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51. Snapshots of the Gods? [SIS C&C Review $]
... Fig. 15 Lichtenberg figures Fig. 16 Lichtenberg figures Alternatively, the spatter may be an example of ball lightning, a phenomenon some investigators have identified with globules of plasma. Two Spanish physicists, Ranada and Trueba, have theorised that during periods of strong electrical activity, the resulting magnetic fields form knots of plasma at the fields' intersections [6. These knots may be ball lightning. We shall soon see that these trismatic configurations often appear in intersecting groups. Fig. 16 Lichtenberg figures Fig. 18 Helen of Troy The swastika is now used as pure symbol but its original position as filler in ancient art suggests kinship to the spatter. In the Rhodian plate (fig. 12), a few swastikas appear. In the ceiling at Knossos they alternate with the spatter. Were swastikas spinning electrical discharges? If my speculation is valid, rapid breakdowns of plasmic magnetic fields would induce rapid movements back and forth in magnetised bodies and their discharges. Did such changes create cartoon-like bodies in the sky, whose strange migrations and fluxes were interpreted as actions of ...
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52. Mankind in Amnesia [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... cuneiform, hieroglyphics on papyri.? And why I ask, did the ancient man worship the planets? And why Zeus, Jupiter, was the main deity? And would you know if you go out, would all of you know to identify among the stars the main deity, planet Jupiter, worshiped by all ancient world? And why was the sun a secondary deity, if everything was always as it is now? Why human sacrifices were brought to planetary gods? And later to the cross and still later to the swastika? A reader of mine, a psychologist in Jerusalem, wrote me: ? But anti-Semitism has its first roots in the very fact that the Jewish people by some chance had some survivals, when the sea was torn apart, the sea of Passage, and they took upon themselves the yoke of moral rules and they praised themselves that for their benefit the events took place that threw all the world into shambles, not just Egypt. All the world suffered utter suffering, and here a nation repeatedly claimed and blessed the God ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  31 Aug 2000  -  26k  -  URL:
... upon his negatively construed objects. Everyday thought exhibits an abundance of what psychologists term "erratic cognition." Some Hindus say that "The Sun and the Moon rise and set only because the brahmin recites the Jayatri." The Aztecs, who were butchering and eating an estimated 200,000 persons per year when the Spaniards arrived upon the Mexican scene in the sixteenth century, claimed that, without a gift of human organs, the sun would not rise. Still, four centuries later, the Nazis, adorned with the prehistoric swastika, conducted a holocaust of millions of humans in the belief that they were purifying themselves and Germany. Among those killed were some persons institutionalized for mental disturbances. In a related type of case, a disaster occurs; it is "normal" to believe that it happened because the victims had been bad. "They deserved what they got." The reasoning is to be discovered both in the Bible and in present-day Christian communities, whether in Alaska during the 1964 earthquake or in the Wilkes-Barre, Pa., flood of ...
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54. Untitled [Uncategorised]
... of Saturn (Part I) [Kronos Vol0701 Cardona, Dwardu: Child of Saturn (Part II) [Kronos Vol0702 Cardona, Dwardu: Child of Saturn (Part III) [Kronos Vol0703 Cardona, Dwardu: Child of Saturn (Part IV) [Kronos Vol0804 Cardona, Dwardu: Child of Saturn (Part V) [Kronos Vol1003 Cardona, Dwardu: Child of Saturn (Part VI) [Kronos Vol1101 Cardona, Dwardu: Compelling Insights: Concluded in Sorrow [Workshop W1993no1 Cardona, Dwardu: Cosmic Origin of the Swastika [Aeon Vol0405 Cardona, Dwardu: Darkness and the Deep [Aeon Vol0303 Cardona, Dwardu: Ejections, Resonances, and Inversions [Kronos Vol1002 Cardona, Dwardu: Evolution of the Cosmogonic Egg [Aeon Vol0305 Cardona, Dwardu: Homeric Troy and the Greek Dark Age [Review V1990 Cardona, Dwardu: Humbaba [Kronos Vol0902 Cardona, Dwardu: Indra [Kronos Vol0703 Cardona, Dwardu: Intimations of An Alien Sky [Aeon Vol0205 Cardona, Dwardu: Janus: Corrigenda Et Addenda [Aeon Vol0402 Cardona, Dwardu: Jupiter- ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 3  -  05 Jan 2000  -  119k  -  URL:
... submarine seep subsidence succession of gods Sudbury, Ontario Suess, Eduard Sugarloaf mountain Suhr, E. George suicide sulfur compound Sullivan, Walter sulphur Sumer, Sumerian Sumner, William Graham sun worship Sun, James Sun, myths& dances Sun, Sol Sunda Arc sundial sunken land sunspot super ego Super Saturn Super Uranus superconductivity supernatural supernova superstition supression, devices of supression, techniques of Surabhi Surtsey, Iceland Surveyor-s survival survival of the fittest" survivor Sutherland Falls, NZ Sutter Buttes, Marysville, CA Swaddle, T. W. Swanscombe Man swastika Sweden Swift-Tuttle, Comet Switzerland Sybil syllogism symbol symbolic logic symmetry of form symptom Synagogue synapse synchronization of history syncline synodos, synodic period synthetic Q-theory Syria Syrian-Palastinian Rift Valley Syro-Palestine systemic mutation Szasz, Thomas A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z T T'ien Ta-hsueh Mountains Taal Lake& Volcano Taannek, tell tabernacle Tabernacle of Moses Table Mountain taboo tail Talbott, David N. Talbott, George Talbott, Stephen L. Talmud& Midrash talos Talyche ...
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... , especially Wotan. (137) Indeed, during his years in Vienna, one of Hitler's favorite books was Legends of the Gods and Heroes: The Treasures of Germanic Mythology. (138) And, from a purely personal standpoint, Hitler "wanted to be seen as a heroic figure straight out of German history books". (139) By the 1930s his wish was granted. Paintings by H. Lanzinger and K. Stauber portray Hitler as either a Medieval knight, "the bearer of a new cross (the swastika) and the defender of racially pure Germania", (140) or Germanic Messiah. (141) In Lanzinger's portrayal, he becomes a 20th century Lohengrin (142) or Parsifal; in Stauber's Germany Lives, it is as though Piero della Francesca's Resurrection and Eugene Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People have been melded to produce a dark offspring in which Hitler is the new warrior messiah, and the black raven of German mythology replaces the white dove of Christian art. Hitler's preoccupation with wolves was well-grounded in Scandinavian and Germanic history ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 3  -  05 Mar 2003  -  114k  -  URL:
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