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91. Letters [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... I. Velikovsky 78 Hartley Ave., Princeton, NJ 08540 January 9, 1978 Dear Chris: Thanks for your letter of December 26. While you answer some of our questions, the important ones are still left outstanding. You should not have taken it upon yourself to sign a contract on Velikovsky ? s books without Velikovsky ? s authorization, and actually against his wishes, as expressed in two telegrams. Whatever you may think is best for Velikovsky, you cannot make decisions for him. That any contract would need Velikovsky ? s approval was clear to all concerned when you left here on May 1; and you knew it as late as October 20 when you wrote: ? Umschau in due course will wish to have proper signatures to the contract. You would have to empower me accordingly.? Your obligation was to consult with Velikovsky at every stage of negotiations, leaving him to decide what is acceptable in a proposed contract and what is not (footnotes in the back are, for instance, not); You were required to take ...
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92. Focus [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Workshop Vol 3 No 2 (Oct 1980) Home¦ Issue Contents Focus THE 'NEW SCIENTIST' AND VELIKOVSKY A number of our readers have written to us to complain about the anti-Velikovsky attitude expressed by Mr. John Gribbin, a writer with New Scientist. We devoted part of the Focus section of our last issue (Velikovsky Affair? pp. 11-13) to his foamings. The issue is wider than this, as Jill Abery discovered when she wrote the following letter in reply to Gribbin's Forum column:- 18.5.80 Dear Sir, I was amazed at the almost paranoic reaction of John Gribbin (Forum, 10 April, p.102) to my previous letter (Letters, 20 March, p.956), and a little disconcerted at the implication that you, as letters editor, should bow to his censorship. Incidentally, as mine was only 'one particular' letter from 'some of the most bizarre' I would be interested to know to which other letters he was referring. I was rather taken aback at being referred to as one of 'them ...
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93. Failure of a Concept? [SIS C&C Review $]
... to the exclusion of those relating to natural history is not just begging the question, but really is strongly indicative of a deep-seated resistance against the catastrophes. Because on a genuinely interdisciplinary basis, as demonstrated in Dr Velikovsky's work again and again, and taking care not just to make a few singularities fit a notion when even the most modest piece of the puzzle should fit the whole picture, the Revised Chronology today is clear enough for anyone accepting the challenge of having to overstep his discipline's "scientific" boundaries. Has not the Velikovsky Affair demonstrated to the utmost that the so-called scientific method is unreliable- to say the least- in finding reality? Naïvely employing this very same method now to advance Velikovsky's work seems to me fraught with danger, especially where quite unnecessary or too much care it taken not to "transgress" into other fields, in which term such self-restraint is often being rationalised. At a next conference, I would suggest, we should therefore hope to hear scholars who have transgressed, or the results not of vertically composed groups of experts ...
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... From: Kronos Vol. III No. 1 (Fall 1977) Home¦ Issue Contents DOCUMENTS... L. Sprague de Camp: Anatomy of a Zetetic Some of the most vociferous critics of Worlds in Collision during the past twenty-seven years have been science-fiction/science-popularizer writers. They include L. Sprague de Camp, Martin Gardner, Isaac Asimov, Willy Ley, Daniel Cohen, Charles Fair, and- more recently- Carl Sagan. This group of individuals has much in common. Their criticisms of Velikovsky are usually purely subjective, highly ad hominem- replete with irrelevancies and innuendo, error-laden, distinctly unscientific, repetitious, and often borrowed from each other. In some cases, one may even seriously Question whether or not a given critic has read Worlds in Collision in anything other than a cursory fashion. While it is L. Sprague de Camp who particularly concerns us here, he is typical of the aforementioned group. On April 30, 19 76, under the aegis of the American Humanist Association, the Committee to Scientifically Investigate Claims of ...
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95. Chapter I: The Review [The Age of Velikovsky] [The Age of Velikovsky] [Books]
... Title Page¦ Ch. 1¦ Ch. 2¦ Ch. 3¦ Ch. 4¦ Ch. 5¦ Ch. 6¦ Ch. 7¦ Ch. 8¦ Ch. 9¦ Appendix¦ Notes The Age of Velikovsky Chapter I: The Review In 1950, the Macmillan Company published Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision, but before it was in the book stores, opposition to the ideas expressed in the book had grown so strong that Macmillan had considered not publishing it. Nonetheless, after receiving approval from two of three referees, the book was published. The day before publication, Gordon Atwater, head of the world famous Hayden Planetarium in New York City, was to publish an article suggesting an unbiased investigation of Velikovsky's work. This Week Magazine carried the article, although a number of noted scientists had told Atwater not to publish it. By the time the article was printed, Gordon Atwater was no longer head of the Hayden Planetarium or connected with any other position mated to astronomy. It remained this way for twenty ...
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... S.I.S. Review III:2 and III:3 and S.I.S. Workshop No. 5. Although the inspiration for this article came from many sources, the ideas and other help provided by Shane Mage, Lynn E. Rose, Jan Sammer, and Clark Whelton are especially appreciated.... The point, in the view of the behavioral scientists, is that the physical scientists sanctimoniously lay claim to an objectivity that they do not demonstrate in reality. Charles H. MacNamara, "The Persecution and Character Assassination of Immanuel Velikovsky as performed by the Inmates of the Scientific Establishment," Philadelphia Magazine, April 1968, p. 64.... To understand the hostility of the scientists one has to turn to church history and the treatment of heresies by the Church. Anyone who understands the hostility towards heresies understands the hostility of scientists towards astrology etc. etc.... Paul Feyerabend, author of Science in a Free Society, private communication, February 14, 1979.... establishment science itself has become a church, with ...
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97. Sagan's Folly Part 1 [Kronos $]
... From: Kronos Vol. III No. 2 (Winter 1977) "Velikovsky and Establishment Science" Home¦ Issue Contents Sagan's Folly Part 1 Lewis M. Greenberg On February 25, 1974, Carl Sagan presented a lengthy criticism of Worlds in Collision (1) before a capacity audience in the Grand Ballroom of San Francisco's St. Francis Hotel. The occasion was a symposium--"Velikovsky's Challenge to Science"--held under the auspices of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Though Sagan's symposium paper was supposed to be finalized at the time of delivery, nearly two full years were to elapse before the "finished" product was actually made publicly available. By then, the paper had been considerably expanded, revised or modified, and updated to include post-1974 material; several appendices became available for the first time also. In the meantime, the press and scientific journals were eagerly and repeatedly touting and hailing Sagan's critique as the definitive coup de grâce to Worlds in Collision. Nevertheless, as we shall rigorously demonstrate, this zeal is badly ...
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98. The Marx - Velikovsky Correspondence [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... The Marx- Velikovsky Correspondence Christoph Marx Immanuel Velikovsky to Christoph Marx April 14, 1977 Christoph Marx to Lynn E. Rose May 5, 1977 Christoph Marx to Immanuel Velikovsky May 5, 1977 Immanuel Velikovsky to Christoph Marx May 6, 1977 Immanuel Velikovsky to Christoph Marx May 9, 1977 Dieter Curths to Immanuel Velikovsky May 12, 1977 Christoph Marx to Immanuel Velikovsky May 16, 1977 Immanuel Velikovsky to Dieter Curths May 17, 1977 Immanuel Velikovsky to Christoph Marx July 19, 1977 Christoph Marx to Immanuel Velikovsky July 25, 1977 Immanuel Velikovsky to Christoph Marx August 30, 1977 Christoph Marx to Immanuel Velikovsky October 16, 1977 Christoph Marx to Immanuel Velikovsky October 20, 1977 Immanuel Velikovsky to Christoph Marx October 23, 1977 Christoph Marx to Immanuel Velikovsky October 24, 1977 Christoph Marx to Immanuel Velikovsky November 1, 1977 Immanuel Velikovsky to Christoph Marx November 8, 1977 Immanuel Velikovsky to Christoph Marx November 21, 1977 Christoph Marx to Immanuel Velikovsky November 22, 1977 Immanuel Velikovsky to Christoph Marx November 22, 1977 Christoph Marx to Immanuel Velikovsky November 28, 1977 Christoph ...
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99. Velikovsky: The Score of Success [SIS C&C Review $]
... From: SIS Newsletter 1 (April 1975) Home¦ Issue Contents Velikovsky: The Score of Success Martin Sieff "Seldom in the history of science have so many diverse anticipations- the natural fall-out from a single central idea- been so quickly substantiated by independent investigation," wrote Ralph Juergens in 1963. (1) The vast increase in scientific knowledge over the last 20 years, particularly through the Space Programme has provided an abundance of discoveries that not only were previously predicted by Velikovsky on the basis of his theories, but were also totally inexplicable within the accepted ones. The 1972 Pensee article 'A Record of Success' by Thomas Ferte (Pensee Special issue, Vol 2 No. 2, May 1972) listed 81 such documented and confirmed advance claims. Since then, the record has continued to grow. Velikovsky himself has said he did not expect to be so vindicated in his own lifetime. Thus Velikovsky had predicted that Venus must be very hot, indeed, incandescent. Mariner II found in 1962 the surface temperature to be 800 F which ...
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100. Historical Forum [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... .- Ed. Historical Forum Sir, In 'Forum' of SISR III/2, Chris Marx criticised the "Glasgow" and other such revisionist chronologies by advocating the merits of what he terms the method of 'structural analysis' as against the 'heuristic method'. Although it way be an over simplification to categorise all the revisionist thinkers in the latter category, I was pleased to see this support for Velikovsky's theses as contained in 'Ramses II' and 'Peoples of the Sea' since by demonstration the convergence of so many probabilities, Velikovsky would seem to have such a strong case that the onus of proving a contrary case must lie with the revisionists. In order, then, to demonstrate that Velikovsky's equations: Ramses II= Necho and Ramses III= Nectanebo are invalid, the obstacles against these equations must surely be proved beyond all doubt. Consequently, disclaiming all pretence at expertise in matters historical, and with 'tongue in cheek', I attempted to find some flaws in Peter James' article: 'A Critique of Ramses II and His Time' which was ...
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