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... graves in Egypt that you have taken us away to die in the wilderness?" [30 Evidently, from a kind of well-qualified expedition manager, Moses was quickly transformed by events into a charismatic leader. OPENING AND CLOSING THE WATERS "And the waters of the Red Sea divided, and not they alone, but all the water in heaven and on earth, in whatever vessel it was, in cisterns, in wells, in caves, in casks, in pitchers, in drinking cups, and in glasses, and none ... the Exodus [33. In Upper Egypt, at 32 34'E/ 21 46'N, at Ovadi es Sebova (South), excavators discovered three temple foundations; one, the original, rested against the hillside from before Exodus; two were constructed later on. A shift of 5 01' between temple I and the temples II-III is evident. When the temple by Amenhotep III was built, the innermost target of the solstitial sun of winter had to be shifted to catch the sunrise on the eastern horizon farther north. One may ...
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102. Mercury [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... cases as proofs. The Mercurial anomaly is almost exactly what his theory would presuppose of a planet that moves in the curved space caused by the proximity of the huge mass of the sun. The next observational evidence accountable by the General Theory was the shifting towards the red (red shift) in the spectrum of light emanating from the sun, compared with the light of laboratory sources, a phenomenon in Einstein ? s explanation resulting too from bending of space by the presence of heavy mass (sun). The third phenomenon would ... in light emitted by a star and passing near the solar disk (bending of the ray). Einstein did not make ? three predictions ? for the validation of the General Theory of Relativity as it is often said; Sir James Jeans in his article on Relativity in the Encyclopedia Britannica refers in such terms to the three phenomena: Einstein, knowing the mass of the sun, found himself in a position to predict absolutely what the motion of the perihelion of Mercury must be. It was found to be 42.9 ? a century ...
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103. From Myth to a Physical Model [Aeon Journal $]
... or nonexistent. The colors associated with the participating planets in this early stage are-- Saturn: yellow, gold, i.e., as god of the Golden Age; Venus: white, silver, gray, later turning to bright turquoise; Mars: rusty red and dark. The two images presented below represent the view of the celestial configuration from Earth under two closely related conditions, without any attempt to accommodate the light from the Sun (a critical component). In the first, the dark orb of Mars appears ... . But there is such a confusion, it is rampant, and the confusion itself is the proof that an extension of symbolism did occur. Ask yourself, for example: would the confusion have occurred in an uneventful solar system? Unless there has been a fundamental shift of orientation, why would the remote and inconspicuous Saturn carry the same ancient name as the Sun? The principle involved in this particular issue must be confronted again and again. The key to resolving a thousand "anomalies" of myth is the realization that they ...
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... and repeatedly had close encounters with Earth. If such near-misses had occurred, the orbits of the moons would have been severely disturbed and the probability is that Mars would have lost them to either Venus or Earth, both of which are larger [in mass than the Red Planet. (39) What Stiebing and Mulholland have left out of this discussion is that there is no scenario based on gravitational theory to explain the orbits of Deimos and Phobos. They have, over the years, also failed to explain the evidence that meteorites ... and that Michael Carr [an authority on Mars of USGS [the United States Geological Survey...believes a sudden disaster occurred on Mars sometime in the first quarter of the history of Mars. He has no explanation [for the catastrophe. He suspects a sudden pole shift. (91) Therefore, there can be no doubt about the fact that Velikovsky's prediction about the nature of Mars' topography is correct, and that the scientists were wrong on every point. As Patrick Moore states, In the summer of 1964, I ...
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105. In Search of the Exodus [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... before the walls of Jericho-- upon which they collapsed-- echoes an earthquake rumble. The plagues of Egypt could also have been earthquake related, Tributsch continues. The waters of the Nile changing color, for example, giving them the appearance of blood (red pigmentation from rising ground-water sources); the fish dying (electrostatic discharges affecting marine and river fauna, particularly bottom feeders); frogs invading the land and clouds of locusts (odd animal behavior); and there was disease, a plague of thunder(? ... may not believe an accurate figure. They may be associated with 10 generations and should more properly read 10 x 25 years. They may also have astrological implications, as the Zodiac appears originally to have had 10 signs; this could have been due to an orbital shift in relation to the constellations, but certainly not at the end of MB. How much earlier is conjectural, but units of 10 were common numerological systems in Egypt and Sumeria (and therefore in use during EB); 12 and units of 6 and 60 ...
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... a star is entirely determined by its size and composition, the electric charge on it and the electrical stress in its environment. If the Sun reached a region of space with changed electric current density, it would change immediately. It could rise tomorrow morning as a Red Giant or a White Dwarf star. At the very least there would be a change in the sunspot cycle. It is known for instance that Betelgeuse, which is a Red Giant, has a very bright spot. That suggests that some stars can have sunspots ... remapped the universe based on his observations, and shows that it is much smaller than we thought, and we don't know its age. Yes, some astronomers did think they had found stars that were older than the age of the universe but they were using red shift measurements which give an overestimate of age together with a thermonuclear evolutionary model of stars which simply does not apply in an Electric Universe. Q5. Harold Tresman asked Wal Thornhill about the relative sizes of proto-Saturn as it looked in relation to the planets Venus, Mars ...
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107. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... but most of them made locally. Most of the local wares bear a marked resemblance to Khabur ware' (ibid. p. 8). 'The decoration on Khabur ware is carried out, on any one pot, in a monochrome paint, which may be red to reddish brown or greenish black to black. The plainest form consists of bands of the colour around the pot.... In odd corners, left open in the schemes, birds, plant forms, goats may be introduced. The ground is invariably ... very compelling. By considering, in turn, the problems posed by the supposed Dark Ages in each of the major Eastern Mediterranean empires, Greek, Hittite, Assyrian, Palestinian, Cypriot, Egyptian, etc., he comes to the conclusion that a 250 years shift in conventional chronology would more or less wipe out the present hiatus in archaeological dating. There is nothing new in this to SIS subscribers, but what I found disappointing in James' book was his almost total ignoring of Velikovsky's work; indeed the latter receives only ...
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108. Thoth Vol. V, No 5 April 15, 2001 [Thoth Website]
... a dynamic classification system arises. It creates the sensory order, which is not so much a one-to-one mapping of the real world as a metaphor of it. For example, in the real world, colors are part of a linear arrangement of increasing wavelengths. Beyond red is infrared, and beyond violet is ultraviolet. But in the sensory order, red and violet join at purple to make a circle. There is no purple wavelength in the real world. So looking can in no way be equated with knowing. We need ... be rearranged. The question for judgement can be recalled. The determinate can become ambiguous again. The tangled hierarchies of associations of associations of nerve sparks are continually re-energizing themselves and shifting their patterns. Sometimes they reorganize themselves en masse: There can be paradigm shifts which shift reality. How can reality shift if it's "what's out there," to be known by looking at it? Maybe we started our march down Epistemology Lane on the wrong foot. Notice that from the beginning we've unconsciously assumed a dichotomy between a "real ...
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109. Thoth Vol. V, No 6 May 31, 2001 [Thoth Website]
... on the limb, it would be only slightly larger than a typical Ionian plume, but the image does not reveal whether the source is actually at the limb or beyond it, out of view. A distinctive feature in Galileo images since 1997 has been a giant red ring of Pele plume deposits about 1,400 kilometers (870 miles) in diameter. The Pele ring is seen again in one of the new Galileo images, lower left. When the new Galileo images were returned this month, scientists were astonished to see ... , when the world ended in flood and a cosmic winter, or EKPYROSIS, the destruction of the world by fire. We call the Doomsday memory an archetype because no culture failed to recall such an event, marked by great prodigies in the sky and a violent shift in the celestial order. On this vital point, Immanuel Velikovsky's presentation of global evidence still stands. But just consider how severely our scientific assumptions will limit the historian's imagination, as he confronts this recurring memory. Without a second thought, he already "knows ...
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... make direct observations of lifebearing planets in other solar systems. Wal's comment: This assumes that life-bearing planets must be like the Earth in its present circumstance and usually orbit outside a star. The model I have proposed of life-bearing planets within the more favorable envelope of a red star would render them invisible to any telescope, no matter how large. Article: The so-called Overwhelmingly Large Telescope (Owl) will also see across space to the edge of the universe collecting light emitted 11 billion years ago from the first stars formed. The ... the value of v never exceeds c no matter how large z gets. Of course, according to Halton Arp, these high redshift values are primarily due to intrinsic (age related) properties of the object. So, the difference between the (large) measured shift and one of his quantum redshift values always turns out to be small enough that we can use the simple v= cz relationship to find the actual velocity. Mel Acheson adds: Mel retrieves his freshman physics text, blows off the dust, and finds feet ...
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