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101. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... "God works in mysterious ways which we poor mortals will never understand"? Secondly, for all his eloquent prose (" lotus plants", "soporific drug", "mad musical chairs"), Mr Prescott actually ends up supporting the atheist's case by postulating that if another catastrophe were to occur, many would be driven with "chattering teeth and feverish beads" to indulge in religious superstition. And, from our Velikovskian studies, we know why. For those who survive, collective amnesia would set in and the trauma would be safely cocooned in new mythology. It all happened before, remember? Indeed, the whole case for the existence of God-the-Creator depends on the premise "In the Beginning [of Time..." What shred of evidence is there that Time, or any other measurable dimension, has a beginning or an end? When demented doomsters cry "the end is nigh!" they are bewailing their own impending end- not that of the end of Time. Like Mr Douglass, I see Time as stretching backwards ...
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... inscription of the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Seti I: "The Light God Ra said: 'You are forgiven your sins. The slaughtered victims remit your extinction.' Such is the origin of the sacrifice of victims." The shocking psychic fear associated with human creation and the terrors of the active sky can be combined to explain why mankind has persisted, openly or beneath many kinds of subliminatory activities, in reenacting the earliest scenes. But the general catastrophes were several, accounting for the succession of gods, whereas the creation trauma was singular and unique. The human has been responding not only to the successive natural catastrophes which, of course were also treated as recreations. In racial memory the traumas blend over time. It is noteworthy that they have not entirely merged, with all distinction erased, but they have apparently merged enough so that on the one hand the historian and theorist Eliade does not separate them chronologically, and so that on the other hand most creationist scholars who hold to a literal interpretation of Biblical history are preoccupied with the Deluge of ...
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103. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... research has shown that a similar effect can be produced by a mental shock alone. Volunteers were shown films of a bank robbery: those who saw the version which included a gruesome and bloody shooting (= mental shock) performed very badly when asked to recall the details of the film compared to those who saw a non-violent version. A shooting is, of course, very much less of a mental shock than a cosmic catastrophe, but it is at least experimental proof (apparently the first!) of amnesia induced by psychological trauma. Continents in Collision source: Scientific American November 1982, p. 50 Normal tectonic theory posits continents growing slowly and steadily by the addition of sedimentary or crustal plate material at their edges. Now, however, a study of the geology and palaeobiology of the rocks of western North America has led a group of scientists to the conclusion that more than 25% of the region has grown in rapid episodes since the beginning of the Mesozoic Era. Material has been accreted in blocks up to tens of thousands of square kilometres in ...
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104. Reviews [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... fields with those of another person may lead to telepathic exchanges, and similar interactions may be the explanation for collective group behaviour, as in colonies of termites or even human mobs, not to mention Jung's collective unconscious. Contrary to orthodox opinion, memories may not be stored in the brain but in morphic fields, the brain simply acting as a receiver: that would explain why, after years of searching, no-one has yet found positive evidence of memory stores in the brain. Culture may also be associated with morphic fields: the trauma of initiation or conversion may be the result of tuning in to a new morphic field, and the attraction of ritual may be in reinforcing a field that has been in existence a long time. Even a scientific paradigm might have its associated morphic field, explaining the resistance to new and unorthodox views. So, Sheldrake's theory can explain a great many phenomena, if only it is true. Of course there is no direct evidence for the existence of morphic fields; so much depends on the results of tests for formative causation ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  05 Mar 2003  -  21k  -  URL:
105. Forum [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... the time of their expulsion. In fact in the Amduat (the Book of the Dead) old Seth is seen standing at the prow of Re's barque fighting off an attack from the real enemy deity of Egypt- Apophis! Seth is referred to as 'beloved of Re' so can hardly be regarded as "hated" by the Egyptians- perhaps feared but not despised. The reason why Seth's name became associated with the 19th Dynasty kings is purely a political one. Amun did not fall from grace, it's just that the trauma of the el-Amarna period had left a political vacuum in the Theban monarchy and the time was ripe for the upsurge of a new blood-line from the Northern Delta- and a very military family at that! It just so happens that they worshipped the cult of a particular war god and gave his name to their offspring even before they grasped the crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt from the then ineffectual rulers of the politically exhausted 18th Dynasty. What about Jim's point on the oracle of the deified Ahmose I? Having put forward my ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  05 Mar 2003  -  24k  -  URL:
... . Newton's First Law of Motion tells us that any object that is moving will attempt to move on the same path until disturbed or prohibited by an external force. This is something we all understand even if we've never heard it expressed. If you're riding in a speeding automobile that crashes to a sudden halt, you're likely to continue moving-right through the windshield. This tendency would be noticed less dramatically during normal braking-bracing on the dashboard, pressure on the seatbelt, etc. The greater the mass and velocity, the greater the difficulty-and trauma -in stopping. Let us suppose now that a giant body comes just close enough to the earth to slightly retard its rate of rotation; forces would vary throughout the planet. What would happen as a result? If rapid enough, a rotational deceleration of the earth would wreak havoc on its surface-a nightmare of horrifying proportions. Gale force winds immediately begin to blow from the west to the east, continuing to blow for hours, even stretching to days. Tornadic activity develops quickly, even in areas where it is ordinarily unknown ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  05 Mar 2003  -  50k  -  URL:
107. Solar System Studies (Part 2) [Aeon Journal $]
... . It is therefore reasonable to postulate that, in the disruption, the denser gases and materials of Saturn were dislodged from its center and spiralled outward, then cooled as pressure was relaxed. Arriving at the surface of Saturn, this dense material was presumably repulsed by the likeness of electrostatic charges from Saturn, and a considerable quantity of material went into orbit about it. It also seems very possible that a proto-planet Venus, as a small part of the original dense core material of Saturn, may have been expelled through the same trauma. Thus, having lost its core and a great volume of other dense material, the gas giant was left with a highly atypical density. Such an event would provide a physical answer to Talbott's mythical scenario, in which Saturn, as the dying sun god, has his "heart" torn from him in the form of the newly-born comet Venus. Saturn The conjectures I have set forth presume a Proto Saturn that is a brown dwarf star, a once-theoretical star type, recently confirmed by astronomical observation and analysis-- ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  05 Mar 2003  -  71k  -  URL:
... . An historian of science doesn't have to look far for the roots of these perceptions. Western, industrial man, whose imperial grasp has embraced all the sources of information upon which Dr. Velikovsky draws (from the New World Codices to the extensive geological records), is the same man whose philosophy and religious tenets became bankrupt, as Nietzsche's madman proclaimed before the turn of the century. Although this announcement went unheeded, the same message assumed material form in the massive destruction of the World Wars, and by the more widespread trauma heralded by Black Tuesday in 1929. When we consider that this same Man devised the atomic holocausts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we can appreciate the setting for an understanding of a cataclysmic cosmos. As participants in a new paradigm, we need not disregard the societal grounds of our being. To those whose consciousness matured during the sixties, the fact of catastrophe becomes the gateway to understanding- the first prerequisite. This catastrophic consciousness even has its own annotated bibliography: the Whole Earth Catalogue, an already articulated paradigm which shouts " ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  03 Apr 2004  -  24k  -  URL:
109. The Cambridge Conference [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... a long drought, so there was no need to posit a cosmic catastrophe directly. Questions from the floor clearly indicated that many felt that the degree of the destructions could not be explained by natural seismic or climatic events. After a plentiful buffet lunch and more sociable mixing, we returned to our seats for an afternoon session on cosmology, opened by Irving Wolfe with another of his thought provoking catastrophic interpretations. Those who had heard Irving at last year's Nottingham meeting, interpreting the development of the world's religions as a response to the trauma of cosmic catastrophe, recognised the formula as applied to the development of western cosmologies. Why were they successful? What did they sell? Again, the urge to believe in systems of stability and order tells us more about ourselves than the realities of the cosmos. Such belief systems can be seen as narcotics to assuage the triple terror induced by ancient catastrophes. We will never be free of the past until we realise that the history of ideas follows the same pattern repeatedly in attempts to never recognise the past. Victor Clube ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  05 Mar 2003  -  20k  -  URL:
... , disclosure in rocks time, disclosure in statigraphy time, perception of time, physiological clock time, psychology of timescale Timna tin Tiryns Titan titanotheres Tithonius Lacus Titicaca, Lake Tiubergen, Nickolaos Tlachtli Tlaloc Tlazolteotl Toba lake, Indonesia tohu-bohu tomb Tompkins, Peter tool topography Torah tornado, whirlwind& waterspout torque torus totem, totemism toungues, speaking in Tower of Babel" town plan toxicity, plutonium trace element tradition tragedy Trainor, Lynn transactive matrix Transarctic Mountains translation transmission of brain messages transmutation transmutation of chemical elements transparency of water trap, petroleum trauma tree tree, cosmic tree-ring dating trenche, submarine trepidation Tresman, Harold Triassic Period Triassic-Jurassic Boundary tribe, tribal tribology Trinil faunal zone tripod cauldron Triton Triton, Lake Trojan asteroids Trojan Wars tropics tropism troposphere trough Troy truth truth, in science& sociology Tsaidan Basin tsunami Tsunoda, Tadanobu Tuba, Lake Tucson Mountains, AZ Tula Tunguska Explosion turbidity current turbulance, aquatic turbulence, atmosphere turbulence, lithic Turfan Depression Turin Papyrus Turkey Turkistan Turkmenian Turman, B. W. turpentine Twelve Tribes of Israel Two Creeks Interglacial Stage Tycho's nova Tyndal, ...
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