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... and then the new appear. This is an aspect of the problem of missing transitional forms. Yet it seems inexplicable. Should not the dying dinosaurs and mutated mammals appear in the same strata? If heavy radiation is killing off one form but creating another, the stratigraphic gap should be inconsiderable, or the old and new forms should grade continuously into one another. It should not require more than several centuries to prove the fitness of a new form and to find it in numbers upon the next catastrophic occurrence. Perhaps this is ... cases the break is so sharp and the gap so large that the origin of the order is speculative and much disputed [8.' E. C. Olson, reviewing the literature lately, reports: "under the very best circumstances... morphological and stratigraphically graded transitions between classes and subclasses have been found. At the level of phyla and higher categories, any information on transitions as far as the fossil record is concerned is essentially non-existent." [9 T. H. van Andel surmises that missing links " ...
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... three-quarters of the world- the whole Near East, from Egypt until China- and he arrived at the conclusion that the Early Bronze, the Middle Bronze and the recent or Late Bronze, disappeared in catastrophic conditions. And those catastrophic conditions are written in the archaeological stratigraphy, where at each of these three periods you've got hiatuses, layers of ashes, of mud and all the rest, showing that really there was heavy destruction, and those destructions had practically arrived at the same date all over the world, at least apart ... we pass from palaeoclimatology to archaeology. Archaeology shows us that historical periods have always arrived at their end in catastrophic conditions, and no-one more than Claude Schaeffer (who was a friend of mine, whom I have known very well) has shown in his book, Stratigraphie Comparee which he published in 1948. Not only in his own excavations, but he did a little tour round the world, or at least three-quarters of the world- the whole Near East, from Egypt until China- and he arrived at the conclusion that ...
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123. SOLARIA BINARIA: BIBILIOGRAPHY [Quantavolution Website]
... George D. (1975), Exploration of the Universe, 3rd ed. (Holt, Rinehart &Winston: New York); Adams, J. A. S., see Heymann Ager, Derek V. (1973), The Nature of the Stratigraphical Record (Wiley: New York); (Ch. 3); (Ch. 4) Aggarwal, H. R., see Oberbeck Agrawal, P. C., see Matsuoka Hannes (1962), "Filamentary Currents and Magnetic Conditions on ... .), pp. 345-9 also, Kellaway, G. A. and Durrance E. M., Nature 273 (4 Apr. 1978), p. 75 for a comment extending Saul's sample Schaeffer, Claude F. A. (1948), Stratigraphie comparée et chronologie de l'Asie occidentale (Oxford University: London) Schröder, G. A. (1964), "Breakdown in a Gas Under Extreme Conditions" in Discharge and Plasma Physics, ed. S. C. Hayden (The University of New ...
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... 1993, pp. 995 ff. 16. M. Finley, Early Greece: The Bronze and Archaic Ages, London, Chatto& Windus, 1981, p. 10. Cf. in detail G. Heinsohn, "Destruction Layers in Archaeological Sites: The Stratigraphy of Armageddon", in M. Zysman, C. Whelton, Hg., Catastrophism 2000, Toronto, Heretic Press, 1990, pp. 213-247. 17. Critias, 112 a. 18. Cf. the Anales de Cuauhtitlán (originally written in ... ., Aschendorffsche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1927. 14. I. Velikovsky, Worlds in Collision, New York, Macmillan, 1950; I. Velikovsky, Earth in Upheaval, Garden City/N.Y., Doubleday, 1955. 15. C. F. Schaeffer, Stratigraphie comparée et chronologie de l'Asie Occidentale (IIIe et IIe millénaires), London, Oxford University Press, 1948, p. 565. Cf. also H. Weiss et al., 'The Genesis and Collapse of Third Millennium North Mesopotamian Civilization', in Science ...
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... Hyksos culture is knocked away. Dayton also seems far too ready to brush aside the very strong evidence for discontinuity between the end of the Middle and the start of the Late Bronze Ages. At every site considered by Claude Schaeffer in his monumental study of the comparative stratigraphy and chronology of Western Asia in the Bronze Age, 17 there was evidence of a hiatus in occupation at the end of the Middle Bronze Age. Moreover, many of these sites had actually been destroyed, particularly in Palestine. 18 It seems reasonable to suggest ... (pp. 184-188, 413-419) that the practice of calibrating C-14 dates with the California bristlecone pine is inapplicable to Europe and the Near East. For a contrary view, see Cohn Renfrew, Before Civilization (London, 1973). 6) Claude Schaeffer, Stratigraphie comparée et chronologie de l'Asie occidentale-- IIIeet IIe millénaires (Oxford, 1948), pp. 539-546. 7) W.M.F. Petrie. Abydos I and II (London. 1902-3); also B Adams, Ancient Hierakonpolis (Warminster. 1974). ...
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... can now be reviewed in light of substantial advances in empirical technique and general additional and spectacular theories. The latter are provided most forcibly by Claude Schaeffer and Immanuel Velikovsky. In 1948, Professor Schaeffer, who had excavated at Ras Shamra-Ugarit, published a treatise on comparative stratigraphy of the Near and Middle East during the Bronze Ages of the second millennium B. C. He incorporate the work of many predecessors, including the investigators of Troy-Hisarlik, into a theory that a sequence of fires and earthquakes had destroyed Bronze Age civilizations concurrently, ... the archaelogical records, we have actually only one instance in which a fragment of a small adult skull was definitely found in the stratum of Phase Ilg. Schliemann mentions the skeletons of "two warriors" with bronze helmets, found in the burnt layer; but the stratigraphic position is not certified, and the helmets later turned out to be fragments of a bronze vessel. One might therefore conclude that the occupants of the town escaped. On the other hand, if an invading army took the city it would surely have thoroughly looted ...
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127. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... of Solomon's time were actually those of LB II A, which have yielded abundant evidence of luxury and international trade, in keeping with the Bible's picture of Solomon's reign as a golden age (see my paper, "Can there be a Revised Chronology without a Revised Stratigraphy?" in the forthcoming Proceedings of the weekend conference held in Glasgow, April 1978). The final chapter, on the New Testament period, deals briefly with Herodian Jerusalem, Herod's building works on the dramatic plateau of Masada, the Qumran community, and ... - R. M. L. Bible Convention K. M. Kenyon: THE BIBLE AND RECENT ARCHAEOLOGY (London: Colonnade, 1978). JOHN BIMSON Dame Kathleen Kenyon's important excavations at Samaria, Jericho and Jerusalem, and her contribution to the development of precise stratigraphical analysis, made her one of the most important Palestinian archaeologists, and her death in August 1978 was a great loss. In the present book we meet Kenyon in the role of a populariser, and it has to be said, regrettably, that the result ...
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... of the conventions of past but the real winner for this construction is the overwhelming support which will be seen to be delivered by written contemporary records. These now flow freely, despite the almost universal tendency to discount written records in favour of the allegedly unbiased value of stratigraphy in particular [12, and archaeological research processes in general. It will be from the wealth of written records, generally of neighbouring contemporaries, that the normally subjective and introspective history of the kingdoms of the Nile will now be fitted into its proper time-frame and ... . Murphie, DF, Phoenix series of four volumes (pending). 11. Gardiner, op. cit. p. 61. 12. A timely reminder to those drawn towards uncritical acceptance of Gunnar Heinsohn's challenging views on the proper utilisation and analysis of the stratigraphic record. Efflux Bauval and Hancock, in Keeper of Genesis, p. 264, quote a MK period Coffin Text which refers to the 'efflux of Osiris'.... which was hidden or sealed and set in darkness. The efflux* was surrounded ...
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... opposed conclusions from them in the catastrophism/uniformitarianism debate remains the same: It is remarkable that emication as well as catastrophe are simultaneous for all these groups. This cannot be explained by an evolution but manifestly illustrates a revolution. (Nilsson 1953: 1191) Taking stratigraphy in its broadest sense as the evolutionary history of the earth, there is nothing exceptional about the Cretaceous period of that evolution. The invocation of a hiatus in orogeny, of worldwide transgressions or of great external catastrophe (Urey 1973) are entirely unnecessary to explain ... failure of uniformitarian geologists is not the failure of geology: A study of the history of past epochs, as written down in the palaeontological layers from several hundreds of millions of years, shows that no calm evolution can be read into the text, neither from a stratigraphical nor a palaeobiological viewpoint. Violent revolutions, biological cataclysms, must have happened at least sometimes. (p. 1211) The catastrophism of Nilsson is even more destructive than that of Velikovsky, and some of what Velikovsky reports secondhand, Nilsson knows firsthand from the ...
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130. Catastrophism and Anthropology [SIS C&C Review $]
... . V. Ager: The New Catastrophism (Cambridge, 1993). 51. C. F. A. Schaeffer: Stratigraphie Comparée et Chronologie de l'Asie Occidental (Oxford, 1948); cf. G. Heinsohn: 'Destruction Layers in Archaeological Sites. The Stratigraphy of Armageddon', in M. Zysman, C. Whelton (eds.): Catastrophism 2000 (Toronto, 1990), pp. 218-221. 52. I. Velikovsky: Worlds in Collision (New York& London, 1950); Idem. ... .: Catastrophism. Systems of earth history (London, 1990); Tollmann/Tollmann: op. cit. [19; D. V. Ager: The New Catastrophism (Cambridge, 1993). 51. C. F. A. Schaeffer: Stratigraphie Comparée et Chronologie de l'Asie Occidental (Oxford, 1948); cf. G. Heinsohn: 'Destruction Layers in Archaeological Sites. The Stratigraphy of Armageddon', in M. Zysman, C. Whelton (eds.): Catastrophism 2000 (Toronto, 1990 ...
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