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... These discoveries bear ominously upon the famous centerpiece of current paleo-anthropology, the Olduvai Gorge. The narrow floor and steep sides of Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania are a typical element of the East fork of the Great African Rift, which cuts from at least South-eastern Africa to the Red Sea. The problem of Olduvai man and culture is part of a complex world wide geological history that I have outlined in Chaos and Creation. I appreciate that I cannot here reproduce these materials, nor bring to bear more extensive materials analyzing the particular setting and ... Then why is the great leap needed? So it was Simpson who had originally muddied the still waters of uniformitarianism. What had he said? Reluctantly, with a step backward for every step forward, Simpson applied the term "quantum evolution" to the relatively rapid shift of a biotic population in disequilibrium to an equilibrium distinctly unlike an ancestral condition [31. However, "the genetic processes involved do not permit making the step with a single leap." Agreeing with earlier work of Dobzhansky [32, "the accumulation of ...
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... that his labour was all for the advantage of the 'barbarian' as the Egyptians call anyone who does not speak their language. He then turned his attention to war; he had triremes built, some on the Mediterranean coast, others on the Arabian gulf (The Red Sea for Indian Ocean trade) where the docks are still to be seen, and made use of his new fleets as occasion arose; and in addition he attacked the Syrians by land and defeated them at Magdolus, afterwards attacking (Cadytis) Gaza, a ... , the geography agrees, political profiles agree, the three primary nations involved are the same, the timespans for each phase are exact and the overall length of time absorbed by the sequence of events is precisely the same. This not a defence of the major chronological shift required here- it is merely an observation about the validity of this small yet important point in Velikovsky's overall scenario. This aspect of Velikovsky's Revised Chronology looks better the further we distance ourselves from his faulty 'alter egos and duplicate dynasties' mechanism. We would do ...
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... in 1950 to appreciate all the forces that were at work, I did not understand the significance, if any, of the connection between the Cold War, McCarthy and Velikovsky. Could the association of right-wing oppression of scientists and Velikovsky's book be nothing more than a red herring? Perhaps not, judging by De Grazia's conjecture.(59) He opines that the intensity of the reaction by Shapley and various supporters(60) may have been partly the result of an informal left-wing network reacting to the investigations of Shapley's political affiliations ... (Winter 1968), pp. 233-246. Bennett studied under S. M. Willhelm. 45. Ibid., p. 242. 46. Ibid, pp. 244-45. 47. J. White, private communication, March 31, 1979. Pole Shift!, his forthcoming book from Doubleday (1980), will contain an outstanding chapter on Velikovsky. 48. Kallen, p. 37. 49. Ibid, p. 38. 50. Letter from Milton Zysman to I. Velikovsky, March 10, ...
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... ," AEON III:3 (October 1993), pp. 49-70. [6 See, for instance, ibid., where sources are cited in quantum sufficit. [7 Linga Purana I:59:6-9. [8 J. Bierhorst, The Red Swan: Myths and Tales of the American Indians (N. Y., 1976), p. 38 (paragraphing altered). [9 D. Cardona, "The Beginning of Time," AEON III:5 (May 1994), pp ... than kilometers. [79d But as a residue, or remnant, of a former greater uplift of land, even meters are of significance. As Frederick Hall asked: "What pulled Earth out of shape from above its north pole? The small dimensions of this shift indicate the pull was short term (as in centuries to millennia) rather than eons.Furthermore the effect is relaxing, and in geological terms the distorting influence must have been remarkably recent." [79e In a personal letter, Leroy Ellenberger advised me that any " ...
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... Comets and Angels Cosmic Plagues The Destruction of Egypt II THE SCENARIO OF EXODUS High-Level Negotiations Why Pharaoh pursued the Hebrews The Organized Move Opening and Closing the Waters Unforeseen Circumstances III CATASTROPHE AND DIVINE FIRES Whose Angel? The Censored Designs of Heaven The Gentile Exodus The Horror of Red The Electrostatic Age Yahweh's Electrical Fire Conglomerate The Celestial First Cause IV THE ARK IN ACTION The Golden Box Dangers of Electrocution The Ark at Work The Electric Oracle The Battle of Jericho The Ark's End God's Fire Gone V LEGENDS AND MIRACLES Radiation Diseases The Electro-Chemical Factory Manna ... IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY John MacGregor CHAPTER 4: STRUCTURING THE APOCALYPSE: Old and New World Variations William Mullen CHAPTER 5: SHAKESPEARE AND VELIKOVSKY: Catastrophic Theory and the Springs of Art Irving Wolfe CHAPTER 6: CATASTROPHISM AND UNIFORMITY: A Probe into the Origins of the 1832 Gestalt Shift in Geology George Grinnell CHAPTER 7: LIVING WITH VELIKOVSKY: Catastrophism As A World View Patrick Doran CHAPTER 8: AFTERWORD Immanuel Velikovsky APPENDICES I. About the Authors II. Honourary Degree Awareded to Immanual Velikovsky III. Addresses to the Chancellor s Dinner IV. ...
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