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... of their chronological period. He had perceived that pottery and other artifacts tended to fall into stylistic families of form, and that one family seemed gradually to evolve into another. This helped the young science and laid the foundation for the modern archaeological sciences of topology and stratigraphy. A self-taught man because of chronic asthma as a child, making him too ill to attend school, Petrie is a good example of how an individual can, with dedication, reach the heights of a profession he loves. It is unfortunate he could not ... as Weill's; it is an education to see how scholars offset archaeological findings by using a knowledge of the history of the places in question. Van Seters questions the validity of the Tanis claim. 23 He mentions there is a marked absence of any architectural phase or stratigraphic level that could be associated with the Hyksos. He goes on to say: It is obvious from these observations that Tanis is entirely unsuitable as a location for Avaris 24 and Pi-Ramesses, even when we make allowance for some exaggeration in the sources. Moreover, ...
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... structure Stengler, William Steno, Nicholas Surinam Stenson, Niels Stephanos, Robert stereotyping Stetson,-. Stevanson,?.?. Still, Elmer G. stimulus-responce stoicism stone Stone Age Stone calendar stone circle Stone Mountain, Georgia Stonehenge stones, falling strata, statification stratigraphy stratographic column stratosphere stream channel striation strike string dunes, Arabia Stromboli, volcano strontium structure structure of nature Stube,-. styx subatomic particle subduction sublimation submarine canyon submarine mountain submarine seep subsidence succession of gods Sudbury, Ontario Suess, Eduard Sugarloaf mountain Suhr, E ... , Mount cooking Copernicus, Nikolas copper copulation copulation, celestial Coral islands coral, atol Corban Karst region cord Cordillera Blanca, Peru Cordilleran megashear core drilling core, deep sea core, ice Coriolis effect Corliss, William corona, solar Corprates Canyon corprolite corpus callosum correlation, stratigraphic cosmic dust cosmic egg Cosmic Heretic cosmic lightning cosmic pillar cosmic pressure cosmic ray cosmogony cosmology cosmos Cosmos-s cotton count countervalancy of high energy forces countervalence Courville, Donovan, A. covenant cow, sacred Cox, Allen Cox, Douglas crater rater lake, Oregon crater ring ...
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... ; floods raged in every direction up to the very mouths of highly placed caves; climate altered in a day and the atmosphere was deprived, enriched, and poisoned on numerous occasions. No single mile of the surface of the world can be bored for its actual stratigraphic column without discovering it to be at some points a catastrophic column. No matter what part of the destruction can be assigned to the ages before man, some part of it has to be attributed to the ages of man. Settlements and civilizations everywhere, from ... author's Chaos and Creation and The Lately Tortured Earth and see I. Velikovsky, Earth in Upheaval, Doubleday, 1955; Harold T. Wilkins, Mysteries of Ancient South America, Secaucus, N. J., Univ. Press, 1956; Claude Schaeffer, Stratigraphie Comparée, London: Oxford U. Press, 1948. 2. Biosocial Anthropology, London: Malaby, 1975, 7. 3. New York: Macmillan, 1968. 4. Robert E. Ornstein, The Psychology of Consciousness, San Francisco: Freeman ...
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134. Ice Core Evidence [The Velikovskian $]
... and we ask how they determine whether a sample is contaminated or uncontaminated, they are silent. They cannot determine whether or not radiocarbon samples used to create their chronology were contaminated; this is admitted by an expert in this field. When they discuss deep sea core stratigraphy as support for their chronology and we ask why the Devil's Hole core undermines its accuracy, they do not answer. When they discuss Greenland ice cores, asserting the longevity of the icecap, and we ask them why its coldest northern region melted away but its ... of them looked to modern foraminifera. These impressions are reinforced by an article in Origins. Tosk... states how foraminifera[n fossils are often placed in separate biological categories --sometimes even superfamilies [and are given a different name if they are found at different stratigraphic levels, while, if discovered together [at the same level, they would be considered the same species or genus. So modern foraminifera are likely represented in older sediments of the geological time scale and are disguised by different names. Evolutionists have called this process ...
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... I think enough has been said in this chapter of the tests of time to obtain permission to try in this book and its successors a radical calendar that largely disregards radio chronometry; that treats carbondating as exponentially erroneous as it moves backward in time; that subjects geological stratigraphy to catastrophic premises; and that regard human legendary reports to be correct and reliable in the large. Since all long-term measures of time have become suspect, we can proceed by using only as much time as we need for the accomplishment of the studied events. ... Lord Kelvin, 1824-1907) estimated in 1899 that the Earth might be no older than 24 million years if its matter were chemically inert and its heat only the primordial remnant. Other scientists disagreed, opting for longer durations to accomplish evolutionary processes. How uncertain were the stratigraphic estimates of time that geologists relied upon before new radiometric techniques came into use a generation ago is revealed in their quick surrender to radiometry: it is common joke that the earth has aged a billion years per decade for several decades, all owing to new tests ...
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... but was also Vice President of the Commission des Fouilles (Excavations) at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1946-59). Between 1939 and 1978, Schaeffer published seven volumes on his findings at Ras Shamra (Ugaritica I-VII), and a supplementary work on the Cuneiform texts of Ras Shamra-Ugarit (1939). He also published the results of his excavations in Cyprus (Enkomi-Alasia, 1952; Alasia I, 1971). However, his most important and comprehensive work on Near Eastern archaeology and chronology in the Bronze Age, entitled Stratigraphie comparée et chronologie de l'Asie occidentale (III e et II e millenaires) (Oxford 1948) has remained sadly neglected and undervalued for more than three decades. This great work was conceived and written in unusual and unpromising circumstances. The fall of France in June 1940 found Schaeffer in England, engaged on cryptographic work, in the course of which his intimate knowledge of German had enabled him to decipher the German Naval Command's orders to the fleet assigned to invade Denmark and Norway. He refused to give up the fight and return ...
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137. A Further Response to Marvin Luckerman [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History III:1 (Jan 1981) Home¦ Issue Contents INTERACTION A Further Response to Marvin Luckerman John J. Bimson In replying to my "Brief Response to Marvin Luckerman" (C&AH, I, Part 2) Mr. Luckerman makes some misleading statements concerning my scheme for revising Late Bronze and Iron Age stratigraphy. I would be grateful for space in which to correct his misunderstandings. Unlike Mr. Luckerman, I do not believe that the problem of providing a revised stratigraphy for the Ancient Near East can be solved by overlapping the Late Bronze and Iron Ages. Instead, I have suggested (in a paper delivered at the April 1978 Glasgow Conference and forthcoming in SIS Review) that the Iron Age needs to be shortened considerably, and that it belongs to the period ca 730/700-586 B.C., in line with evidence discussed in the above-mentioned paper. Mr. Luckerman raises two objections to this scheme. Firstly, he states that it provides no archeological evidence for occupation at Arad, Beersheba, and ...
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138. Geology Anomalies by Subjects [Science Frontiers Website]
... ECH4 Non-Random Distribution of Hot Spots ECH5 Thermal Plumes Correlated with Other Geophysical Activity EQ SEISMIC PROBING OF INNER EARTH EQA LOCALIZED STRUCTURES IN THE CORE AND MANTLE EQA1 Stratification of Basement Rocks EQA2 Deep Continental Roots EQA3 Deep Penetration of Subducted Slabs EQA4 Lateral Inhomogeneities in the Lower Mantle EQA5 Mysterious Structures at the Core-Mantle Boundary EQA6 Seismic Reflectors EQD SEISMIC DETECTION OF LARGE SCALE DISCONTINUITIES, ZONES, STRUCTURES EQD1 Velocity Discontinuities EQD2 Channels and Zones EQD3 Structural Anomalies of the Inner Core EQD4 Anomalies Associated with Mantle Convection Cells EQQ ANOMALOUS SEISMIC SIGNALS EQQ1 Deep-Focus Earthquakes ES STRATIGRAPHIC ANOMALIES ESA EMBEDDED ACCRETION STRUCTURES ESA1 Cylindrical Structures in Rock and Unconsolidated Sediments ESA2 Spherical Aggregates ESA3 Concretions ESA4 Small Fused Structures ESA5 Geodes ESA6 Orbicules ESB ANOMALOUS BIOLOGICAL PHENOMENA IN GEOLOGY ESB1 Biological Extinction Events ESB2 Biological Explosion Events ESB3 Recent Vegetation and Shallow Water Fossils at Great Depths ESB4 Long-Buried, Undecomposed Organic Matter ESB5 Living and Fossil Marine Organisms Found Far Inland ESB6 Living Organisms and Recent Fossils at Very High Altitudes ESB7 Growth Structures on Marine Organisms and Their Fossils ESB8 Animals Entombed in Rocks ESB9 Living Organisms at Great Depths ESB10 Fossils of Warm-Climate ...
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139. Aeon Volume I, Number 6: Contents [Aeon Journal $]
... Ev Cochrane, who finds numerous links of Oedipus to the god and planet Mars. PAGE 14 On Saturn at the North Pole Responding to Roger Ashton's paper in AEON I:3, Lynn Rose reiterates his non-polar model, in which the Earth rotates in phase with its revolution around Saturn. PAGE 39 Velikovsky, Fundamentalism the Revised Chronology Recalling conversations with Velikovsky, Clark Whelton explores Velikovsky's own motivations on and chronological questions. His conclusion: On certain issues, Velikovsky's hidden agenda got in the way of objective research. PAGE 49 The Stratigraphy of Bahrein: An Answer to Critics Does the stratigraphy of Bahrein provide the evidence for the conventional sequence of civilizations that some have claimed? Gunnar Heinsohn takes a closer look at this assumption. PAGE 56 Egyptian Chronology and the Hyksos Following up on his survey of the land of Israel, Heinsohn offers a preliminary interpretation of the Hyksos Egyptian chronology, identifying as Assyrians. PAGE 65 The Two Sargons and Their Successors Part Two of a critical analysis of Heinsohn's reconstruction, by Dwardu Cardona, taking up such issues as royal tombs and ...
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140. Letters [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... or Roman soldiers, knew anything of the Hittites? But, if I understood correctly the ? Hittite ? culture as Chaldean, no problem is raised by these coins of the first century. Actually I expected that Chaldean signs would be found to have been used until the time the cuneiform was used. I have found a sympathetic reader in Claude Schaeffer. He wrote me last fall a ten-page letter, upon reading ? Earth in Upheaval ? so much he found in common between my ideas and his, as given in his ? Stratigraphie Comparée ?; and there are also some external circumstances that make us feel close one to another: he, too, feels isolated because of his insistence on archaeological proofs of a continental catastrophe that repeated itself and laid waste all the lands of the ancient East; the greatest of all of them took place at the end of the Middle Kingdom and actually terminated it and the invasion of the Hyksos was but an aftermath of the cataclysm all these things exactly as in my ? Ages ? and ? Worlds ? which he did ...
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