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... From: SIS Review Vol VI No 4 (1984) Home¦ Issue Contents Velikovsky and the Apparatus of Scholarship Robert H. Hewsen Dr Robert Hewsen, whose speciality is Russian and Armenian history, is Professor of History at Glassboro State College, New Jersey. He has been the Director of the Center for Velikovskian and Interdisciplinary Studies at Glassboro State College, and a Senior Editor of Kronos, to which he has contributed several studies of Velikovsky's reconstruction of ancient history as applied to Eastern Anatolia. Supporters of Velikovsky should beware of allowing interest in his theories to become a cult. Velikovsky's brilliant insights into ancient history and cosmology would be best served by a rigorous and critical examination rather than any attempt to defend his work wholesale against critics. This article is transcribed from a talk given by Professor Hewsen at a seminar on Velikovsky: The Decade Ahead, held in May 1980 at Princeton and sponsored by Kronos. Our thanks to Birgit Liesching for making the original transcript. I shall address myself first of all to what I feel are the general reasons for the ...
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132. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... between two (or more) competing chronologies is by seeing which one makes more coherent sense of the available historical materials, which one solves more of the outstanding problems and puzzles, and which one encounters fewer difficulties (since any historical reconstruction is bound to leave some questions unanswered, some bits of data unpigeonholed, and so on). One might also examine how successfully the competing expositions of those chronologies turn out (how few errors of detail there are, and so on), although this is a lesser consideration. As Velikovsky has often stressed, any bold reconstruction may have errors of detail; this does not invalidate the entire effort, especially where such defects are easily repaired. So far the Glasgow chronologists have not written a Theses of their own; we cannot even compare their overall scheme to Velikovsky's. And, of course, they have not written a four-volume series, either; so we cannot compared finished products. (Even though Velikovsky's Assyrian Conquest has not yet been published in book form, substantial portions of it- including an early version ...
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133. A LEAD TO FOLLOW [Pensee]
... From: SIS Index to Pensée (1979) "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered" Home¦ Issue Contents A Lead To Follow J. D. M. START A look back over the Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered series by the compiler of this Index. Whatever assessment is made of Velikovsky's work in future years --and we must surely believe that it will eventually receive the respect which it deserves --honour will also be due to the editors and publisher of Pensée for the large part played by their series of issues, "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered", in bringing that work to the notice of the academic world and giving it a new impetus. It therefore seems appropriate, in publishing an Index to the series, to attempt some assessment of its impact. Firstly, it must be said that the production and presentation of the journal maintained a very high standard --indeed, the standard was high at the beginning of the series and improved as it progressed. With the help of a small team of dedicated scholars, Stephen Talbott succeeded in matching up to the best commercial publications, and ...
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... From: SIS Review Vol VII Part A (1985) Home¦ Issue Contents Focus VELIKOVSKY& THE EARLY FREUDIANS Causal Relationships: Freud, Stekel and Velikovsky Ronald Clark's outstanding biography of Freud [l was deservedly nominated as one of the "Ten Best Science Books of 1980" by Omni magazine. Having previously sharpened his literary lancet on such long-lived and controversial figures of this century as Bertrand Russell and Einstein, Mr Clark then turned to possibly the most controversial, the founder of psychoanalysis, skilfully dissecting from the wealth of primary historical material available a most believable portrait of the man and the Movement. Of particular interest to readers of this journal will be Mr Clark's illuminating account of the thorny progress of the theories of psychoanalysis towards at least partial acceptance by orthodoxy and also his fascinating depiction of the relationships between the Prophet and his disciples- or the General and his troops to use a metaphor more congenial to Freud himself. This aspect of Freud's formidable personality is sketched by Mr Clark: "Freud towered above the rest. He also ruled over them. ...
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... From: Kronos Vol. III No. 2 (Winter 1977) "Velikovsky and Establishment Science" Home¦ Issue Contents Velikovsky And Establishment Science Lewis M. Greenberg [* Dr. Velikovsky is not responsible for the editorial policies of KRONOS and is not to be held accountable for the views, the contents, nor the expressions of other contributors contained herein.- The Ed.Editor's Preface... On February 25, 1974, a Symposium on Immanuel Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision was held by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Nearly one and one-half years had passed since the seed of the idea for an AAAS symposium devoted to Velikovsky's work first took root in the mind of Walter Orr Roberts, a past-president of the association. Regrettably, what ultimately transpired could hardly qualify as a meaningful and objective scientific exchange, though it did provide "bread and circuses" for a hungry press that appeared uniformly orchestrated. The symposium's moderator --Ivan King --was totally uninformed on the subject at hand and displayed unbelievable prejudicial impropriety both before and during the symposium ...
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... From: SIS Workshop Vol 5 No 3 (Sep 1983) Home¦ Issue Contents A Few Comments Upon Re-reading "Worlds in Collision" Paul W. Standring "I even seem to find some cases where Velikovsky has not read Velikovsky carefully" (Sagan) In a work of such scope and immensity there are bound to be minor errors or inconsistencies, some of which I list below. These, however, unless fundamental to the central thesis, should not be allowed to draw our attention away from consideration of the work as a whole. Yet at some stage they must be faced, if only because these are the weak links which hostile critics will be tempted to seize when the re-discovery of Velikovsky gets under way. 1. The Hindu World Ages Velikovsky quotes the Bhagavata Purana which tells of four expired world ages, and concludes: "the fifth age is that of the present''.(1) However, following a quotation from Warren in Buddhism in Translations, he comments: "The sixth sun or sun age ended." ...
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137. Recent Developments [SIS C&C Review $]
... From: SIS Newsletter 1 (April 1975) Home¦ Issue Contents Recent Developments Dr. Euan Mackie A quarter of a century has now elapsed since the publication of Worlds in Collision and since the beginning of that extraordinary furore which the appearance of this controversial work stimulated among the eminent members of the scientific and academic professions. What place do the ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky occupy now- in the mid 1970's- in the world of science and scholarship? It is probably fair to say, that, while the majority of the experts in the relevant fields are still either actively hostile or apathetic towards the concept of a catastrophic history for the Earth and the solar system, the number of those who believe that Velikovsky may have said something very important indeed appears to be steadily growing, at least in the U.S.A. Interest among the general public also apparently continues undiminished, judging by the sales of the work, and of the other books by Dr. Velikovsky, which are now available in paperback. The evidence for this increase of interest- not only among ...
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... From: Pensée Vol. 4 No 3: (Summer 1974) "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered VIII" Home¦ Issue Contents Guardians of the Boundaries of Science Nature, Isaac Asimov, and others Today isn't 1950 Review From an editorial in Nature (April 12, 1974), titled, "Science Beyond the Fringe": "It would have amazed the Victorian steadfasts of science how confused some of our attitudes towards science still are. Instead of the logical world they hoped for and tried to work in there is a discernible tendency for the public and even some practitioners of science to turn their backs on science and become preoccupied with the bizarre and the magical...."... Velikovsky is enjoying a revival at a time when real astronomy and the earth sciences have never been more fascinating. How long will it be before psychiatrists are inundated with requests for more research into possession by devils from people who have seen the film The Exorcist? "It is difficult to know why these beliefs beyond science have such a following and whether it ...
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139. The Years 763 and 687 BC [SIS C&C Review $]
... the Chinese evidence suggesting no more than a meteor shower. However, Near Eastern evidence does suggest that the years 763 and 701 BC may have seen fairly widespread upheavals. In his letter concerning Velikovskian catastrophism and Assyrian chronology (see "Ankylosis in the Chronology of Reconstructed History?" on facing page), Marx focuses on the well-known solar eclipse recorded in the Assyrian Eponym List and conventionally dated to 763 BC. He points out that this date depends on retrospective calculations which must be invalid if global catastrophes of the kind reconstructed by Velikovsky have occurred since the eclipse was observed, and argues that when the global catastrophes of the 8th and 7th centuries are taken into account, "the pillar of -763 is no more". He also refers in a note to Velikovsky's date of 687 BC for the last of the Mars catastrophes, remarking: "... This date depends entirely on the solar eclipse calculated for -763, and is therefore equally wrong to at least the same margin of error". This statement is certainly incorrect, and shows a serious ...
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140. Vishnu Born Of Shiva [Kronos $]
... From: Kronos Vol. VII No. 3 (Spring 1982) Home¦ Issue Contents Vishnu Born Of Shiva Dwardu Cardona In Worlds In Collision,(1) Immanuel Velikovsky stated that Vishnu was born of Shiva, as if it were a well-known fact with which the reader should be familiar. This datum was presented as additional support for Velikovsky's contention that the planet Venus was remembered by the ancients as having been ejected by Jupiter. Yet, this writer took early cognizance of the fact that no source was cited for the assertion. Having taken it upon myself to verify the datum, I turned to the works of those ancient scholars best suited to disclose its source. Years passed but nowhere in the sagas, epics, and hymns of Indic lore could I find it explicitly stated that Vishnu was born of Shiva. Having trudged through the intricate maze of Vedic, Brahmanic, and other Hindu literature, I arrived, in the end, at the point from which I had started without once having caught a glimpse of Vishnu'< progenitor. Having ...
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