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131. Monitor [SIS C&C Review $]
... blow in oval patterns where the polar auroras meet Jupiter's upper atmosphere. Friction between these winds and the rest of the atmosphere may explain why the temperature of the upper atmosphere is several hundred degrees higher than would be expected from direct heating from the Sun. The Great Red Spot, however, may be explained by the complexity of turbulence modelling. There's more out there than meets the eye New Scientist 17.10.98, p. 54, Scientific American Jan. 99, p. 15 The spacecraft Pioneer 10 was found to be decelerating faster ... the same problem as the late Ian C. Johnson, (Aeon, 1992, Vol. XIV and 1993, XV) in accounting for the fossils found about the Arctic. They are also obviously out of their natural environment. Is it that a sudden polar shift is the most reasonable of answers, as Johnson suggested ('Monitor', C&CR 1998:2, p. 42)? Catastrophe Impacts galore New Scientist 10.7.99, pp. 42-45, 7.8.99, supplement p. 11, Scientific American Nov. 98, ...
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... fiery serpents. Swift's Comet and Holmes' Comet, both of which appeared in 1892, were also said to look like flying serpents. Even Biela's famous comet (the one that eventually split in two and later disintegrated altogether) was described as looking like a great red serpent.(6) The faint luminosities of our times, like Ikeya-Seki and the more recent Kohoutek, are worn out bodies that could never have created the world-wide fears and panics that were so common at the appearance of comets in medieval and older times. ... ."(9) In this we may possibly recognize the series of sequential calamities attributable to the proto-planet Venus when, through its near-collision with Earth, it tilted the globe's axis and made the constellations in the sky, Sun and Moon among them, appear to shift. It was also then that the Earth was slowed in its rotation, thus causing the seas and the oceans, flowing in a colossal tide, to inundate the land. That this horned monster, Kung Kung, is to be categorized as a "dragon ...
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133. Timna and Egyptian Dates [Aeon Journal $]
... of Timna, whose most recent excavation report was published by Benno Rothenberg and colloborators in 1978. (2) The Timna Valley lies alongside the Wadi Arabah, some 30 kilometers north of the modern towns of Elath (Israel) and Aqabah (Jordan) on the Red Sea. The results of the Timna-Site 200 excavation will be applied here to put to test the aforementioned chronological statements. Site 200, with the Egyptian Hathor Temple, was a low mound, measuring 15 by 15 meters and 1.5 meters in height. It was ... II, right on top of, or even in the habitation and destruction remains of Stratum III, without any intervening fill layers to indicate a period of abandonment, provided evidence for an almost direct continuation of the occupation of Site 200." (6) The shift from Stratum IV (Early 19th Dynasty and, perhaps, also 18th Dynasty) could not be as easily assessed by stratigraphic means: "It is difficult to establish time and mode of the abandonment or destruction of the Stratum IV Hathor Temple because the builders of ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 316  -  05 Mar 2003  -  35k  -  URL:
... tempted to say, "Good grief! What a bunch of bird-brains." And yet, how is what the seagulls are doing different from what scientists do? They're applying what they know to a situation that is unfamiliar. A crab is small and hard and red. It breaks open into something tasty when they drop it. Maybe the small, hard, red apple will, too. People do the same when they apply the concepts they are familiar with to the objects beyond their reach. Thus they once thought of ... and planted on the NEO surface might be good for the job. The thrust would be totally inadequate to change the asteroid's orbit appreciably. However, it would change the electrical charge on the NEO which in turn would alter its gravity and, as a consequence, shift its orbit. This is precisely what happens to comets as they emit jets of ions and change their orbits in a non-Newtonian manner. It is conventionally "explained" by poorly defined non-gravitational forces. Wal Thornhill Karen Tackett asks: Do you know if there is ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 316  -  21 Mar 2007  -  30k  -  URL:
135. Book Shelf [Aeon Journal $]
... Cold War is over, and Carl "Nuclear Winter" Sagan is enjoying his armchair years on the lecture circuit, the geo-politics of scientific innovation still dictate what ideas make it into the commonweal, to wit-- the abrupt censoring and dismissal of Astronomer Halton Arp's red shift research from respectability and access to funding resources. Consequently, if we must struggle, then we must engage and use the tools of struggle. Carl Sagan& Immanuel Velikovsky is a Tool of Struggle in the battle for truthful ideas and effective interpretative frameworks. ... a renaissance at the instigation of David and Stephen Talbott's journal, Pensée. Velikovsky's work was being looked at seriously by scholars and researchers in the light of primary observational data just coming in from a number of interplanetary satellite reconnaissances, and was poised to create a paradigm shift in Scientific Culture and hence, in Industrial Culture as well. What this meant was that the nations of planet Earth would be given a new interpretative framework from which to overthrow the various bondages of imitation and ignorance about their origins and potentials. The Doges and ...
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136. Untitled [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History XIV:2 (July 1992) Home¦ Issue Contents Response to Cardona Martin Sieff Dwardu Cardona's impassioned and ad hominem response to my January 1988 article "Assyrians, Sodom and Red Herrings" (C& AH X:1, 40ff) ran three years later (C& AH XIII:1, 43 ff). While I regret my own tardiness in replying, I note that my response time is well within that time-lag and beg the reader's discretion. (1) THE CITIES ... in modern Syria. This should not be too far-fetched a speculation, as 20 years ago no one dreamed we would find the enormous city and archive at Ebla. However, moving Ebla down to this period is an essential step once the Heinsohn "1,600-year shift" model of Mesopotamian history is adopted, as I have done, just as VIth dynasty Egypt and proto-Syrian I must move down too. But if this is done, then Heinsohn's own argument that the Hebrew histories of Kings and Chronicles cannot have been written before ...
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137. Vox Popvli [Aeon Journal $]
... meteorites." In the next paragraph he outlines the topics to be covered in his article, namely: a review of the evidence that some meteorites came from Mars; an examination of the various theories as to how the rocks came to be "expelled from the red planet"; and finally returns "to Velikovsky's thesis of planetary catastrophism" with respect to Mars and the Earth and the "raining forth [of extraterrestrial debris." Several pages are devoted to the current scientific theories regarding the meteorites' ejection from Mars' ... Aquaticists maintain that what separated human beings from the great apes was a prehistoric sojourn in shallow waters, which led to loss of fur and the adoption of erect bipedalism. In the aquaticist view, increased use of the hands for swimming and mollusc-foraging led also to a shift of communicative focus from the manual/visual to the vocal/auditory channel, producing a predominance of spoken over gestured language. There are at least three other sources of information on language origins which Strickling appears to neglect. One of these is paleo-anatomy. According ...
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138. Catastrophism and Evolution [SIS C&C Review $]
... any satellites at all: Mars has two small orbiting chunks of rock, Phobos and Deimos, while the Earth's Moon is big enough to be considered a planet in its own right. Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter have ring systems; Jupiter has an enormous, unexplained red spot and emits radio signals. Uranus orbits the Sun on its side; Venus is extremely hot, has a dense atmosphere and rotates in the opposite direction to the other planets [3, 4. There is a vast asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars ... of the Triassic, but from the thecodont line came the dinosaurs which dominated the land throughout the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods (Figure 2). The Cretaceous was remarkable for its mild climates, even in regions of high latitude, and when it ended there was a shift back to colder conditions and a sharp temperature gradient from equator to pole. Later there were more climatic changes, and ice ages occurred, as they had during the Carboniferous and Early Permian Periods [26, 75, 85, 88. After the mass extinctions ...
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139. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... - and the Awash River, via Omo to Koobi Fora, Oluvai and Laetoli in Kenya, sites of Leakey's quest for the missing link- including the younger, almost human Homo erectus. At the edge of the Danakil area is a geological formation known as the Red Series. It is suggested that excavations there may produce the fossil evidence to back up the story of the aquatic ape, but unfortunately, in a politically unstable world this may have to wait a long time. Elaine Morgan is concerned only with the evolutionary history ... 350 -170, that is, a deviation of 10 from a strict north-south direction. He asks: "Were these people of 4000 years ago unable to determine south with more precision?... or could south have changed in direction, either because of a shift in the earth's orbit or a rotation of the observation site? Both explanations seem improbable. The human race has been observing the course of the constellations for too long a period of time for such a shift to have gone unobserved; and movements of the earth's ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 316  -  05 Mar 2003  -  29k  -  URL:
140. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... as it took about an hour to reach totality and secondly, totality did not mean the complete disappearance of the Moon as the details of its surface remained extremely clear at all times. All that happened as it passed into Earth's shadow was that it turned a beautiful red due to refraction of light through Earth's atmosphere. Stories of 'primitive' men being frightened out of their wits by such an event and inventing tales of the Moon being swallowed by a wolf to explain it were made patently absurd by the reality. As it never ... territory in what became known as Phoenicia- the borders of Egypt in Amurru). In shifting the United Monarchy into the LB Age it is necessary to debunk Egyptian history- particularly the actuality of an Egyptian empire in Syria-Palestine. At the same time, such a shift also makes mockery of the idea of David as a national hero and founder of a dynasty, the creator of an independent kingdom. Personally, I cannot see how this can have occurred before mid-Dynasty 20, when there is ample evidence, archaeologically and historically, ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 316  -  05 Mar 2003  -  48k  -  URL:
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