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161. Venus Hothouse - The Other Theory [SIS C&C Review $]
... would be astonishing in view of large scale volcanic activity through forced convection, sending literally cubic miles of billowing ash into the atmosphere, unless an equally extraordinary electrostatic precipitation and separation were simultaneously taking place. It may be that our instrumentation cannot differentiate particulates in the searing red murk of an electrically charged atmosphere, and merely give an indication of strange "chemical fires" burning in the lower levels. Or else, the hot, dense carbon dioxide may effect a veritable solution of the dust loading, to where for all intents and ... Their applicability and relevancy to the total picture must be constructively identified and firmly established before effective progress can be made. With incisive criticism, Talbott said: "Constructive uses of mathematical arguments are plentiful and impressive. Predictions of lunar and solar eclipses, deduction of the shift of the perihelion of Mercury from tensor applications in general relativity, deduction of Rydberg's constant in atomic spectroscopy, brachistichrone and catenary analysis in generalized mechanics are all breathtakingly beautiful to those who live by these tools. "Equations, it would seem, are most profound ...
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162. Chapter 11 [Alternative Science Website]
... other as heretical. Quasars and, later, Pulsars were truly anomalous objects but astronomers readily accepted them. On the other hand some astronomers, notably Halton Arp, now at the Max Planck Institute for Physics and Astronomy in Munich, claimed to have evidence that the red shift of quasars cannot be due entirely to processes that are already known. There has been great resistance to this claim, and Arp says that this resistance led to political repercussions that forced him to leave his observatory in the US for a more congenial place of ... . Sometimes, says Sturrock, anomalies deserve to sink without trace, and he cites Irving Langmuir's symposium on pathological science. But, 'the problems of evaluating anomalous phenomena would be solved more rapidly if it were only a question of applying the right scientific methodology. Unfortunately, however, the interested community may be organised into advocacies, arguing powerfully either for or against the reality and the importance of a particular phenomenon. There are clearlycollective processes at work. That is to say, social and political factors play a role in determining how ...
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163. Thoth Vol. I, No. 13 May 16, 1997 [Thoth Website]
... more deeply coloured than their surroundings. So it may be that the electric discharges that created them were sufficiently intense to cause nucleosynthesis in the form of the conversion of oxygen atoms (from the water) to sulphur. Elemental sulphur takes many colours ranging from yellow through red to black (look at Io's surface) and could account for the reddish colouration of the ejected material. Alternatively, and I think less likely, the coloured material may be exogenous and implanted by the discharge itself (as described by Ralph Juergens). Of ... Trevor Palmer: CONTROVERSY- CATASTROPHISM AND EVOLUTION: THE ONGOING DEBATE Plenum Company: New York/London [to be published in early 1998 For the last 20 years, Professor Trevor Palmer has been one of the most outstanding yet least known British chroniclers of the paradigm shift in the natural sciences, particularly with regards to the scientific revolution in the fields of cometary astronomy, neo-catastrophism and evolution. Since the late 1970s, when Trevor began to write about these startling new research findings in SIS REVIEW, he has been continuously following the ...
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... in Greek, in hieroglyphics and in a cursive writing occasionally found on papyri, later called "Demotic" script. Thomas Young, an English physician and physicist (1773-1829) who was first to explain color sensation as due to the presence of specific nerve endings for red, green, and violet in the retina of the eye, first to understand and measure astigmatism and first to discover the phenomenon of light interference (the strongest argument in favor of the wave theory of light for which he was much derided), was also ... pertained to Venus rather than to Sirius. Sirius is the most brilliant star, Venus is a still more splendid planet. Venus, like Sirius, is invisible during a part of the year. But the periodic invisibility of Venus is not the result of the seasonal shift of the Northern Hemisphere out of sight of the stars in the south, as in the case of Sirius or Canopus. It occurs because Venus, revolving in a plane at only a slight angle to the plane of the earth's orbit, disappears behind the sun ...
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... the Deep', AEON III:3, Oct. 1993, pp. 49-70. 8. E.g., ibid., where sources are cited in quantum sufficit. 9. Linga Purana I:59:6-9. 10. J. Bierhorst, The Red Swan: Myths and Tales of the American Indians, N. Y., 1976, p. 38 (paragraphing altered). 11. D. Cardona, 'The Beginning of Time', AEON III:5, May 1994, pp. 71-76. ... of its pear-shape measured in metres rather than kilometres [85 but as a residue of a former greater uplift of land even metres are of significance. As Frederick Hall asked: 'What pulled Earth out of shape from above its north pole? The small dimensions of this shift indicate the pull was short term (as in centuries to millennia) rather than eons. Furthermore the effect is relaxing, and in geological terms the distorting influence must have been remarkably recent.' [86. In a personal letter, Leroy Ellenberger advised me ...
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... phase begins with the reign of Djoser, whose construction of the famous Step-pyramid inaugurated the series of masterpieces which comprise the pyramid age. Gardiner points out that his "importance as the founder of a new epoch is marked in the Turin Canon by the exceptional use of red ink." 5 About the achievement of the pyramids themselves it is enough to say that their builders, among the many other things they had in mind, were concerned to erect the stablest possible architectural form, which could survive anything. In this they succeeded ... metaphysics is mythically established. In conclusion I would like to stress three points. First, that this reading of the Pyramid Texts is very preliminary. It is the outline of an approach: minor details have to be fitted into it and main details may have to shift their positions. Second, that I am claiming no primacy for Egyptian myths as opposed to any others, except for the primacy of their closeness in time to the earliest catastrophe in human memory. The approach outlined here, one that seeks not only to extract ...
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... been made ill by eating this "preserved" meat.(13) Despite the stench and the decayed flesh, Herz actually goes on to say that the meat from under the shoulder of the Berezovka mammoth was "fibrous and marbled with fat... dark red in color" and looked "as fresh as well-frozen beef or horsemeat." "It looked so appetizing," Herz was later to remark, "that we wondered for some time whether we should taste it, but no one would venture to take it ... forced to assume that the mammoths in question could not have been the victims of the same cataclysm. On the other hand, if this is correct, the older mammoth(s) would have thawed and decomposed in the interim, since Siberia would have had to shift to a warmer climate before its next freezing onslaught on the younger mammoth(s). And there lies the dilemma because, after all, we know that at least one of the older mammoths, the Lena delta specimen, did not decompose in the interim ...
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168. SIS Silver Jubilee Conference: Abstracts [SIS Internet Digest $]
... "In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." Galileo Galilei A few professionals, like the astronomer Halton Arp, are challenging the accepted Big Bang model of the universe. His latest book, Seeing Red, is a war-cry against Big Bang cosmology. He writes in the preface to his book, "This, then, is the crisis for the reasonable members of the profession. With so many alternative, contradictory theories, many of them fitting the evidence very ... of you who expect, for example, an explanation of the electric universe within the gravity/ mass framework will be disappointed not to have such a link explained... there simply isn't any common ground. This really is the continuation and realisation of Velikovksy's paradigm shift. Present day Neo-catastrophists struggle to fit their hesitancy within conventional theory...and are failing. It is strange that most 'innovative' thought comes from unshackled, unblinkered, thinkers who are not influenced by the everlasting battle between the Theorists and Observers. Finally, Velikovsky ...
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169. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... an astronomer declared that it will hit Jupiter on its next close approach in July 1994. Astronomers are looking forward to observing the impact but do not know what to expect. The more optimistic predict a celestial fireworks display with glowing fireballs rising above Jupiter's atmosphere, and red spots, gaping holes and swirling jets in the atmosphere as an aftermath. We hope Carl Sagan enjoys an event that could never happen. (See box item 'Worlds in Collision 1994'.) ELECTROMAGNETISM Anomalous lightning Science Frontiers No 89,Sep-Oct 1993, p ... that the city was abandoned after a nearby volcano blew in Turkey, an event which was then followed by a 300 year drought. They dated the abandoned town to 2200 BC, though how is not reported, and therefore suggest the drought was part of a major shift in weather patterns in many different areas of the world 4000 years ago. They do however suggest that refugees fled to nearby southern Mesopotamia, which had somehow escaped the disaster, and have yet to explain how a drought can last for 300 years. Astral worship ...
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170. The Newark Holy Stones [Horus $]
... The site were are interested in was in McCrory's Woods. This is just near the so-called public road, Main Street today- and one could locate the site today except that you would be in somebody's back yard. On his map I found an indication of a red line pointing at one of the small Cshaped mounds. These were for him a cache; his explanations are on the manuscript. Cache was a term given to numbers of these pits along the earth works. Some people called them bone pits. On the last ... Wyrick. Later that year or early the next year he published his own little pamphlet on the subject and you can feel he was responding to that article. Sketch of "Keystone" (front view) Sketch of "Keystone" (side view) Now let's shift the scene just South of here to Jacksontown. The time is in November of 1960 at a spot known as the Great Stone Mound, just a mile from Jacksontown. A drawing in an 1839 atlas probably represents only the mound core. We know the original ...
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