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... not been or cannot be explained, that is unknown to all or concealed from some and therefore exciting curiosity or wonder, or that is incomprehensible or uncomprehended". In the religious sense, the "mysterion" is a "religious truth revealed by God that man cannot know by reason alone and that once it has been revealed cannot be completely understood" ... the star, because of an erupting volcano and the subsequent "wandering in the desert", is also the result of pure catastrophism, as is the founding of a new religion because of the sudden appearance of a human-observer satellite in neutron skies. It is obvious, too, that Forward has simply appropriated some of Velikovsky's speculations about the history of the ... the cheelah see its light as "Bright's Messenger" and worship it. One of the cheelah, a predictably neurotic runt (for such types seem to be the founders of religions, in Forward's simplistic view), proclaims himself the "son" of Bright's Messenger; and as proof of his divinity recounts and demonstrates ecstatic experiences which occur when radar-laser beams ...
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82. The Milky Way [Aeon Journal $]
... of such peculiar themes? Here the evidence from ancient Egypt is most compelling: Not only do these very themes feature prom-inently in the Pyramid Texts-- the oldest body of religious texts to be found anywhere in the world-- the Egyptian language, with its emphasis upon the concrete, provides a wealth of clues to the original nature of the celestial ... "suns" and launching planets into new and strange orbits. With the supplanting of these prim-eval suns and planets-- in many ways the focal point of ancient myth and religion-- the ancient skywatchers sought substitutes amongst the stars and constellations which appeared in the wake of the cataclysm. Traditions originally associated with the planet Venus, for example, became ... , "Intimations of An Alien Sky," Aeon 2:5 (1991), pp. 14-29. 84. F. Boll, "Kronos-Helios," Archiv fur Religionswissenschaft 19 (1916-1919), pp. 343ff. 85. Epinomis 987c. Note that some authorities think that this book was written by Philip of Opus. See also Diodorus II ...
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... support will be offered through a comparative study of the play's sources. There appear to be strong lines of connection between Hamlet, its literary and historical antecedents and certain myths and religious stories in cultures widely separated from Shakespeare in place and time. The nature of these connections is the topic of this paper, for only in certain cases was the apparent source ... what it is they have to say in common. JOSEPH CAMPBELL has taught us that we can expect "to uncover some of the truths disguised for us under the figures of religion and mythology by bringing together a multitude of not-too-difficult examples and letting the ancient meaning become apparent of itself" [9. In this paper, I intend to bring together the ... Velikovsky's theories. The most important element of the narrative for our purposes is the ball-game. Mullen tells us that the ritual ball-game is a major component in all Mesoamerican myths and religions, and that it is usually found in association with a changed world-order and a worship of the celestial body identifiable as Venus. The three seem to belong together in the Mesoamerican ...
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84. The Israelite Origins of Monotheism and the Prohibition of Killing [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... into two chronologically distinct parts. Bible research meanwhile holds that the complete Abraham-Isaac legend was "originally one myth against human sacrifice on Moriah," 12 an approach so bound to religious tradition it cannot take into consideration that Abraham's achievement is in completely overcoming such a tradition. III. The Exodus and New Israelite Identity The events which destroyed the Middle Kingdom of ... have of the Patriarch is not as fortuitous as it may seem. What, then, are we told about Abraham? Abraham is the son of Terach who espouses a planetary religion. We hear that Terach's religion entailed the sacrifice of children to a moon deity whose principal shrines were set up at Ur and Harran. 2 In Northern Syria the moon deity ... of monotheism if one concentrates on this coinciding prohibition on killing. The following explanations justify this proposition. They depend somewhat on the good will of experts in archaeology and history of religions. The vast abundance of material and interpretations in these disciplines permits an investigation of only the standard works; I present, consequently, a theoretical model of which a specialized criticism ...
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85. Discussion [Aeon Journal $]
... those who have eagerly followed the progressive revelations of the neocatastrophist movement, beginning with the publication of Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision in 1950, have been prompted to do so primarily by religious motives deeply rooted in Biblical fundamentalism. It appears to this writer that the catastrophists have found a supportive and interested audience in the religious Biblical fundamentalists. This is not to say ... requirements would have been met. The Glenmore stratum is mute evidence of the phenomenon of cataformity, the natural construct of a cataclysmic fluvial event 26,000 years ago. Fundamentalist Religion and Catastrophism SPEAKER: Anthony Larson To some catastrophists, like their uniformitarian cousins, any hint of Biblical fundamentalism among those in their ranks is unacceptable. An example of this bias ... declaring openly what others among us refuse to admit? Wouldn't it be wise on the part of those conducting research into history from a catastrophist viewpoint to be more tolerant of the religionists among their readers? Isn't the study of catastrophism also the study of the very origins of religion? Why, then, must Biblical fundamentalists, or Koranic fundamentalists, or Upanishadic ...
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... the planet Venus, (33) and Greek colonists in Egypt identified Aphrodite with Isis. (34) It is commonly acknowledged, moreover, that Aphrodite's cult was influenced by religious concepts from the ancient Near East, where the Sumerian Inanna and Akkadian Ishtar among others were identified with the planet Venus. (35) It is significant that Isis shared numerous ... Aeon III:5 (May 1994) Home¦ Issue Contents Sothis and the Morning Star in the Pyramid Texts Ev Cochrane It has frequently been observed that star-worship pervades the earliest religion of Egypt. Certainly this is true of that religion as it is represented in the Pyramid Texts. (1) Countless passages therein identify the king with one celestial body or ... the original German. Bonnet's translation of the Egyptian text is virtually identical, although it does not contain any reference to the Jubilee. See H. Bonnet, Reallexikon der agyptischen Religionsgeschicte (Berlin, 1952), p. 743. 18. R. Faulkner, "The King and the Star-Religion in the Pyramid Texts," JNES 25 (1966) ...
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87. Catastrophism and Anthropology [SIS C&C Review $]
... ancient customs and rituals to these past cataclysms. Vico and Boulanger accepted the ancient belief that the Earth had undergone many natural disasters and that from these global upheavals all institutions and religious ceremonies were derived. Yet, with the emergence of 19th century evolutionary gradualism, all fields of science banned catastrophe theories completely from universities, research and scientific journals. Over and ... evolution, consequently rejecting every possibility that the tradition originated from historical events [2. According to Frazer's biographer, the implicit purpose of this rejection was 'to undermine the Bible and religion by insisting on its folkloric stratum, thereby associating it with savagery' [3. Since then, 20th century anthropology has tended to view the ancient flood traditions as mere reflections ... world and thereby tried to prove that the ancient legends and ceremonies originated from a global natural disaster. Boulanger focused his attention on the impact of these catastrophes on ancient cultures and religions. By analysing ancient cults and rituals, he drew conclusions about the catastrophic past of mankind [60. Recently, Gunnar Heinsohn further developed this line of thought, trying to ...
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88. Society News [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... . Jill Abery Study Group Report Ali Rezah Saheb on Cyrus the Great The talk on 5 November 1994, which was supposed to be about Cyrus, became a discussion about early religious concepts with particular reference to Zoroaster, whose ideas AS believes were disseminated by Cyrus. During the afternoon, Mr Saheb told us a little about himself. In 1949 he was ... the Taurid stream is today. We therefore appear to be living in the post break up period of a giant comet. Such recent events would have had a strong influence on religion and astronomy/astrology and in the long term massive destructive events by bombardment and resulting climate change would have affected evolution via random extinction and survival. Answering questions, Mark Bailey ... of the Magi, Solon also- all the same. Socrates said 'If you recognise yourself, then you will recognise the god'. Bob Porter had alternative suggestions why these religions arose. Just as Mahomet, living amongst polytheism, concocted Islam from Christianity and Judaism, so Z. etc. were influenced by Jewish exiles, also living amongst polytheism, ...
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89. Astral Kingship [Aeon Journal $]
... deity was affiliated with the planet Saturn. (34) It should in no way surprise us, then, to find that our present Sun had been later mistakenly substituted in religious pantheons for a different celestial body. (35) With this in mind, let us then return to a discussion of the divine parentage of Pharaoh with the intention of clarifying ... did not occur until well after the time of Hammurabi. (4) Originally a god of agriculture and magic, Marduk was assimilated into many of the major gods of Sumero-Akkadian religion, eventually becoming supreme among the gods and "King of the gods." (5) "In his visible manifestation he was Nibiru, the planet Jupiter." ( ... Engnell on divine kingship, Talbott on Saturn as universal monarch, and Cochrane on primeval kingship. Nevertheless, this is still an untrodden area of scholarship. Just as "the religions of the peoples of the world have a common astral origin" (Worlds in Collision, "Epilogue"), so does kingship. Finally, I should like to tip ...
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90. Velikovsky and Oedipus [Aeon Journal $]
... the conclusion of Oedipus and Akhnaton Velikovsky protests that Freud's thesis in Moses and Monotheism tended to rob the Jews of their most famous prophet together with their priority in the development of religious monotheism. There Velikovsky wrote: Unless his inner motivations are understood, one is equally baffled by Freud's insistence on writing and publishing as his last book-- almost as his ... On the eve of his departure from a long life he had to blast the Hebrew God, demote his prophet, and glorify an Egyptian apostate as the founder of a great religion. (3) Velikovsky goes so far as to suggest that Freud's conclusions with respect to Moses and the historical development of monotheism were neurotically motivated: When Freud approached Akhnaton he ... valuable discussion of Eratosthenes' myth see R. Merkelbach, "Origin and Religious Meaning of Greek Tragedy and Comedy, According to the 'Erigone' of Eraloslhenes," History of Religions HI: 2 (Winter, 1964), pp.175-190. 133. (p.36 #1) This latter motive is a patent reference to the World Tree which grew up in ...
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