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221. The Ring About The Earth at 2300 BC [SIS C&C Review $]
... the walls of pyramid tombs of Egyptian rulers) are the earliest source for Egyptian mythology. These texts are also referred to as the Book of the Dead. This is supported by Budge [7, a specialist in Egyptian literature: 'The chief features of the Egyptian religion remained unchanged from the Fifth and Sixth Dynasties down to the period when the Egyptians embraced Christianity'. Although the dating of the Rgveda in India is controversial, a number of authors place the origin around 2300BC [8. One potentially important dating technique is based ... at 2300 BC Moe Mandelkehr Summary As postulated in earlier papers, dust in the Earth's North Polar region at 2300 BC initiated widespread geophysical changes. The dust was a result of the Earth encountering a massive meteoroid stream, the Taurids. The event was sufficiently traumatic that religions were formed in essentially all cultures on the Earth. Thunderbolts were a prominent theme of the religions, but a new theme appeared- a ring surrounding the Earth. A possible mechanism for the ring formation was capture of small particles in the Earth's upper atmosphere coupled ...
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... narrative: neque mihi quisquam Judaeorum fabulas objiciat [9. Scholars began to doubt the notion that the universe had been created once and forever. They started to investigate ancient chronology, and laid down the foundations of geology and paleontology. In the age of Reformation some religious apologists argued that a distinction must be made between the creation of the universe as a whole and the creation of the Earth: the biblical text referred to the latter creation. Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), in his last and greatest work, De immenso et ... essential a part even of our earliest education, that we are not commonly very scrupulous in examining the reasons upon which it is founded. It is now become a matter of mere curiosity to study the first writers on that subject. David Hume, Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion (1779), Part II. Only a few years ago astronomers were unanimous in dismissing as preposterous Velikovsky's contention that the movement of the heavenly bodies is affected by electromagnetic fields. Today creative astronomers are immersed in the study of electromagnetism. The historian finds difficulty ...
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223. Sigmund Freud and Moses the Lawgiver [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... same spot, but it is not accidental when an old man returns to the place where once, in the full vigor of his manhood, a figure held him enthralled. What compelled the man who maintained that he was ignorant of the ? oceanic feeling ? of religious experience to approach the great religious founder and attempt to illuminate his spiritual aspect as well as the traits of his appearance? He said that religion was a neurosis; was he seeking the traits of neurosis in Moses? In not a single line has he given ... indication of this. ? I decided to put it away [the work, but it haunted me like an unlaid ghost.? (1) Something profoundly personal is hinted at in such a confession. Freud ? s work on Moses, the Egyptian, is not a psychoanalytical or psychological study. But we shall proceed in the manner of Freud when delivering over the author of a literary work to the tribunal of psychoanalysis. Unless one follows the traditions which have been handed down, a reconstruction of the personality of Moses is ...
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224. The Spring Of Ares [Kronos $]
... Kadmos was a mortal. But if, as I have suggested.(1a) Kadmos was originally a Theban god analogous to Dionysus, who was also associated with Ares, the added association of Kadmos with the same Ares raises fundamental questions concerning the origins of Greek religion and myth.(9) That Ares was originally a celestial body is suggested by a Homeric hymn in which the god is described as a fiery sphere among the planets.(3) This fiery nature links Ares to Mars, described as the fiery planet ... can be found throughout the ancient and primitive world evidence, perhaps, of the extent of the worship of Mars. Here I would cite the Maori Maru and the Tamil Marukan as examples, both of whom have been identified with the planet Mars by scholars of these religions.(14) THE MOUNTAIN OF MARS A significant fact which has received practically no attention from classical scholars is that hills or mountains named after Mars can be found around the world. Grimm observed long ago, for example, that Mars was associated with sacred ...
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225. The Last Days of Velikovsky [SIS Internet Digest $]
... , it seems, and ultimately, in his last intellectual act, Freud confronted him and, literally, put him to death. Freud made out of Moses an Egyptian, member of the royal household, and derived his greatest invention, monotheism, from Akhenaton's failed religious revolution, the worship of a unique god, Aton. He also, most powerfully, brought together his own theories of "Totem and Taboo" (the murder of the father by the rebelling sons as one of the founding acts of civilization) and the ... , and this Velikovsky could not accept. He set out to destroy Freud's hypothesis, by putting in question the accepted chronology and showing that Moses had, in fact, lived before Akhenaton, and that, if anything, Akhenaton might have been inspired by the Hebrew religion, instead of the other way around. One time, reflecting upon some evidence that Akhenaton might have been partly of Palestinian or other Near East origin, Alfred wondered to Velikovsky whether Akhenaton might not have been half-Hebrew and got his monotheistic notions there. But Velikovsky ...
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226. Book Review [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... female astronaut. By ignoring the received and deduced knowledge of Babylonian religion Sitchin weaves an extended space fantasy around his own unjustifiable identifications. In doing so he reveals the sloppiness and shallowness of his thinking, rapidly becoming silly and credulous when he turns to the evidence of religious art. The curious and heavily symbolic glyptic art of Mesopotamian cylinder-seals is a dangerous playground for speculations especially when the author- and presumably most of his readers- know nothing about it. In this and other areas of local representational art, Sitchin rapidly degenerates into ... Book Review The Twelfth Planet by Zecharia Sitchin Published by G. Allen Unwin, 1977. Review by Peter James AT FIRST glance this well-produced and, on the whole, pleasantly written volume offers the promise of being a stimulating and serious attempt to reinterpret ancient Near Eastern religion and human prehistory. Relying on Babylonian and Biblical mythology in the main, and displaying some apparent erudition, Sitchin develops a model for the origins of civilisation that reminds one at once of the catastrophist theories of Immanuel Velikovsky and Robert Temple's Claim of extraterrestrial intervention in ...
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... Editor of the Review of the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, Malcolm Lowery, a linguist, the other Zvi Rix, a contributor to the Review and a physician. Rix became over the years the greatest authority on that symbol of "divine life" and of many religious apparitions, the ankh, the circle resting upon crossarms and vertical stroke, thus: By virtue of intensive research, Rix had established that the ankh was not only a widespread symbol, a religious symbol of wide dedication, but also a manifestation of androgyny, ... Sand-straps and Semiology) 1. II SISR (D. 1977), 33. 2. Ibid., 32. 3. Cf. H. M. Westropp and C. S. Wake, Ancient Symbol Worship: Influence of the Phallic Idea in the Religions of Antiquity (London: Curzon 2nd ed., 1875); John Allegro, the Sacred Mushroom and the Cross. 4. Science (20 August, 1965) 855-6. TABLE OF CONTENTS Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: ...
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... prototypes and that its present form was a craftily-selected composite of various sometimes-contradictory earlier sources, rather than an original document dictated by God to Moses. So extreme was this attack upon the Jewish Bible that, to quote a leading commentary at the turn of the century: Religious terms, ideas, institutions, once supposed to be peculiar to Israel, are now seen to be common to them and other nations; in some cases, moreover, priority clearly does not lie with the Hebrews....Of late, too, it has ... -- "if criticism had not already disintegrated the traditional theories of the Old Testament, archaeology in the latter half of the19th century would itself have initiated the process." (3) This multi-pronged attack on the Jewish Bible, this rejection of Biblical history, religion and ethics, was a vast creation of19th-century Europe, an attack on the Jews led almost exclusively by German scholars like Eichorn, Vatke, Reuss, Baur, Graf and Wellhausen and rising to "the ultimate and supreme question-- Wherein does lie the uniqueness ...
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229. Partition: An Old Custom [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... hitherto exercised by France to the Syrian and Lebanese Governments. Both republics elected parliaments, which in turn elected presidents of their respective states. In 1945 both countries became members of the United Nations.*** The division of Syria into Syria and Lebanon follows a religious line. Lebanon ? was made a separate republic under the mandate because of its predominant Christian population ? (? Lebanon,? Encyclopaedia Britannica, 14th. ed.). The population of Syria is Mohammedan, whereas the population of Lebanon consists mainly of Christian ... the minority in Syria they must not be dominated by a Moslem majority and consequently they are given their own country. But when it comes to Palestine, the Arabs of Lebanon, as well as of the Syrian Republic, argue that a majority race or a majority religion must dominate a minority religion. Democratic principle requires the subordination of the minority in a nation to the majority in that nation, but not the subordination of a smaller nation to a larger one. In partitioned Palestine, Arabs are the majority in their part, ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 703  -  31 Aug 2000  -  7k  -  URL:
... ." (Sunday News, article entitled "The Maverick Doctor Who Leads a Comet Cult")-- "it wasn't Velikovsky's theories that angered the professors so much --though they were heretical enough --as the fact that thousands of their students swallowed them with an almost religious fervor, and saw the craggy, white-haired scholar as a wronged genius." (Observer) 3. "Worlds in Collision" is tinged with mysticism.--"The majority [of scientists, in fact, are adamant in the opinion that most ... the large group of followers who accompanied Velikovsky the session was another indication that the master could do no wrong. Every statement supporting Velikovsky was applauded lustily, while contrary evidence got a cooler reception.... Some observers see the Velikovsky movement as a sort of religion, complete with true believers who accept the leader as the one source of revealed truth. To Velikovsky's followers, however, the picture is simple: he is right and everyone else is wrong, on the basic scientific facts." (Sunday News, article ...
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