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... . However, as of this moment in time, a new and comprehensive nomenclature has become eminently crucial in re-establishing a coherent and credible chronology, not only of Egypt but of the entire Middle East. And Rose has postulated some rational guidelines toward that end. To finally address Gardiner's lamentation over that little matter of the Middle East, we find enlightened folks like Hammurabi the Lawgiver less of a perspicacious First Dynasty Babylonian and more of a circumspect monarch of the later Persian Empire, with Rose graciously giving both credit and credence to the stratigraphic chronology reconstructed by Gunnar Heinsohn. In fact, we now see Hammurabi decked out in the vêtements and accoutrements of Darius the Great. This, in and of itself, should create quite a stir among the cognoscenti! [2 Three-quarters of Sun, Moon, and Sothis are spent in meticulously laying out the intricate groundwork in astronomical dating techniques. It is a laborious and thankless effort, which even the more determined reader-- including this reviewer-- may have some grave difficulty in following, what with the many unfamiliar ...
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... Cochrane, Dwardu Cardona, Jan Sammer Frederic Jueneman, Lewis M. Greenberg Volume III, Number 6 ISSN 1066-5145 AEON, 2326 Knapp, Ames, IA 50010, USA Copyright (c) December 1994 IN THIS ISSUE. Editor's Page Ev Cochrane A Dynamical Objection to Grubaugh's Model Victor Slabinski offers a critique of Bob Grubaugh's model of the polar configuration. PAGE 1 Grubaugh Responds Bob Grubaugh responds to Slabinski. PAGE 11 Worlds in Collision: Reviews and Reviewers Duane Vorhees documents the reception and aftermath of Worlds in Collision. PAGE 15 The Stratigraphical Chronology of Ancient Israel Gunnar Heinsohn offers clues for a reconstruction of the chronology of ancient Israel. PAGE 35 The Saturn Thesis: Questions and Answers Dave Talbott discusses the Saturn-myth. PAGE 48 On Dragons and Red Dwarves Ev Cochrane explores the role of the planet Mars in ancient myths of the dragon-combat. PAGE 70 Book Reviews Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair, by John Bossy. Reviewed by Frederic Jueneman. PAGE 84 Letters to the Editor Page 87 OBITUARIES Antoinette Mann Paterson Barry Fell Page 97 Aeon Volume III, Number 6 CONTRIBUTORS ...
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233. Clovis Police are Back in Action [Science Frontiers Website]
... all archeologists embrace these claims. For example, a recent issue of Discovering Archeology debunked them at great length and rather testily to boot. This broadside was followed by a devastating review of T.D. Dillehay's The Settlement of the Americas: A New Prehistory in the magazine Natural History. The reviewer for Natural History, A.C. Roosevelt, a respected anthropologist at the University of Illinois, targets the Cactus Hill site, in Virginia (SF#130). This dig, she says, is characterized by "inconsistent dates, vague stratigraphy, and inadequate artifact samples that disqualify them from scientific acceptance." Even Dillehay's monumental work at Monte Verde, Chile, does not survive the review unscathed. In fact, the claimed pre-Clovis sites, according to Roosevelt, do not yield sound, consistent radiocarbon dates earlier than 11,500 B.P. She will, however, entertain Bering Strait crossings as early as 12,000 B.P., but not a microsecond earlier. (Roosevelt, Anna Curtenius; "Who's on First?" Natural History, 109:76 ...
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234. Aeon Volume II, Number 5: Contents [Aeon Journal $]
... From: Aeon Volume II, Number 5 Texts Home¦ Aeon Home AEON A Symposium on Myth and Science Volume II, Number 5 Copyright (c) 1991 and Published by: AEON, 2326 Knapp, Ames, IA 50010, USA IN THIS ISSUE. Intimations of An Alien Sky Dwardu Cardona presents evidence that the ancient skies differed radically from those of modern times. A case in point is the surprising prominence of the planet Saturn in sources throughout the ancient world. PAGE 5 Timna and Egyptian Dates Dr. Heinsohn discusses the stratigraphy of Timna and argues its decisive importance for a true understanding of Egyptian chronology. PAGE 35 Some Comments on Heinsohn's Revised Chronology Dr. Stiebing offers a detailed criticism of the radical historical reconstruction offered by Gunnar Heinsohn. PAGE 45 The Death of Heracles Ev Cochrane explores Sophocles' Trachiniae for clues to the mythological history of the planet Mars. PAGE 55. Redshift Fred Jueneman presents the strange story of Halton Arp, a leading astronomer ostracized for his unconventional views. PAGE 73 Discussion Leroy Ellenberger, David Salkeld, Derek Shelley-Pearce, Dwardu ...
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235. Menelaos in Egypt [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... 18. The Sardan mercenaries, whom A.R. Burn and others believed to be natives of Lydia (see Minoans, Philistines, and Greeks, 1930), were armed in typical hoplite fashion, with cuirass, metal helmets, long swords, and double-handled shields. The Egyptians first employed Sardan mercenaries during the 18th Dynasty. 19. Pausania i,28,12 20. Apollodorus vi,18 Errata from C&C Workshop 1991:2 Errata: some unfortunate errors crept into the last issue of Workshop: 1. The stratigraphical table in Gunnar Heinsohn's letter got chewed up in the computer. The correct version is below. Apologies to all! Tell el-Dab'a Tell el -'Ajjul Megiddo Alalakh XII Dynastie G-H IIIa XIII Dynastie F/E2 XII XIII Dynastie (XVI) (post 1730) E2/D3 IIIb XI VII 'Hyksos' (XV Dynastie) (post 1670) D2 II X Via/b XVIII Dynastie D1 I IX Va/b 2. Article 'In Defence of the Gods' by Derek Shelley-Pearce, p. 5, second column, first ...
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236. C&C Workshop 1992, Number 1: Contents [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: C&C Workshop 1992, Number 1 Texts Home¦ SIS Workshop Home Society for Interdisciplinary Studies CHRONOLOGY& CATASTROPHISM WORKSHOP 1992, Number 1 Derek Shelley-Pearce: An Appreciation 1 Society News 2 ARTICLES Comets and the Bronze Age Collapse by Bob Kobres 6 How Old is Greenland's Ice Cap? by Alasdair Beal 10 The Thirteenth Theory of the Hyksos by Gunnar Heinsohn 12 The Stratigraphy of Israel by Bob Porter 16 Menelaos in Egypt by Emmet Sweeney 21 FORUM: I: New Chronology Issues (Rees, Porter, Newgrosh, Rohl) 24 II: Egyptian Monumental Evidence (Lasken, Rees) 29 Egyptian Monumental Evidence, Addendum 1 (A. H. Rees) 32 MONITOR 33 REVIEWS: Environment of Violence- reviewed by David Slade 36 Apollo Objects, Atlantis& The Deluge- reviewed by Dick Atkinson 37 The Pyramid Age- reviewed by Phillip Clapham 38 Radiocarbon Dating: an Archaeological Perspective- reviewed by Jesse Lasken 40 The Scars of Evolution- reviewed by Roger Wescott 41 Getting It Together- reviewed by David Roth 43 LETTERS R. M. Porter, ...
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237. Letters [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... 4 Harley Avenue Princeton, N. J. December 4, 1952 Dear Professor Pfeiffer: Working very slow I have finished the reading of the galleys of the second volume of ? Ages in Chaos.? The galleys were in my hands for a very long time, and I have reworked the first chapter and added some sections; the work of Claude Schaeffer, ? Stratigraphie Comparée ? in which he comes on archaeological ground to the identical conclusion, as in my two books, of a natural catastrophe at the end of the Middle Kingdom, will be the subject of the final section. In the preface to the second volume, there will be some kind words of Etienne Drioton. I have not heard from you in response to my last letter a few weeks ago. Probably the letter did not have anything in it worth responding; and possibly you had no chance to answer it in your busy schedule. But being spoiled in the years past by your singular attention to your correspondents, I started to think: Was an administrative pressure put on ...
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238. Changes in Land and Sea [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... the siege. 12 Thus Blegen became besieged by contradictions, derived from misinterpreting the Iliad and from following an erroneous chronology as well. To the confusion of the Furtwängler-Dörpfeld debate, 13 a misreading of the Iliad brought more confusion, and made the tragedy complete. References The Iliad, transl. by A. T. Murray (1925), Bk. XX.56-67. [For geological and archaeological evidence, see I. Velikovsky, Earth in Upheaval (New York, 1955). Cf. Claude F. A. Schaeffer, Stratigraphie Comparée (Cambridge, 1949). See also above, ? Seismology and Chronology .? Strabo, Geography, transl. by H. L. Jones (1949), I. 3. 17; [Tantalus ? reign is traditionally placed two generations before Atreus and Thyestes i.e., three generations before Agamemnon. Strabo goes on to tell of many other changes that occurred in the region of the Mediterranean, among them the opening up of the strait at the Pillars of Heracles, or Gibraltar.[ The story of ...
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239. I. Velikovsky: "The Dark Age of Greece" [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... task of my few words is to ask prominent scholars to reconsider their opinions about the dark age of Greece in the light of Velikovsky ? s present book. My personal difficulty is mainly caused by the fact that a short preface cannot be a scholarly treatise and therefore it is impossible to ask here all the questions which arise when Velikovsky ? s theory is applied to our special problem. And as I am not an archaeologist, but a Greek scholar, I am not able to control how far Velikovsky is right in questions of stratigraphy. Here I depend on his quotations of archaeological reports and it is not possible for me to decide how far his selection of passages from these reports is subjective. My difficulty is that now I have to accept the view that the period of Geometric style overlaps, at least partially, the Mycenaean and Minoan period. This is new for me, but I admit that it is not impossible that two different artistic approaches can exist at the same time. But the most important problem in connection with the present book is how ...
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240. Seismology and Chronology [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... the same picture. He turned his attention to Persia, farther to the East --and the very same signs of catastrophes were evident in each and every excavated place. Then he turned his attention to the Caucasus and there, too, the similarity of the causes and effects was undeniable. In his own excavations on Cyprus he could once more establish the very same series of interventions by the frenzied elements of nature. He was so impressed by what he found that during the next few years he put into writing a voluminous work, Stratigraphie comparée et chronologie de l ? Asie occidentale (IIIe et IIe millennaires), published by Oxford University Press in 1948. In over six hundred pages supplemented by many tables, he presented his thesis. Several times during the third and second millennia before the present era the ancient East was disturbed by stupendous catastrophes; he also found evidence that in the fourth, as well as in the first millennium, the ancient East went through great natural paroxysms, but their description Schaeffer reserved for future publications. In the published work covering ...
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