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... . Apollodorus: The Library, I, vi, 1. The giants were often represented in Greek art with serpent-feet. 19. Ovid: Metamorphoses, I, translated by M.M. Innes (Penguin). W in C, I, ii: "The Red World". Ovid (loc. cit,) also records the belief that the Earth repopulated herself with men she created from the blood of the dead giants, and that it was this generation of mankind that was destroyed by Deucalion's flood. Similarly in Babylonian ... one celestial body to another is not impossible (2), but the mechanism for such a postulated change should be apparent. De Grazia cites "a similar switch of identities" (in fact the complete opposite to the change he is arguing) in a supposed shift made by the Babylonian goddess Ishtar from the planet Venus to the Moon. Likewise, Athena's association with Venus was forgotten, and she was later identified with the Moon (3), though not as regularly as Aphrodite was with Venus. But in Athena's case ...
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142. The Picture that Won’t Go Away [Thunderbolts Website]
... . For those who wonder what all the commotion was about, we offer this brief refresher. The rationale for the Big Bang rests substantially on an interpretation of a well-known phenomenon called “redshift”. The term refers to the shift of light from distant galaxies toward red on the light spectrum. Many years ago, astronomers decided that redshifted objects must be moving away from the observer, stretching out their lightwaves. This “Doppler interpretation” of redshift enabled astronomers, based on the degree of redshift, to calculate both the distances ... of mainstream astronomy: the Big Bang. For those who wonder what all the commotion was about, we offer this brief refresher. The rationale for the Big Bang rests substantially on an interpretation of a well-known phenomenon called “redshift”. The term refers to the shift of light from distant galaxies toward red on the light spectrum. Many years ago, astronomers decided that redshifted objects must be moving away from the observer, stretching out their lightwaves. This “Doppler interpretation” of redshift enabled astronomers, based on the degree of ...
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... and Egyptological evidences cited were originally used by Whiston in the 17th century, and Horberger, Bellamy, and others in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Whiston, in fact, originally had proposed gravitational effects of comets to explain the Flood, parting of the Red Sea, etc., with the whole-hearted support of Sir Isaac Newton himself. When it was shown that gravity was insufficient, he turned to electrical and magnetic forces. Hence, Velikovsky's "interdisciplinary studies" aren't even original.. Many of the arguments against ... the energies involved. The rotational energy of the Earth( 10 38 ergs) is a hundred million times larger than the orbital kinetic energy (10 30 ergs). Furthermore, Velikovsky requires a stoppage in the period between sunrise and noon (or alternatively a major shift of the Earth's axis, which requires similar energy transfers). Hence, he requires a rate of transfer some hundred times larger than the solar nuclear energy generation rate. On top of all this, the Earth must be spun up again to almost the same ...
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144. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... Nepal still make libations to the 'four directions' by flicking droplets of stew before eating. Blazing towers National Geographic February 1994, advertisement In a remote village in Japan villagers light hundreds of huge torches in a purification rite thousands of years old. New theory parts the Red Sea.... The Guardian 27.1.94 A new suggestion for the miracle of the Red Sea crossing is that the Israelites were actually crossing the Nile Delta, further north, and were deceived by a mirage of lagoons appearing to float as a high wall of ... this source of added water could occur where cool slabs of crust subduct at the margins of oceans. This led to the observation that such abnormal dense, cold masses appear to lie largely in the equatorial region which is no coincidence because the Earth's axis would tend to shift so that the equator is closest to the densest masses. (Note the theories of Auchincloss Brown and Hapgood that such shifts happened catastrophically when a critical build up of ice occurred at the poles. Could such catastrophic shifts occur in response to the impact of a ...
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... 64 times the load it could carry if it moved at 1 km/ h. Tidal transport is scarcely less powerful. Tides can stretch for great lengths and in all directions. Those who like to imagine that the Exodus tide was limited ignore the evidence that the Red Sea was in motion. Moreover, they overlook the fact that unidimensional tides are practically restricted to hurricanes. A splash, a large-body pass-by, an explosion or a deluge summons a 360 degree tidal effect. The speed of tides is swift unless remote bodies are ... islands, testify also to tidal action proceeding northwards and then withdrawing [5. A change in the speed of rotation of the globe, for which an exoterrestrial large-body encounter must be presumed, necessarily entails large tides. Some writers, including ourselves, have surmised a shift from 360 to 365 days a year around the eighth century B. C. Putting aside the more plausible cause of orbital recession, and laying the burden of such a shift upon a speed-up of rotation, with shorter and more days, the sea level would ...
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146. El-Arish Revisited [Kronos $]
... (London, 1952), p. 44. A lake with a similar name is mentioned in the Book of the Dead. 25. Worlds in Collision, p. 87. 26. On another page, Velikovsky says that the Mediterranean "broke into the Red Sea in an enormous tidal wave". Ibid., p. 73. 27. DeGrazia, op. cit., p. 16. 28. Ages in Chaos, p. 42. 29. Ibid., p. 44. 30. ... translation". According to Velikovsky: "Not even the sequence of the text is conclusively established." (18) If this were so, he might feel justified in rearranging the narrative in a different order from that followed by the translators. But one cannot shift the various episodes around freely. We are not dealing with a pile of fragments. The text is heavily damaged, but what remains is in one piece. The shrine itself was hollowed out from a single block of stone. The text is on the outside ...
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147. Untitled [Uncategorised]
... : Mars Gods of the New World [Aeon Vol0401 Cochrane, Ev: Martian Meteorites in Ancient Myth and Modern Science [Aeon Vol0402 Cochrane, Ev: Milky Way [Aeon Vol0404 Cochrane, Ev: Mons Veneris [Aeon Vol0405 Cochrane, Ev: On Dragons and Red Dwarves [Aeon Vol0306 Cochrane, Ev: On Mars and Pestilence [Aeon Vol0304 Cochrane, Ev: Origins of the Latin God Mars [Review V1993 Cochrane, Ev: Poem of Erra [Aeon Vol0105 Cochrane, Ev: Racial Memory and Instinct: the Case ... [Review V0302 Cook, Martin Kruskal, Ralph Jergens, C.e.r. Bruce, Melvin A.: On Celestial Mechanics [Pensee Ivr03 Cook, Melvin A.: Earth Tectonics Viewed From Rock Mechanics [Review V1991 Cook, Melvin A.: Ice Caps, Continental Shift and the Break Up of Pangaea [Review V1997n1 Courville, Donovan A.: Limitations of Astronomical Dating Methods* [Kronos Vol0102 Crew, Eric: Electricity in Astronomy (4) [Review V0201 Crew, Eric: Electricity in Astronomy 2 [Review V0102 Crew ...
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148. Velikovsky in America [Aeon Journal $]
... sources of accretion were reckoned with, the age of the Dead Sea...would be less than 6,000 or even 5,000 years." (22) Three hundred years earlier, Edmund Halley had suggested making longitudinal studies of the saline buildup of the Red Sea in order to measure the accretion rate and thus determine the age of our planet-- this procedure, he was sure, would demonstrate the falsity of James Usher's 4004 bc date of Creation, derived by computing the lifespans of Adam and his descendants. ... of ca. 1500 bc were retained, then either the Old Testament or the Egyptian chronology was about 500 years out of step with reality. For Velikovsky it was an easy choice. He naturally assumed the Jewish sequence to be correct. But to make any major shift in one period entailed making numerous others all along the chronological continuum. And Egypt would not be the only country affected, since all non-Mesopotamian and non-Israelite histories, lacking documentary dating systems of their own, were pegged to the Egyptian time frame. Within a few ...
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... BC, woods still flourished in now dehydrated areas of the Sudan [100, the Nubian sector of which has had no continuous yearly rainfall since about 3,500BC [101. Before then, in Neolithic (middle Holocene) times, the (currently bare) Red Sea Hills were well wooded and irrigated by rivers- now nearly all dry- well stocked with fish. Several distinct predynastic Egyptian cultures successfully availed themselves of those conditions [102. As now known to us, much of the Saharan desert regime dates from only ... East, a similar story unfolds in Arabia where, in middle Holocene times, vanished civilised peoples utilised the once active river and lake networks in the peninsula's currently parched 'Empty Quarter' and environs [105, 106. These developments were unquestionably connected with a northwards pan-Asian shift of the early Holocene's monsoon belt [107 about 5,000BC, before it slowly returned to its present latitude in late-Atlantic times or by 3,500BC. Of particular interest is the sensitivity of the monsoon system to orbital changes [108. As already noted ...
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150. Quantalism: The Big Picture [Aeon Journal $]
... , "Infant Killing and Cannibalism in Free-Living Chimpanzees," Folia Primatologica 28, 259-282 (1977). [15 E. H. Wilson, The Insect Societies (Cambridge, 1971), pp. 353-371. [16 J. H. Schwartz, The Red Ape: Orang-utans and Human Origins (Boston, 1987). [17 E. H. Wilson, loc. cit. [18 Ibid., pp. 421-423. [19 P. C. Jay (Ed.), Primates: Studies in ... overview of our anatomical peculiarities is indicative: [36 HUMAN TRAIT AQUATIC SPECIES IN WHICH AN ANALOG OCCURS bipedal stance penguin limb proportions marine iguana smooth skin porpoise bust manatee foot shape sea-lion brain size dolphin subcutaneous fat dugong jaw shape frog While there is nothing catastrophic about a shift in habitat, there is something saltatory about it. And, while we remain genetically very close to our nearest phylogenetic kinsmen, the great apes, we are phenotypically very unlike them. The environmental zigzag evident in a hominid detour from Miocene forests through Pliocene waters ...
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