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... explained. Immediately, however, we have to deal with a conical movement of the semi-axes of the earth, we have before us a very different problem from that called 'a conical movement of the earth's axis." [42 This is, of course, a red herring: when astronomers talk of a conical movement of the earth's axis they mean a conical movement of the semi-axes. Drayson's seeming ignorance on this matter is alarming, and, taken with his misinterpretation of precessional motion displayed in Great Britain has been and will be ... of which is Earth Surface Systems (Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 1985): a further two books which discuss catastrophism in geology are in press, and a third, Climate and Earth History (Springer-Verlag), is in preparation. In an appendix to his book Pole Shift [1, John White mentioned the works of Major-General Alfred Wilks Drayson (1827-1901). He did so, even though he had never seen copies of Drayson's books, because Drayson might have been the first person to propose the idea of pole shift. Drayson ...
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... effect beamed emission from two separate sources can interact and shift the wavelengths of the lines in their spectra. The change can be redward or blueward by different amounts depending on the observer's point of view, but from "head- on" the shift is to the red. This is a distinctly different process than the Doppler effect. Right: Here the two mechanisms are compared for the case of oxygen lines with a redshift of 0.07. However, the light sources involved in the Wolf effect are stationary, not fleeing the observer ... redshifts.html Redshifts The Wolf Effect and Gravitational Redshifts Spectral lines can be redshifted toward longer wavelengths or blueshifted toward shorter ones. The Doppler effect explains how these shifts occur because of relative motions of the source and the observer along the line of sight. Approach causes a blueward shift and recessional a redward one. Scientists have long believed that only the Doppler effect or Gravity as described by Einstein could account for wavelength shifts in the spectrum of light as it travels through space. Where neither factor applies, scientists have always assumed spectral invariance-the spectrum ...
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... of spectral lines; he's seeking an intelligibility discernible in the displacements. Scientists are not so much interested in results as in the interpretation of results. Measurements are seldom presented as raw data: "The K line in the galaxy's spectrum is displaced 0.2 mm toward the red from the K line in the comparison spectrum." Instead, we read: "The galaxy has a redshift of 6800 kilometers per second," or "The galaxy is 300 million light years away." Measurements are an essential part of "knowing what ... be because the data collected by these instruments supports the new paradigm better than it supports the old. The choice of the Nobel committee will be a wise one, no matter which way the paradigm pendulum swings. And if these elderly Laureates live to see the paradigm shift, they may not approve. Similarly, Joseph Priestly objected violently to his name being connected to the discovery of oxygen. But under an Electric Universe paradigm Davis and Koshiba's neutrino detectors will be honored for its role as "a definitive falsification" of the nuclear ...
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44. Index of Titles [Uncategorised]
... the End of the Late Bronze Age Assyria: is the Conventional Profile Believable? Assyria, Karduniash, Babylon: A Rational chronology Assyrian and Babylonian Chronology Assyrian History: the 'Black Hole' Assyrians and Babylonian Chronologies for 8th- 6th Centuries BC Assyrians, Sodom, and Red Herrings Assyro-Babylonian Chronology In the 620's B.C. Aster and Disaster: The Golden Age- II Aster and Disaster: The Golden Age- I Aster and Disaster: The Fallen World Aster and Disaster: Toward a Catastrophist Mode of Mythological Interpretation Asteroid Researcher Discovers Prehistoric Moon ... motion? How You Know Human Sacrifice- Then and Now Humbaba Hyksos and the Archaeology of Palestine, The Hyksos Were Not Assyrians, The Hypothetical Ancient Telescope, A I I Samuel and the Habiru-Problem (Review) I Samuel and the Habiru Problem Ice Caps, Continental Shift and the Break up of Pangaea Ice Core Evidence Ice Cores and Chronology Ice Cores and Common Sense Part 1 Ice Cores and Common Sense (Part II) Ice Cores and Cosmically Induced Volcanic Eruptions Ice Cores And Catastrophism Ice-rinks in Hell Identification of Avails and Nefrusi, ...
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... in the permafrost, rather than their more agile contemporaries better able to swim or struggle to safety.(22) It is to be hoped that Neuville's argument based on the sebaceous gland, by which Ellenberger and White set such store, will be seen for the red herring it is. Instead, greater importance ought to be attached to the statistical problems involved: out of an enormous mammoth population only about 50 frozen specimens are known and, of these, only one tenth come near to justifying the description "intact"- ... datings cast doubt on the mammoths having been killed and frozen during the last, or even any, of the catastrophes described in Worlds in Collision This issue concerned Cardona writing in KRONOS I:4, pp. 77-85,and was taken-up by John White in Pole Shift, pp.21-22, 131-133. The reliability of radiocarbon dating is certainly questionable. Typically, when a frozen mammoth is discovered, its initial "guesstimated" age is later shown by radiocarbon dating to be too young. Upon discovery in 1977, Dima was widely reported ...
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... All of these puzzles are simply explained by an electric star. There is no lower limit to the size of a body that can accept electric power from the galaxy so the temperatures of smaller dwarfs will range down to levels conducive to life. The light of a red star is due to the distended anode glow of an electrically low-stressed star. The blue and ultraviolet light come from a low-energy corona. (Our Sun's more compact red anode glow is seen briefly as the chromosphere during total solar eclipses. And the Sun is electrically ... in meters rather than kilometers. But as a residue, or remnant, of a former greater uplift of land even meters are of significance. As Frederick Hall asked: "What pulled Earth out of shape from above its north pole? The small dimensions of this shift indicate the pull was short term (as in centuries to millennia) rather than eons. Furthermore the effect is relaxing, and in geological terms the distorting influence must have been remarkably recent."... Now it is true that Earth's present pear-shape could ...
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47. The Saturn Theory [SIS C&C Review $]
... this star and Morning Star [Mars all things were created. She is the mother of the Skiri' [18. As the Pawnee traditions attest, the planet Mars played a prominent role in ancient myth and religion. Wherever one looks, one will find the red planet accorded a numinous power wildly out of proportion to its present modest appearance. The Sumerian war-god Nergal, early on identified with the planet Mars, forms a pivotal figure in comparative analysis. Thus, it can be shown that war-gods and warrior-heroes from every corner ... remapped the universe based on his observations, and shows that it is much smaller than we thought, and we don't know its age. Yes, some astronomers did think they had found stars that were older than the age of the universe but they were using red shift measurements which give an overestimate of age together with a thermonuclear evolutionary model of stars which simply does not apply in an Electric Universe. Q5. Harold Tresman asked Wal Thornhill about the relative sizes of proto-Saturn as it looked in relation to the planets Venus, Mars ...
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48. Solar System Studies (Part 2) [Aeon Journal $]
... Saturn, circling the giant orb in about 28 days, with a slow spin and the same side of the Earth always facing Saturn. Proto-Saturn is vast in comparison to Earth and perhaps much larger than the body we know today. Consider it about the smallest possible red dwarf star or a brown dwarf star, and it is dying. For eons it had sustained by radiant energy the spark of life on its largest planet Earth and possibly also on its second largest planet Mars, revolving on an inner orbit. The huge orb ... Moon surface materials do slowly weather due to direct impingement of Solar Wind protons against exposed surface materials, creating a shallow, easily compressed regolith of gritty, glass-like particles. The Moon is nearly spherical due to its slow spin rate, although it has a 2 km shift away from Earth centered along the axis between it and the Earth/Moon barycenter. As a result of its drag with respect to Earth, the Moon is gradually lengthening Earth's period of rotation as it moves away from Earth. The present rate of slow down ...
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49. The Ocean [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... become land. Prior to certain catastrophes, earlier than those described in Worlds in Collision, the highest mountain ridges of the Himalayas must have been under sea, as the fossil content of their rock formations testifies. Stupendous meteorite showers occurred in the past, and the red clay on the bottom of the sea must have iron and nickel content of meteoric origin. Speaking of the cataclysm that closed the period known as the Middle Bronze II (Middle Kingdom in Egypt), I wrote in Worlds in Collision (p. 48) ... occurred 3400 and 2700 years ago. Professor T. Y. H. Ma of the National Taiwan University in Formosa published an article in the journal Oceanographia Sinica (Vol. II, No. I, September, 1955), in which he claimed a sudden shift in the oceanic bottom several times in the geological past. He found that changes in the sedimentary strata on the sea bottom must be attributed to ? changes in latitude due to the sudden total displacements of the solid earth shell and the intermittent readjustments.? The ...
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... the "Mediterranean" and "Near East" then through a blast area which soon was overrun by a jumble of lands moving southwards. Finally major rifts struck out from the Tethyan fracture north and south. On the south a Mediterranean and a Syrian fracture join the Red Sea rift and continue south across East Africa to join the proto-Indian fork. In proportion to a number of submarine fissures, this rift was a moderate addition to the world fracture system. Africans of the Rift countries retain legends of great structural changes in their land ... move rectolinearly with sidewise steps and with a great many perpendicular fissures. Perhaps the successive torques to which the globe was now being subjected shifted the main line of fracture. Every time there occurred a glitch in the crustal velocity of rotation, the main fracture line would shift to the East. At the new equatorial belt, a great shift to the East is observable. Several more 'glitch-points' occur before the fracture cuts through Africa-Antarctica and then, perhaps because the slowdown of rotation had terminated, the sidewise steps are no longer in ...
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