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101. Habiru and Hebrew [SIS C&C Review $]
... do not seem to have the sources to draw such detailed conclusions about personalities and attitudes outside- certainly before- this narrow historical window. R.E. Friedman characterises the Bible (to the time of Ezra) as 'the first attempt at writing history' as opposed to the annals of the oriental kings which 'are more like reports or lists than actual history' [13. The El Amarna correspondence is a unique exception. My own perception is that pejorative terms have greater lifetimes than Van der Veen suggests. Many of the idioms of Shakespeare, particularly certain abusive terms (often much older still) have currency four centuries on, though their cultural transmission has been entirely oral. This argument- the paucity of sources- was also advanced by Phillip Clapham [14. Van der Veen's answer was that the Habiru had become 'reabsorbed and assimilated', hence the lack of later Palestinian references. His reasoning was patently circular, since the supporting authorities, Astour and Na'aman, had drawn their 'assimilation' conclusion from the lack of references, rather than on independent grounds [ ...
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... , ancient sea feature sea level Sea level changes in seafloor exploration seafloor, spreading seamount season, seasonal Second Millennium BC secret word secularism sediment sedimentary meteorite sedimentation sedition& science seed seismic discontinuity seismic sea wave seismism seismology Selene self awareness self control self destructiveness self fulfillment self-rule Selimiye Selye, Hans semantics Semele semiconductor Semiotics semite Seneca Senegal Senmut Sennacherib sense( s) separation of heaven& earth serpent Serpent mound serpentine Servan, lake Set, Seth settlement, primeval Seuss, H. E. Sewa Sewalich Hills sex sexual selection sexuality Seychelles shadow Shakespeare shale Shaman Shamash Shamayim Shansi Loess region Shapley, Harlow sheath, electric Sheldrake, R. Shelton, John S. Sherman Glacier, AK Shiaparelli, Giovanni V. shield volcano Shimkunas Shinto Ship rock Shishak Shiva Shklovskii, I. S. shock shock metamophism shock therapy Shocked quartz shoreline sial Siberia Siberian craters Sicily Sieff, Martin Sierra foothills sand blanket, CA Sierra Leone sign sign language Sigri, petrefied forest Sihkism silica, silicate silicon silification silt silver Simiriyan, tell simple harmonic motion, SHM Simpson, George G. Simpson, ...
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103. Index of Titles [Uncategorised]
... ALTER": CATASTROPHISM IN A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Wolfe, Irving: "Worlds in Collision" and the Prince of Denmark: II. Hamlet and Meso-American Myth Wolfe, Irving: 'Worlds in Collision' and the Prince of Denmark Wolfe, Irving: A Catastrophic Reading of Religious Systems Wolfe, Irving: A Catastrophic Reading of Western Cosmology Wolfe, Irving: A Catastrophist Reading of Religious Systems Wolfe, Irving: A WORD ABOUT THE PLANETARY DEBATE Wolfe, Irving: COLLECTIVE AMNESIA AND THE CATASTROPHIC BASIS OF SOAP OPERA Wolfe, Irving: Shakespeare and Velikovsky: Catastrophic Theory and the Springs of Art Wolfe, Irving: Velikovsky and Catastrophism: A Hidden Agenda? Wolfe, Irving: Velikovsky and Catastrophism: A Hidden Agenda? Wright, Robert C.: Effects of Volatility On Rubidium-Strontium Dating Y York, Derek: Lunar Rocks and Velikovsky's Claims Z Zemel, Henry: Circling the Rings Zemel, Henry: Confessions of a Cenoist Zysman, Milton: Jupiter in Collision: In Search of Velikovsky's Comet ZYSMAN'S REFLECTIVE CANOPY MODEL: Vox Popvli ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 3  -  25 Mar 2001  -  141k  -  URL:
... BIRDS 23: BOLTS 24: THE NORTH 25: RESURRECTION TECHNIQUES 26: REVERSALS 27: GLOSSARY RECOLLECTIONS OF A FALLEN SKY VELIKOVSKY AND CULTURAL AMNESIA Edited by E.R. Milton TITLE-PAGE FOREWORD Earl R. Milton CHAPTER 1: CULTURAL AMNESIA: The Submergence of Terrifying Events in the Racial Memory and Their Later Emergence Immanuel Velikovsky CHAPTER 2: PALAETIOLOGY OF FEAR AND MEMORY Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER 3: PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF THE WORK OF IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY John MacGregor CHAPTER 4: STRUCTURING THE APOCALYPSE: Old and New World Variations William Mullen CHAPTER 5: SHAKESPEARE AND VELIKOVSKY: Catastrophic Theory and the Springs of Art Irving Wolfe CHAPTER 6: CATASTROPHISM AND UNIFORMITY: A Probe into the Origins of the 1832 Gestalt Shift in Geology George Grinnell CHAPTER 7: LIVING WITH VELIKOVSKY: Catastrophism As A World View Patrick Doran CHAPTER 8: AFTERWORD Immanuel Velikovsky APPENDICES I. About the Authors II. Honourary Degree Awareded to Immanual Velikovsky III. Addresses to the Chancellor s Dinner IV. Address to the Convocation Dinner (Immanuel Velikovsky) THE VELIKOVSKY AFFAIR Scientism Versus Science Edited by Alfred de Grazia TITEL-PAGE ...
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