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71. Epic Postscript [Kronos $]
... major constituent was the Biblical Blockbuster. it was not until the box-office triumph of the war, violence, crime, and disaster movies- beginning in the late sixties- that Religious Spectaculars capitulated and virtually disappeared from the repertoire of American cinema.(1) Here is an interesting psychological phenomenon indeed, for while American movies have always been well represented by ... post-War years which captured (until now) the largest audiences and made the most money.(2) The movie theater became a quasi-temple as Americans immersed themselves in a vicarious religion of cinematic spiritual fantasy. [* It would appear that Americans resorted to the classic principle of epic conversion in order to sublimate the psychological effects of the War years; film ... phenomenon indeed, for while American movies have always been well represented by the horror, monster, science-fiction, war, crime, violence, and disaster genre, it was the Religio-heroic theme of the post-War years which captured (until now) the largest audiences and made the most money.(2) The movie theater became a quasi-temple as Americans immersed themselves ...
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... have been so since the beginning of history. Ancient civilisations of both hemispheres measured time by astronomical cycles and worshipped celestial bodies as primary deities. Monarchs typically held both civil and religious authority in theocratic states which were controlled or significantly influenced by astronomer-priesthoods. Major religious ceremonies marked phases in astronomical cycles, celebrating the sequence of seasons and other ecologically important events. ... a greater chance of survival than groups that did not. Anthropology links measurement of time by astronomical cycles with mastery of controlled agriculture and the rise of full civilisation. Tied to religion, ancient concerns with astronomy have remained an integral part of diverse human cultures to the present. North American lndians still preserve traditions believed to be remnants of the ancient Mesoamerican astronomical ... outset. This indicates that here, as well, developmental roots for the astronomically grounded religious and civil structure may be found in prehistoric generations. A universal characteristic of ancient astral religions and priesthoods involved the "measurement of time by the movements of the heavenly bodies.. .; the very word measure, like the word month.. ., goes ...
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... uniformitarian ideas of evolution when these were advanced by Darwin, Huxley and their allies, and more effective too than the uniformitarian efforts to censor Velikovsky's catastrophism. Catastrophism flourished in the religious dogma of the world and still does. Certain doubtful exceptions are provided by a few primitive tribes, some modern versions of Christianity, periodic cultic manifestations largely of oriental character, ... accepted these premises, but, as we know, the prevailing scientific majority rejects them. Significantly, the present uniformitarian dominance was not achieved at the expense only of theology and religion. Many scientists, including some great ones, had to be ignored or pushed aside. I have already indicate that in the early days of science, the prevailing view of ... to this day can be carried on the shelves of a large bookcase. Almost all of the lost works that dealt with astronomy, geology, anthropology, and the history of religions must have treated of catastrophes and possessed a catastrophic viewpoint. I venture this from the fact that the great majority of the works that remain can be so described. There is ...
Terms matched: 3  -  Score: 1366  -  03 Apr 2004  -  35k  -  URL:
... fermenting for over three decades: The desire to understand the roots of advanced culture (Greek and Hebrew) in ancient Egypt together with the simultaneous urge to understand the origins of religious sentiment. Freud's thesis, briefly, was as follows: Monotheism originated in Egypt, where it was established as a state religion by Akhenaton. Upon the latter's death, an ... priest by the name of Moses gathered together a hitherto oppressed and nomadic tribe of Semites and, upon leading them to Canaan, kept the Egyptian king's religion alive. Shortly thereafter, however, upon tiring of the strict measures imposed by Moses, of which circumcision was the most obvious, the masses revolted and killed their Egyptian leader. The idea that Moses ... and supported the Zionist cause. One especially revealing quote illustrates this side of Freud's character: I can say that I stand as far from the Jewish religion as from all other religions... On the other hand, I have always had a strong feeling of belonging together with my people and have always nurtured it in my children as well. We ...
Terms matched: 3  -  Score: 1362  -  05 Mar 2003  -  21k  -  URL:
75. The Rise of Blood Sacrifice [Aeon Journal $]
... freshly slaughtered "idols." Such "statues" of gods quickly decomposed. Therefore, it is not by chance that, for example, Mycenaean archaeology failed to deliver these religious items expected by excavators. (106) Instead, poles and pillars were found whose function was never really understood. Nevertheless, in the early sixties, the link between corpses ... enigmatic. Though well documented, the textual and archaeological sources which point to catastrophic preconditions for the emergence of a sacrificial elite, are only rarely taken into consideration by students of religion. This paper tries to show the essential correctness of Mesopotamian myths, which claim the first "cult places" and their priestly personnel to have emerged as institutions for "beclouded ... Y., 1986), p. 93. 119. On the elements of Jewish monotheism, cf. G. Heinsohn, "Was ist Judentum?" Zeitschrift für Religions-- und Geistesgeschichte 43:4 (1991). 120. Numbers 23:9. 121. E. Meyer, Ursprünge und Anfänge des Christ-entums, Vol. II ...
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... say; the Jewish legend says that it was a temporary moratorium on births for all people. Even birth control policies in America have been declared forms of infanticide and genocide by religious and racial minority leaders and writers. Egypt was a heavily regulated, bureaucratic state. There is something to be made of Moses' name. It is clearly Egyptian, meaning ... as an historical gift to the reconciliation. For the first time in 3400 years, some people were speaking well of the Egyptians. (It matters little in the rhetoric of religion or ethnicism that neither the Egyptians nor the Israeli of today are much like their namesakes of Exodus.) THE LOVE CHILD What strikes me about Freud's determination that Moses was an ... take in the heavenly movements? The answer is fairly plain: there is too much fatalism, too little drive, permitted in the fascination with celestial bodies; further, other religions were performing astrological services as effectively as the Jews with their scant resources might, and hence people would hear the fatal call of Egypt and Babylon. Again the problem of control ...
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77. Earth Lights [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... above a local chapel. Likewise, the phenomenon of Knock in western Ireland was seen by a group of witnesses in 1897, a strange light formation that was interpreted as a religious hologram of Catholic symbols. So many pilgrims continue to visit Knock than an airport has recently been built in the area in order to cope with its popularity- amazing. Joseph ... , founder of the Mormon religion, had an experience which basically involved light phenomena which may be compared to St Paul's experience on the road to Damascus, ie the Qumran community above the Dead Sea, a major fault line [2. According to Paul Devereux, ionisation affects the mental state of mind and fire produces ions which is why ritual fires are ... ) Home¦ Issue Contents Earth Lights Phillip Clapham While Clube& Napier, and Velikovsky minus the planets Venus and Mars, may have touched upon some of the themes behind global religio-myth, catastrophe in the last few thousand years of human history has simply not been dramatic enough to consistently reinforce more ancient events that may have effected the human psyche. Meteoric material ...
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78. Reciprocal System Avoids Taint Of Reductionism [Science Frontiers Website]
... are apparently interpreting the conclusions of this work as indicating that the Reciprocal System of theory leads to a strict mechanistic view of the universe, in which there is no room for religious or other non-material elements. This is not correct. On the contrary, the clarifica-tion of the nature of space and time in this theoretical development removes the obstacles that have hitherto ... field of observation, and they see no indication of anything non-physical. It follows that anyone who accepts the findings of conventional science at their face value cannot accept the claims of religion, or any other non-material system of thought. This is the origin of the long-standing antagonism between science and religion, a conflict which most scientists find it necessary to evade by ... exists). This leaves the door wide open for the existence of entities and phenomena outside (that is, independent of) the physical universe, as contended by the various religions and many systems of philosophy." (Larson, Dewey B.; "A Note on Metaphysics," Reciprocity, 12:11, Summer 1983.) Comment. ...
Terms matched: 3  -  Score: 1361  -  29 Apr 2005  -  6k  -  URL:
79. Cosmic Heretics [Aeon Journal $]
... imprinted upon all concerned the notion of a right to due process of law and to certain basic freedoms as distinct from the desirability or correctness of a position. There is a religious right, when forbidden by one's religion, to not salute the national flag; there is a right to not confess to a criminal act. And so on. Scientific behavior ... heroes of antiquity. Nor are they of the so numerous type of military heroes. They are the active substances of the raging intellect, flourishing amongst squirmy snakes of psychology and religion. Should the temporal sequence be right, then the book would be valid, that Moses preceded Akhnaton and Akhnaton came before Oedipus. The legendary, historical, psychological and archaeological ... " the Korah rebels, the Scouts, and the intercultural revellers of Beth Peor. Deg's idea of religion could not develop fully until he had successfully framed the problem of historical religions and satisfied himself of the essence of human nature. You have to find these two keys to the history of religion and man. The first key he discovered by pursuing man's ...
Terms matched: 3  -  Score: 1361  -  05 Mar 2003  -  112k  -  URL:
... of political corruption in advanced nations." It might occur that both C and Q respondents would score similarly on these items, whether by scattered or concentrated agreement. 2. Religious Dimension: Creationism; agnosticism; mysticism; atheism; personal deism; scientific deism. Religious ideologies have been shown to play a considerable role in adhering to scientific propositions of one ... Much opposition to Q work by C scientists comes from a fear that Q is merely a front for creationism. d) Q-C scores as a function of age, occupation, religion, formal schooling. The sociology of science and educators would gain by the knowledge of how Q and C ideas have been penetrating various social formations and categories. Psychological applications are ... yourself in respect to the list of religious positions below: accept, reject, indifferent?" or by including distinguishing items as propositions such as "Quantavolution fortifies logically and evidentially religions that maintain a recent creation of the world and mankind by divine intervention." 3. Additional Items: Adding a number of items would help to validate existing items and at ...
Terms matched: 3  -  Score: 1361  -  03 Apr 2004  -  11k  -  URL:
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