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31. Ray Tomes' Harmonic Theory [SIS Internet Digest $]
... is liable to be extremely hazardous to health, and, 19. Disproves the big bang and shows the true relationship of ages of bodies in the unversed. Papers include: RT103 Harmonic Theory Overview. General description showing the relevance to physics and cosmology. RT107 Quantized Red Shifts explained. RT115 Confirmation of Harmonics Theory Red Shift Quantums RT124 Explanation of Apparent Galaxy Distribution RT109 Harmonics applied to Particle Masses& Isotope Abundances RT110 Theoretical vs Actual Harmonics RT113 Solar System Quantisation and Harmonics RT 114 Stellar Distance Quantisation and Harmonics ... Ray Tomes' Harmonic Theory ...
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32. The Picture that Won’t Go Away [Thunderbolts Website]
... . For those who wonder what all the commotion was about, we offer this brief refresher. The rationale for the Big Bang rests substantially on an interpretation of a well-known phenomenon called “redshift”. The term refers to the shift of light from distant galaxies toward red on the light spectrum. Many years ago, astronomers decided that redshifted objects must be moving away from the observer, stretching out their lightwaves. This “Doppler interpretation” of redshift enabled astronomers, based on the degree of redshift, to calculate both the distances ... of mainstream astronomy: the Big Bang. For those who wonder what all the commotion was about, we offer this brief refresher. The rationale for the Big Bang rests substantially on an interpretation of a well-known phenomenon called “redshift”. The term refers to the shift of light from distant galaxies toward red on the light spectrum. Many years ago, astronomers decided that redshifted objects must be moving away from the observer, stretching out their lightwaves. This “Doppler interpretation” of redshift enabled astronomers, based on the degree of ...
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33. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... Biblical chronology and historiography dictate the various revised schemes, so it is necessary to identify site destructions at this point in time with the Conquest of Joshua. This is almost exactly the position adopted by Bernard Newgrosh in his reply to Benny Peiser. He also mentions the red herring of Thera and its supposed connection with the 1628 BC frost signature and ice core. In reality 1628 BC probably has no connection with Thera whatsoever, as it seems to coincide with the collapse of the Middle Kingdom (in Egypt) and the end of ... 6. The old religion became associated with abominable cult practices, high altars, stone circles, and human sacrifice. The opposition was demonised and history was rewritten- as happened after the introdction of Christianity in Europe and Islam in Asia. It seems that an intellectual shift occurred during the Exile, possibly as a result of influence from Persian Zoroastrianism [5. Thompson takes this to the extreme [7 but it is clear that the Exile marked a watershed in the development of Judaism. Jerusalem became the focus and site of the ...
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... burning. The gamut of sounds was dinned into human ears, at deafening amplitudes. The encounter lasted for weeks because of the temporary roughly parallel course of the two bodies and because of the enormous train of the cometary Venus. It began with a worldwide plague of red dust. The experience became increasingly excruciating as the Earth moved deeper through the millions of miles of comet tail. At the height of the disturbances, the incandescent head of the comet penetrated the smoking skies of the globe in all of its ruddy immensity. The ... , to a very unlucky period of Chinese history [23. The original image was probably of a serpent exploding in lightning and swallowing a great globe, as Cardona's painting in the Frontispiece depicts. Thus there are many parallels, from many cultures, marking the worldwide shift of attention to the behavior of a new and distinctive god in the sky. More than poetic fantasy, or a casual shift of allegiance from one regularly orbiting stone of outer space to another, is needed as a reason for the immense historical obsession with the ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 348  -  03 Apr 2004  -  87k  -  URL:
... or chaos, produced by the turbulent convection. Here Juergens made a fundamental error. Turbulence does not rule out the existence of large-scale order as Juergens thought. Simple reflection on such phenomena as a hurricane viewed from above, an atomic bomb's mushroom cloud, or Jupiter's Red Spot reveals large scale order in the presence of turbulence. The point is that mathematically chaos does not refer to the geometrical order in a system but instead refers to the ability to predict the system's future state. The existence of granulation in the photosphere, per ... ice caps are now understood as a result of global isostatic adjustment to changes in crustal loading [W. R. Peltier, Ann. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci. 9, 1981, pp. 199225. Recent advances in climatic modelling show that no pole shift or axial tilt is required to explain the location of the last ice cap. Its eccentric location with respect to the pole is a natural consequence of land-water distribution [C. Covey, "The Earth's Orbit and the Ice Ages", Sci. Am. ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 348  -  05 Mar 2003  -  66k  -  URL:
36. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... in Stratum VII at Alalakh at all! I now requote the sentence which Heinsohn quoted, together with the immediately following sentence:- "The Khabur Ware reported at Alalakh in level VII concerns one imported beaker with a bichrome decoration [Khabur Ware is monochrome of alternating red and black bands which Woolley compares with an example from Brak [in northern Mesopotamia. There are no beakers with this type of bichrome decoration in northern Mesopotamia [which Stein regards as the area in which Khabur Ware is found, and the shape alone does not ... open sea. The greatest intensity was along the west coast of North America. The starting point of the rift of Pangaea was at the north pole, and far different in character than that of the EGRR. (3) The EGRR erased the scars of continental shift along it, not the reverse. The best example is India which shifted right across the path of the EGRR all the way from the Owens Fracture Zone to Ninety Degree Ridge. Yet the EGRR is what is seen there now. Only in those places where ...
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37. Solar System Studies [Aeon Journal $]
... and Mars. Some asteroids may have crash landed on Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn. Large craters on Earth and Moon, large craters and a planet-wide dust cloud on Mars at about the time of arrival of an Earth space probe, and small red spots on Jupiter and Saturn may be evidence of this kind of asteroidal demise. Most asteroids have less elliptical orbits that keep them between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. These asteroidal orbits are arranged in belts, separated by Kirkland gaps. It is postulated that ... actively volcanic and covered with sulfuric dust. The satellite also revolves within an extensive toroid of oxygen gas and sulfur vapor and is yellowish orange in color. Europa is the flattest solid body studied to date and is covered with rift cracks but shows no sign of surface shift. Its high albedo indicates its surface to be water ice exposed to vacuum. Ganymede shows craters, rift cracks and surface shifting but appears to have a rocky crust punctuated with high albedo sprays centered on some but not all of its craters. Callisto-the same size ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 344  -  05 Mar 2003  -  70k  -  URL:
... of the eyes and soon "departed to heaven" (i.e., he died). (See the bottom of p.59 and the top of p.60.) On p. 59, there is mention of "the evil-doers [of Usheru? and of the red country". According to the Griffith translation, the evil-doers were from Usheru and the red country. These evil-doers invaded "Egypt at nightfall' (p. 59). Since the "evil-doers" are identified as coming into Egypt from two places where they ... the triangles are land derived peats now found below sea level; the dots are shells now found above sea level." While Walcott considers them to be due to "coastal uplift and tilting", looking at their distribution, one cannot help but think of axial shift as a dominant cause. The logical explanation might probably be found in the integrated approach of the renowned authority on the subject, Rhodes W. Fairbridge of Columbia Univ. Fairbridge brings, in great detail, the different hypotheses that were put forward to explain sea ...
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39. Redshift! [Aeon Journal $]
... . And, this velocity/distance relationship has since become known as the Hubble constant, although it is more commonly-- and prosaically-- referred to as the redshift, because the faster a star recedes from us the greater its light output shifts toward the red end of the spectrum. It's analogous to the Doppler effect with sound waves where the pitch decreases when a noisy contraption passes us and recedes from our ears, and the faster it recedes the lower the pitch of the tones. Moreover, with electromagnetic radiation such ... light there is no change in velocity, which remains essentially flat at 186,320 miles per second, but the change of energy reduces the frequency with the resultant bathychromic shift, or toward the longer wavelengths-- the red end of the spectrum. The more the shift the faster the recession. (Conversely, a stellar object moving toward us will be blueshifted.) Assuming that galaxies have the same general brightness, the amount of light received by our telescopes from these stellar sources diminishes proportionally by the square of the distance ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 340  -  05 Mar 2003  -  27k  -  URL:
40. Thoth Vol. V, No 2 Jan 31, 2001 [Thoth Website]
... Halton Arp's intrinsic redshift universe, high redshift quasars and low redshift galaxies are clustered together in family groups. The high redshift objects are associated with and ejected from low redshift active galaxies. Alignment is expected, even predicted-- no fudge factor involved. In _Seeing Red_, Arp shows that most quasars are distributed in a 20 degree cone from the spin axis of active galaxies. Galaxy clusters and individual galaxies follow a similar pattern, with a 35 degree ejection cone. Also in _Seeing Red_, Arp devotes an entire ... . It's the picture that results from arranging patterns, generating patterns, modifying patterns, and associating patterns until we have a coherent composition. With a large movement of viewpoint, the patterns of nervous sparks we call "fundamentals" can change. This is a paradigm shift. What once was a dark room with light shining through pinholes in the wallpaper becomes a four-dimensional manifold of emptiness interrupted with transient specks of thermonuclear explosions. It produces a different picture of a different reality. Seeing the universe from more than one paradigm provides a ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 340  -  21 Mar 2007  -  33k  -  URL:
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