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41. Astral Kingship [Aeon Journal $]
... the realm. The local gods were adored and embraced. To do otherwise would have been insensate. Divine power flowed from above, essential for the majesty of the new sovereign; and the source of that power was not arbitrary. It emanated from the greatest of the planetary deities, who showered their unqualified blessings only upon those terrestrial vicars deemed worthy. Who were these planetary deities and why were they considered the dispensers of divine authority? With a choice of gods and a multitude of celestial bodies to choose from, why were Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus-- with their respective representative divinities and festivals-- the prime font of astral kingship? The Persian King of Kings When Cyrus the Great triumphantly entered Babylon in October 539 BC, he was welcomed with open arms and hailed as legitimate ruler by the populace within. This political achievement was due, in no small part, to the fact that Cyrus quickly paid thoughtful homage to the great god of Babylon-- Marduk. "Not as a conqueror or liberator did Cyrus intend to claim the ...
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42. Vox Popvli [Aeon Journal $]
... hard work are evident in your publication. Catherine Prince, from Washington, DC, writes: Delighted to subscribe for two years. The new format is gorgeous and content fascinating, as always. I feel as if I knew you all personally from subscribing to Pensée and KRONOS all those years. Many more to AEON! Cosmic Systems William Orchard, from Fairhope, Ala-bama, writes: I gather that human beings experienced three cosmic systems before the one we know today. The first system was the cosmic egg, when an undifferentiated Saturn dominated the sky. I am not clear about the catastrophic events that followed, but I gather that the second system is the one that animates the contributors to AEON. In this system, Saturn had acquired the cosmic eye and the cosmic pillar, fueling the imagination of the ancients. This system also had its catastrophic events, in which Saturn was replaced by Jupiter while Venus moved in an unstable orbit around the Sun. The AEON view apparently is that all of mythology can be assigned to the egg, the eye, ...
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... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS SOLARIA BINARIA by Alfred de Grazia and Earl R. Milton PART TWO: DESTRUCTION OF THE SOLAR BINARY CHAPTER FOURTEEN THE GOLDEN AGE AND NOVA OF SUPER SATURN The great god, Saturn, identified by many names, of many cultures, and often associated with the planet, which has been known in the most ancient times by that name, is the son of a god. In the ancient Buddhist liturgy he is called Ravisuta, or "Son of the Sun". Uranus, by his many names, does not have a father; but he is often referred to as the father of Saturn, Uranus is killed, castrated, defeated, retired, or dismissed, and usually it is the work of a Saturn Figure. The physical circumstances of his end are those that may be associated with a stellar nova, as we have described it. So, too, Saturn comes to his end in a disastrous struggle, thousands of years later, in favor of a new planetary god, Jupiter, ...
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... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAOS AND CREATION by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER EIGHT SATURN'S CHILDREN The year 1977 marked the beginning of quantavolutionary publications about Saturn. Three articles appeared, written by David Talbott, by Dwardu Cardona, and jointly by Harold Tresman and B. O'Gheoghan. A few months later, Velikovsky, who had inspired the studies in each case, without participating in them released a fragment of his manuscripts on Saturn [1. "Two stars erupted from the planet Saturn and caused the Deluge." So states the Talmud, in Velikovsky's translation [2. This is one of the several principal conclusions reached by the other writers. Saturn was a second sun, shining by day and night upon Earth. The record of the star is preserved in the legends of every ancient people. It was the dominating star of its age and most of the basic mythology of the world is traceable to its varying aspects, behavior, and fate. After leaving its infinitely complex imprint upon Earth and mankind, Saturn exploded in a nova ...
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... From: Kronos Vol. X No. 2 (Winter 1985) Home¦ Issue Contents Jerusalem- City of Saturn Lewis M. Greenberg Copyright (c) 1984 by Lewis M. Greenberg In an earlier paper,(1) Warner Sizemore and I presented a wide range of evidence in support of the thesis that first millennium Jerusalem could rightfully be called "the city of Venus". Now- as a result of further research, the perspective of time, and the work of others- it has become necessary to reassess our previous position. While not wishing to discount the importance and direct influence of Venus on ancient Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular,(2) it would appear that the role of Saturn was highly, perhaps preeminently, significant. And, as it happens, Saturnian aspects were not entirely overlooked by us; they were merely underestimated.(3) Before proceeding further, however, it should be stated quite emphatically that no firm conclusion can be drawn from the religio-historical data regarding the celestial activity of Saturn during the ...
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... home updates news and views picture of the day resources team a role for you contact us Credit: Cassini Imaging Team/SSL/JPL/ESA/NASA home pic of the day archive subject index abstract archive Links: Holoscience Electric Cosmos The Universe Plasma Cosmology Society for Interdisciplinary Studies educational resources Aeon Journal Dec 28, 2004 Prediction #2: Saturn ’ s Surprises Will Point to Electrical Origins Already the Cassini probe of Saturn ’ s realm has returned startling details about the gas giant and it largest moon Titan. These are not the worlds that NASA scientists expected. On October 15, 1997, NASA launched the Cassini spacecraft toward the planet Saturn, perhaps the most enchanting body in the solar system. Almost seven years later, on July 1, 2004, the spacecraft entered an orbit around the gas giant. Scientists had expressed hope that the 3.7 billion dollar Cassini spacecraft would solve longstanding mysteries. But NASA spokesmen had expressed similar hopes for the Galileo mission to Jupiter several years earlier, and if that experience is any indication of what to expect, ...
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47. Saturn's Sacred Mountain [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... Ancient History VIII:1 (Jan 1986) Home¦ Issue Contents INTERACTION Saturn's Sacred Mountain Dwardu Cardona It was bad enough to see critics burden Immanuel Velikovsky with ideas he never really entertained, only to have them ridiculed together with the man who supposedly formulated them. It is however much worse to have a supporter ofthe man burden him in this manner, no matter what the intent may be. While he may have meant well, Charles Seitz is guilty of nothing less. According to Seitz: [1 Immanuel Velikovsky proposed that Saturn was in a stationary position at the North Pole until the time of the Deluge, when it became a nova. Behind Saturn was Jupiter and the rest of the planets. Where, may I ask, did Velikovsky ever propose anything of the sort? Not only were most of the ideas delineated above entirely alien to Velikovsky, he was emphatically against such notions when these were proposed by others. Parts of the above scenario were independently presented by David Talbott and myself. [2 Velikovsky, who was aware of our separate ...
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48. Conclusion [The Saturn Myth] [Books]
... Such a suspicion is difficult to dispel in the face of such "primitive" imagery as golden mountains reaching heaven, revolving islands and temples, winged goddesses, cosmic bulls, circular serpents, and descending rivers of fire. Mythologists quickly despair of rational explanation. But it is the thesis of this book that the confusion results chiefly from the failure of the modern age to discern the underlying cosmic order to which the myths refer. Our reconstruction of this order includes the following elements: In the earliest age recalled by man the planet Saturn was the dominant celestial body. Ancient races the world over record that there was once a "Golden Age"-- a kingdom of cosmic harmony ruled by a central light god. Numerous sources identify this light god as the planet Saturn. Accounts of Saturn's appearance suggest that the planet hung ominously close to the earth. In early ritual and astronomy Saturn appears as the "primeval sun," described as a figure of "terrifying splendour." Today, Saturn appears as a bare speck of light following the same visual ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 255  -  15 Nov 2001  -  11k  -  URL:
... Bimson, and C Raspil Q1. What if there was a flare up on the sun and the aurora borealis was seen much more widely? Could it look like a polar configuration, or could we have a solar rather than a polar configuration? Charles Raspil thought a solar flare-up would lead to a lot of energy coming out of the magnetotail of the earth. This would impinge on the ionosphere, giving more visible effects. Some sort of configuration in the past may have been located at the North Pole. Perhaps it was Saturn and the other planets, or perhaps it was just some sort of magnetic field-type structure. However from time to time right up to the present century, if you look at the Charles Fort material, these strange objects have been entering the Earth's atmosphere. Perhaps even now some UFO phenomena could be explained by them as well. There seems to have been a dampening effect. It seems in the past there was a greater amount of energy available, for whatever reason, and these things have decreased over time. Q2. ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 255  -  05 Mar 2003  -  16k  -  URL:
... From: Aeon I:2 (Feb 1988) Home¦ Issue Contents On testing The Polar configuration David Talbott Background This is a follow-up article to my previous "Reconstructing the Saturn Myth," AEON Vol. I, No. 1. It is assumed that readers will have read that article and are familiar with the general context of the theory discussed in the following pages. Defining the model In presenting the case for Saturn's polar configuration it is necessary to draw upon many wide-ranging pieces of a celestial puzzle. But the theory can only give meaning to the separate pieces by reference to a model outside all generally accepted theoretical frameworks. In effect, our interpretation of each significant datum requires one to tentatively grant a sweeping theory reinterpreting all of the data. It would be an understatement to say that this can create a major difficulty in communication. Our argument on behalf of the polar configuration must concentrate initially on the model and the way it interprets ancient myth. If a new theory can unify and explain its subject, the quickest way to deal with ...
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