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... the skies opened after the lunar disaster, the new great god, Super Saturn, was visible dimly, through the clouds, to Earth's inhabitants. They had already been "religious" for millennia and might readily once more identify the sky objects with human forms and actions and project their hopes and fears upon the heavenly objects newly visible. Magic, spiritualism ... and his fever left his body. The powers that acted in the Heavens were manifested to humans amidst increasing disaster. In terror, self-abasement and pleading, man created a Uranus-Heaven religion and hoped for cosmic tranquility. Unanimously the legends of the world acknowledge the human to be an imperfect creation; some have him created more than once, as for instance, ... predecessors of, celestial religion, were derivative accompaniments of the human preoccupation with celestial behavior; they were forms of homeopathic social medicine for the "great disease". The first religions were in the broadest sense "monotheistic." [92 Heaven was worshipped as the active power. As we set forth earlier, from the very beginning, humans have tended ...
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... Enlightenment scientist. I am relieved. I have been pursuing an unpleasant task. V. does not cite Boulanger, who is a predecessor in that he ascribed a variety of religious beliefs to actual human catastrophes. Yet V. cites an immense number of sources and combed the literature thoroughly. I recollect V. telling me not long ago that Boulanger was ... would not recognize any contemporary descendants of non-existent ancestors. This led him into an awkward position where, on the one hand, he was extolling the observations of ancient catastrophists of religion and natural history but disdaining the multitude of their descendants who were equally impressed by ancient catastrophism; he lost sight of most of the world's people when accusing mankind of a collective ... of the Bible, whose works on subjects such as evolution and geology were, for their times, as good as his own in Earth in Upheaval. He was unfriendly to religiously committed writers who pursued parallel paths and sought to ignore them. When Donald Patten, who had published an extensive and substantial scientific work on the Biblical Flood in 1966, was ...
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183. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... call Venus. She was not just the Morning Star. Such deities, in contrast to mythological anthropomorphized planets, as Zeus, Kronos, Horus [17, and Inanna comprised religious complexes every bit as subtle and abstract as the Christian Trinity. To reduce such deities to mere planets is a grave disservice to quite sophisticated pagan religions [18. Despite the ... asserted by Velikovsky and pressed most recently by Cardona, that 'the planets had always been deities' [14 is wrong. This is a 'big lie' that drastically oversimplifies ancient religion. According to A. B. Cook, Zeus and Kronos were originally general sky gods whose nature underwent a long evolution with their names becoming associated with planets at a late ... 17, and Inanna comprised religious complexes every bit as subtle and abstract as the Christian Trinity. To reduce such deities to mere planets is a grave disservice to quite sophisticated pagan religions [18. Despite the profusion of errors in Carl Sagan's analysis of Worlds in Collision [19, he was correct that extra- ordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. There is ...
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... the modern state, which is nothing but the more complex "spiritualization" of the preceding stages.(32) Since our concern here is specifically socio-political rather than anthropological or religious, let us now look at Freud's analysis of the group mind. We shall find, in Freud's investigations of the dialectic of this group mind, a full psychological explanation for ... civil society), we now have come to the genesis of the state proper. For it is through the dialectical transformation of social consciousness described above, that both ethics and religion (the two pillars of the state) and the state itself (as the fullest expression of collective self-realization) first emerge. Freud's examination of totemism and taboo is the basis ... homosexual object love, and in this way won freedom to kill their father.(8) Freud in fact speculates that democracy has its psychological source in homosexuality and that its religio-political bias is therefore essentially matriarchal.(9) But, in any case, the question now arose of the arbitrary dispositions of their new-won freedom as independent individuals. Here emerges ...
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... based on an assumption, not on data derived from field work. THEOLOGY The second myth about Hutton is that his theory was an attempt at a break with tradition shrouded by religion. That is, his theory precluded any attempt to interpret the strata as support for a biblical catastrophe, and, thus, he was responsible for removing religion from geological analysis ... . However, the evidence below will show that his view is a historical myth. The real founder of gradualism was Charles Lyell, who denied catastrophism as, itself, a religious-geological myth. One of the great concepts of the Hutton legend is that he was the earliest figure who applied the "scientific method" to the Earth --that he was a strict ... . (14) Modern geology texts, cited by Gould, (15) that echo the heroic legend which Geikie presented, state: "The first to break formally with religion-shrouded tradition was James Hutton." (16) "Modern geology was born in 1785, when James Hutton...formulated the principle that the same physical processes that are operating in ...
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186. Shamir [SIS C&C Review $]
... blast). The term shafts (as in arrows and darts) [7 almost always occurs in the plural and they were regarded as the specific weapons of deity in Greek religion. Shaft has the meaning in Greek of lightning (bolt) and this is similar in meaning to Excalibur [8, the weapon of Arthur. Shafts and thunderbolts (or ... the High Priest, a peculiar thing to do in the Sinai desert. High Priests are a feature of settled communities- an ephod is a cosmopolitan embellishment to find in the religion's formative phase. This may reflect the actual date of the editor. In Exodus 39 the ephod is made of gold and fine linen, blue, purple, and scarlet, ... (bolts). Green jade was particularly valued in the Far East and in the Americas because of this connection, sympathetic magic. The idea of jewels and gemstones was originally religio-mythic and quite symbolic in nature. They had a specific meaning, associated with deity in the miniature. This was shamir of legend, the seal of Solomon, the gem in ...
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... the Gods), and its denouement (the Death of the Gods). The mythmakers memorialized that spectacle in literature, art, architecture, institutions, political conventions, and religious rituals. The creation myths are interpreted not as the generation of the universe we think of today but as the formation of a celestial Earth seen from the terrestrial earth. In ... are not categories grounded in our nature or in our experience. The act of dividing permeates every aspect of our lives: compatriot/foreigner, believer/infidel, science/religion, creationism/evolutionism. But often the opposing categories are subsets of each other and cannot clearly be distinguished in the real world. The nature of our world is adaptable, ... fight to the death. Each side has quite sound arguments against the dogma of the other. Neither side allows the possibility that the answer may be found in no-man's land. Religions have adopted a literal belief that the creation stories of myth explain the origin of the Earth and the universe. However, mythical creation stories required human observers. They have nothing ...
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... included in his massive volume on comparative stratigraphy might now be added. A corollary of this proposition, which is also related to the one on astrophysics, is that "No religious temple that was built before about -3500 and rebuilt afterwards shows the same astronomical orientation afterwards as before." Peter Tompkins, for instance, carries a diagram in his work on ... year; and this 365-day year is confirmed by students of other Near Eastern civilizations. His footnote reads: "Two references must suffice here (a) Hastings: Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics (Edinburgh, 1908-1926), II (1910), p. 93: "As it has just been described [with a year of (3 x 4 ... seventh thesis, the Anthroposphere or cultural sphere, says: "Every culture complex in the world changed radically in mid-second- millennium." Here we refer to social organizations, religions, and modes of life. We know that the Egyptian Middle Kingdom underwent the political and social traumas of a takeover by the Hyksos. Most often, as Schaeffer has shown ...
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189. Heracles and the Planet Mars [Aeon Journal $]
... . 25. A. Carnoy, The Mythology of All Races (Boston, 1917), pp. 312-313. 26. W. G. Lambert, "Gilgames in Religious, Historical and Omen Texts, and the Historicity of Gilgames," in Gilgames et sa legende (Paris, 1960), pp. 40-41. See also G. Heider ... at Old Myths." 35. R. Brown, Semitic Influence in Hellenic Mythology (Clifton, 1966), pp. 97-100. See also W. Burkert, Greek Religion (Oxford, 1985), pp. 208-211. 36. B. C. Brundage, "Heracles the Levantine," JNES 17: 4 (October 1958), ... 2523-2526. 23. U. von Wilamowitz-Mollendorff, "Phaethon," Hermes 18 (1883), pp. 421-422; F. Boll, "Kronos-Helios," Archiv fur Religionswissenschaft, XIX (1916-1919); M. Jastrow, "Sun and Saturn," Revue d'Assyriologie et d'Archeologie Orientale, Vol. 7 (1909), pp. 163-178. ...
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... myth or legend, cannot be lightly dismissed as fantastic or even meaningless constructions. And this caution is particularly appropriate when we are dealing with serious reports, especially those of a religious nature, such as are offered in abundance in the Old Testament.(5) This was the message underlying the paper, and Kugler attached such importance to it that he ... field against the astralmythological theories of Panbabylonism. These "extravagant views... on the age of Babylonian astronomy and the influence of Assyrian mythology on the language, culture and religion of the East"(3) observed that most mythologies prove to be astrally inspired, and can be interpreted as presenting detailed astronomical information. As this framework is substantially the ... planets; and she is observed to have phases, like the Moon. Kugler's broadside against the Panbabylonists was published in 1910 under the title Im Bannkreis Babels: Panbabylonistische Konstraktionen und religionsgeschichtliche Tatsachen (Under the Spell of Babel: Panbabylonist Constructions and Facts from the History of Religion). In 1907 Fr Kugler published the first part of his monumental work, Sternkunde ...
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