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... the gods left the world to develop by itself. Some merely say: "God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform." (There is, incidentally, a religious adage for every circumstance.) Most who believe in gods- these are in numbers largely of the Hebraic complex or Hinduism- prove their case by pointing to divine signs ( ... millions of individuals, at some risk of persecution, whether criminal or medical, from claiming encounters. Who validates encounters? This is properly a subject for the political science of religion. Who "should" validate them is the claim of as many theistic religions as exist. A large bureaucratic church may devote much energy to acknowledge any encounters, sometimes saying ... god does not conduct himself so, so that he did once but now does not. All sects lay down (that is, their gods lay down) rules for encounters. It is unthinkable that a Christian could conceive of his god going about raping women as Zeus was inclined to do. On the other hand, Yahweh, the god of Moses ...
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... yea" or "nay" to the general theories at stake... Given so heretical an idea of man's origins and nature, we cannot expect less heresy in Deg's religious views. I think that Deg's troubles with religion and his carping at gods was because God is a Hero. Deg did not like heroes, saying "Heroes are foreseeable accidents ... and even in the most rationalistic technical ages, Homo Schizo continues to rely upon the organization of his far-flung displacements for adjustment and control of himself and the world, so that religion, culture, and the arts are, if not preponderantly his road to "happiness," most useful and welcome companions of pragmatic scientific conduct. Alone or together, the ... call of Egypt." the Scouts, and the intercultural revelers of Beth Peor. Deg's idea of religion could not develop fully until he had successfully framed the problem of historical religions and satisfied himself of the essence of human nature. You have to find these two keys to the history of religion and man. The first key he discovered by pursuing man's ...
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... that the latter are selected legends, called "divinely inspired or spoken" by their believers, which have been carefully guarded and edited to pursue the continuous but also continually changing religious goals of their custodians. Myth and legends, not so regarded, or whose line of custodians died out, were left like abandoned children to wander through time as casual history ... In a sense, all religions are desperately honest in their fundamental statements. Yet it is appreciated that, in a memory choice between a delusion and an historical fact, a religion will prefer the delusion. An attempt to "clean up" an historical religion by eliminating historical and empirical errors cannot succeed. Meanwhile we affirm that a religion cannot subsist on ... that enhances their credibility. Ominous conclusions emerge from these several pages. There is much history in myth, legend and scripture everywhere in the world. In a sense, all religions are desperately honest in their fundamental statements. Yet it is appreciated that, in a memory choice between a delusion and an historical fact, a religion will prefer the delusion. ...
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64. Sun 13 July Abstracts [SIS Internet Digest $]
... ritualised memories of deluges and revolutions of the earth's crust. It was the dogma of evolutionism which slowly obscured past global catastrophes from the view of learned men. Yet, the religious texts were still there. Eventually, they were regarded as mere emanations of exalted souls. The cataclysms described in them supposedly had nothing to do with earth and cosmos but everything ... state of dynamic equilibrium) as it invoked to explain the orderly arrangement of the earth and the heavenly bodies. In so doing, it implied the baselessness of the traditional Olympian religion which attributed lightning and earthquakes to whims of Zeus and Poseidon and world-destructions to battles of the sky-gods. The ultimate Milesian agenda may therefore have been to liberate people from paralysing fear ... of cultural elements underwent quick and sharp change within the same short period of time. These include the appearance of secular as opposed to strictly religious art, a host of new religions of a new type, new philosophies of a new type, writing, dynastic upheavals, the quick upsurge and removal of several tyrannical regimes, urbanism, new patterns of consciousness ...
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... their credibility, not by what they describe or narrate, but by what we consider reasonable given our present knowledge of the universe. Certain ruins used to be thought of as religious monuments; today we call them computers. "Myth" has become a word like "executive privilege"--meaning whatever the thinker wants it to mean when he has decided how ... From: Pensée Vol. 4 No 4: (Fall 1974) "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered IX" Home¦ Issue Contents Myth and the Origin of Religion Vine Deloria, Jr. MYTH AS HISTORY Mr. Deloria, the author of Custer Died for Your Sins and God is Red, was formerly the Executive Director of the National Congress of American Indians ... . Troy was there whether Homeric verse fit into a definition of history or not. Mircea Eliade. Among the modern thinkers no man has commanded more respect in the history of religions than Mircea Eliade; his ideas have influenced a generation of students. Eliade finds that myth "is the history of what took place in illo tempore the recital of what the ...
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66. Mars Gods of the New World [Aeon Journal $]
... in direct response to that planet's former unique appearance and behavior. We will therefore propose the following test: If the Old World traditions surrounding the planets originated in ancient Near Eastern religious practice, it would stand to reason that archaeoastronomical traditions from the Americas must needs be of a different nature. If Mars' association with war and pestilence (not to mention ... because it offers a solid link with the earliest astronomical traditions of Babylon. Nergal's well-attested identification with the planet Mars thus serves as a common denominator behind our various researches in comparative religion and archaeoastronomy. As we have sought to document in this series of essays, the distinctive characteristics in the cult of Nergal have their origin in the ancient behavior and appearance of ... planet Mars. This opinion, it should be noted, stands in sharp contrast to that of most leading scholars in ancient Near Eastern religions. The prevailing view holds that Nergal's singular characteristics-- the god's connection with war and pestilence, for example-- originally bore no relation whatsoever to any objective phenomena associated with the red planet. According to this ...
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... SCHOLAR. Viewed in the wider social context, the conflict between Velikovsky's views and the scientific community can be seen to be symptomatic of long-standing opposition between competing world-views, with heavy religious overtones. IF THE CONTROVERSY which began with Worlds in Collision has spawned a wealth of publications dealing with various implications of IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY'S work and with the merits of his catastrophism vis-à-vis ... the ties of HARLOW SHAPLEY, KIRTLEY MATHER, and WARREN WEAVER- all linked with opposition to Velikovsky- to "free-thinking" religious organisations. Shapley's association with The Institute of Religion in an Age of Science (IRAS) and the Star Island group was capped by his membership on the editorial advisory board of Zygon (" Journal of Religion and Science" ... the book supported the historicity of Old Testament miracles. There is no question that the book would never have become a bestseller, had it not had a strong appeal to old-time religionists." [18 This is, I suggest, no mere idiosyncratic diatribe- although it may be an especially clear example of the underlying sentiments I am trying to illustrate. ...
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68. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... the last thing the authors of these turgid, rambling, incoherent, unbelievable theologies are notable for. Rather, they assert dogmatically that no one can possibly believe in God, religion or the Bible unless he is a drooling cretin, and then goes on to build on this "sound basis". The "death-of-God" movement, in fact, consisted ... people think the universe must have had an origin, while others don't. Therefore those that don't are correct and this disproves the existence of God. Why? And he accuses religionists of using this ploy! Having strung together misleading statements, irrelevancies and the like, he describes them as "evidence" for atheism. He then goes on to "associate ... number and if it was a leap year. When George Hollaseter objects to the epagomenal day(s) on the grounds that it would break the seven-day cycle and upset the religions which have a cyclical Sabbath, he should remember that the present "Gregorian" calendar has only been in operation since 1752, and before that England and the "Continent" ...
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69. De Grazian Discography (Reviewed) [SIS C&C Review $]
... ..'... when great events are common and men are shaken by them, the gods are implied, even visualized... the age becomes confirmed as religious. The more intense, pervasive, and frequent the experiences, the more religious the age becomes. It is as certain as any other proposition of science, that, were ... the great synthesiser Velikovsky that a new perspective was needed in every discipline from the earth sciences to psychology and in all humanity's fumbling for meaning in the universe, from mythology to religion. He made valiant efforts to expound this novel world view, as witness the range of his published works and (well worth a look) the unpublished material to be found ... gods may turn out to be much more significant for our understanding of the universe. God's Fire is an imaginative reconstruction of that central event for the Judaic, Islamic and Christian religions, the Exodus. If the event took place, as Velikovsky proposed, against a background of meteoritic showers and significantly enhanced electrical charge on the atmosphere, then many supposedly supernatural ...
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70. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... It is not this kind of theology which is criticised by the convinced atheists of today, but the older and more popular anthropomorphic type, and it is this latter kind of religious belief which has long been abandoned, presumably, by thinking Christians. (I am concerned here of course with the conceptual framework of religion, rather than with any kind of ... experience upon which a person's f aith as opposed to his F aith may be based, which is ultimately the only satisfactory basis for Christian belief, properly speaking. We find a typical example of a well-developed, but still anthropomorphic concept of god in the very notion of the first "beginnings" which has already been discussed. According to such a concept ... Earth's history suddenly stopped, and a new Venus-type comet approached, bringing with it an up-to-date version of the Ten Plagues. Would the traditional structures of thought and the old popular religions still be "de trop"- or would chattering teeth and feverish beads combine with the groaning earth in overwhelming the sound of man's faltering acclamation of his own self-sufficiency? One ...
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