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... well supported thesis. The chief value in citing them is to facilitate their elimination from a new edition. The only substantial alteration that occurs to me as possible, or even desirable, is one that deals with the psychological scars of human evolution- in addition to the physical scars with which the author has so ably dealt. Broadly speaking, I believe that our anxiety-ridden and irrationally destructive behaviour requires explanation and that the explanation is to be found in our prehistory rather than our history. Going further, I suspect that the emotional trauma which is manifest in human behaviour is not unique to our species. The xenophobia, hierarchicalism, and territorialism that characterize other highly developed animals seem to me to almost equally biopathic. Specifically, I would cite despotism among gorillas, cannibalism among chimpanzees, and rape among orang-utans as manifestations of comparable evolutionary scarring. This topic, however, is clearly a vast one, which may well require a future volume of its own. Bibliography C.P. Groves: A Theory of Human and Primate Evolution, (Oxford University Press, London ...
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32. Human Sacrifice - Then and Now [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... which humans played the part of gods. Kingship was 'lowered from heaven' after catastrophes associated with a celestial body, the great serpent later known as Inanna/Ishtar. Worldwide myths place the invention of sacrifice and prayer after a destructive flood and archaeological evidence shows that throughout the Bronze Age societies were destroyed from time to time, often by fire. Heinsohn sees survivors threatened by total destruction, gripped by a collective madness in which they could only rail helplessly against the sky. Following Velikovsky, he suggests that, as children overcome trauma by re-enacting it in their play, the Bronze Age produced 'heroes' who directed their fellows into similarly cathartic sacred drama. The trouble was that this left some of the actors dead! The resulting guilt felt by the rest of the community could be expiated by worshipping the sacrificial victims as gods; they became transfigured or resurrected. The drama would be re-enacted in drug-induced abandon and as the behaviour became more and more ritualised it became the origin of all the arts, drama, music, dance, athletic contests and the plastic ...
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... the planets Saturn and then Venus. Mankind, terrified by the unpredictability of the skies, turned to blood sacrifice. Margaret Barker suggests that at the time of the Babylonian exile, those left behind retained their apocalyptic version of religion but those exiled changed their ideas and the Old Testament has become an edited version, especially with the reworking of Genesis. The unpredictable wrath of the celestial gods, with its cataclysmic imagery, was replaced by the idea that humans themselves must be to blame. This enabled the exiles to bear the added trauma of their exile, for if human sin causes catastrophe then humans can prevent future catastrophe by responsible behaviour and strict adherence to the law. As David Salkeld pointed out in his Cambridge conference lecture, the middle section of the Book of Job seems not to belong to the prologue and epilogue. Barker's explanation is that the middle section about Job's suffering is the artificial later version with the message that Job himself must be responsible for his afflictions. The beginning and end are the older sections where the catastrophes are caused by heavenly beings ...
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34. Collision/eruption/extinction/ magnetic reversal [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 60: Nov-Dec 1988 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Collision/eruption/extinction/ magnetic reversal An increasingly popular scenario is: (1) Every 34 million years the solar system bobs up and down through the thickly populated disk of our galaxy; (2) The resulting encounters lead to showers of comets and/or asteroids on earth; (3) The mechanic trauma leads to basalt flooding; (4) Great biological extinctions occur in consequence; and (5) The terrestrial magnetic field reverses in step. Now, if scientists could show that all of these phenomena occur at the same frequency and are roughly in phase, it would constitute one of science's most important syntheses. The stratigraphic record and the estimated ages of meteor craters certainly hint at such synchrony. Recently, two more papers have appeared which support the above scenario. First, M.R. Rampino and R.B. Stothers show that during the past 250 million years, eleven episodes of basalt flooding have ...
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35. That's The Way The Universe Bounces [Science Frontiers Website]
... life. In nonhuman universes, there could even be entities for which our word "life" is inadequate. The second idea is that of an oscillating universe. In this concept, universes expand just so far and then collapse back into the "singularities" (i.e., black holes) from which they arose. Then, Phoenix-like, they bounce back and reexpand into new universes-- ones with slightly different physical constants. These rebounding universes are in a sense mutated universes, which have been slightly modified during the physical trauma of collapsing into singularities. Now comes a stimulating thought. The most abundant sort of universe occupying the metauniverse will be that type that generates the most new black holes during its expansion and contraction phases, for each of its "progeny" can spawn a new universe of its own. As in biological Darwinism, these are the "selected" universes. Some universes may fail to reproduce at all. Thus, with the help of small mutations occurring during each bounce, the metauniverse and its constituent universes are evolving like biological ...
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36. "ADAPTIVE" MUTATION [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 96: Nov-Dec 1994 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects "ADAPTIVE" MUTATION Six years ago, J. Cairns performed experiments with bacteria that implied that said bacteria could "direct" their own mutations so that they could cope more speedily with sudden environmental trauma. (SF#64) In Cairns' experiments, bacteria unable to digest lactose were presented with an all-lactose diet. They quickly acquired the mutations needed to digest the only food available. They did not have to wait for random mutations to accidentally hit upon the correct genome changes. A firestorm spread across the scientific community, even though other researchers saw similar effects. It was traumatic! One of science's foundation stones was at risk. The current theory of biological evolution insists that all mutations are random. Cairns believed he had shown that his bacteria experienced only useful mutations. This claim was too awful to accept. In the July 21, 1994, issue of Science, two new papers appeared that, while ...
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37. The Acceptance of Correct Ideas in Science [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... and resistance to change one s thinking are both secondary to the great and primary reason: the fear of the repetition of the events, grown in the racial memory of the survivors of these crises, when the Earth was carried to the brink of destruction. It is this hidden fear which is behind the scientists vehement denial of the available evidence for global catastrophes in historical times. The same fear manifests itself in many forms of irrational behavior directed, above all, against anyone whose findings threaten to bring the archaic trauma into the open. References 1. Joseph Needham and Wang Ling, Science and Civilization in China, Vol. Ill (1959), p. 444. ...
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... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS THE DISASTROUS LOVE AFFAIR OF MOON AND MARS by Alfred de Grazia PART THREE: THERAPY FOR GROUP FEAR CHAPTER SIXTEEN THE TRANSFIGURATION OF TRAUMA One thunderstorm does not make a great god, nor does one volcano. Further, ordinary nature does not make a great god, neither its abundances nor its famines. The struggles of old bulls with young bulls over cows do not make a great god. A great god dwells in heaven, but can be everywhere. A people will recognize another people's great god as kindred but, too, the god is often hostile. Every great god emerges out of an apparently universal disaster in which the skies are involved, not excepting the great Mother- Earth Goddess, oldest of all, who cast off from her heaving body the oppressive Heaven, Uranus. The gods of the Love Affair are great gods. And to the skeptic who deplores the deceit, adultery, an generally libertine and human deportment of these "stars," one might remark: "You cannot imagine ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 12  -  03 Apr 2004  -  33k  -  URL:
... more difficult to shrug off or to explain away the ruins and the scars of the storm as we and our space probes pick our way through its aftermath. But the scars on our souls, passed down from parent to child, institutionalized, acculturated, perplex and plague us. The normal and the neurotic intertwine and become indistinguishable. The best intentions produce the worst consequences. Great evils are perpetrated by people who have good reasons. Catastrophics won't cure this. As Freud discovered and Reich explored, merely becoming aware of the primal trauma doesn't heal the wound. Healing comes from discharging the fixated energy, relaxing the muscular (and character and cultural) armoring. It takes time and effort. But catastrophics can provide a conceptual framework to facilitate healing. It can assuage the guilt: The primal trauma was no one's fault. It can liberate response-ability: We have the ability to respond with healing. It can calm the fear: Premonitions of millennial doom are projections of past instabilities. It can focus attention on the present: The success of uniformist theories in ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 12  -  21 Mar 2007  -  28k  -  URL:
... it show any signs of a racial basis? Of an ancestral impulse? An appeal to the subconscious as well as to the conscious? To answer these questions, we shall perform a short experiment on soap opera. We shall test it for a catastrophic content in an attempt to derive both a grammar and a poetics of the genre, and we begin with a formal exposition of certain relevant narrative theories. The most important for our purpose is my own theory about the nature and function of literary art. Velikovsky's ideas on racial trauma have led to a number of subsequent concepts; and the catastrophist approach to narrative is one of these. Because, like science, it seeks only to describe and explain, its aim is not to distinguish between so-called "good" and "bad" narrative, but to discover some of narrative's essential bases, structures, and functions. In brief, it argues that, if man has been repeatedly traumatized by vast and horrible worldwide natural catastrophes, as recently as -1450 and -700, then his most representative collective activities must ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 12  -  05 Mar 2003  -  45k  -  URL:
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