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161. Globular Clusters Upset Theory Of Galaxy Formation [Science Frontiers Website]
... 1989 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Globular Clusters Upset Theory Of Galaxy Formation A spherical cloud of globular clusters surrounds the Milky Way galaxy. Each cluster is itself a spherical groups of stars. Through the telescope, globular clusters are beautiful spherical aggregations of bright stars that seem to get ever denser toward the cluster's center. Globular clusters harbor many anomalies (AOB4 and AOB17 in Stars, Galaxies, Cosmos); here, we mention two involving spatial distribution and age. Many spiral galaxies, like our own Milky Way, spin ponderously in the center of a spherical cloud of scores, even hundreds, of globular clusters (see sketch). Not only do the globular clusters surrounding us display a different spatial distribution (spherical rather than flat-spiral), but their individual ages undercut galaxy theory. All of the Milky Way's globular clusters were supposed to have been formed when our galaxy was created. Yet, the ages of these clusters vary by as much as 5 billion years. (Dayton, Leigh; ...
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... from the Danube area and from the east, including the Etruscans. The axe is a symbol of the electrical god. Its Lydian and Cretan name, tlabrys or labrys, appears in the word labyrinth [initial 't', like 's', is sometimes dropped. Homer mentions Daedalus as the builder of a dancing floor for Ariadne. The word for a dancing floor, choros, is also the Greek for the dance itself. The maze at Knosos was probably a dancing floor. It is described as achanes, roofless. Spiral designs and meanders became popular in Cretan art at the time of the Egyptian monarch Amenemhet III. This pharaoh built a 'labyrinth' in the Fayum, contemporary with the first palace at Knosos. It was a temple whose design suggested a maze. Fresco fragments at Knosos show a building with columns, the roof decorated with horns, and with double axes on the capitals. Hutchinson, Prehistoric Crete p. 179, writes that it was presumably painted in the Middle Minoan IIIA period. This may be the moment to discuss the ...
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163. A FIRE NOT BLOWN: CHAPTER 18: RITUALS [Quantavolution Website]
... was his task to cut open the animal to inspect the liver, in order to find whether the future was favourable or not. The Greek opopa means 'I have seen'. An Etruscan mirror shows an official inspecting a liver. The inscription is "pavatarchies", which Mayani translates as "Tarchies has seen". [The Etruscans Begin to Speak, p. 25 Hair [comet's tail? was cut from a victim's head and thrown on the fire. This may symbolise Zeus or Jupiter destroying his enemy by lightning. Spiral decoration may have symbolised the maze, or the orbital circling of an intruder. Wine symbolised the blood spilt in battles in the sky. Columns and trees were worshipped. The Latin for an oak, quercus, shows that it was a ka-container. Khu is the Egyptian spirit soul. Symbolic activity at Knosos included the destruction of dangerous monsters, union with the deity, descent to the underworld, resurrection, and ascent to the sky. The task of the ruler was to acquire and exercise divine powers. Incubation was practised ...
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164. Letters [SIS C&C Review $]
... the designation "quantavolution", as is clear from his book Chaos and Creation. It is, of course, the prerogative of any inaugurator of a new theory to name it however he wants (which means that the SISR report mis-spelled the name of the de Grazia hypothesis); but, for the record let the Dictionary speak: "quantevolution" (= quanta+ evolution)= evolution proceeding by discrete stages (" quanta"); "quantavolution" (= quanta+ volution)= movement in a rolling or spiral manner (" solution") proceeding in discrete stages. MALCOLM LOWERY London 10th Anniversary Tour of Egypt 28th August to 14th September 1984 A reminder to those members still contemplating making a reservation on this tour, although we now have sufficient firm bookings to confirm the tour with our agents on September 1st, there are still a number of places available. If you wish to make a provisional booking in order to ensure your participation in this unique event, please write soon to Derek Shelley-Pearce, 29 Cudham Lane North, Orpington, ...
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165. On Dayton and Dating [SIS C&C Review $]
... glazes of the early 9th century, are all seen to attest the beginnings of the technique. On this view, there is no question of a sudden regression after centuries of development; nor is there a gap of three centuries in the history of the technique. This view is preferable to both the conventional view and Dayton's proposal. Dayton notes that a fragment of the neo-Elamite vessel from Hasanlu, made of Egyptian Blue and dated to the 9th century BC, has features typical of Mitannian art, and also bears the guilloche and spiral motifs characteristic of the Aegean world of the Late Bronze Age; he suggests that the piece shows "the survival of Mitannian glazing traditions in the Lake Urmia region" into the 9th century (p. 371). However, when the chronology of the kingdom of Mitanni is reduced in line with Velikovsky's dates for the XVIIIth Dynasty, we see that this is not a case of "survival", but of straightforward contemporaneity. At one point, Dayton compares the detailed analyses of 9th-8th-century glazes from Assyria with analyses of Late ...
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166. Relativity Corner [SIS C&C Review $]
... , No. 1, Jan. 1982, Classical Physics Institute, New York. 9. Kelly, A.G., A New Theory on the Behaviour of Light, Monograph No. 2, The Institution of Engineers of Ireland, Feb. 1996. 10. Kelly, A.G., Monograph No. 1, The Institution of Engineers of Ireland, 1995. Mag Ruith According to O'Rahilly [1 Mag Ruith is a euphemistic form of roth= a wheel (assumed to be a sun wheel, a spinning thing, or spiral, i.e. a descending meteorite, or comet). Mag Ruith had the ability, it is said, to dry up the rivers of Ireland and its loughs and he only had a single eye (he was disk shaped). He lived through 19 reigns and was an epithet of the god Ogma, a son of the Dagda. He drove a chariot of white metal (it gleamed) and travelled through the sky. According to Ellis [2 the chariot was the sun itself... but why was ...
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... the form of a 'plasmoid'- a doughnut shaped current ring. I believe that the planetary and stellar inner 'magnetospheres' are manifestations of plasmoids which are capable of driving the energetic weather systems discovered on the gas giants and recently, surprising astronomers yet again, on the Sun itself. A characteristic of plasma phenomena is the scalability from the laboratory up to galactic dimensions. With this in mind, it is interesting to note that the current streams of the slow solar wind, spiralling out from the sun, are reminiscent of the spiral structure of our galaxy. That structure and the galactic magnetic field are not explained by accepted gravitational and mechanical theory. Wal Thornhill, Canberra, Australia Nelson Mandela and the collapsing sky At the ceremony to mark the transition to majority rule in South Africa, praise poems were recited, a eulogy to Nelson Mandela. This practice has parallels in Europe and is remarkably similar to the bardic poetry recited or sung in praise of kings and heroic deeds- and poems and songs praising gods which have survived into modern hymnology. Iron Age ...
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168. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... and Christine Morris, British Museum Press, £18.99 Historians and archaeologists write about the most recent evidence from a number of early civilisations for the existence of a universal mother goddess. Astronomy Before the Telescope edited by Christopher Walker, British Museum Press, £25 The most comprehensive survey of early world astronomy to date, packed with chapters by experts in every field. The following are available from Kronia Communications, Inc., 9350 SW Greenway, 24, Beaverton, OR 97008, USA. at $24.95 each. They are spiral bound books of the pictures and accompanying text from important slide presentations at Portland, Oregon in 1997. The Electric Universe by Wallace Thornhill For anyone dissatisfied with orthodox views of a gravity dominated universe, this is essential reading, its interdisciplinary research presenting a picture of an electric universe within which the catastrophic events described in myth can be explained. Thornhill covers an amazing range of phenomena from plasma physics to mythical symbols and presents convincing electrical explanations for observed astronomical phenomena which astrophysicists have ad hoc dabs at. Thornhill explains our Sun, ...
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... states that 'In a remarkable manner, it can be observed that the greater the magnetic field of a celestial body, the greater its rotational velocity'. I suggest this should read 'the greater the rotational velocity of an electrically charged body, the greater its magnetic field'. A surprising omission in this book is any reference to the work of Dr C E R Bruce, whose papers have been published in many scientific and technological journals and in Pensée. He claimed that an immense galactic discharge and a diametrically opposite discharge forms the spiral arms of galaxies and this flow of electrical currents produces the galactic magnetic fields. Ginenthal quotes an article in New Scientist (ref 44 p. 15) by an unnamed writer, who evidently was also unaware of this. Bruce also claimed that the electromagnetic compression in the galactic discharge channels causes matter to condense into stars and that earlier universal discharges caused matter to condense into strings of galaxies. This may answer some of the difficulties described by Ginenthal in later sections. Ginenthal' s knowledge of stellar astronomy is profound and his ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  05 Mar 2003  -  16k  -  URL:
... . This is the great mystery: once matter materialises, the pressure gets intense, it is ionised, the field is bi-polar. Black holes and dark matter have not been observed. The differences in redshift were explained as indicators of distance, therefore invisible matter was postulated. It was dubious that energy would collapse as postulated for black holes, it would rather burst out. Not all quasars are associated with active galaxies, they can pass out into the general field. Most, however, are related to active galaxies. The spiral arms are matter being ejected. The decrease in redshift goes step by step, the universe has a hierarchical structure with six major quantisations. In response to the question 'what are the furthest galaxies we know?', Arp responded that we only know about the local supercluster and hinted that there may be a lot of empty space between this and whatever is beyond. There was a Scandinavian astronomer in the audience whose sole purpose in coming seems to have been to ask precisely those questions that Arp had just answered, without accepting ...
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