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41. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... source: NEW SCIENTIST 15.5.86, p.35 The theory of active volcanoes on Venus takes a knock. The radiobursts detected by Pioneer Venus Orbiter seem not to have been generated by lightning over erupting volcanoes but by plasma instabilities in the ionosphere. Further analysis of the data failed to confirm the original pattern of "clustering" over the highland regions and showed equal frequencies all over the planet. However, there has been a drop in the sulphur dioxide levels in the atmosphere since 1978, so perhaps there had been a recent major eruption? Santorini and Darkness Over Egypt source: NEW SCIENTIST 15.5.86, p.35 A study of sediments from the N.E. Delta region of Egypt shows evidence of material of volcanic origin at depths corresponding to an age of between 3595 and 3512 years before present. Also detected are glassy shards which are thought to be of the right size and composition to have been debris from the Santorini (There) eruption in the eastern Mediterranean. Halley, Another Surprise sources: NATURE 321, pp.259-366; NEW SCIENTIST 22.5.86, p.30 There is an excellent Supplement in ...
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... with their aetiology. There is also a pressing need for better time scales. As we shall see, both the Camp Century core and the Byrd Station core have been furnished with a plurality of time scales. Fortunately, the differences among these various time scales are usually not great, at least within the Holocene. To the best of my knowledge, no complete time scale for Dye 3 has as yet been published. A partial scale has appeared in Hammer, Clausen, Friedrich, and Tauber, "The Minoan Eruption of Santorini in Greece Dated to 1645 BC?" Nature, 6 August 1987, page 518. They equate a depth of 1227.5 meters with 1645 B.C.; this, together with the two graphs that they provide, confirms that a depth of 1200 meters would date from a little over 3500 years ago. This is an important announcement, and is much more precise than anything that we could derive from the rough graph in Reeh, Johnsen, and Dahl-Jensen. Ice Core Samples In order to clarify the boundaries of the fracture zone ...
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43. New Scenarios for Solar System Evolution [SIS Internet Digest $]
... palynological and sedimentary records; even varve records and ice-cores have their limitations when it comes to highly refined dating questions. Currently it is fair to say that, for anything earlier than the present millennium, there is no good understanding of the causes of the various environmental downturns noted in the tree-ring records. In 1984 Val LaMarche and Kathy Hirschboeck pointed out a severe frost ring in their Californian bristlecone pine tree-ring record relating to the calendar year 1627 BC. Their suggestion that this frost event might have been due to the eruption of the Santorini volcano in the Aegean is still a source of active debate. Flavio Barbiero, Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici, Capodiponte, Italy: Changes in the Rotation Axis of Earth After Asteroid Or Cometary Impacts Evidence exists that the poles have changed position during the recent past in a very rapid way- in a matter of days. This possibility, however, so far has been disregarded by official science on the basis that such a phenomenon is thought to be physically impossible: no mechanism is known and no energy capable of provoking it ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 8  -  05 Mar 2003  -  44k  -  URL:
44. CHAOS AND CREATION: Bibliography [Quantavolution Website]
... III Kronos (Fall), 68-71. Dorsey, G. A. (1904), Traditions of the Skidi Pawnee, Houghton Mifflin& Co., Boston, New York. Douglas, Mary (1970), Natural Symbols, Explorations in Cosmology, Pantheon, New York. Doumanis, George A.& William E. Long (1962), "The Ancient Life of the Antarctic," 207 Scientific American No. 3 (September). Doumas, Christos (1974), "The Minoan Eruption of the Santorini Volcano," XLVIII Antiquity, 110-115. Driscoll, E. (1972), "Bonanza from the Highlands," Science News (July 1), 12-3. Dudley, H. C. (1972), "Letter on Internuclear Exchanges produced by Neutrino Sea," 5 Nuovo Cimento, 231. Duran, Diego (1971), Book of the Gods and Rites of the Ancient Calendar, Transl., ed. and annot. by Fernando Horcasitas and Doris Heyden, U. of Oklahoma Press, Norman ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 8  -  03 Apr 2004  -  88k  -  URL:
... in 1948 that "Our inquiry has often been made difficult by the rarity in most reports of observations on beds as a nuisance or of little interest" [2. The recent excavation of settlements of Minoan times, buried beneath or affected by the tephra of the exploded volcano of ancient Thera-Santorini, did posses the broader perspective that Schaeffer sought. Marinatos and others introduced research on the far-flung effects of the disaster. Heezen and Ninkovich discovered a layer of ash on the south-eastern floor of the Mediterranean Sea that they could ascribe to the Santorini explosion. Charles and Dorothy Vitaliano followed up with analyses of tephra from scattered locations on Crete and elsewhere [3. The search and testing are continuing. Still, the Thera case is exceptional, and even yet far from complete. The ash coverings of settlements have rarely been analyzed. We speak of overall calcination, and not so much of the bones of hearths that have lent evidence of the ecology, cuisine, and religious ceremonies of early human groups. Overall calcination has sometimes, with less than complete evidence, been ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 8  -  03 Apr 2004  -  72k  -  URL:
... of Greenland and Antarctica; bedrock has been reached in both continents. Annual or close to annual series of ages achieving 100,000 years have been claimed for the cores. One core, already referred to, drilled at Camp Century, Greenland [6, exhibits the following characteristics on its test of "acid rain" fallout. 1390 50 BC. This is the only signal exceeding 2.6 uequiv H+ Kg -1 between 1100 and 2700 BC, and we therefore interpret it as being due to the large eruption of Thera (Santorini) in the Aegean Sea, which is generally agreed to have been of the same magnitude as that of Tambora (1815). The tephra production has recently been estimated at more than 28 km 3 (13 km 3 of dense rock equivalent) [7. This unusually large eruption has been radio-carbon dated at 1720 50 BC on the calibrated radiocarbon scale... However, archaeological evidence from the excavation of the Minoan settlement near Akrotiri on Santorini strongly suggests that the island was inhabited least up to 1500 BC judging by ...
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47. In Search of the Exodus [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... , and fire falling from the sky(?), swarms of flies and other insects, and an impenetrable darkness persisting for three days. Victims buried in rubble and decomposing would have represented a breeding ground for insects, bacteria, and sickness. All very persuasive-- and yet a single earthquake seems too little to affect the consciousness of a whole people, a multitude numbering in the thousands. Others have visualized the hail and fire falling from the sky as the ash and pumice of a giant volcanic eruption, such as Santorini experienced in the Aegean, or one in Sinai. [31 Garstang, who excavated at Jericho, suggested that at the time of Exodus the fault line of the Rift Valley, from Palestine to Lakes Tanganyika and Malawi in Africa was in a state of seismic hemorrhage. Ian Wilson claims the Santorini eruption may have sent a tidal wave into the Nile Delta region, the waters heaped up to confounding levels, as with the passage of the Sea of Reeds in Exodus. Velikovsky was the most dramatic of all, painting a ...
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48. Focus [SIS C&C Review $]
... Destructions in the Near East" in SISR IV:4.Schaeffer was inclined to attribute these destructions to seismic activity, and in the light of our knowledge of plate tectonics, Dr Baity thought it noteworthy that the Palestinian rift, in which many Bronze Age cities were repeatedly built and rebuilt, is one of the major plate boundaries. Further afield, in China, not on a major plate boundary, legends suggest an early destruction by flood rather than earthquake. And the eruption of the volcano on the island of Thera (Santorini) in the Aegean must certainly have played some part in the decline of Minoan civilisation. On balance, the archaeological and geological evidence that many prehistoric and proto-historic cultures were struck down by massive natural catastrophes, rather than the action of man, is impressive. Taking into account ancient man's obsession with the skies, Dr Baity has recently been considering the various theories which argue for catastrophes initiated by extraterrestrial agents, i.e comets, planets, asteroids, meteorites. She concluded her talk with a discussion of the different reconstructions of such ...
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49. Geomagnetic Reversals? [SIS C&C Review $]
... period from 13 500 to 12 500 BP manganese deposits indicate a rapid series of oscillations. Their dating of the period from about 11 000 BP to the present is not precisely delineated, but for carbonate and organic carbon records they show marked fluctuations at about 2000 BC and at about 1000 BC. There is a clear correlation with the Gothenburg event at 13 500 BP and the Foigheraiter event of the 8th century BC. The change around 2000 BC does not correlate with any reported magnetic reversal, but it is interesting to note that Santorini erupted violently in the 15th century BC and Bond (1976) has pointed out that there is in fact a multiplicity of sources of the volcanic deposits in the Aegean area. Magaritz and Kaufman (1973), in a study of fossil shells in the Eastern Mediterranean, also note an abrupt change in composition at about 3000 BC. The polar wander path, in the present model is applicable to both the magnetic and geographic poles, since it is the Earth that moves relative to the rotation axis. Evidence of glaciation at ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 4  -  05 Mar 2003  -  96k  -  URL:
... 1976), pp. 333, 334. 50. MI Budyko, 'Climatic Change', Soviet Geography, Vol. 10 (1969), p. 437. 51. Flohn, op cit [39, pp. 141, 142. 52. Budyko, op cit [38, pp. 18, 19. 53. JR Bray, 'Volcanic Triggering of Glaciation', Nature, Vol. 260 (1976), pp. 414, 415. 54. MGL Baillie, MAR Munro, 'Irish Tree Rings, Santorini and Volcanic Dust Veils', Nature, Vol. 332 (1988), pp. 344-346 55. I have written a book on global mythologies and commemorations arising from an encounter of the Earth with the Taurid meteoroid stream (looking for a publisher). ...
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