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... "the firstborn, favourite child of God the Father".(27) Velikovsky went somewhat further and insisted that it was not mere jealousy; it was fear and resentment that "the great catastrophe of tribulations, destructions and paroxysms of nature... was caused for the benefit of the sons of Israel".(28) 3) Existence, cause, and effects of phylogenetic memory: The Jews eventually accepted monotheism after a period of initial resistance. This is how Freud explained that phenomenon: (29) Early trauma- defence- latency- outbreak of neurotic illness partial return of the repressed. Such is the formula which we have laid down for the development of a neurosis. The reader is now invited to take the step of supposing that something occurred in the life of the human species similar to what occurs in the life of individuals: of supposing, that is, that here too events occurred... which left behind them permanent consequences but were for the most part fended off and forgotten, and which after a long latency ...
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... considerable height is involved. Remember, we are not dealing with a mere skeleton, wherein the interpretation of broken limbs could be equivocal, but with the famous mammoth "preserved whole" in which the bones would have been cushioned against post-mortem injury. It is therefore inadequate to postulate a cause for the Beresovka mammoth's demise which fails to account for his cruel injuries contracted in vivo. The explanation involving sudden freezing given by Ellenberger and Cardona inter alia fails to meet this criterion. Moreover, the latter's scenario completely rules out the observed trauma: "The position in which this beast was found clearly indicates that it could neither have been drowned nor been crushed beneath a landslide. Its stance suggests that it was felled on its haunches, that it attempted to regain its feet, that it was then somehow asphyxiated, and that it froze in this animated position. It did not even keel over."(88) This simply will not do! Cardona's foray into taphonomy leads him to presume that unless the Beresovka mammoth was frozen virtually instantaneously, it would have ...
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83. Compendium [Pensee]
... was co-sponsored by the Biotechnology and Planetary Biology Divisions at Ames. In this hour-long lecture he touched upon the major themes in his first three books and showed how several recent space achievements have provided confirmation of his earlier hypotheses. He was careful to include references to the recent Mariner-Mars fly-by photographic data --which has already raised far more questions than it has put to rest. Dr. Velikovsky also spoke about the matter of mankind burying his racial memories of unpleasant past events in a "collective amnesia" which acts to insulate him from psychological trauma. I don't think very many present missed the implication of this statement. I was impressed with the audience's profound silence during Dr. Velikovsky's presentation and by the depth of some of the questions afterward. The audience almost seemed awed by this man's presence as well as by his obvious command of such great amounts of information. It is still too soon to assess the real impact that his appearance at Ames will have upon the thinking of those who heard him. Since his two lectures, the responses I have received have been ...
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84. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... Dr Z. Rix has been taken to task for having interpreted the ankh-symbol [* !* image: ankh heiroglyph as an androgynous phallus, whence, comet (Forum, SISR II:1 and 11:2). It is said by a presumed authority that the symbol is simply and solely the word for "sandal-strap" in hieroglyphics. Dr Rix no doubt is incensed at the pedantry (or should I say "potentry"?) of his critic, because the psycho-symbolist insists that the meaning (here the "trauma") comes first, then the symbol, then the derivatives. I would suggest, first, that Dr Rix has produced strong evidence in his favour and there is no contradiction in the fact that a derived meaning or any later meaning at all may be ascribed to the symbol. I would also suggest that the "sandal-strap" meaning is perfectly in order. The foot is a common unconscious symbol of the phallus- ask your nearest psychiatrist. Binding the foot makes it androgynous, neutralises it, brings it under control ...
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... "What do you mean? We are disaster-stricken. Out of touch, nasty little arguments and all of that..." "Not really, I thought that was us!" "Not so, I thought that was us!") Martin wants to see Clark Whelton and he and Deg hear of Clark's longing for an Association where we can all get together on a regular basis. Alas, Clark is assistant to Mayor Koch, on 24-hour alert; he is writing a novel; he is going through the trauma of kids readying for college. How, when, with what means and who? Everyone looks blank and slightly pained. But the outer world must have something in mind when they speak of the "underground" the "well-organized tactics" of the catastrophists, the invariable sharp attacks greeting an offensive remark about Velikovsky or against short chronology or for exoterrestrial eternal peace, as, for instance the London Times Literary Supplement of 26 June 1967 murmuring about "a powerful force in the underground of academe." Not long afterwards, ...
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... sure whether strenuous exercise of attentiveness, intelligence and reason will really indicate that it is still the best option available. And it is no wonder, in the circumstances, that there should often occur what Lonergan has called a "flight from insight", a refusal to consider a possibility when the consequences of doing so would be too frightening, or inconvenient, or disturbing to one's ingrained habits of thought and behaviour [11. There are all sorts and degrees of flight from insight, ranging from the virtually inevitable reaction to extreme trauma in the infancy of the individual (as described by FREUD) or the history of the community (as postulated by Velikovsky), to the habit of shirking inconvenient evidence and avenues of enquiry which might be established over the course of time by a tyrannical parent or employer or a privileged race or class. In both types of case, some restriction or misdirection of attentiveness, intelligence and reasonableness will be engaged in to make life tolerable; the community which has survived will evolve a myth, the individual or class who lives ...
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... to do with creating a new science, or trying to do so, would agree with him. Included, even, would be those who could recognize tangible victories in their lifetimes-- Galileo, Newton, Hume, Darwin, Pasteur, Freud, Einstein, Planck, and Heisenberg. The development of science, that is, sustains a branch of sociology: of historical psycho-politico-anthropo-sociology. When this is applied to science, as the science of science, a partial truth such as V .'s concept of collective fear being inherited from the trauma of ancient catastrophes takes its place as a modest useful contribution to the science of science. The more general truth is contained in Deg's model of the gestalt of creation where Homo Schizo emerges out of a catastrophized ambiance as the true and normal human, who invents science as a typically schizoid set of operations for inducing psychic control and uniting the psychic with control of the external world. The science of science discloses in the history of the cosmic heretics the "inadequacies" of the American social system in dealing with the challenges of ...
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... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS THE LATELY TORTURED EARTH: Part V: Rifts, Rafts and Basins by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE OCEAN BASINS The planet Venus, which has been shown to have had its share of astroblemes, lightning activity, melting, volcanos, plateaus, mountain ranges, great valleys, and closed depressions or basins, has a "curious dearth of great basins," whence we surmise that Venus never underwent the trauma of Earth, which resulted in most of the Earth being ocean basins. "The tectonic forces that have shaped the surface of Venus have raised only 5 percent of the surface into 'continental masses' and left only 15 to 20 percent of it as basins..." [1 Nor do we know whether these are "real" basins, that is, distinct from the continental material as they are on Earth. The ocean's "trackless wastes" may be a nice metaphor for the 71% of the Earth's surface covered by water, but the ocean bottoms are marked by enough signs to ...
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... from cracks and cones: again illusions. Telling of the destruction of almost all that was living: people must have been psychotic to make up and pass along stories of such events. The quantavolutionary position is that they were probably psychotic, but partially because of the nature of such events. Thus, to some extent, we become uniformitarian in respect to human psychology as we become quantavolutionary in regard to nature. An increasing number of studies of modern mankind in disaster lead us to accord greater reliability to ancient stories. A severe trauma of terror, such as the nuclear blast at Hiroshima, leaves the survivors quite catastrophized. What happens thereafter matters little to the survivor. Subsequent sights are likely to fall upon a numbed and hopeless creature. Where survivors are reduced to hopelessness, few lift their hands to help others. The prognosis of the group is poor. Studies of the aftermath of Hiroshima have shown this to be the case. Each succeeding horrible sight is seen by eyes becoming too jaded to respond. We should bear in mind, too, that ...
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90. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... Sagan does not deny the existence of a creator god." How haughtily he cocks his nose To tell what every schoolboy knows- SWIFT There is one speculation, however, which should be in every connoisseur's collection. I name it Sagan's Theory (on the grounds that Sagan refers to every minor speculation in Worlds in Collision as Velikovsky's Theory). Sagan proposes that the deciding factor influencing an astronomer's adoption of a cosmological theory may be the manner of his birth, with proponents of the "Big Bang" theory having undergone the trauma of normal birth, whilst the "steady state" adherents were "from their mother's womb untimely ripp'd" (Shakespeare, not Sagan; Macbeth was naturally in favour of the "steady state", particularly with regard to Birnam Wood). With this breakthrough, Sagan must now also be recognised as the world's leading, if not only, para-obstetrician and it can only be a matter of time before he announces his project for extracting sunbeams out of cucumbers (Swift) to the further delight of the amaz'd rustics. I ...
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