by lightning, covered with dust, ashes, gravel, obnoxious and noxious gases, struck repeatedly by slow-speed meteorites, and showered with hydrocarbons, some of it burning. ...
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244. Discussion [Aeon Journal $]
... has been written in interdisciplinary forums about glaring flaws in Velikovsky's approach to past planetary catastrophes. Discussions of his "hidden agenda" and "biblical fundamentalism" have been painful in that they impugn his motives, implying that his work is, therefore, somehow diminished. Using that yardstick, we would have to question Newton's contributions. Research should be judged on its own merits, not what motivates its creation. Most analysts have jumped on the bandwagon. One by one, it seems they have systematically rejected every catastrophic event designated by Velikovsky for his presumed lack of good evidence or because of perceived misinterpretations on his part-- leaving the onlooker wondering whether the analysts accept the principle of catastrophe or not! No rational mind wants to defend the indefensible, support the insupportable. An error is an error is an error. But this rush to reject Velikovsky (for such it seems) among scholars who once embraced him smacks of Lemming-like behavior. Self-examination, to minimize error, is probably healthy as the fledgling discipline of neo-Catastrophism seeks to establish itself and find credibility ...
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245. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... cosmic catastrophism which featured the planet Venus on a cometary orbit, the planet Mars on an erratic orbit, and Venus, Mars, the Earth and the Moon having near-miss contacts with each other. Mainstream astronomers have repeatedly rejected these ideas and in the strongest possible terms. They have described his scenarios as 'wildly impossible' and have felt justified in doing so because they have found no way of reconciling his 'celestial billiards' with the laws of physics as currently known. Contrast this reaction to that which has greeted the evidence from which Velikovsky had adduced his catastrophe ideas. The past is catastrophic, he declared, because man's collective memory in the mythology of many nations tells us this is so. This aspect of his thesis was not particularly new, for Donnelly, Horbiger and Bellamy before him had similarly interpreted myth in a catastrophist sense. However, there have been surprisingly few critics of the interpretation. I can think of but two. Probably the most authoritative critic was Dorothy Vitaliano; undoubtably the most comprehensive was Bob Forrest. But these critics seem to have ...
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246. Syria and Ugarit [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... cannot be Ugarit, 3 James seemed unaware of the fact that this Azaru (king of Amurra) cannot under the terms of Velikovsky's chronology be the Biblical Hazael, who is Velikovsky's Azaru. While I remain unaware of the treaty to which James refers, I believe there can be no doubt that the Azaru in question is the same king of Amurru mentioned in a treaty between Hittite king Mursilis II and Azaru's grandson Duppi-Teshub. 4 In a later article James refers to this treaty and Velikovsky's need to create a second Azaru 5. Velikovsky 's placement of the Hittite kings Suppiluliumas and his son Mursilis in the late seventh century leaves him with no alternative other than to put Azaru and his grandson in this period. This placement of a second Azaru is confirmed by the Holbrook time chart. 6 Along with James, however, I reject this late placement of the Neo-Imperial Hittite kings. 7 It is tempting therefore to consider the problem solved and declare the Aziru referred to by Mursilis as the same individual as the el-Amarna correspondent-- whom Velikovsky identifies as Hazael. ...
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247. Notes [The Age of Velikovsky] [The Age of Velikovsky] [Books]
... Title Page¦ Ch. 1¦ Ch. 2¦ Ch. 3¦ Ch. 4¦ Ch. 5¦ Ch. 6¦ Ch. 7¦ Ch. 8¦ Ch. 9¦ Appendix¦ Notes The Age of Velikovsky Notes CHAPTER I 1. KRONOS is a journal created a, a forum for the discussion of Velikovsky's work. It is published by KRONOS Press, Glassboro State College, Glassboro, N.J. 08028. From 1972 to 1974. Pensee Magazine printed a 10 issue special series about Velikovsky's work. Information about these issues is available from KRONOS. 2. The Velikovsky Affair, ed. Alfred de Grazia, University Books, Inc., p. 8, 1966.(To be updated and reprinted by KRONOS Press). 3. Ibid, p26. 4. Ibid, p20. 5. Ibid. p21. 6. Ibid, p29. 7. Ibid, p25. 8. F.G. Bratto, Myths and Legends of the Ancient Near East, Thomas Crowell Co.N Y, 1970, p13 CHAPTER ...
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248. Focus [SIS C&C Review $]
... , Rio de Janeiro- RJ, Brazil. Please mention the SIS. A General Meeting of the Society will be held on 5th September 1976 at 2:30 pm at the Library Association, Ridgmount Street, W.C.1 (near Goodge Street station). The business will include: election of officers for the coming year; approval and adoption of a final Constitution. A good attendance is requested. Afterwards, the meeting will be addressed by Dr Irving Wolfe Assistant Professor of English at Montreal University and a contributor to Kronos. "VELIKOVSKY RECONSIDERED" It is ten years since the last book wholly devoted to Velikovsky and his theories appeared, which makes this anthology from the first eight issues of Pensée a major event for the S.I.S. For any reader not fortunate enough to possess a complete set of Pensée this book is an essential addition to their library (and members should make efforts to ensure that their local public library also acquires copies). For the most part the articles have been selected with the general reader in mind, and the preface consists of the ...
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249. Book Shelf [Aeon Journal $]
... From: Aeon IV:4 (Apr 1996) Home¦ Issue Contents Book Shelf Aba: The Glory and the Torment: The Life of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky by Ruth Velikovsky Sharon (Times Mirror Higher Education Group, Dubuque, 1995). Limited edition published in honor of the centenary of Velikovsky's birth Reviewed by Duane Vorhees As a family album, this memoir is not without its charm; but as an intimate record of Velikovsky's life, it is more than a little disappointing. Ms. Sharon lauds her father for "his ability to write well," and indeed the most accomplished parts of this book were cribbed from his own autobiographical remarks. When his daughter writes on her own, the result is often pointless, confusing, repetitive, even misleading or inaccurate. She herself admits (p. 202) that she "cared little after [her father's death what anyone thought of [her father's theories" and adds nothing to them here (although Charles Ginenthal provides almost a hundred pages of supplementary material). For someone who lived in ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 136  -  05 Mar 2003  -  36k  -  URL:
... Issue Contents The Case of the Turkish Turn Coat Duane Vorhees The twentieth century was born, psychologically speaking, with the 1900 publication of The Interpretation of Dreams. Conceived by Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis quickly matured into a bold, contentious philosophy, ready and able to challenge the basic tenets of many other disciplines. But its precepts and even its mood were so radically different from those of its rivals that its ultimate antecedents remain a mystery despite various attempts to trace its genealogy. Some four decades after The Interpretation of Dreams appeared, Immanuel Velikovsky, one of Freud's professional colleagues, published a comprehensive reinterpretation of the origins of psychoanalysis. In Velikovsky's analysis, Freud's own dreams- the foundation of all that came later- dealt with "his inner struggle for unhampered advancement: In order to get ahead he would have to conclude a Faust pact: he would have to sell his soul to the Church''.(1) Velikovsky employed Freud's own psychoanalytic methods to uncover Freud's own hidden motives. He examined sixteen of Freud's dreams, ten of them in great detail ...
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