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21. 2nd SIS Cambridge Conference Abstracts [SIS Internet Digest $]
... 14:45 Prof Mike G L Baillie, Queen's University, Belfast Tree-ring Evidence for Environmental Disasters During the Bronze Age: Causes and Effects In 1988 the observation was made that narrowest-ring events in Irish sub-fossil oak chronologies appeared to line up with large acidities in the Greenland ice records from Camp Century and Dye3. Three of the events, at tree-ring ages 2345 BC, 1628 BC and 1159 BC turned out to be of particular interest as they contributed to debates on the Hekla 4 eruption in Iceland, dated to 2310 20 CalBC, Santorini in the Aegean, dated to circa 1670-1530 CalBC, and, possibly, Hekla 3, linked by Hammer and colleagues to their 1120 30 BC acid layer. It quickly became apparent, most notably through comments from Kevin Pang, that the two later events might relate in some way to the start and end of the Chinese Shang dynasty. It is equally of interest that the Egyptian New Kingdom traditionally spans the approximate range 1570 to 1080 BC. So the question arose whether these two volcano-related events could have caused widespread dynastic change ...
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22. Ice Cores and Catastrophism [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... look good enough to preclude the occurrence of cosmic catastrophes at the times and of the intensity that Velikovsky's scenario requires." This is a formidable challenge to Velikovskian catastrophism, and we should take it up. I hope these comments of mine will start the ball rolling for a fruitful discussion. At the start, I should like to point out that the evidence from the Greenland ice cores, as interpreted by the scientists themselves also appears to provide good evidence against revised chronologies. The ice core dating for the eruption of Thera/Santorini, given as 1390 50 BC,(2) is somewhat too early for Velikovsky's own,(3) the "Glasgow Chronology", and the revised chronology of Rohl and James.(4) Since the revised chronologies stand on their own feet, irrespective of whether Velikovsky's historical cosmic catastrophe scenario is correct or incorrect, this ice core evidence strikes a body blow at most areas in the Velikovskian field. I expect the historians to take up the challenge alongside the scientists. Speaking for myself, I have been convinced ...
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... Sieff 1 A CHRONOLOGICAL CHART OF RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS by Kirk L. Thompson 2 CONFIRMATION OF DR VELIKOVSKY'S THEORIES REGARDING ELECTROMAGNETIC AND ELECTROSTATIC FORCES IN CELESTIAL MECHANICS by Ian C. Johnson 5 SOME NOTES ON THE REVISED CHRONOLOGY by Lester J. Mitcham 6 MONITOR: Fragmentation and Avoidance of Chronology* Catastrophist Evolution, A Marxist Philosophy?* The Evolution Debate* Still No Fair Hearing* Practical Electronics Debate* An Earthly Ring?* Ebla Affair?* Sodom and Gomorrah Found!* The Martian Steeds* "A Double Planet?"* Santorini Volcano Theory* Evolutionary Fluxes?* Secular Humanist Declaration* Terminal Eocene Catastrophe* Terminal Cretaceous Catastrophe* Jupiter's Electromagnetism* TL and Isotope Dating* Terminal Eocene Event* "Saturn's Moons Hold The Ring"* Venus- Embarrassingly Hot!* "Saturn's Rings Defy Nature's Laws"* Ice Core Record of Volcanism* "Saturn's Secrete Revealed" 9 SOCIETY NEWS 21 BOOK REVIEWS: Stonehenge and Its Mysteries* Realms of the Human Unconscious* Zodiacs Old and New* Life ON Earth 22 LETTERS: NASA and the Collective Subconscious* ...
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24. Focus [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... . One cannot be quite sure who has misinterpreted what, when one reads about: -" predictions that have fallen flat on their faces- that both Venus and Mars would be found to radiate more heat than they receive from the sun... Venus has an oxygen-rich atmosphere". (Surely it was that Velikovsky said if oxygen was present in the atmosphere of Venus it would be consumed in petroleum fires?) The truth, we are told, is that the Bible does report garbled reports of genuine disasters (the Santorini volcano is provided as the example here, linked with the Atlantis story and "some Biblical stories"). We are told that "the attempt by some scientists 30 years ago to suppress Velikovsky's book was disgraceful", that "the refusal to offer a reasoned response to Velikovsky has encouraged supporters who assume that science doesn't respond because science can't refute it." And we are asked to believe that Sagan has provided that reasoned response! We leave our readers to judge whether or not the likes of Mr. Gribbin are ...
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25. Ice Core Evidence [The Velikovskian $]
... is that they believe they know exactly which specific, ancient acid signal in the ice core belongs to a specific, ancient volcanic eruption (2,000 to 7,000 years old). But this is based purely on assumption. They cannot know with certainty whether or not this is the case because volcanic tephra dating techniques are not completely reliable. The glaciologists' entire concept is based on circular reasoning. I had pointed out to Ellenberger, while in Canada, that the volcanologists claimed the acid signal reported by Mewhinney for Santoríni (Thera) was 15 times greater than Santoríni could produce. So how can anyone claim to know the origin of any acid signal?! When we are forced to go back into ancient times --when precise reports of volcanic activity outside the civilised world were neither reported nor dated reliably-one can only guess which acid signal comes from which volcano. This point is made specifically clear by Walter Sullivan in a New York Times article: "Fifty-seven of 69 [volcanic events recorded [in the Greenland ice core for the last 2, ...
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26. Edfu Books (Advert) [SIS C&C Review $]
... governor of Tiberias, a leader of 600 rebel 'fishermen', and to have died in AD 68- long after the traditional date for his crucifixion. Tempest& Exodus Discovers a large quotation from the biblical Exodus, inscribed on the 'Tempest Stele' of Ahmose I- the first time that an Old Testament account has been found in the historical record. The implications of this revelation are that the biblical Exodus must have occurred in the early 16th century BC, that the biblical plagues were probably caused by the eruption of Thera (Santorini), and that the Israelites were paid a large tribute by Ahmose I to leave Egypt- which they used to fabricate the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant. A further revelation, that springs directly from this quotation, is that the biblical Mt Sinai is most probably the Great Pyramid of Giza. If this were the case, then the circling of the 'mountains' around Sinai was in fact a ceremonial circumnavigation of Giza- a ritual that is preserved to this day by the circling of the Ka'ba in Mecca. ...
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27. C&C Workshop 1986, Number 2: Contents [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: C&C Workshop 1986, Number 2 Texts Home¦ SIS Workshop Home Society for Interdisciplinary Studies CHRONOLOGY& CATASTROPHISM WORKSHOP 1986, Number 2 SOCIETY NEWS 1 ARTICLES Abraham in Egypt by E.J.Sweeney 3 The Land(s) of Punt by Daniel Kline 7 Rehabilitation of Censorinus by G.W. Oosterhout 11 Computed Planetary Orbits and the Babylonian Observations of Venus by Eric W.Crew 14 MONITOR:* Venus Volcanism?* Santorini and Darkness over Egypt* Halley, Another Surprise* Tilts at Uranus* Unstable Antarctica* Saturn's Recent Rings* "Badly Misdated"* Missing Tectonic Heat?* Magnetic Flipping?* Earthquake Electrics?* Meteorites from Mars* Iridium Connection* Ammonite King Rediscovered* Shell Slipping and Polar Wandering* Gold on Petroleum* Indomitable Maverick* A Catastrophe, 10,000 BC?* Mammoth Extinction 21 BOOKSHELF: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind* Het Ontstaan van Israel: De Geschiedenis van het Oude Testament 26 HORIZONS:* notes on CSIS Seminar 34 LETTERS from, E.J. Sweeney, R. Forshufvud, H ...
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... at a port city. This is to be the basis for a forthcoming book from Rohl which will argue that the Minoans were the Hyksos and the mural depicts them being expelled from the Nile Delta. Carrying their dead kings with them they arrived in Greece and, striking inland, founded Mycenae, the burials of the kings being those attributed to Agamemnon. Part of his evidence is that the provenance of the gold of 'Agamemnon's mask' has recently been proved to be South Africa and not Europe. They then spread to Crete and Santorini. As Akrotiri was therefore destroyed after the Hyksos fled Egypt, Rohl dates the Thera eruption to 1100BC, also giving a placement for the 18th dynasty of Egypt due to its Mycenaean connections. We look forward to being able to read both Trevor's paper and David Rohl's book in the future. ...
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... a fiery glow emanating from her body. Something must have gone terribly wrong. On a statue of Sekhmet in the British Museum, Amenhotep III calls himself 'beloved of Sekhmet' and Akhenaten later calls himself 'beloved of Aten'. Since both are forms of solar deities, did some sun-related event cause this? Then follows one of the most interesting parts of the book. One way in which the sun can be obscured is by cloud from a massive volcanic eruption. Phillips describes the events following the huge volcanic explosions at Thera (Santorini), Pompeii, Krakatoa (between Java and Sumatra) in 1883 and Mount St Helens (near Seattle) in 1980. In the aftermath of these, very similar events were reported to those described in the Bible as the plagues of the Exodus- e.g. after the 1980 explosion there were huge fish kills in rivers and streams affected by ash fallout, followed later by a plague of frogs. The frog spawn, protected under ledges and leaves, survived the temporary flow of acid waters under the ash clouds. With ...
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30. Ice Cores and Common Sense (Part II) [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... and Langway, Nature, August 5, 1982, p. 548; Shoji and Langway, in Greenland Ice Core, p. 39. 31. Gundestrup and Johnsen, in Greenland Ice Core, p.21. 32. Dansgaard et al., Science, December 24, 1982, p. 1274. 33. See Table 1 from Reeh et al., op. cit.; Hammer et al., "Ice-Core Dating of the Pleistocence/Holocene Boundary"; Hammer et al., "The Minoan Eruption of Santorini in Greece Dated to 1645 B.C.?" Nature, August 6, 1987, p. 518. 34. Epstein et al., Science, June 26, 1970, p. 1571. 35. On the same page. 36. Rose, "Greenland Ice Cores." Kronos, XII:2, p. 55. 37. Ibid., pp. 55-56. 38. Rose, "Greenland Ice Cores." Kronos, XII:2, p. 56, quoting N. I. ...
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