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... . Tirhakah of Egypt started out to assist Hezekiah (II Kings 19:9) but Sennacherib's army was miraculously destroyed (II Kings 19:35-37, II Chronicles 32:20-22, Isaiah 37:36), probably in the 15th year of Hezekiah (or soon after? See 'H'). II Chronicles 32:20-23 indicates that the collapse of Sennacherib's army occurred well before the end of Hezekiah's reign. There is general confirmation of the events of this era in Isaiah chaps. 36-38. Also in this era Hezekiah's sundial went back 10 (allegedly a sign from the Lord that Isaiah's advice was trustworthy), off-setting a 10 forward motion in time of Ahaz (II Kings 20:9-11, Isaiah 38:7-8). All three biblical accounts (II Kings 19:37, II Chronicles 32:21, Isaiah 37:36-38) suggest Sennacherib was murdered very shortly after the loss of his army. The general consensus amongst historians appears to be that the disaster occurred in campaign of 701BC but this is 20-21 years before Sennacherib's death in ...
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... stoicism stone Stone Age Stone calendar stone circle Stone Mountain, Georgia Stonehenge stones, falling strata, statification stratigraphy stratographic column stratosphere stream channel striation strike string dunes, Arabia Stromboli, volcano strontium structure structure of nature Stube,-. styx subatomic particle subduction sublimation submarine canyon submarine mountain submarine seep subsidence succession of gods Sudbury, Ontario Suess, Eduard Sugarloaf mountain Suhr, E. George suicide sulfur compound Sullivan, Walter sulphur Sumer, Sumerian Sumner, William Graham sun worship Sun, James Sun, myths& dances Sun, Sol Sunda Arc sundial sunken land sunspot super ego Super Saturn Super Uranus superconductivity supernatural supernova superstition supression, devices of supression, techniques of Surabhi Surtsey, Iceland Surveyor-s survival survival of the fittest" survivor Sutherland Falls, NZ Sutter Buttes, Marysville, CA Swaddle, T. W. Swanscombe Man swastika Sweden Swift-Tuttle, Comet Switzerland Sybil syllogism symbol symbolic logic symmetry of form symptom Synagogue synapse synchronization of history syncline synodos, synodic period synthetic Q-theory Syria Syrian-Palastinian Rift Valley Syro-Palestine systemic mutation Szasz, Thomas A B C D E F G H I J K ...
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