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... Ev Cochrane in _Martian Metamorphoses: The Planet Mars in Ancient Myth and Religion_: "Earthlings have long been fascinated by the planet Mars. Well before modern science fiction speculated about advanced civilizations upon Mars and the dire threat of invasion by little green men, the red planet was regarded as a malevolent agent of war, pestilence, and apocalyptic disaster. In an attempt to appease the capricious planet-god, various ancient cultures offered it human sacrifices. What is there about this distant speck of light that could inspire such bizarre conceptions culminating ... that today's winds can no longer even ruffle. Mars may have lost much of that thicker atmosphere in the past and perhaps it is now regaining it from the evaporation of its polar caps." COMMENT: It was the most catastrophic climate change imaginable involving a drastic shift of orbit as a result of the close electrical and gravitational encounters with other planets. Electrical forces in an essentially chaotic gravitational system can quickly change and stabilize planetary orbits. It renders computer orbital retro-calculations invalid. No such computation will place Mars near the Earth only ...
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112. Are the Peleset Philistines or Persians? [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... anything but enhanced by the further proposal that the disturbance in Egypt at the time of the exodus, and again in the 8th century, were the result of near-collisions of the earth with an extra-terrestrial body. To disciples of the evolutionary concept this was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. It is difficult to decide which of his proposals was the most objectionable. It may be presumed, however, that archaeologists and historians immediately perceived that his chronological revision carried with it a demand for compression of post-Amarna history and ... is not possible ordinarily to provide specific dates for shifts from one age to the next which would hold for all areas of the Near East. It can be expected that these shifts from one age to the next will vary front area to area. However, the shift from Late Bronze to Iron I is one of the more specifically defined in the series, because the phenomenon is marked by migrations, conquests, and significant political changes over wide areas. 12 Traditionally, the shift from Late Bronze to Iron I is dated to ...
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... (52) "They undoubtedly possessed some ritual significance associated with.. .fertility"(53) and are generally interpreted as a form of mother goddess.(54) Gravettians also buried their dead with considerable elaboration-- full clothing, personal ornaments, and red ochre sprinkled over all-- suggesting well developed ceremony and ritual concerning death and, probably, afterlife. "The presence of red, yellow, and black pigments indicates the probability of body painting and ornamentation" during the Solutrean but "although some examples of ... Both temperature and moisture in the air may change over a wide range from the warmth of the early rays. The whole environment responds specifically and characteristically at each event according to the time of year. As the seasons pass, the natural settings of sunrise and sunset shift in regular sequence, not only in the visible position of the sun on the horizon, but across a whole range of visual, auditory, olfactory, and other sensations from the attendant patterns of weather and wildlife. Among people subsisting directly from nature, such ...
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114. Nemesis for Evolutionary Gradualism? [SIS C&C Review $]
... which survived the Late Cretaceous event were the same ones, with some exceptions, which survived the Late Triassic extinctions [100. One of the most persistent critics of catastrophism, or rather of some of its adherents, is Leigh Van Valen, best known for his Red Queen hypothesis of evolution [101. This is named after the Red Queen in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, who spoke of running very hard to stay in the same place, and argues that both predators and prey need to evolve continuously to maintain the ... , at the Late Permian extinction horizon (about 250 Myr B.P.) in China [38, 43. Also in China, high levels of iridium have been located at the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary (about 590 Myr B.P.), together with a sharp negative carbon-isotope shift which could indicate a sudden decrease in fertility before the Cambrian explosion of invertebrate evolution [44, 45; hitherto it had not been appreciated that a mass extinction might have triggered the Cambrian explosion [2. A fifteen-fold increase in iridium was found at the 11.7 ...
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115. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... was stranded in the belt with no other left to nudge it into resonance. In the other half, all embryos were ejected, leaving the belt empty save a little rubble; these simulations usually yielded a fourth planet twice the size of Mars, indicating that the red planet was 'unlucky' to get so little material, or that the model is less than fully adequate. Because in half the simulations the time to expel the last embryo was infinite, in some of the other 50% the time to expel the last embryos ... of around half a millennium, then rather later (p. 256) in a passage calculated first to damn with faint praise, then to dismiss as 'totally unable to conduct rational and scientific arguments', they commented that Velikovsky had derived 'a 400- to 500-year shift.... not unlike the leap we have been discussing'. 28. See Scientific American April 1982 29. See Scientific American October 1990 30. Ellenberger: op. cit. [1 31. Ibid. TEC= Taurid-Encke Complex. The expression ...
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... 'On June 28, 1911 the inhabitants of Nakhla, Egypt were treated to a spectacular meteor shower. As it turns out, one of these rocks almost certainly came from the planet Mars, nearly 50 million miles away. The difficulty in dislodging a meteorite from the red planet, much less transporting one to Earth, has prompted several noted authorities to doubt their Martian origin. The meteorite's chemical imprint, however, not unlike the DNA evidence in a murder trial, leaves little doubt about its place of origin. Nor did this ... at the SIS 1978 Glasgow Conference on The Celestial Dynamics of 'Worlds in Collision'. A transcript of his paper was printed in SIS Review VI:1-3 with abstracts of two other papers first published in Pensée. 6. Brown has been called the 'father of pole shift theory', author of Cataclysms of the Earth (1967). What is SIS? The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies is a UK-based society with worldwide membership. It is a non-profitmaking organisation, registered as an educational charity under the UK Charities Act. It was ...
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117. Monitor [SIS C&C Review $]
... bewildered by the complexity of solar events and have few answers to the many questions about electromagnetism in the Solar System. Colourful quakes New Scientist 17.2.96, p. 16 and 23/30.95, p. 15 Flashes of light seen shortly before earthquakes are often reported as red and blue. This is probably due to a phenomenon known as fractoluminescence, which occurs when quartz fractures. Quartz, the most common mineral in rocks, is a form of silica, which has been shown to emit red light, changing to blue as it ... magnetic field is produced, relying on slow convection currents (just as the movement of tectonic plates is supposed to be generated), cannot explain such rapid change, unlike theories of a reversing Earth. Whatever the cause, it was pointed out that such a rapid shift would disorientate migrating birds and whales. One scientist speculated as long ago as 1984 that magnetic reversals could have played a part in mass extinctions and affected DNA synthesis and suggests that really large rates of change of field would undoubtedly affect the genomes of living organisms. ...
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118. Monitor [SIS C&C Review $]
... added about 700AD, shortly before the first Viking raids, and later carried them across the Atlantic. MYTH Celtic configuration Connecticut Post The Celtic god Cerunnos, master of the animals, is depicted as a one-legged, one-eyed giant, with a head encircled by a flaming red beard and hair and armed with a huge club. He stands on the peak of a mound together with a huge stag whose antlers rise in the form of a crescent with tines looking like flickering lightning. When Cerunnos hits the stag with his club, the ... whole area would have slipped into the sea, leaving no archaeological remains. Fires could also have started in underground oil deposits, accounting for the rain of brimstone and fire depicted in the bible. Volcanic trigger New Scientist 8.11.97, p. 20 A sudden dramatic climate shift, with huge temperature rises 55 Myrs ago, may have been triggered by volcanic eruptions in the Caribbean which changed the atmosphere and cooled the surface waters, altering ocean currents and eventually caused the release of methane hydrates, causing greenhouse warming. What started this elaborate ...
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119. Index of Titles [Uncategorised]
... , MINOS, AND THE CELESTIAL LABYRINTH Cochrane, Ev: Mars Gods of the New World Cochrane, Ev: Martian Meteorites in Ancient Myth and Modern Science Cochrane, Ev: Mons Veneris Cochrane, Ev: On Comets and Kings Cochrane, Ev: On Dragons and Red Dwarves Cochrane, Ev: On Mars and Pestilence Cochrane, Ev: Racial Memory and Instinct: The Case of the Honeyguide Cochrane, Ev: Samson Revealed Cochrane, Ev: Sothis and the Morning Star in the Pyramid Texts Cochrane, Ev: Stairway to Heaven ... Evidence for the Marine Deposition of Coal Colburn, Jerome: PRECISE SYNCHRONIZATION INVOLVING THE REVISED CHRONOLOGY Compliments, First: Vox Popvli Considerations, Disciplinary: Forums Cook, Melvin A.: Earth Tectonics Viewed from Rock Mechanics Cook, Melvin A.: Ice Caps, Continental Shift and the Break up of Pangaea COURVILLE, DONOVAN A.: Limitations of Astronomical Dating Methods* Crew, Eric W.: Erratic Events in the Solar System Crew, Eric W: COMPUTED PLANETARY ORBITS AND THE BABYLONIAN OBSERVATIONS OF VENUS Crew, Eric: Electricity ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 319  -  25 Mar 2001  -  141k  -  URL:
120. The Saturn Thesis [Aeon Journal $]
... am calling the "Radiant Venus" appear to relate directly to that condition. I think we will want to take the time to consider a wide range of variations on the underlying idea. Then there is the issue of planetary colors. The illustrations show Mars as red because that is the color it acquires. I've not found much to suggest that Mars possessed this attribute in the earliest phase. It's in connection with specific events that a deep rusty red comes to dominate. I've presumed, tentatively, that this reddening was related ... hopefully account for the full range of data (both historical and physical), I've made the tentative assumption that the former planetary system occupied the present region of Earth's or Venus' orbit, perhaps closer to Venus' orbit, so that Venus experienced the least orbital shift following the collapse of the system. That would, perhaps, account for Venus presently possessing the most circular of orbits. The participating planets moved in alignment, with synchronous periods, and they remained in this in-line relationship at least long enough to allow for a ...
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