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... , then, Gela was founded in the same generation that saw the fall of Troy, by one of the warriors who took part in that war; and since, as we have seen, the historical date of Gela's establishment is acknowledged by the best authorities to be ca. 690 B.C., Priam's city could not have fallen more than two or three decades earlier.(11) If the Sicilian Late Bronze Age, contemporary with the Mycenaean Age in Greece, ended abruptly about the time of the Trojan War, the stratigraphic sequence yields no evidence about the dark centuries supposedly separating it from the Geometric Age. After only a few decades the Geometric Age was interrupted by the arrival of Greek colonists, bringing their own distinctive culture from Corinth and Rhodes and other places in Greece. Despite the marked changes in the archaeological finds after the cessation of imported Mycenaean ware, many of the old Mycenaean influences continued to flourish both in the native settlements of the late eighth and early seventh centuries and in the Greek colonies-- the examples are very numerous. ...
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252. The Velikovskian Vol. V, No. 2: Contents [The Velikovskian $]
... From: The Velikovskian Vol. V, No. 2 Texts Home¦ Velikovskian Home The Velikovskian The Journal of Myth, History and Science Vol. V, No. 2 (2001) Quota pars operis tanti nobis committitur CONTENTS "Ramessides, Medes and Persians" by Emmet J. Sweeney Chapter 1: Distorting and Reconstructing the Past Stratigraphy and Chronology; The Medes; The Chaldeans; The Lydians; The Scythians Chapter 2: Bringing Light to a Dark Age A Problem and a Solution; Ramessides and Neo-Assyrian; The Neo-Hittites of Syria; Malatya and Karatepe; Carchemish and its Remains; The Sukhis Dynasty Chapter 3: The Great Kingship of the Medes Mitanni and Middle Assyrians; The Median Kingdom of Assyria; Shalmaneser III Battles Suppiluliumas; Sardanapalus; The Kingdom of Urartu; The Chaldean Empire; Shamshi-Adad V; Adad-Nirari III and his Contemporaries; Arame Chapter 4: In the Days of Seti I and Ramses II The End of the Theban Dynasty; Hebrew Terms in the Egyptian Language; The Kings of Byblos; Seti I's Asian Wars; The "Wretched ...
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... lower (Greek) date for Enkomi, was bitingly overruled by experts who relied on Egyptian dating. In Velikovsky's view the dual affinity of the Enkomi artifacts should have been expected: the Egyptian chronology needs to be lowered by several hundred years. Dr. William H. Stiebing, Jr. (p. 24), a historian from the University of New Orleans, here offers rejoinder to Velikovsky's criticism of his earlier assault on the revised chronology. (See Pensee, Fall, 1973). The central issues revolve around Palestinian stratigraphy, and Stiebing says his position has been misrepresented: he stands by his objections. Velikovsky, in turn (p. 26), defends his earlier criticism of those objections. In a sequel to his piece in the last issue of Pensee, Ralph E. Juergens (p. 27) presses his claim that interplanetary electric discharges explain some of the most unique lunar features --among them the gigantic crater Tycho, whose rays, extending more than half way around the Moon, have mystified scientists for decades. Incidentally, Juergens ...
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254. Glasgow Conference: Ages in Chaos [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... Southbrae Drive, Glasgow GL3 1PP, from 7- 9 APRIL 1978 The Conference is designed as a forum in which the revolutionary views on ancient Egyptian History of Dr. Immanuel VELIKOVSKY can be debated. The conference will begin on the evening of Friday, 7th April and will last until afternoon teatime on Sunday, 9th April. A detailed programme will be circulated in advance to participants. Speakers will include the following: DR. J. BIMSON, Tyndale House, Cambridge. "Can there be a Revised Chronology without a Revised Stratigraphy?" Mr. G. GAMMON, Leader of the SIS Ancient History Study Group. The difference between 'Orthodox' chronology and Velikovsky's 'Revised Chronology' and problems arising therefrom." MR. P. JAMES, graduate in Ancient History& Archaeology of the University of Birmingham. "Aspects of Near Eastern History"- The talk will focus on the so-called Hittite Empire. Mr. M. JONES, Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow. "Some Aspects of Egyptology". DR. E. W. McKIE, Hunterian ...
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255. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... in Nature 285, p.187-8(22/5/80). This airing of views was probably meant to counterbalance the two catastrophist pieces in the same issue (reported on in WORKSHOP 3:1, p.18-19). It represents an attempt to rework the existing evidence into an uniformitarian framework, for he presents no new evidence. The magnetostratigraphic method is severely criticised, and it is intimated that it is not valid. Also, it is claimed that the general reworking of the sediments at the "boundary" detracts from the stratigraphic value. Much of the argument is technical and based upon that of F. C. Wezel in Acta Nat. 15, 243; 1979. There is one piece of evidence, however, that was found to be disconcerting and difficult to explain away:- that excess iridium, osmium, etc.! NOT SCIENTIFIC- New Scientist, 17/7/80, p. 215 Jill Abery writes to tell us of an article by Dr. Beverly Halstead, defending palaeontology and the concept of Darwinian evolution against the ...
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... Tell Mardikh is. (1) There the matter rested in scholarly dispute until 1974 when the first 42 of nearly 17,000 clay tablets were uncovered. The inscriptions on the tablets left no room for doubt that the site was indeed Ebla, a powerful and even imperial city of the third millennium B.C. There is, however, disagreement about the dating of the tablets: the archaeologist says 2400-2250 B.C., while the epigrapher says 2580-2450 B.C.-- quite a difference in range. The archaeologist bases his dates on stratigraphic data, while the epigrapher bases his on the style of the cuneiform writing as compared with other examples of known date. What I found interesting here is the change- one might say reversal in the topography of Ebla, which was described in ancient (contemporary) references as "in the mountains" (2) and is today in a plain. Of interest also is the fact that Ebla appears on the oldest known map of the world, which is dated ca. 2360-2180 B.C. and was found at Nuzi. ...
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257. Society News [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... Joseph in the middle of the third millennium (in terms of conventional dating). He thought it possible, however, that the historical record in the Books of Kings and Chronicles glossed over a hiatus in Israelite history, possibly lasting some centuries, which he tentatively placed at the time of "Shishak" and the sack of the Temple immediately after the high point of the united Israelite monarchy under Solomon. It was agreed in discussion that these ideas deserved serious consideration and a great deal of research, particularly into the archaeology and stratigraphy of Palestine during the Bronze and Iron Ages. The next meeting will be held at 3:00 p.m., Sunday 4th December, at 11 Dulwich Court, Underhill Road, London SE22. "Review" and "Workshop" Binders During the next 2 to 3 weeks binders for the Review and Workshop will be sent to those members who have already placed orders. The prices are as stated in SISW 4:4, p. 25: £2.75 (US $5.95) for the Review and £2.50 ( ...
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258. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... HADINGHAM, E.: Circles and Standing Stones (Heinemann, Sept. 1975) £4.75 Claims to be the first book to evaluate Thom's, Hawkins' and Newham's controversial theories. MACKIE, E. W.: Scotland: An Archaeological Guide (Faber, 1975) Discusses the astronomical interpretation of some of the Scottish megalithic sites. SHORT, NICOLAS M.: Planetary Geology (Prentice Hall, 1975) £9.90 A comprehensive account of the findings of the space probes. SCHAEFFER, C. F. A.: Stratigraphie comparée et chronologie de l'Asie occidentale (1948) (In French)- Postulates simultaneous destructions of civilisations throughout the eastern Hemisphere, although chronology differs trom Velikovsky's. PERIODICAL ARTICLE: Baity, E. C.: "Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy so far" in: Current Anthropology, Vol. 14 No. 4, Oct. 1973, pp. 339-454. An invaluable synthesising review of the literature, listing virtually every major book and periodical article, and discussing many aspects. PLEASE NOTE New Address: Central Library, Clarence Road ...
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259. Ice Cores and Catastrophism [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... all know it ought not. Notes and References: 1. C. Leroy Ellenberger, "Corneille a l'Orange and other Canards", WORKSHOP 5:4, pp.11-13 2. C.U. Hammer et al., NATURE 288 (1980), pp.230-35 (231) 3. Velikovsky accepted the (then) conventional date of c.1500 BC for Thera (see EARTH IN UPHEAVAL, IX, "Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Comets") but this was in error. He placed Exodus at the end of the Middle Bronze age: stratigraphically the Thera eruption comes later- in late Minoan IA. See KRONOS 1:2, pp.93-99 for a discussion of when Thera should more properly be dated within Velikovsky's chronology. 4. WORKSHOP 5:2, pp.12-22 5. C.U. Hammer et al., op.cit. (note 2) 6. WORKSHOP 3:3, p.20, under a heading "Ice Core Record of Volcanism" 7. ibid, where this figure was erroneously reported as "2960 80" 8. C.U. Hammer et al., ...
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260. Notices [Kronos $]
... -- a most interesting essay which should provoke further discussion; "The Cosmology of Job" by Martin Sieff which is an attempt to identify specific planetary bodies hitherto thought to be constellations. Sieff's article, in particular, is a major pioneering effort; a Review Extra by Ralph Juergens-- "Galactic Space Charge and Stellar Energy"-- raises some key questions about the nature of the Sun and the whole subject of cosmic electrical energy. Book Reviews of "Peoples of the Sea" and "The Nature of the Stratigraphical Record" constitute only a part of the additional material. A future issue of the S.I.S. Review will be devoted exclusively to Ages in Chaos and will deal with such subjects as the Papyrus Ipuwer and El-Amarna letters. Subscription and Associate Membership cost (which includes the S.I.S. Review) is $14.00 for overseas surface mail and $17.00 for overseas airmail. Readers of KRONOS are encouraged to write to R. M. Amelan, 43 Manor Drive, Manchester 21-- ENGLAND for subscription information. \cdrom\pubs ...
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