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... unusual magnitude was flowing through the water. It seems that the contemporary scientists drew the same conclusion: it is mentioned that the damaged part of the chain-cable was given to "that learned gentleman, Mr. Faraday", who was one of the most eminent scientists in the field of electricity in the 19th century. Conclusion Have I by this proved that the Parting of the Waters really took place? Certainly not. The main reason for believing that it did is still what the traditions tell us. As Velikovsky wrote: "Strange, indeed, is the persistence with which the Jewish people have clung to this story, making it the beginning and at the same time the most dramatic episode of their history as a nation."[8 What I hope to have shown is merely that you cannot dispose of the Parting of the Waters just by showing that tidal forces could not have done the job. References 1. I. Velikovsky, Worlds in Collision (1950), I, III, "The Hurricane" 2. Moshe Pearlman, In ...
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42. Strange Object In The Sky [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 34: Jul-Aug 1984 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Strange Object In The Sky January 20, 1983, 0515 GMT. The m.v. Baron Pentland was drifting off Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. A report was heard on the Christmas Island Radio that an object had been spotted high in the sky to the west of the island. The officers of the Baron Pentland picked up the object with binoculars and sextant. "First thoughts were that this was the satellite Cosmos 1402, but this was dismissed as it was a day too early and it was not moving fast enough. In fact it appeared stationary to the naked eye. Another school of thought was that this was a weather balloon. As can be seen from the simple sketch, it was unlike any weather balloon previously seen by the observers. It was of a squat cylinder shape, wider than it was tall. The circle at the bottom appeared to be dimly lit with a pale blue colour. ...
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43. Eight Leatherback Mysteries [Science Frontiers Website]
... Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Eight Leatherback Mysteries Our subject here is the leatherback turtle. Weighing up to 1600 pounds, it is the largest of the sea turtles. It is also the fastest turtle, hitting 9 miles per hour at times. But weight and speed are not necessarily mysterious; here are some characteristics that are: The leatherback is the only turtle without a rigid shell. Why? Perhaps it needs a flexible shell for its very deep dives. What looks like a shell is its thick, leathery carapace-- a strange streamlined structure with five to seven odd "keels" running lengthwise. These turtles are warm-blooded, and able to maintain their temperatures as much as 10 F above the ambient water, just as the dinosaurs apparently could. The bones of the leatherback are more like those of the marine mammals (dolphins and whales) than the reptiles. "No one seems to understand the evolutionary implications of this." Leatherbacks dive as deep as 3000 feet which is strange because they seem to subside almost exclusively on jellyfish, most of which ...
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... and philosophers of old, but perhaps one might note that the more modern era of speculators on such things began with William Whiston at the close of the 17th century with his New Theory of the Earth, wherein he postulated that a comet was responsible for the Biblical deluge. Since the days of Whiston there have been numerous authors who have conjectured all manner of physical and non-physical explanations. There are notable books and papers, without doubt, that contain good information, although most by far are replete with heaps of misinformation and equally strange interpretations. Despite our present knowledge we still have a lot to learn about what comets are exactly. One thing we do know now is that they are not "the nearest thing to nothing that can exist and yet be visible." [6 Petersen's book, New Insights to Antiquity, might be classed as an example of one of these strange interpretations, although early on he takes the reader on an eclectic, albeit interesting, tour of historical matters before getting into his subject matter proper-- which translates into this ...
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45. Miles Of Floating Forest [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 120: Nov-Dec 1998 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Miles Of Floating Forest February 13, 1905. San Francisco. "The Pacific Mail steamer City of Panama, which sailed from this port on Jan. 21 for ports on the Central American coast, had a strange experience, news of which has just been received here by mail from Acapulco. "Through miles of sea covered thickly with masses of vegetation, tree trunks, and the carcasses of dead animals the steamer sailed, the debris at times being so thick that her progress was impeded. Some of the trees were five and six feet in diameter, and the dead animals were of all descriptions. The debris was encountered on Jan. 28 in latitude 16.58 north and longitude 100.29 west. "The officers of the vessel were unable to explain the strange condition, and when they arrived at Acapulco no light was thrown on the subject. It is supposed that the floating mass was cast up by some gigantic ...
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46. Through A Peephole Tantalizingly [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 54: Nov-Dec 1987 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Through A Peephole Tantalizingly The flood of data that comes out of the type of physics experiment in which two subatomic particles collide at high energy is often so copious that physicists need some time to notice and interpret some of the strange new things that appear. This is especially true if the strange new things are of a sort that nobody was looking for. "Thus, some anomalous events that occurred at the PETRA colliding beam apparatus of the German Electron Synchrotron Laboratory (DESY) in Hamburg back in 1984 are now being interpreted as what Harald Fritzsch of DESY calls 'a peephole' into a possible new domain of physics..." What happened in 1984 was that one detector saw unexplainable particles-- that is, unexplainable in the context of cur rent theories. But since so other detectors in operation saw the event, the data were forgotten. But later, five more such events were seen on a different ...
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47. Lightning "attacks" vehicles [Science Frontiers Website]
... and craters in Shelhamer's parking area. "On Sunday, 17 July, 1988, the usual calm and quiet on the Shelhamer property in rural Hannacroix, New York, was suddenly disrupted by a bright flash and a powerful concussion. The house shook. A picture came off the wall and crashed onto the floor. A contact lens popped out of Mrs Shelhamer's eye. The electric power went out. The kitchen clock froze at 3.30 PM. Mr Shelhamer saw three wisps of smoke rise from his parking area. He noticed a strange smell in the air. A pickup truck, parked near the house, was covered with dirt. Two of its tyres were flat, and the hubcaps were lying on the ground. Strange trenches and tracks had appeared in the surface of the parking area. These trenches led Mr Shelhamer to a hickory tree, about 20m from the house. On it a 10cm scar had appeared, spiralling up the trunk toward the sky. A few minutes earlier it had begun to rain, and all this was the result of the ...
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... accurately known. That among them we should look for the agency of the threatened fiery destruction had been for many years considered an inadmissible idea. But wonders and wild fancies had been, of late days, strangely rife among mankind; and, although it was only with a few of the ignorant that actual apprehension prevailed, upon the announcement by astronomers of a new comet, yet this announcement was generally received with I know not what of agitation and mistrust. Halley's Comet over Paris (Fodestrum) Bettmann Archive The elements of the strange orb were immediately calculated, and it was at once conceded by all observers, that its path, at perihelion, would bring it into very close proximity with the earth. There were two or three astronomers, of secondary note, who resolutely maintained that a contact was inevitable. I cannot very well express to you the effect of this intelligence upon the people. For a few short days they would not believe an assertion which their intellect, so long employed among worldly considerations, could not in any manner grasp. But ...
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49. The Origami of Species [Kronos $]
... on the principle that there must be a faithful reproduction generation after generation, with only minor changes due to inherited characteristics. Yet it should be noted, and in very strong terms, that the species of mankind is made up of mutations. We reproduce, begetting offspring who can repeat the cycle, while on occasion begetting teratogenic mutants which cannot survive or reproduce. But the primary difference between individual members of the human species lies in the fact that we have a genetically inheritable xenophobia --a metabolic "fear" of that which is strange to our bodies. In no case, except identical twins, have organs been totally and successfully transplanted. Even with blood transfusions a temporary stopgap is performed until the body is able to replenish its own supply. Thus, each of us stands alone, an individual whose very life is limited by the number of cycles the cell-reproducing functions can regenerate faithfully. There is a noteworthy example of a strange, new species of plant which was observed in a London bomb crater during World War II. Two explanations come to mind. ...
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50. The Ching Hsing [Horus $]
... the a name Ching with some unusual appearance of Venus as well as the appearance of comets, imply that the same or similar association can be found in the story of the Three Wise Men from the East? We shall leave a thorough examination of this question for another time though, for now, we may assure the reader that such association abound in the literature regarding the Star of Bethlehem. To conclude our survey of ancient Chinese traditions regarding Venus and the Ching Hsing phenomenon, let us give a second thought to the other strange things that were expected to accompany a Ching Hsing- wine-sweet springs, purple herbs, phoenixes or dragons in the heavens, and so on. These seem at first glance to be so unrelated to anything natural that we tend to dismiss them as Chinese whimsy. But, again, when compared with the ancient tales of other cultures regarding Venus, we find the same basic ideas- that Venus at one time somehow had caused remarkable, though temporary, changes in the Earth's water, visible changes in vegetation, and extraordinary visual ...
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