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... particular core can often be found in an adjacent core [C. W. Ferguson, Science 159 (23 February 1968), pp. 839-846 (840) .ICE CORES: In addition to long-term tree ring sequences, there exists another heretofore generally ignored long-term stratigraphy that bears witness to the times covered by Worlds in Collision. This record resides in the ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctic which contain a seasonal fluctuation in the oxygen isotopes in the water comprising the ice. In 1977, in response to a letter of ... of this magnitude did not register in the Greenland ice cap as de Grazia's own reference 6 [Hammer, et al.( 1980) amply demonstrates. Nevertheless, as though to assert belief over the facts of the physical world, de Grazia states, "No stratigraphic column, whether geologic or archaeological, can fail to show evidence of natural destruction dating from the middle of the second millennium" (p. 63). Since ice formed from compacted snow can be distinguished from that formed from melted snow, even if melting ...
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... as Tell el-Yahudiya ware, and the style of fortification discussed in my earlier article. Wright (4) describes how these two innovations were used by Albright to date the beginning of MB II B: "On the basis of Egyptian chronology, when tied to Palestinian stratigraphy, Albright has correlated the earthen fortifications with the "Hyksos" conquest of Egypt and dated them in Palestine about 1700 B.C. or very shortly thereafter. At the same time it must be noted, however, that evidence from Tell Beit Mirsim, Lachish and ... be achieved chiefly by extending the MB II C period. At present that period is described as "a brief but very eventful and momentous period" in the history of Canaan (7). W. G. Dever writes concerning MB II C: "Careful stratigraphic excavation at several sites has revealed a complex series of building phases and fortifications that must apparently be compressed within a period of about a hundred years, i.e. from ca. 1650-1550 B.C." (8) It seems reasonable to suggest that MB II C ...
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... they tell that when Quetzalcoatl died, there appeared the one who is called 'Lord of the Dawn.'" (Lehmann, 1938: 91-92,# 150-152). I hope that this retelling of the Popol Vuh, preceded as it was by the quandaries of stratigraphy and radiocarbon dating, has served both the purposes I spoke for at the beginning. We may dismember great epics in order to reconstruct history by stacking up their bones, but the epics have their own way of being reborn. Among the many results of Velikovsky's ... center: pyramids serving as platforms for temples, and subsidiary courts and mounds all strictly aligned according to a north-south axis. The existence of a ceremonial center at La Venta during Olmec I is far from established; it has only been inferred from the presence of three stratigraphic levels under a layer of sand (Drucker, Heizer, and Squier, 1959: 38, 44; Piña Chán and Covarrubias, 1964: 18). Bernal infers that it was completely destroyed by invaders whom he calls simply the Olmec II people (Bernal ...
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104. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... chronologies of other sites than Jericho has been). It would also upset the efforts of Kempinski and others to shift the start of LB I styles earlier than the conventional date. But more fundamentally, arguments for a two-phase pattern of destructions are precarious while the comparative stratigraphy of Palestine is in dispute to this extent. 6). David has missed the significance of the tombs containing the 18th Dynasty scarabs at Jericho. One of Garstang's arguments for a destruction in the Late Bronze Age was that the pottery associated with the scarabs of ... different periods became mixed together. In Wood's view Garstang's original reasoning was sound, because Tomb V was a pit tomb in which interments were added from the top with minimal disturbance to earlier ones; in other words Tomb V, according to Wood, contained a good stratigraphic sequence which Garstang carefully noted, and the association of the scarabs with particular pottery types (types also occurring on the tell) was reliable. It is this association which is the key issue, not simply the fact that 18th Dynasty scarabs were found in the ...
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105. The Rise of Blood Sacrifice [Aeon Journal $]
... pp. 555 ff. 69. Ibid., pp. X, XI ff., 1 ff. 70. Ibid., p. 565; and, for more detail, cf. G. Heinsohn, "Destruction Layers in Archaeological Sites: The Stratigraphy of Armageddon," in M. Zysman& C. Whelton (eds.), Catastrophism 2000 (Toronto, 1990). 71. M. I. Finley, Early Greece: The Bronze and Archaic Ages (London, 1981), p. ... work with allied intelligence at Bletchley-- as a member of the "Free French" contingent-- provided him with the spare time and opportunity to profit from the facilities offered for research and study by St. John's College, Oxford. The bulk of his Stratigraphie Comparée was written there between 1942 and 1944. It covered some forty important sites in the Near and Middle East. As early as 1929-39, when he excavated Ugarit, Schaeffer had begun to wonder about the causes of destruction levels, of which he found a ...
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... had said so five years back, how he would have been scoffed at." Just as the Conservatives had refused a hearing to the Huttonian camp earlier, now the Liberals pulled the same tactics when they got into power. The stronghold of catastrophism lay in a stratigraphy where unconformity and nonconformities, to say nothing of massive conglomerates, told of wide-ranging geological disasters of the past. Lyell, like Scrope before him, simply suppressed the evidence which did not fit in with his doctrines, and once he was voted into power, ... 1688 when the Catholic monarch was driven out of England, a rash of works appeared eared reconciling the book of Genesis with the new research into Nature. Most successful of these was John Woodward's Essay Towards a Natural History of the Earth, in which he explained the stratigraphic sequence of rocks by supposing that during Noah's flood, all the surface rocks of the earth had been dissolved by the sea, later to be gradually precipitated out into the stratigraphic sequences which now comprise the secondary formations. Because the Woodwardian idea preserved the theme of ...
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... mainly in the eastern part, previous to the 2300 BC time period. Investigations have shown fairly sophisticated patterns of agricultural life [60. There is extensive evidence for the disappearance of large settlements throughout the region at about 2300 BC [61. Schaeffer refers to a stratigraphic and chronological rupture between the V and IV levels of Tepe Giyan in western Iran occurring between 2400 BC and 2300 BC. Similar ruptures are reported by him at Tureng Tepe and Tepe Hissar IIB in north-eastern Iran dated at about 2300 BC [62. A site ... Relative Chronology of the Aegean in the Stone and Early Bronze Ages", in R. W. Ehrich (ed.): Chronologies in Old World Archaeology (University of Chicago Press, 1954), p.305; and C. F. A. Schaeffer: Stratigraphie Comparée et Chronologie de l'Asie Occidentale (Oxford University Press, 1948), p.535. 5. C. W. Blegen: Troy and the Trojans (Thames and Hudson, 1963), p.69; see also C. W. Blegen, J. L ...
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... -550), Athenian and dates it at -464 because of burial practices. Bill Mullen, in Worlds in Collision after Heinsohn, said Velikovsky's paradigm stands, although revised by Heinsohn. Velikovsky contributed much that is unique, was not done before and has lasted. Using stratigraphy, Heinsohn moves events much later than Velikovsky, eliminating false empires. Thus Neanderthal to Modern transition -2000; Neolithic to Bronze Age -1000; Bronze to Iron -600. Though Heinsohn compresses chronology more than Velikovsky, catastrophes are indicated. Heinsohn moves most 'events' into ... Egyptian history conform to it. Israelite artefacts and archaeological evidence are scarce, Philistine stuff plentiful, so many say bible history is not confirmed- it is a disturbing puzzle. Heinsohn says the evidence is there and chronology needs to be corrected in line with the best stratigraphical evidence. Velikovsky's as yet unpublished The Assyrian Conquest may not connect with his earlier and later books. Heinsohn says the Hyksos were Assyrians (Sieff disagrees) and that the Israelites came into Egypt with them- the Assyrians were weakened by -650 and driven out- ...
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... his doctorate thesis on Hebrew chronology. He has contributed earlier articles to the S.I.S. Review in this area, and is the author of "Redating the Exodus and Conquest", publicised this year by Sheffield University Press. He is currently continuing his research into the stratigraphy and chronology of ancient Palestine. The arrival of the Philistines in Canaan is usually placed in the reign of Ramesses III, but this date has always been problematic, as it makes several biblical references to the Philistines anachronistic. An earlier date alleviates this problem and ... ., op. cit., p. 451. 30. Cf. R. S. Merrillees: "The Early History of Late Cypriote I", Levant 3 (1971), pp 75-77. 31. C. F. A. Schaeffer: Stratigraphie comparée... (1948), pp. 367, 553. 32. SISR I:3, pp. 5-6. 33. The possible explanations of the mass burials which I have offered here, plague and the effects of a global catastrophe, ...
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110. Cosmic Catastrophism [Aeon Journal $]
... , pp. 307, 328-332; Ramses II and His Time, p. 242, note 14. 115. Stiebing, Pensee 3:3, pp. 11-12, especially note 17; John Bimson, "Can There Be A Revised Chronology Without a Revised Stratigraphy?," SIS Review 6:1-3 (1982), pp. 16-26. 116. See Bimson, op. cit., p. 23. \cdrom\pubs\journals\aeon\vol0206\058cosmc.htm ... Bronze Age, Iron Age, Hellenistic Age, etc. Artifacts characteristic of the Middle Bronze Age are found below layers containing Late Bronze Age objects, and these in turn are beneath remains belonging to the Iron Age. As I pointed out many years ago, this stratigraphical archaeological evidence from the eastern Mediterranean cannot be reconciled with Velikovsky's synchronizations. (113) Archaeologists usually assign the remains of Iron Age levels in Palestine to the period of the Hebrew monarchy, and Velikovsky accepted this dating. (114) The Palestinian Iron Age, ...
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