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81. Is Early Bronze the Time of the Exodus? [Journals] [Catastrophism & Ancient History]
... History V:2 (July 1983) Home | Issue Contents INTERACTION Is Early Bronze the Time of the Exodus?Marvin Luckerman Professor Emmanuel Anati, an Italian expert on rock art, lectured recently at UCLA, "Har Karkom: A Holy Mountain in the Desert of Exodus." Surveying in the Negev Mountains, he had explored a ... called Har Karkom which had many examples of rock art, one of which was particularly surprising. It depicted a series of worshipers, but instead of a god there was only a slash where the figure of a bull or some other deity should have been shown. After working at Har Karkom a few years Dr. Anati discovered a platform ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 587  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/cat-anc/vol0502/111time.htm
... worship, palaces, sculptors' studios, and places of amusement came to light. The sepulchral chambers, however, had never been concealed from human eyes; these deserted rock chambers were known before the short-lived capital itself. They were built before the city proper was finished; it was more important for the Egyptian to have a house of ... caught with a realism unusual for the epoch of the New Kingdom. In these pictures lies the great interest that these tombs hold for Egyptologists and everyone interested in history and art. The southern group of tombs is composed of the sepulchral apartments of Tutu, "The Chief Mouthpiece for the Foreign Countries";1 Mahu, chief of gendarmery ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 586  -  04 Jul 2007  -  URL: /online/no-text/velikovsky/oedipus/108-queen.htm
83. KA [Books]
... of Attus, with his head covered. [12] Cicero mentions a rather similar occurrence. Numerius Suffustius of Praeneste, acting on a dream, split open a flint rock. Oak lots with carvings in ancient letters emerged, "sortes in robore insculptas priscarum litterarum notis." Honey is said to have flowed from an olive tree at ... into being, was similar to the development of modern language of the age of electronics and space-age technology, whereby Latinized English becomes a world-wide language among practitioners of the associated arts and sciences. Moreover, it was a language everywhere of fire, god's fire, electric fire or the closest simulations thereof. The reader may express surprise and disbelief ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 584  -  19 Jun 2005  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/crosthwaite/ka_1.htm
... in psychoanalysis PAGE 23 Is the Universe Finite? Frederic B. Jueneman discusses black holes and Hawking's paradox. PAGE 41 Suns and Planets in Neolithic Art Ev Cochrane analyzes ancient rock art for evidence of recent changes in the solar system. PAGE 51 Baal-Manzer the Tyrian: A Reappraisal Brad Aaronson offers an identification of this important Tyrian king. PAGE ... Duane Vorhees chronicles Velikovsky's career in psychoanalysis PAGE 23 Is the Universe Finite? Frederic B. Jueneman discusses black holes and Hawking's paradox. PAGE 41 Suns and Planets in Neolithic Art Ev Cochrane analyzes ancient rock art for evidence of recent changes in the solar system. PAGE 51 Baal-Manzer the Tyrian: A Reappraisal Brad Aaronson offers an identification of this ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 578  -  30 Jul 2008  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/aeon/vol0302/index.htm
85. On testing The Polar configuration [Journals] [Aeon]
... Shining Mountain Colhuacan, recognized by many writers as a polar column. On the summit of Colhuacan dwelt the original divine race. (109) The Omaha recall the great rock which Wakanda summoned from the waters in the beginning: "the great white rock, standing and reaching as high as the heavens, enwrapped in mist, verily as ... 40) The Babylonian Shamash occupies the center of a revolving, wheel-like celestial enclosure. (41) The Hindus celebrated the wheel of the sun god Surya, and in art the god is presented in the center of a fiery wheel-as is also the true sun Brahma. (42) The same symbolism of the sun-wheel occurs in Buddhist art ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 578  -  30 Jul 2008  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/aeon/vol0102/095polar.htm
... in the cloud-space, in a box of gold and silver, in a case adorned with silver, gave it to the ether- maidens, called a virgin then to rock it, that it might become a new- moon, that a second sun might follow. On the long-cloud rocked the virgin, on the blue- edge of ... was deformed with sloughs and utterly wild by reason of deep quagmires, unfertile forests, and woods. There was then no production of tame fruits, nor any instruments of art or invention of wit. And hunger gave no time, nor did seed- time then stay for the yearly season. What wonder is it if we made use ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 574  -  26 Mar 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/vel-sources/source-2.htm
... the case of ghosts, and claim that according to Hebrew belief the disem bodied spirit in the moment of its disembodi ment received power to penetrate the soil and the unrifted rock overarching the Sheol cavity. But this is to go quite beyond the evidence. Nowhere do the biblical writers claim or imply that solid material barriers impose no limita tions ... with the question of antecedent probability. Nature knows nothing of disks, hardly anything of discoids. A disk is a product . WHITEHOUSE S HEBREW WORLD 23 of measurably advanced art. On the other hand, primeval men saw spheres and spheroids on every hand. The sun and moon are visible globes. The sand grain and the bowlder, ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 573  -  19 Jul 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/paradise/1909-earliest.htm
... even the best-known sources. A representative example is Sagan's statement, in his "summary" of Velikovsky's thesis, that at the moment that Moses strikes his staff upon the rock, the Red Sea parts." (S c. V, p. 57). This phrase contains two elementary mistakes: Jam Suf, the Sea of ... ES). Following on Velikovsky's original AAAS paper, it presents extensive rebuttal to Sagan and his main co-authors from Velikovsky himself and from Kronos editor Prof. Lewis Greenberg (Art History, Moore College of Art), Prof. Lynn Rose (Philosophy, SUNY. Buffalo), Ralph Juergens (Engineer), Prof. Sidney Wilhelm ( ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 572  -  08 Mar 2006  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/mage/index.htm
89. Monitor [Journals] [SIS Workshop]
... have found evidence for a tsunami about 40m high hitting the south coast of Australia 100,000 years ago. Dunes up to 50m high were swept away and blocks of rock weighing 20 tonnes were moved. The culprit could have been an enormous submarine land slip off Hawaii, but the researchers concede that it could also have been earthquakes or ... ,000 years ago, long before the first modern-looking skulls appear in Africa and over 300,000 years before modern humans turn up in China. In Australia engraved rock art has been dated at 45,000 years, 13,000 years earlier than the first in Europe. (See also Early Men Get Older', last issue ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 569  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/workshop/w1992no2/22monit.htm
... . . . from the Upper Paleolithic represent a diverse body of evidence. They document a complex use of manufactured art and symbol.... The decorated caves and rock walls of the period are regional and specialised aspects of the more general, widespread tradition of symbol usage represented by the mobiliary materials.(50) From the early ... have made it clear that prehistoric cultures were much more complex than formerly believed. One researcher, Alexander Marshack, has conducted an exhaustive re-examinanation of Upper Paleolithic artifacts and cave art His conclusions significantly affect the conventional evaluation of Upper Paleolithic cultures. The period currently is theorised to have begun with the appearance of biologically fully modern humans, around 35 ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 568  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/kronos/vol0204/029psych.htm
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