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... seventh century B. C. Similarly, volcanism has been declining for a long time in comparison with its incidence in ancient times and prehistory. Too, the measurable inching of the Arabian peninsula towards Asia is the dying impulsion of its recent amputation from Africa: the Red Sea is the surgical scar marking the line of severance [31. Indeed the phenomenon of "erosion" that is basic to uniformitarian geology is largely derivative. It is an attenuated effect of the catastrophes that carved canyons and raised mountains. All of these statements ... for the winds, waters, and land to settle down and for a new electrical balance to be struck throughout the system. An equatorial bulge and flattening of the poles would have to occur after a change in the Earth's geographical axis, that is, after a shift of the location of the poles. The strains of this adjustment would carry over thousands of years. To be added to the bill tendered by catastrophes are some minor disasters. These might be Jovian "bolts from the blue" across immense spatial distances. Or ...
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... Sun a Companion Star?" asked E. R. Harrison (1977). He wonders whether a slight acceleration of the solar system detected by pulsar observations may be due to an orbiting binary partner. "The companion star is presumably either a faint white or red dwarf in closed orbit around the Sun, or a gas-accreting nearby neutron star or black hole in open orbit." [6 Harrison adduces Oort to say that a cloud of comets extends a distance of about 10 5 A. U. and this, he ... the celestial North Pole and correspond to the geographical North Pole at that moment in time. Then a structure oriented to it would change its geographical "true-north" orientation only if the ground on which it stood moved. However, the Earth could (and did) shift afterward; and the Earth might even turn completely reversing "north" and "south"; still the geographical North would remain the same. The Great Pyramid points, within several minutes of error, to the present geographical north pole [38. Hence, ...
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... fire. The Egyptians saw Isis and Seth in deadly combat. The Hindus describe Vishnu battling the "crooked serpent." Zeus, in the account of Appollodorus, struggled with the coiled viper Typhon. The fugitive Israelites, having reached Pi-ha-Khiroth at the edge of the Red Sea, were pursued by the pharoah Taoui-Thom. The great sea lay divided before the slave people, its waters lifted by the movement of the Earth and the pull of the comet. Crossing the dry sea bottom, the Israelites escaped from Egypt. As the ... risen, returned below the horizon. In others, the setting sun retraced its course, rising in the sky. The Hebrews witnessed the prolonged night of Sennacherib's destruction. The sun's retreat, due to a 10 degree tilt of the earth's axis, corrected the axis shift of 721 B.C. "So the sun returned ten degrees, by which degrees it was gone down," reads Isaiah 38.8. From one continent to another men, oppressed with terror, watched Mars battle Venus in the sky, speed fiercely toward the Earth ...
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174. CHAOS AND CREATION: Bibliography [Quantavolution Website]
... , New York. Chinnery, Michael A.& Robert G. North (1975), "The Frequency of Very Large Earthquakes," 190 Science (19 December), 1197-8. Chapman, Clark R. (1968), "The Discovery of Jupiter's Red Spot," 35 Sky and Telescope No. 5, 276-8. Clark, D. H., W. H. McCrea& F. R. Stephenson (1977), "Frequency of Nearby Supernovae and Climatic and Biological Catastrophe," 265 Nature ... of Civilization. The Cognitive Beginnings of Man's First Art, Symbol And Notation, Weldenfeld and Nicolson, London; McGraw Hill, New York. Marshall, Sir John (1931), Mohenjo-daro and the Indus Civilization, 3 vols., London. "Martian Poles Shift, Say Polar Drift Theorists," (1973), 43 Science Digest (June), 74-5. Martin, P. S.& H. E. Wright, eds. (1968), International Association for Quaternary Research, Pleistocene Extinctions, The ...
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175. Plate Tectonics and Catastrophe Theory [Catastrophism Geology $]
... points of the type 0. Yet there are patent examples of terminal boundary points between two plates. The most typical example is the African Rift: it is a matter of an edge originating in a triple point which is located rorth of the Afar, on the Red Sea, and terminating (in a local configuration which is, though, highly complex) in the region of the Great African Lakes. Faced with this embarrassing situation, the orthodox theoreticians extend the boundary in dashed lines- to beyond its terminal point, postulating ... interior of a plate; this is what the Emperor Hawaii chain suggests. (This may be compared to the subtropical origin of cyclones in atmospheric dynamics: cyclones arise through "breaking" of a warm front.) Fig. 19- Seism created by a fast shift of an inter plate boundary. This 'flexible' model of surface dynamics allows also an interpretation of (shallow) seisms; the boundary between two plates may be subject to a brutal, 'catastrophic' variation. Let us take an illustrative example; suppose we have ...
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... suddenly opened, dry for a few years, and then overwhelmed by floods of water much greater than at present. [8 The ocean basins are composed of sima, rich in silicon and magnesium elements. They are of basalt. They are igneous, formed in red heat. They are thin. They are denser than the continental sial. The continents probably sit upon similar material, but much deeper, perhaps directly upon the upper mantle, save where the magma of the mantle may have expanded and intruded upon the continental granites ... view. Caution: Image files are large.): The Antarctic Hemisphere, showing how ridge-fracture cut the south polar Continent off completely from all land to the North, as by a circular saw. It would appear that the main fractures occurred before the main continental shift, (as in the Arctic Basin to the South), because there still is a semblance of order to their progression around Greenland and into Asia. Furthermore, Greenland adheres in shape to the North American continent and its neighboring western fracture does not seem to ...
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177. Mitcham Replies [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... , be it only briefly in order to meet the BKL terms. I have no difficulty, since I do not assume that a king of the Sealand ruled from Babylon city as a usurper over some unnamed BKL king. My alleged "Border Inscription" is a red herring. My note (8) refers to statements contained within texts by Hallo and Simpson and Oates. All they do is suggest that Gulkishar is the most likely choice among the Sealand kings as the one who occupied Babylon; his rule is only brief, ... He also clearly does not recognize that it is he and not I who is "deviating from the conventional view." For the era under discussion here Dr. Courville does not attempt to define my deviations from conventional chronology. There is only one-- a shift in the line of the Old Hittite kings-- only slightly greater than that proposed by Dr. Courville himself. In fact, he too now accepts the degree of change suggested for Mursilis I, although I now reject this point (see C&AH ...
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... proposed in this paper and are not compatible with the ice ball comet model. They are as follows: 1) Tail material (positive ions and positively charged dust particles) will be detected by direct observation to move towards the comet nucleus. (Previously, Earth-based red shift measurements have been used to suggest that tail material moves away from the comet nucleus; Part III of this paper shows why these data have been misinterpreted.) 2) Spacecraft telemetry will begin to sense an acceleration towards the comet nucleus- far in excess ... any expected gravitational field of a small "ice ball". (This is the result of the induced electric dipole force on the metal spacecraft.) This will also make it difficult to maintain spacecraft orientation while in the tail area. 3) This acceleration will cause an unexpected perturbation in the orbit of the satellite as it emerges from the comet tail. (In contrast, a negligible perturbation would be expected from a near-massless ice ball.) 4) If the satellites pass too close to the comet nucleus, they may ...
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... reports are issuing of excessive radiation levels in rocks and fossils. Kloosterman was earlier quoted on the subject. Salop speaks of a primary enrichment of uranium in dinosaur bones. Numerous similar findings have been reported since 1956 in Brazil and Argentina. Some bones from an undated red sandstone were radioactive. J. E. Powell summarizes these findings. Fossils from Mongolia also show high levels of radioactivity. Kloosterman located these facts and also discovered that almost none of the world's natural history museums have measured radioactive levels in specimens of their collections [ ... past age. Charles Hapgood, another catastrophist, whose work has already been cited, confronts the same problem and although admitting that the major proponent of macromutation or "systematic mutation," Richard Goldschmidt, is opposed by the majority of writers, believes that a sudden shift of the Earth's poles and crust could produce the requisite shortening of the tempo of evolution. I am treading upon uncertain ground. In what has been said of the sacred and divine elsewhere (in Chaos and Creation and The Divine Succession, both works of the ...
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... time coincides with the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt under Moses, an event so fraught with catastrophe that it remains the substratum of the Judaic, Christian and Islamic religions. If Venus was erupted from Jupiter, it conceivably burst from the disturbed area of the Great Red Spot. Although not demonstrable, this is hypothetically feasible. It was Jupiter's greatest discharge, its last attempt to rid itself of ions and gain electrons. It succeeded; it retired; and its offspring was unleashed into the inner Solar System, where all massive ... so evidence of this nature, though favorable to the hypothesis, must be discounted. 3. Geosphere: Every geophysical process gives evidence of quantavolutionary stress. Widespread earthquakes are part of the destruction of towns to be referred to below. There occurred "a major westward shift in the Euphrates system of channels as a whole during Kassite times" (Paterson) (of this age, we believe). A set of natural disasters plunged the Harappan culture of India into a fatal decline now too. 4. Biosphere: Unusual biological ...
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