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... days. As is customary in such exegeses, the resulting 'days' are taken as years. Unfortunately, even 1260 years is only half of what is needed. No problem: just take 2 1260 years= 2520 years, add that to 607BC and you get 1914, when the Gentile Times came to an end! Besides, the 2520 years can also be derived from Daniel 4:16:'... let his mind be changed from a man's and let a beast's mind be given to him; and let seven times pass over him'. This is the madness that befell Nebuchadnezzar- but what does that have to do with 1914? Well, obviously, if you multiply 7 360, you again get 2520 years, that same interval between 607BC and 1914! Jonsson's frustration with this sort of 'logic' led him to scrutinise the 607BC date. Fortunately for us, he found himself doing a comprehensive study of Neo-Babylonian chronology, in the course of which he introduced a great deal of clarity into that obscure field. The members of ...
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12. The Hebrew Cosmogony [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... this world inhabited by man the first of things earthly created by God. He made several worlds before ours, but he destroyed them all.? (1) The Earth underwent re-shaping: six consecutive remouldings. Heaven and Earth were changed in every catastrophe. Six times the Earth was rebuilt without entire extirpation of life on it, but with major catastrophes. Six ages have passed into the great beyond; this is the seventh creation, the time in which we live. According to another tradition, several heavens were created, seven in fact. Also seven earths were created: the most removed being the seventh Erez, followed by the sixth Adamah, the fifth Arka, the fourth Harabbah, the third Yabbashah, the second Tebel and our own land called Heled, and like the others, it is separated from the foregoing by abyss, chaos, and waters. (2) The description permits an interpretation that all the seven earths exist simultaneously; but a deeper insight will allow us to recognize that the original idea did not admit seven concurrent but ...
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13. Planet Ages [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... planet Jupiter. (2) The same concept is found in Vergil, who says that ? before Jove ? s day [i.e., in the Golden age when Saturn reigned no tillers subdued the land even to mark the field or divide it with bounds was unlawful.? (3) The idea that the Earth was under the sway of different planets at different ages is also the teaching of the Pythagoreans, the Magi, Gnostic sects and other secret societies. In numerous astrological texts the same concept is repeated, that seven millennia were dominated by seven planets, one after the other. (4) The worshipers of the devil, the Syrian sect of the Yezidis, believed that seven thousand years had passed since the Deluge; at the end of every millennium one of the seven planet-gods descends on the earth, establishes a new order and new laws, and then retreats to his place. (5) An identical tradition is found in the writings of Julius Africanus: the ages of the ancestors passed under the government of the planets, each ...
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14. Indra [Kronos $]
... them. I am well aware of Bob Forrest's recent critique of Velikovsky as I am of his acceptance of the uniformitarian interpretation of the Maruts as mere storm gods.(13) Forrest's judgement, like Velikovsky's own, is however based on the laudatory hymns of the Rig Veda. There is more to the Maruts than that. Forrest, like Velikovsky, whom he criticizes for being selective, failed to take the origin, history, and evolution of the Maruts into consideration. Some of this follows below. Originally the Maruts numbered seven.(14) As the seven children of Saturn, they may be compared with the sevenfold ring which surrounded the Saturnian Sun of Night in primeval times.(15) These seven rings were also the original Pleiades.(16) In Hindu mythology, the god of the planet Mars (Kartikeya/Skanda/ Kumara)(17) was, like the Maruts, said to have been a child of Agni(18) or, as some have it, of Rudra/Shiva(19)- both now ...
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... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History IX:1 (Jan 1987) Home¦ Issue Contents A Seven Year Famine in the Reign of King Djoser with Other Parallels between Imhotep and Joseph Tom Chetwynd Editor's Note: Ten years ago most scholars tried to date Joseph in the time of the Hyksos. A few pioneers like Donovan Courville suggested the Middle Kingdom as the setting for the story of Joseph which is the present author's opinion. Chetwynd attempts to stretch Joseph back to the Old Kingdom. This is an important problem; in future issues as we date Shishak, Moses, and Abraham we will also date Joseph more closely. The Famine This remarkable text [see Bibliography describes a terrible famine which took place in the reign of Djoser, a king of the IIIrd Dynasty, and lasted for seven years. Budge, Ixi The Book of Genesis describes a similar seven-year famine in Joseph's time. Genesis 40-50 The Pharaoh Djoser sends a royal dispatch to the South: This is to inform thee that misery has laid hold upon me, upon the great throne. My ...
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16. A Hebrew Cosmogony [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... ; the primeval creation did not delight the Creator; destruction was called upon the ungainly world of flesh and when it did not ameliorate, another destruction was sent to chastise it and still another. Six times this earth was rebuilt- without entire extirpation of life upon it, but with major catastrophes New conditions were created after each of these catastrophes; new chances were given to men to improve their inclinations, evil from the beginning. This is the seventh creation, the time in which we live. Several heavens were created, seven in fact. Seven earths were created: the most removed the seventh Erez, the sixth Adamah, the fifth Arka, the fourth Harabah, the third Yabbashah, the second Tebel, and our own land called Heled, and like the others, it is separated [from the foregoing by abyss, chaos, and waters. The description permits an interpretation that all the seven heavens and earths exist simultaneously; but a deeper insight will allow us to recognize that the original idea did not admit seven concurrent and separate firmaments and ...
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17. Joseph and Potiphar [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Joseph and Potiphar The story of Joseph is one of the best known in the Bible: Joseph who dreamed prophetic dreams, and wore a shirt of many colors a distinction of his father and was sold into Egypt by his brothers. There he became housekeeper in the household of a high official, but later was thrown in the dungeon. Then, after he had interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh about the seven years of plenty and seven years of famine, he was freed and was appointed to gather and store the produce during the good years and distribute it during the lean years. The person of Joseph was searched for by the historians among the grandees of Syro-Canaanite origin at the court of the Egyptian Pharaohs. He was identified with Dudu, the courtier in the palace of Akhnaton; or with Iaanhamu, who was in care of the food supply in the same reign: his name is often mentioned in the el-Amarna letters as that of an official who sold food to the people of Canaan on behalf of the Pharaoh. In Ages in Chaos it was ...
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18. One Against Seven [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... New York Post TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1948 One Against Seven This Time David is Victor over Seven Goliaths By OBSERVER As children you must have read how David brought down the giant Goliath. You may or may not believe this story, but you must believe the story to which you were witnesses: it occurred in your time. The Jewish Community of Palestine, seven hundred thousand people, defeated seven Arab states. The British Empire gave the Arabs arms; the oil empire gave them money; and both gave them political support. But all to no avail. A few weeks ago Major Gen. Riley, Chief of Staff to the Mediator in Palestine, declared in Paris that the Israelis are the masters in the field and that the Arab armies hold their lines, not because of their military strength, but because of the protection of the truce. This is obvious enough. And Dr. Bunche, the Mediator, told me in Paris on Nov. 4, the day sanctions were almost imposed on Israel: ? If not for the truce ...
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... In connection with the descent of the god, a cosmic column appeared, a luminous stream stretching along the world axis. This cosmic column will be the world mountain, or the mountain upon which the hero was "exposed" at birth, or the mythic river into which the hero was cast at birth. By this association the hero himself was inseparably linked to the world pillar. Originally, it was his essence as the Atlas figure, supporting the turning sphere of "heaven" (Saturn) upon his shoulders. PRIMEVAL SEVEN These satellite figures are presented in a variety of contexts, as seers or wise men, archangels, patriarchs, children, dwarves, stones, eyes, stars, orbs, heads of the chaos monster. They are the first (but not the only) reason for the sanctity of the number seven in ancient symbolism. We meet these gods as seven stones of fate, or seven demons in Sumerian and Akkadian symbolism; seven eyes of God in the book of Zechariah; seven Watchers of Enoch; seven stars and seven ...
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20. Morning Star* [Aeon Journal $]
... , Harakhte), usually translated as Horus of the Horizon (but see further below). Horus, as depicted in the Papyrus of Hu-Nefer, above, serves to illustrate the thesis presented here. Thus, at the very top, we see the disc of Ra, the sun-god, encircled by the Venerian serpent, beneath which is the figure of the Horus falcon, here identified as Mars, resting above the Djed pillar, symbol of the Axis Mundi, or polar column. Of additional interest is the inclusion of the seven apes, said to represent the spirits of the Duat. Thus our previous equation has now evolved into: Soul of Osiris= Ba= Bennu= Morning Star= Horus= Mars. But how well does Horus, as Mars, fit into the planetary scenario presented above? We have seen that, as viewed from Earth, Mars was originally positioned plumb in the center of Venus, which conjunction gave rise to Horus being called Heru-khenti-khat-th, that is Horus in the Belly [of his mother, as also Heru-khenti-khati or Heru-khatta ...
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