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91. Venus Before Exodus [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... are of course known throughout Egyptian history, from the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms. The sphinx is notable because of the nature of its cult. Astronomer Royal Sir Norman Lockyer wrote of the Great Sphinx of Gizeh: "The sphinx (oriented true east) may possibly be ascribed to the earliest pyramid builders; it could only have been sculpted by a race with an equinoctial cult" [49. He also noted that other temples at Gizeh were oriented to the sunrise at the equinoxes, as were temples at Memphis, Tanis, Sais and Bubastis [50. These places all had their local Venus goddess, the temples were dedicated to their local goddess. Therefore, we suggest the cult of Venus as the sphinx was an equinoctial one. It's at this point I want to tell you of the Egyptian w3g festival. This was usually celebrated in the middle of the first month of each year- usually on the eve of the 15th of the month. In Herodotus's time the festival was already "ancient": in fact we first know of ...
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92. andere families en resten [Mythopedia Website]
... [Arjaantje, geboren 17-3-1776 Goedereede [1775?, gestorven 9/10-12-1818 Ouddorp, 43 jaren 9 maanden, trouwde Krijn Gerritse Witte 3 (3) Hubert [Huybregt, geboren 26-3-1778 Goedereede, getuige Aagje van der Wende, gestorven 29-6-1807 Ouddorp, 30 jaren, nalatende 2 kinderen, trouwde 6-4-1804/ 27-4-1804, Grietje Cornelisdr. Fikhart [Oskhart? Evert Roek van der Sluijs en Krijntje van der Velde 1 Geertrui [Geertruij, Geertruida, geboren 10-11-1779 Goedereede/Ouddorp, gestorven 12-3-1824 Ouddorp, 44 jaren, trouwde Cornelis Dirksz. Tanis 2 (4) Jacob [Jakob, geboren 7-10-1781 Goedereede/Ouddorp, gestorven 9/9-11-1816 Ouddorp, 34 jaren, trouwde (?) 20-4-1810, Teuntje Verhagen [Verhage, gestorven vr 1851 3 Arie, geboren 23-3-1783, gestorven jong 4 (5) Arie [Arij, geboren 1789 Ouddorp, arbeider, gestorven 9-10-1841 Ouddorp, 52 jaren, trouwde 7-6-1810 Schiedam, Agatha van der Hoeve [Aagje; Maatje? 5 (6) Pieter, geboren 9-11-1788 Ouddorp, arbeider, gestorven 6-5-1852 Ouddorp, 63 jaren, trouwde ...
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93. New Evidence for Ages in Chaos [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... arrive from almost every excavated place and there will be an ever-growing number of surprises. I shall select here one site of great promise for excavation. the identification of Avaris and el-Arish was offered by me as a crucial test for my equation of the Hyksos (called Amu by the Egyptians) and the Amalekites, one of the basic contentions of Ages in Chaos: ? generally, Avaris is looked for in the eastern part of the Delta, from Pelusium to Heliopolis, passing through Tell el Her, el-Qantara, San el-Hagar (Tanis), Tell el-Yahudieh,? wrote P. Montet in Le Drame d ? Avaris. The site as identified in Ages in Chaos is quite a distance northeast from the Delta: el-Arish is at the wadi of the same name, known in the Old Testament as Nakhal Mizraim (? Stream of Egypt ? ), the historical frontier between Egypt and Palestine. Despite many efforts made to have el-Arish surveyed and then also excavated, neither when the site was under the Egyptian authorities nor since it was occupied by the Israelis following ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  31 Aug 2000  -  47k  -  URL:
94. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... sea creatures of the Dinosaurian era. They are contemporary and not separated by hundreds of millions of years as under the conventional scheme. Mostly destroyed by sea wave invasions caused by comet strikes in the oceans. Terry Lawrence, Auckland, New Zealand Amenemope Question Dear Sir, When excavating the tombs of the 'kings' of the 21st Dynasty, Daressy found a piece of linen which named the year 49 of Amenemope; but Gardiner considered that it was most unlikely that this really belonged to this 'pharaoh', "since the tomb at Tanis in which his mummy originally lay is of the humblest description, in no way comparable to that of Psusennes I, its next-door neighbour." (A. Gardiner, Egypt of the Pharaohs [London 1961, p.324) An earlier Amenemope described as a scribe (ibid, p.274) we find writing to a certain Hori in the time of Merenptah, son of Ramesses II; and yet another Amenemope, also described as a scribe, helped to set up an Apis Stele in the 23rd year of Osorkon II. We ...
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95. My Challenge to Conventional Views in Science [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... sculpture as a feathered serpent on the grandiose monuments of Uxmal and Chichen Itza, where temples were built, one upon the other, if not to commemorate the ages, the last of which was dominated by Huitzilopochtli, Ares of the Greeks, who protected the people of Troy, while Athene clashed with him protecting the Achaean host? Why was Mars of the Romans chosen as the protector of Rome, the greatest empire after the Empire of Heaven (Livy), while Athene gave her name to the capital of Attica, as Tanis to Tunisia? Why were human sacrifices brought in this country by the Pawnee Indians only a few scores of years ago, every fifty-two years connected with the Venus calendar? Why did the Ancient Assyrians mark on tens of thousands of clay tablets, free from any mythological theme, astronomical observations, but all data from before -687 are in contradiction to known values such as the duration of the daily rotation of the Earth, the time of the vernal equinox that by the way was repeatedly transferred, as was also the beginning of ...
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96. In Search of the Exodus [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... earlier name an archaism [17 and discarded it. In addition, the boundaries of Canaan during the reign of David conform remarkably with those of Egyptian Canaan as established during Ramses II's rule. [18 It has of course been suggested that Ramses II was the father-in-law of Solomon, [19 and yet numerous historians have been absolutely convinced over the years that because of Exodus 1:11 the Exodus and "conquest" categorically ante-date Ramses II. Earlier occupation at Pi-Ra'messe, not yet positively identified-- not, it seems, Tanis, but the nearby site of Qantir-- has revealed Middle Kingdom and Hyksos occupation [20 beneath Ramesside palaces, storehouses, workshops, and temples. Miraculous Phenomena The biblical chronology, 480 years from the Exodus to the building of the temple in the fourth year of Solomon (1 Kings 6:1), together with the 300 years that Israel had dwelt in Heshbon and the Transjordan before the days of Jephthah (Judges 11:26), is contrary to the internal chronology of the Book of Judges by some ...
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... possibly bearing the name 'Labayu'. He has informed us that he is preparing for publication a detailed discussion on this subject. NILE CRUISE UPDATE The 1989 Study Tour of Egypt has been rescheduled and will now take place on 2nd August (for two weeks). The tour organisers have made new arrangements with Thomas Cook to hire their newly commissioned luxury cruise ship ms Nile Rhapsody, complete with on-board bathing pool. The cost of the cruise has also been substantially reduced and will now be just £1290, with special trips to Tanis, el-Hiba and Abu-Simbel included in the price. Only 4 cabins now remain, so members who would still like to join their fellow SIS and ISIS colleagues should write as soon as possible to: David Rohl, Chart Cottage West, Nutfield Rd, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 4BA, UK. \cdrom\pubs\journals\review\v1988\23amarn.htm ...
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