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... Syria (which was Schaeffer's home ground), for it provides the link between Mesopotamia and Egypt. To establish the historical relationships between destructions, Schaeffer considered the archaeological finds and stratigraphy at numerous sites. He amassed an enormous amount of such data which is why his book continues to be quoted although getting on for 50 years old. For many of the ... lowering the dates of the Middle Bronze strata, claiming that the Egyptian Middle Kingdom remains in Asia were all brought back as trophies by returning Hyksos. Schaeffer himself recognised that the stratigraphic evidence was puzzling, for at Ugarit he seemed to have continuity of occupation of some houses from MB to LB right across his long hiatus, with only minor building alterations [ ... remained unoccupied for a long period. Associated with the soil changes were tephra particles, apparently from a Turkish volcano. References 1. C. F. A. Schaeffer: Stratigraphie Comparée et Chronologie de l'Asie Occidentale (Oxford, 1948): reviewed by G. Gammon in SIS Review IV:4 (1980), pp. 104-108. 2. ...
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... He was a man, and brilliant one. He opened the way to a new era for humanity. His work will survive for that reason, and many others besides. STRATIGRAPHY AS HISTORY SPEAKER: CHARLES GINENTHAL Charles Darwin advanced his theory of gradual evolution based on the assumption that the fossil record known at that time, which was negative to his hypothesis ... successful in propping up the time scale in part because of its own underlying uniformitarian assumptions.) But on the other hand, we read in Derek Ager's The Nature of the Stratigraphical Record that geological phenomena "...must always be measured (in the absence of anything better) against the scale provided by organic evolution." (p. 71- emphasis ... separate strata; therefore, they could not anticipate that such remains would be found lying mixed together pell mell in the same strata. Correspondingly, in Mesopotamia we seem to encounter stratigraphic facts that, at the very least, throw into doubt the established chronology. Dwardu Cardona offers lengthy criticisms of Professor Heinsohn's chronology, though the latter's reconstruction does appear to be ...
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... Grand Canyon. The beds of Redwall limestone and Muav limestone were deposited in the same fashion. In one place they graded laterally into each other and elsewhere intertongued vertically. The stratigraphy contradicts the idea that one rock is 200 million years older than the other. (NB. Vertical scale is 4 times horizontal scale.) Figure 4 depicts the rock strata ... of lunar craters, (8) the decay of the Earth's magnetic field, (9) the diffusion rate of radiogenic helium within zircon crystals containing uranium, (10) stratigraphical evidence. 3. The preservation of DNA molecules in fossils radiometrically dated 30 million years old amounts to a virtual falsification, however (New Scientist 17.10.92, p. 15) ... - usually between the Precambrian and the Cambrian. Most Precambrian rock is of metamorphic composition and, with rare exceptions [31, contains no fossils. Typically, there is a stratigraphic break. As Ager observes: "Very commonly around the world one finds an unfossiliferous quartzite conformably below fossiliferous Lower Cambrian and unconformably above a great variety of Precambrian rocks.. ...
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44. Focus [SIS C&C Review $]
... with the downward revision of Egyptian history proposed by him than with the conventional scheme of the chronology of the ancient Near East. Can there be a Revised Chronology without a Revised Stratigraphy? was the title of the paper by DR JOHN BIMSON which followed. Dr Bimson answered this question with an emphatic "No", and addressed himself to the problem outlined ... to unwarranted conclusions being reached." The paper drew a number of illuminating parallels from more recent history, and concluded that the most trustworthy evidence is generally that derived from the stratigraphical record, which can establish not only sequences within a particular site but also the contemporaneity of levels of occupation (strata) at different sites. The implications for Velikovsky's chronology were ... it contemporary with the first two hundred years of the Israelite monarchy. In particular, the paper mentioned the tabulation of simultaneous destructions in the Middle East by CLAUDE SCHAEFFER in his Stratigraphie Comparée... and his confirmation that such catastrophes brought major civilisations to an end; the assignment of the Admonitions of Ipuwer by VAN SETERS and ALBRIGHT to the Second Intermediate ...
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... are the latters' Chaldean predecessors of the seventh/sixth century BCE. VI Archaeology may never have been closer to liberating itself from the unscholarly "habit of translating history into stratigraphy," (41) i.e., to accepting the hard evidence really found in the ground, than in the days when Sir Leonard Woolley excavated at Ur and found twenty ... of some 700 years between the late third and the mid second millennium and a second blank of similar length between the second and the first millennium BCE. From outer appearance and stratigraphic position alone one could not know if a building was to be designated as third millennium Nec-Sumerian, second millennium Kassite or first millennium Neo-Babylonian/Chaldean. II It was, however ... [883 to 859 BCE, and why his follower Nebuchadrezzar [605/600 to 562 BCE) resembles Ashurnasirpal's follower Shalmaneser III [858 to 824 BCE.) In this stratigraphy-oriented paper it will suffice to note that the excavators of Nimnid were caught by surprise when the pottery in Shalmaneser III's famous Fort was not to he dated in the middle of the ...
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46. Troy [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... s fall. 8 In our attempt to resolve this dilemma, we shall examine the archaeological findings from Hissarlik to see why they were assigned an early date, and whether the stratigraphy and other archaeological considerations support a 13th-century date for the great war. The Homeric problem and mythical matters relating to the war will await discussion until another time. Just as at ... . Strabo considered Hissarlik not to be the Troy of Homer (XIII. 1. 25, 35, 37, 38). For these and other literary, archaeological, stratigraphical, geographical, and topographical reasons, this writer is unconvinced that Hissarlik is the site of the Homeric Troy. He is further unconvinced that the burning of layer Vila was the ... After all the digging by Schliemann, Dörpfeld, and Blegen at Hissarlik, only one sherd has turned up which could conceivably fall within the 400-year gap postulated for the site. Stratigraphically, however, it was not found where it should have been. A rim fragment from a ? Protogeometric ? cup was found ? with sherds of Phase VII b I, ...
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... (54) and from these foundations of sand they postulate an encounter with a very dense meteor stream as its cause. Over Thera, Clube and Napier come into difficulties with stratigraphy, for they see the eruption of Thera as both a part of and a consequence of the world-wide disturbance that took place at the time of the Exodus. (55) ... , however, and archaeologists have generally found them quite unacceptable." (53) Alas, for their own ventures into the field of archaeology, to say nothing of the stratigraphical record, are lamentable. Their most glaring mistakes in this area concern evidence for the Flood of Noah and the eruption of the Thera-Santorini volcano in the second millennium B.C. Their ... , and it seriously weakens the rest of their cosmological scenario. ARCHAEOLOGICAL ANARCHY On Velikovsky's handling of archaeological data, Clube and Napier wrote: "His later identifications contravened the usual stratigraphic sequence of events, however, and archaeologists have generally found them quite unacceptable." (53) Alas, for their own ventures into the field of archaeology, to say ...
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48. Reviews [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... lists of exercises and further reading. The first half of the book gives a sound introduction to the principles of a variety of subjects, including ecology, evolution, petrology, stratigraphy, palaeontology, and structural geology. A whole chapter is devoted to plate tectonics, including continental drift, now surely established in principle if not in detail. The second half ... with the extinctions that pervade Earth and Life through Time, and form the subject of the whole of the later book. In a sense, that is implicit in dividing the stratigraphical record into periods, each characterised by different flora and fauna. Norman Newell, in his 1962 Presidential Address to the Paleontological Society, pointed out that the stratigraphic record is punctuated ... numerous brief episodes of mass extinction of organisms followed by invasions of new forms into vacated ecological zones'. Of course, some of these were just local events, and some of the boundaries between geological periods may have been determined by events that occurred only in Europe. Stanley, for example, writes in The New Evolutionary Timetable of a limestone quarry in ...
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49. Index of Titles [Uncategorised]
... , The Exodus: The True Story Behind the Biblical Account (Review) Exodus Expanding the End of Assyrian History Experiment Explains Charged Dust Space Experiments with Time II: Synchronisms and Stratigraphies Experiments with Time. I: 'Catastrophes and Chronologies' Exploring Exodus (Review) Exploring The Saturn Myth Extended Habitation Zone, The Extra-Scientific Dimensions of Science Extra-Solar Planets: An Update ... Call To Action, A Cambridge Conference, The Can Imhotep be Joseph? Can Psychoanalysis be a Science? An Introduction to Velikovsky Can There be a Revised Chronology Without a Revised Stratigraphy? Can Worlds Collide? Canadian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies Canadian Society For Interdisciplinary Studies, The Carbon 14 Dates and Velikovsky's Revision of Ancient History Carbon Dioxide Production by K-T Extinction Bolide ... Viewpoint? Biased View Stonehenge: What Was It? Stones Of Ballochroy, The Stories of Radioactivity and Mutations Straka: Science or Anti-Science? Strange Phenomenon of Solar Prominences, The Stratigraphical Chronology of Ancient Israel, The Stratigraphy of Bahrein: An Answer to Critics, The Stratigraphy of Israel, The Stress& Chaos Form Tallest Mountains Student Academic Freedom Forum/ Pensée ...
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50. Untitled [Uncategorised]
... Event? [Workshop No5 Barbiero, Flavio: On the Possibility of Instantaneous Shifts of the Poles [Aeon Vol0406 Barnard, Geoffrey Knowler: Experiments with Time II: Synchronisms and Stratigraphies [Review V1998n2 Barnard, Geoffrey Knowler: Experiments with Time. I: 'Catastrophes and Chronologies' [Review V1998n1 Barnes, Thomas: Response to Dr Milsom [Review V0204 Barnes ... Review V1991 Bimsom, John J: Conquest of Canaan and the Revised Chronology [Review V0103 Bimson, Dr John J.: Can There Be A Revised Chronology Without A Revised Stratigraphy? [Review V0601to3 Bimson, Dr John, Peter J. James and Dr John Day: Eighth-century Date for Merenptah? [Review V0402to3 Bimson, John: Arrival of the ... Conquest of Canaan [Aeon Vol0104 Heinsohn, Gunnar: Old-babylonian and Persian Terra-cotta Reliefs [Aeon Vol0204 Heinsohn, Gunnar: Rise of Blood Sacrifice [Aeon Vol0405 Heinsohn, Gunnar: Stratigraphical Chronology of Ancient Israel [Aeon Vol0306 Heinsohn, Gunnar: Stratigraphy of Bahrein: An Answer to Critics [Aeon Vol0106 Heinsohn, Gunnar: Thirteenth Theory of the Hyksos [Workshop ...
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