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101. Book Section [SIS C&C Review $]
... From: SIS Newsletter 1 (April 1975) Home¦ Issue Contents Book Section J. B. Moore, A.L.A "When is the next volume of 'Ages in Chaos' coming out?" This question has plagued librarians dealing with readers' requests since 1953. The following list has been compiled from both published and private sources and gives the latest information available regarding Dr. Velikovsky's major published and unpublished works. Some further major sources on Dr. Velikovsky are included which the newcomer to his work may find useful. PUBLISHED VELIKOVSKY, I. Ages in Chaos Volume 1' From the Exodus to King Akhnaton' Sidgwick& Jackson 1953 £4.50 paperback Abacus/Sphere 1974 £0.75. Earth in Upheaval Gollancz/Sidgwick& Jackson 1956 £2.00 paperback Abacus/Sphere 1973 £0.60. Oedipus and Akhnaton Sidgwick& Jackson 1960 £2.75 Also available from the Ancient History Book Club. Worlds in Collision Gollancz 1950 £2.50 paperback Abacus/Sphere 1972 £0.60. Also available from the Ancient History Book Club. NOT YET PUBLISHED Ages in Chaos Volume 2 ...
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102. A Call To Action [Pensee]
... From: Pensée Vol. 2 No 3: (Fall 1972) "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered II" Home¦ Issue Contents A Call To Action Joseph May The following is excerpted from remarks which Dr. May delivered at the Velikovsky Symposium, Lewis and Clark College, August 18, 1972: The time has come for all those who believe that Immanuel Velikovsky has something to say to the scientific and academic world in general, to depart from a defensive attitude, stand up, be counted, and insist that he be heard. With the publication of the May issue of Pensée, the Velikovsky hypothesis has been subjected to ventilation in a major way for the first time in five years. One thing should be clear above all: the cause of truth cannot afford another five years of hibernation and small gains. For a long time there has been an academic underground made up of individuals convinced in their own minds that Velikovsky's work deserves examination, dissection and empirical investigation. Many in the underground have concluded that Velikovsky is correct, in broad outline and in ...
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103. For the Record... [Kronos $]
... , I, 4 (Winter-1976), p. 90. Industrial Research, Vol. 17, No. 13 (December-1975), pp. 30 and 32. Yale Scientific Magazine, XLI, No. 7, April, 19 67. The Martian Atmosphere In March of 1974, the Soviet Mars 6 spacecraft first detected, what was believed to be, a significant amount of unexpected argon in the Martian atmosphere (See KRONOS, I, 3, pp. 88-89)- unexpected, that is, to all save Velikovsky. Since then, the Soviet finding was reaffirmed more than once. For example, a Dec. 1975 NASA publication (NASA-TT-F 16823) was reviewed to include the following information: "The detection of some inert gas in the Martian atmosphere, apparently argon, by the Mars-6 probe is recounted. A combined analysis is conducted of infrared and ultraviolet spectrometric observations as well as results of radio-occultation measurements of the Martian atmosphere to determine the accuracy of the Mars-6 results. It is shown that all these data indicate an argon abundance of ...
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104. The Einstein-Velikovsky Correspondence [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... The Einstein-Velikovsky Correspondence This correspondence is discussed in Velikovsky ? s book Before the Day Breaks Einstein to Velikovsky July 8, 1946 Velikovsky to Einstein July 16, 1946 Einstein to Velikovsky January 5, 1951 Velikovsky to Einstein August 26, 1952 Einstein to Velikovsky August 27, 1952 Velikovsky to Einstein September 10, 1952 Velikovsky to Einstein January 6, 1954 Velikovsky to Einstein May 21, 1954 Einstein to Velikovsky May 22, 1954 Velikovsky to Einstein June 16, 1954 Velikovsky to Einstein September 17, 1954 Velikovsky to Einstein January 11, 1955 Velikovsky to Einstein February 2, 1955 Velikovsky to Einstein March 7, 1955 Einstein to Velikovsky March 17, 1955 ...
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... From: Kronos Vol. III No. 2 (Winter 1977) "Velikovsky and Establishment Science" Home¦ Issue Contents Sagan's Appendices: A Quick Appendectomy C. J. Ransom I At the 1974 AAAS meeting, Carl Sagan claimed that the odds against the events occurring in the Solar System, as described by Velikovsky, were 10 23 to 1. This figure was widely quoted in the scientific and popular literature as "proof' that the events did not happen; it was also taken on faith since no statistical verification was ever provided. The mathematical support for 10 23 to 1 was supposed to be found in an appendix to the text that Sagan gave to the press. The appendix was not supplied with the rest of the paper, however, much to Sagan's benefit. In fact, it was well over a year after the AAAS conference was no longer newsworthy before the appendix saw much circulation. Even then, Sagan failed to substantiate his widely quoted probability figure of 10 13 to 1; and the origin of that particular number remains a ...
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... From: The Velikovskian Vol 2 No 2 (1994) Home¦ Issue Contents Scientists, Journalists and Editors as Suppressors (Part II) Charles Ginenthal The general public does not know that the Velikovsky Affair has not ended. For example, in his recent book, Dark Matter, Missing Planets& New Comets, Tom Van Flandern stated that [i n 1950, [Immanuel Velikovsky published a sensational book in which he hypothesized (based on new translations of ancient texts) that biblical events could be explained by events in the heavens...The astronomers were outraged at the publicity given to Velikovsky's book, which became a best seller for a time. Led by [Harlow Shapley at Harvard, they threatened a worldwide boycott of the publisher, Macmillan Press, and of all its textbooks. The publisher was eventually forced to sell its publication rights. It was 24 years before astronomer Carl Sagan helped organize a serious scientific consideration of Velikovsky's hypotheses at an [American Association for the Advancement of Science (A. A. A. S.) symposium in San ...
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107. On That BBC Film [Pensee]
... From: Pensée Vol. 3 No 3: (Fall 1973) "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered V" Home¦ Issue Contents On That BBC Film The public still awaits an adequate film treatment of Velikovsky and his work. Controversy never lags far behind Velikovsky or the public discussion of his work, and the BBC documentary, "Worlds in Collision," has proved no exception. Velikovsky himself felt mocked by the show, which he viewed as a tragedy of misrepresentation. Yet, to one of his detractors in England the program was an "act of homage" to the one-time heretic. A leading British scientist wrote to producer Brian Gibson: "Your program --was the most discreditable to the BBC that I have ever seen"--too sympathetic to Velikovsky, that is. And a reader tells us that sales of Velikovsky's book turned upward immediately after the program was shown twice last January. Clearly Gibson set himself no enviable task, given the violently contradictory reactions Velikovsky's name evokes, and he seems to have striven for fairness throughout. This is evidenced by the ...
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... his thoughts toward V., so that they found a weakness in their father-- his rare complaisance-- and could, through being critical and slightly disdainful of V., get at him twice, directly in himself and indirectly through rejection of V. It was not, as it had been put from time to time at home, that he gave too much of his crowded time to his venerable friend. Indeed, the children could have done well in their troubled group life at school by carrying the banner of Velikovsky (and their father) for V. could easily be fit (no one knowing his character) into the mold of anti-authoritarian ideas and leadership exceedingly popular among those in that era, town, and age group. On a summer day in 1963 Deg ushered his family of eight persons aboard the U. S. ocean liner "Atlantic" bound for Lisbon, Naples and Genoa. The boat was a slow last effort of the collapsing merchant marine but, he thought, just as several years earlier they had crossed the ...
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... From: Kronos Vol. IV No. 2 (Winter 1978) "Scientists Confront Scientists Who Confront Velikovsky" Home¦ Issue Contents "Just Plainly Wrong": A Critique of Peter Huber (Second Installment) Lynn E. Rose [Footnote: *ACKNOWDGEMENT. This entire critique of Huber draws very heavily upon joint research and writing done during the past seven years with Raymond C. Vaughan. This is especially true regarding the Ninsianna discussions (which appear in the present installment), but there is no section of the critique that has not benefitted from Vaughan's valuable corrections, clarifications, and suggested additions of further materials.The first installment of this paper, dealing with the earliest references to Inanna or Venus, appeared in the special A.A.A.S. issue of KRONOS (Volume III, Number 2) entitled Velikovsky and Establishment Science. That first installment was written on the basis of a mimeographed version of Huber's A.A.A.S. paper (labelled "Revised version, April 1974"), which was entitled "Early Cuneiform Evidence for the Planet Venus". Huber's ...
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110. Untitled [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History IX:1 (Jan 1987) Home¦ Issue Contents Velikovsky: Beyond Freud Duane Leroy Voorhees All other conclusions of psychoanalytic theory are grouped around the[Oedipus! complex, and by the truth of this finding psychoanalysis stands or falls.-- Ernest Jones (Jastrow 1959:205-206) Am I the Pied Piper who leads the young away from the solid ground of the object-libidinal aspects of the Oedipus complex? Are preoedipal and narcissistic factors perhaps no more than precursors and trimming?-- Heinz Kohut (1978:622) In 1933, while studying psychoanalysis under Wilhelm Stekel, Immanuel Velikovsky attended a meeting of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society at which the "Dreams and Occultism" chapter of Freud's New Lectures on Psychoanalysis was discussed. Part of that chapter contained material remarkably similar to Velikovsky's own published thoughts on the subject of telepathy. As Velikovsky (1957:17) recalled the event, Freud's approach to the problem caused visible and audible consternation among his followers; among those who participated in the discussion only two-- ...
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