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... is not critical to my model. I have not found any reports of site destructions on Cyprus, south of Anatolia in the eastern Mediterranean. However, there was a reported significant cultural change with the appearance of the Vounous culture which influenced the use of a beautiful red ceramic almost exclusively on the island. Schaeffer dates the appearance of this new ceramic at about 2300 BC, synchronised with the end of the Chalcolithic Phase and the beginning of the EBA on Cyprus [18. Greece The end of the Early Helladic II (EH ... over the Egyptian chronology at this time period, but I have assumed a reign from 2280 BC to 2190 BC for Pepi II. Accordingly, the Byblos destruction could be a little later than 2300 BC. Dunand, the excavator of the site, reports a radical shift in architectural tradition just before the destruction which is continued afterward, thus indicating cultural continuity at the site. A similar pattern of resettlement after the destruction apparently occurred at Ras Shamra in which the urban character of the site was maintained but on a smaller scale [ ...
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122. Discussion Comments From the Floor [Aeon Journal $]
... written: Monuments, erected by the early kings of the 18th dynasty, are still extant: upon them they are represented combating and conquering a nation, that the historic evidence we have adduced, shows to be no other than these invaders. They are portrayed with red hair, blue eyes, and a physiognomy totally distinct from any of the descendants of Abraham, and are evidently a race which has disappeared from the vicinity of Egypt. Among those nations that are noted in sacred history, we find none with whom they can ... AEON I:6, pp. 113 ff), dating Greenland ice cores to the year requires no averaging. Annual layers can be counted using oxygen isotope variation, ambient acidity, and other indicators that exhibit seasonal variation and all of which agree when a phase shift is made to allow for the fact that the different indicators peak at different months. The observation that 0 to 3 layers seem to be laid down in Antarctica per year is irrelevant to conditions in Greenland, where annual snowfall is sufficient, and the annual nature ...
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123. The Albrecht/Glueck-Aharoni/Rothenberg Confrontation [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... example, that Solomon had used vast amounts of copper (brass) in his constructions and appurtenances. It was deemed obvious that these copper mines had served as the source of Solomon's copper. 11 He noted also that Solomon had maintained a navy of ships on the Red Sea, 12 evidently harbored at Ezion-geber. It was surmised that Solomon must have had extensive control of the territory at this time. 13 This was regarded as confirmed by the statement that Uzziah, some two centuries later, had built Elath, a neighboring city ... end of Early Bronze, 39 as Aharoni noted. it was not again occupied until the Iron Age, and then only by a fort and a few houses on an isolated spur of the mound. 40 In the light of the Timna finds common sense requires a shift of the entrance to a date well outside that of dynasty XIX and outside Late Bronze Age limits as well. Unfortunately, the proposed move by conservative Old Testament scholars does nothing of significance in ameliorating this untoward situation or of providing any better agreement with Scripture. ...
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... result is not altogether satisfying... The most solidly argued case is that of David Morrison... who doesn't bother to chase every hare Velikovsky starts... Apart from the manna question [referring to Sagan, which I find a bit of a red herring, these difficulties [e.g., ejecting Venus from Jupiter, restarting Earth's rotation, and circularizing Venus' orbit do not seem to me insuperable given the initial catastrophist framework. Similarly, Huber's demonstration that the ancient Babylonian Ammizaduga cuneiform tablets are consistent with the ... of Physics A, Vol. 11, No. 10 (October 1978), pp. 2107-2130. Reprinted in S.I.S. Review, Vol. III, No. 4 (Spring 1979), pp. 100-112. See also the summary in John White's Pole Shift (Doubleday, 1980), pp. 135-44, and the brief article in New Scientist (9 November 1978), p. 436. Warlow draws the analogy between the Earth and a Tippe Top, a variety of top which, while spinning with an ...
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125. For the Record. . . [Kronos $]
... . There is no evidence, however, that such a thing has happened, and if it did, the results would be so cataclysmic as to leave drastic evidence in the fossil record" (emphasis added-- see Earth in Upheaval). Even Lewis Carroll's Red Queen would have been stupefied! The January 22, 1976 issue of Nature (pp. 177-179) likewise contained material that inadvertently tends to support Velikovsky's proposed model for cataclysmic evolution. In an article titled "Influence of ancient solar-proton events on the evolution of life ... Harold E. Lippman, also discussed the evolutionary process from the cataclysmic viewpoint. Unlike Velikovsky, however, Lippman ignored extraterrestrial phenomena as a factor responsible for terrestrial upheaval resulting in biospherical and biological change. Instead, Lippman endorsed Charles Hapgood's thesis that, owing to crustal shift, the surface of the Earth was subject to rapid changes-- a mechanism which the former considered plausibly sufficient to force evolutionary changes in life. Lippman's incisive commentary on the subject of evolution both parallels and converges with that of Velikovsky; and it is indeed ...
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... he had duplicated the Fleischmann-Pons cell against a control cell containing ordinary water, and had obtained 50 per cent more energy as heat from the fusion cell than was put in as electricity. Huggins gained extra column inches because he had placed his two reaction vessels in a red plastic picnic cool-box to keep their temperature constant. This kitchen-table flavour to the experiment added even further to the growing discomfort of hot fusion experts, with their billion-dollar research machines. By the time the American Chemical Association held its annual meeting in Dallas in April 1989 ... had actually been fudged. It is usual for experimental data to be manipulated, usually by computer, to compensate for known factors. No-one would have been surprised to learn that MIT had carried out legitimate 'data reduction'. But what they had done was selectively to shift the data obtained from the control experiment, the tap water cell, so that it appeared identical to the output from the fusion cell. When this blatant fudging of the figures became public, MIT came under fire from many directions, including members of its own ...
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127. Thoth Vol. I, No. 11 May 3, 1997 [Thoth Website]
... /PR/97/08.html and via links in or Press Release posted to the sci.astro (Usenet newsgroup): "Meteorite study shows glimpse of Red Planet's ancestry" March 18, 1997 WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.-- While the controversy continues over whether a Martian meteorite bears evidence of ancient life on Mars, a Purdue University scientist says the rocky fragments can tell us something about the early life of the ... describing the predictable world, based on a certain faith in human rationality and logic, reproducibility of results, and universally recognized conventions. No doubt all of the definitions add something to our perception of science and religion. But notice that the definitions of words tend to shift over time. I looked up the word "religion" in a dictionary giving the Greek, Latin, or romantic European language roots. It seems that "religion" is a compound word combining "re," meaning to do again, and "ligion ...
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... suggested lightning in the accretion disk as an explanation for chondrules, but without understanding what causes lightning the idea died. The May 17 issue of New Scientist reports a new idea from astrophysicist Frank Shu. He argues that meteorites were formed in "furious winds that blew red- hot rock out from the Sun at hundreds of kilometres per second." Lightning creates just such "furious winds" of heated matter along the discharge channel. Shu's explanation, on the other hand, suffers the usual lack of understanding of plasma electrical behavior ... from other nearby stars. THORNHILL COMMENTS: Here is an additional assumption. Having somehow gravitationally formed an accretion disk we must follow that with a special active stellar condition to blow it away after a convenient time interval. Studies have shown that the stellar wind would merely shift the disk further away and not disperse it. Alfvn argued that the most efficient (and Nature is nothing if not efficient) method to accrete matter over cosmic distances is that of the electromagnetic "pinch effect" caused by parallel electric current filaments in plasma. ...
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... happening in the inner solar system to keep me busy. But I will toss in a few facts and ideas for you to think about. Uranus and Neptune seem to form a pair, in size and appearance of their blue atmospheres- believed to be due to red light absorption in methane. They both have oddly offset magnetic fields which may have something to tell us about their different electrical nature. Neptune is the only planet to show changes in brightness of up to 4 percent. Neptune (17.2 Earth masses) is both ... sufficient to envelop its entourage of planets. Looking at the Shoemaker-Levy comet breakup near Jupiter, upon its dismemberment each of the components assumed their own cometary comas and tails. By analogy, the Earth may have later had its own glowing, cometary sheath, after the shift to the polar configuration, to add to the diffusion of light. Lightning activity on the Earth at that time would have been spectacular and dangerous. As I have argued earlier in this forum, St. Elmo's fire would have been a common occurrence, as ...
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130. The Ring About The Earth at 2300 BC [SIS C&C Review $]
... a m, simply because particles of this size range scatter optical sunlight effectively [107. Particles having a radius less than 0 4m scatter light in the blue region extending to the ultra-violet, whereas particles having radii between 0 4 and 0 8m scatter light in the red region. Particles smaller than 0 1 micrometre or larger than 0 8 micrometre either reflect Solar radiation to a much smaller degree or obstruct it respectively. Happily, the sub-m particles having a mass from 10- 13 to 10- 10 grams correspond to sub-m particles ... but doesn't affect the basic visual story. The cultural areas at 2300 BC extended essentially from 20 to 40N latitude, with Scandinavian, northern central Asian and northern North American cultural areas extending as far as 65N. For the more northern cultural areas, the pattern would shift to the south; accordingly, the pattern would shift to the north for the more southerly cultural areas. Figure 3 The 70 inclination ring projected on to the Earth Let us now take one further step. Earlier, I mentioned that the ring was likely to ...
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