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... the planet's surface.) An item on Venus in the Houston Chronicle (12/15/78, p. 4, Sect. 1) contained the following thoughts of Dr. Donald Hunten of the University of Arizona:" 'I think we were seeing the red glow of the surface rocks, which got brighter as the probes neared the surface.'... 'It doesn't make any difference what the composition of the rocks might be, it's hot enough on the surface of Venus to set them afire'." ... ", "The Comet Venus", "Venus Moves Irregularly", "Venus Becomes the Morning Star", "The Thermal Balance of Venus") and the problems involved in its obtaining a later near circular orbit (" What Caused Venus and Mars to Shift Their Orbits?", "Lucifer Cut Down", "The Epilogue"). The problem of Venus' circular orbit has also been treated by Chris S. Sherrerd (" Venus' Circular Orbit," Velikovsky Reconsidered, pp. 132-133); ...
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... VII:2, p. 88. Although reversing Earth's rotation is as economical as a tippe top inversion, a reversed rotation is much less plausible on dynamical grounds and no physical evidence exists for Earth's rotation ever having stopped. Furthermore, Senmut's ceiling is probably a red herring in these discussions and therefore irrelevant to cosmic catastrophism. Velikovsky accepted Pogo's 1930 opinion that the ceiling is a map of the sky. However, by 1932 Pogo interpreted the panels as a calendar and, later, as a diagonal star clock- discounting them ... these three shifts was sketchy at best [The Path of the Pole, p. 40. The last one was motivated as a means to explain the melting of the glaciers at the end of the last ice age, but it is now understood that a pole shift is not necessary. The scientific consensus is that polar wandering has been nil for the past 200 million years [D. L. Anderson, Science 223, 27 Jan. 1984, pp. 347-55. Regarding Velikovsky's advance claims, those cited by Mr. ...
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83. Friday Evening Discussion [SIS C&C Review $]
... convention and as it actually is according to Arp.) As Arp says, all we really see out there is a bunch of photons held together by a lot of theories. Some of us don't even believe in the photons. All the theories are based on red shift, the idea that all galaxies beyond the Milky Way are red-shifted, so convention assumes the universe is expanding. Because the Universe is believed to be expanding, red shift is used to estimate how far away distant objects are and it is assumed, going ... in time, that the Universe started at one point with a Big Bang. However Arp's study of high redshift quasars shows they emit red light in a different part of the spectrum. Some 'near' and some 'more remote' galaxies are actually connected by lines of quasars. Quasars belong together with galaxies in groups but the clusters they belong in look very different to those shaped by current cosmology dogma. In short, the Big Bang is dead, the Expanding Universe becomes infinite and what we see of it is a lot smaller ...
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... Saturn's equator. (I've given my reasons for this conjecture in an earlier post). Mars lost its atmosphere and water in its later interactions with Venus and the Earth in the formation of the Polar Configuration. It was then reported to have developed its characteristic rusty red appearance. Mars may have been responsible for much of the water that came from the heavens and also the bloody, rusty appearance of the water at times. It was about the time of the breakup of the Polar Config that Mars copped massive interplanetary discharges, ... THOTH -A Catastrophics Newsletter- VOL II, No. 4 February 28, 1998 EDITOR: Amy Acheson PUBLISHER: Michael Armstrong LIST MANAGER: Brian Stewart CONTENTS: Catalyst For a Paradigm Shift........... Amy Acheson A Hearty Welcome to Amy............. .David Talbott Europa Close-ups................ .Wal Thornhill Electric Universe Predictions For Comet Probe.. Wal Thornhill A ...
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... class of bronzework) seems preferable, in view of the complexity of Solomon's large wheeled stands. While Solomon's port at Ezion-Geber (I Kings 9:26) appears clearly identifiable as Jezirat Fara'un, due to the unrivalled excellence (as far as this part of the Red Sea is concerned) of the natural, but anciently much improved, harbour at this site, almost all of the pottery found here was Iron I (i.e .'12th-11th century') [37. Rothenberg [37 has plausibly associated this pottery with the Egyptian occupation ... . 1650 BC or a bit later, while I Kings 6:1 appears to date the Exodus to c. 1450, Velikovsky's scenario appears impossible without a major downdating (lowering) of Egyptian chronology. Starting in the 1970s, extensive support for some such chronological shift has been published in this journal and others, culminating in the publication of James et al's remarkably well-received Centuries of Darkness (CoD) in 1991. However, the extent of the required downdating has remained controversial. Among those studies which have attempted the most detailed ...
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... will allow. A poly-strata fossil wipes out practically all the temporal pretensions of the blankets of its bed. Ideally, it should wipe out all identical blankets everywhere. A famous instance of ancient catastrophic fossilization was introduced by Hugh Miller in 1841 in regard to the Old Red Sandstone [10: The River Bullhead, when attacked by an enemy, or immediately as it feels the hook in its jaws, erects its two spines at nearly right angles with the plates of the head, as if to render itself as difficult of being ... , may be evidenced in well-preserved, suddenly frozen life forms found in various places. Moreover, in every area of the globe where collective disaster is manifested among the plant and animal species, the geology of the areas usually confirms the biology: ooze and clay boundaries shift in the deposits of the ocean beds; organic layers are sandwiched between inorganic; ash is generally distributed on several levels of many marine and terrestrial sediments. Each level represents a general disaster; some stand for world disasters. Conflagration, tides, atmospheric violence, ...
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87. Society News [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... Clube argues that the role of super- and multi-Tunguska events has probably been seriously underestimated, in which case we know the main cause of historical and future catastrophes. Much discussion followed, during which many subjects were touched on, amongst which was the phenomenon of the red shift. It seems this could have been explained by Lorentz in terms of his modified Newtonian physics and might have disproved the relativity theory. However, Lorentz died in 1928 and Eddington became the guru, since when the red shift together with relativity has been used ... suggest an expanding universe in space-time, the Big Bang theory of its origin and the even distribution of matter in space. If the red shift, for which there is no independent control, were to be explained in another way, all these ideas would have to be thrown out. David Roth Obituary Michael Scott, described as a remarkable polymath, scholar, mystic, writer, orientalist and traveller, died earlier this year at the age of 74. Based in Tangier, he lectured and studied at Fez University. An extremely ...
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88. Index of Authors [Uncategorised]
... Ev Cochrane, Kadmos: The Primeval King Ev Cochrane, Kronos, Minos, and the Celestial Labyrinth Ev Cochrane, Mars Gods of the New World Ev Cochrane, Martian Meteorites in Ancient Myth and Modern Science Ev Cochrane, Mons Veneris Ev Cochrane, On Dragons and Red Dwarves Ev Cochrane, On Mars and Pestilence Ev Cochrane, Racial Memory and Instinct: The Case of the Honeyguide Ev Cochrane, Samson Revealed Ev Cochrane, Sothis and the Morning Star in the Pyramid Texts Ev Cochrane, Stairway to Heaven Ev Cochrane, Suns and ... Levels Gordon P. Williams, Our Tilted Earth Gordon P. Williams, The Mammoths' Demise- a correct solution requires more facts Gunnar Heinsohn, Christoph Marx, Collective Amnesia and the Compulsive Repetition of Human Sacrifrice Gunnar Heinsohn and Christoph Marx, Mycenaean Culture: The Shift in Recent Historiography from its Destruction by Invasion to Destruction by Natural Agents Gunnar Heinsohn and Christoph Marx, Were the "Sumerians of the Third Millennium" in Reality the Chaldeans of the First Millennium? Gunnar Heinsohn, Who Were the Assyrians of the Persian Period Gunnar ...
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89. Clashing Magnetic Fields [Aeon Journal $]
... of Joshua, 1404 B.C.E. and the Tower of Babel Holocaust, 1944 B.C.E.) The two parties agreed that the deity who answered with fire, He was God. The first turn went to the priests of Baal, who danced, lanced themselves, bled red and generally went into an ecstatic war dance for their chief deity. Nothing happened. In the mid to late afternoon, Elijah took center stage, prayed to the God of Israel, reconstructed a 12-stone altar, quartered a beef, and drenched it with 12 ... are not even approximately opposite each other, however. An imaginary line drawn from the Sun's north "pole" to its south "pole" forms a "U" through the Sun, open roughly toward Jupiter. It has been observed that the Sun's magnetic storms shift from one polarity to the other during the quiescent phase of sunspot cycles. Sunspot cycles seem to correspond to the location of the "center of mass" of the Jupiter/Saturn/Sun trio. This might be another verification of Maxwell's insight. (He ...
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... unsmudged spectral lines. To distinguish in this arrangement between a shift due to the changed velocity of light and a shift due to a Doppler effect, the mirror should be rotated both ways: the Doppler shift would be toward the violet in the morning and toward the red in the evening, but a displacement due to the change in velocity of light would follow the direction of the mirror's rotation. In both versions of the proposed experiment, we have a direct method to compare the velocity of a beam of light in relation to ... end of the route) so that its motion lengthens the distance more for that beam which has the movable system close to the end of its route. The speed of the mirror is of the order of one meter per second. The interferometer must show no fringe shift if the speed of light depends on the velocity of the source (the value c+ 2v after reflection from the movable mirrors would be compensated by the difference in the lengths of the paths). However, in this project, the source of light and ...
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