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211. Letters to the Editor C&AH 3:2 [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... and (2) that Velikovsky's independent proofs 5-- the technology arguments-- of profound misalignment in the Near East (additionally distorted by links to the Egyptological Sothic scheme), there is indeed complete historiographic chaos. We would do well to reconstruct this sphere of ancient history first, before attempting revisions of the revision. With this in mind, and collaborating in an 8-semester course of lectures (begun 1980) on Near Eastern history from Neolithic to Persian times, we have developed a Near East data bank based on comparative stratigraphy: 65 sites with archaeological levels described according to conventional chronology are now entered. The computer program, however, permits different linkages and interdependencies for part or all of the data. 6 From the cylinder seal work another point, possibly useful in reconstructing contemporary astronomical conditions, became apparent. It is the observation that a considerable number of seals with "mythological" scenes may be read as natal constellations, much as we can today describe a birthday exactly in the present astronomical order with a horoscope. These seals can be analyzed ...
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212. Stratum Shuffling At Plate Boundaries [Science Frontiers Website]
... thought that the many low-angle thrust faults, where many miles of older rock are superimposed on younger rock, contradict geological dating schemes and therefore the theory of evolution. Establishment geologists, although somewhat amazed at the sizes of some of the overthrusts, especially one in Wyoming, have never despaired of finding a reasonable physical mechanism that would preserve the Law of Superposition and the idea of dating rocks by their included fossils. The Glomar Challenger results should buoy their spirits. Nev-ertheless, we must wonder how widespread stratum shuffling really is. What stratigraphic sequence is now immune from claims that some of its members were inserted in the wrong order timewise? Reference. For more on "stratum shuffling" see ESR3 in our Catalog: Inner Earth. To order, visit: here. From Science Frontiers #19, JAN-FEB 1982.© 1982-2000 William R. Corliss Other Sites of Interest SIS. Catastrophism, archaeoastronomy, ancient history, mythology and astronomy. Lobster. The journal of intelligence and political conspiracy (CIA, FBI, JFK, MI5, NSA, etc) ...
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213. Missing links: the big ones still elude us [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 20: Mar-Apr 1982 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Missing links: the big ones still elude us "Under the very best circumstances, however, morphological and stratigraphically graded transitions between classes and subclasses have been found. At the level of phyla and higher categories, any information on transitions as far as the fossil record is concerned is essentially nonexistent." (Olson, Everett C.; "The Problem of Missing Links; Today and Yesterday," Quarterly Review of Biology, 56:405, 1981.) From Science Frontiers #20, MAR-APR 1982.© 1982-2000 William R. Corliss Other Sites of Interest SIS. Catastrophism, archaeoastronomy, ancient history, mythology and astronomy. Lobster. The journal of intelligence and political conspiracy (CIA, FBI, JFK, MI5, NSA, etc) Free resource for people thinking about working at home. ABC dating and personals. For people looking for relationships. Place your ad free. ...
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214. Africa Not Man's Origin! [Science Frontiers Website]
... in comparison with what is known elsewhere. The theory of an African origin has influenced the interpretation of the age of some non-African archaeologial sites. A case in point is the 'Ubeidiya locality in Israel, which is generally considered to be about 700,000 yr old because it has been assumed by a few that the associated Early Acheulian tool industry, and the persons who used it, would have taken considerable time to disperse from Olduvai Gorge to this non-African site in Israel. Here we evaluate fossil mammals from 'Ubeidiya, which are stratigraphically and directly associated with Early Acheulian artifacts, and find no substantial reason for considering the locality younger than 2Myr, and possibly as much as 500,000 yr older than any record of Early Acheulian artefacts or Homo erectus in Africa." (Repenning, Charles A., and Fejfar, Oldrich; "Evidence for Earlier Date of 'Ubeidiya, Israel, Hominid Site," Nature, 299:344, 1982.) From Science Frontiers #24, NOV-DEC 1982.© 1982-2000 William R. Corliss Other Sites of Interest ...
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215. Three "proofs" of a young earth [Science Frontiers Website]
... crystalize rapidly enough so that there were crystals available ready to be imprinted with radiohalos by alpha-particles from Po 218? This would imply almost instantaneous cooling and crystallization of these granitic minerals-- and we know of no mechanism that will remove heat so rapidly; the rocks are supposed to have cooled over millennia, if not tens of millennia." In coalified wood dated as older than 200 million years, the ratio between U 238 and Pb 206 should be low. It is actually very high. "Thus ages of the entire stratigraphic column may contain epochs less than 0.001% the duration of those now accepted and found in the literature." Diffusion calculations insist that Pb in zircon crystals found in deep granite cores at 313 C should diffuse out of the crystals at the rate of 1% in 300,000 years. No loss of Pb can be detected at all. Therefore, the granite must be younger than 300,000 years. (Gentry, Robert V.; "Creationism Discussion Continued," Physics Today, 35: 13, October ...
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216. Back To Guadeloupe Again [Science Frontiers Website]
... views were discussed in SFs #27 and 34.) The basic problem is the dating of the limestone in which the skeletons are embedded. If the limestone is truly of Miocene age (about 25 million years old), the presence of human skeletons represemts a major scientific anomaly, since modern man appeared on earth only about 5 million years ago. Most scientists say the limestone is only recently formed beach rock a few hundred years old, and that radiometric dating proves this. But doubters have pointed to 3-millionyear-old coral reefs apparently stratigraphically above the limestone. In a recent issue of Ex Nihilo, a few more cans of gasoline have been thrown on the fire: (1) The radiometric date usually served up actually came from another island in the area. (2) Beach rock is not now forming at the site, rather the skeletons' limestone is being eroded. (3) The skeletons' limestone is harder than marble and not loosely consolidated beach rock. (4) True Miocene limestone does exist in the area. (5) Geologists ...
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217. Catastrophism 2000 [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... light, cyclothems would be little different from the annual layers known as varves. A historical section follows which contains illuminating research from Gunnar Heinsohn and Benny Peiser plus an interesting biographical portrait of Velikovsky by Clark Whelton who shows why it is important that we should not feel as obliged as the former to cling to the Bible as being the last word on chronology. Peiser provides evidence for post-Mycenaean Greek history as starting in the 6th century BC, while Heinsohn is at his best with an article titled 'Destruction Layers in Archeological Sites: The Stratigraphy of Armageddon'. He claims that 'all major cultural changes... were triggered by catastrophes' and that 'the time span which elapsed between the emergence of Modern Man and the Iron Age has to be dramatically reduced'. Pride of place is awarded to Milton Zysman's 'Let There Be Lights', which should be required reading for anyone seeking to understand man's past in the light of the mythological record. Zysman's work comes over as a serious alternative to the 'Saturn Scenario' as portrayed by Talbott, Cardona, et al ...
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218. The Martian Great Lakes [Science Frontiers Website]
... that Mars was once host to ice-covered lakes up to 3 miles deep and as large as Lake Superior. Photos from the Viking spacecraft reveal sedimentary layers up to 250 feet thick that seem to have been laid down by liquid water. The source of the sediments and mode of deposition are unknown. (Anonymous; "Great Lakes on Mars," Science 86, 7:13, April 1986.) Comment. The scientists reporting these findings, S. Squyres and S. Nedell, called attention to this type of Martian stratigraphy in Valles Marineris back in 1984. See SF#37. Reference. Martain layered deposits are cataloged at AME19 in the catalog The Moon and the Planets. To order, visit: here. Viking photo of probable sedimentary strata along the side of a Martian ridge. From Science Frontiers #45, MAY-JUN 1986.© 1986-2000 William R. Corliss Other Sites of Interest SIS. Catastrophism, archaeoastronomy, ancient history, mythology and astronomy. Lobster. The journal of intelligence and political conspiracy (CIA, FBI, JFK, ...
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219. A Slice Of Ocean Crust In Wyoming [Science Frontiers Website]
... The implications: continental drift and terrane plastering have been in operation for billions of years: "...from their very beginnings continents have been built up from the bits and pieces of plate tectonics." Some other geologists concur and point to similar rocks in northern Canada and around the Great Lakes. (Kerr, Richard A.; "Plate Tectonics Is the Key to the Distant Past," Science, 234:670, 1986.) Comment. If the continents have been slapped together in such a disorganized manner, have stratigraphy and geological dating been compromised? Reference. "Exotic" terranes are discussed in ESR9 in Inner Earth. Information on this catalog here. Pangaea circa 200 million years ago. The stippled areas represent ancient terranes in the oldest parts of the continents. Containing greenstone belts, these areas are now thought to mark closures of ocean basins. From Science Frontiers #49, JAN-FEB 1987.© 1987-2000 William R. Corliss Other Sites of Interest SIS. Catastrophism, archaeoastronomy, ancient history, mythology and astronomy. Lobster. The journal ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  29 Apr 2005  -  5k  -  URL:
220. When Were The Americas Peopled? [Science Frontiers Website]
... . (Bower, Bruce; "Flakes, Breaks, and the First Americans," Science News, 131:172, 1987.) Comment. It seems significant that French archeologists explored the Brazilian site and Canadians, the Old Crow site. American archeologists, with a few exceptions here and there, scoff at the whole business. Reference. The handbook Ancient Man goes into early American archeology in great depth. For ordering information, visit: here. Composite section of the Old Crow site. Notice the complexity of the stratigraphy. (Adapted from R. E. Morlan's paper in Early Man in America, A. L. Bryan, ed., p. 81). From Science Frontiers #51, MAY-JUN 1987.© 1987-2000 William R. Corliss Other Sites of Interest SIS. Catastrophism, archaeoastronomy, ancient history, mythology and astronomy. Lobster. The journal of intelligence and political conspiracy (CIA, FBI, JFK, MI5, NSA, etc) Free resource for people thinking about working at home. ABC dating and ...
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