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... This is an inscription in stone telling of storm and darkness and the death of a Pharaoh in a whirlpool. The place name Pi Kirot appears in this inscription, and the name Pi ha-hiroth is given in Exodus as the place where the tribes of Israel crossed the Red Sea; Velikovsky suggested in Worlds in Collision- and amplified the argument in Ages in Chaos, unbeknownst to Margolis- that both references are to the same place. The name appears only once in the Egyptian monuments and only once in the Bible. And in ... letter in Science (December 21, 1962) in which Valentin Bargmann, physicist of Princeton University, and Lloyd Motz, astronomer of Columbia University, urged their colleagues to recognize Velikovsky's priority in predicting three highly significant discoveries: (1) the high temperature of the planet Venus; (2) the emission of non-thermal radio noise by Jupiter; and (3) the vast reach of the earth's magnetic field in space. The Bargmann-Motz plea for scientific good sportsmanship won no response in the journals of science [1 and 2, ...
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282. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... BC: this provides a good correlate for these workers with the date preferred by archaeologists for the Thera eruption (1688 57 BC, dated by calibrated radiocarbon). Magnetism in Cosmos source: NEW SCIENTIST 19.1.84, pp.15-17 We recommend this interesting discussion by David Whitehouse on red dwarf stars and the theoretical problems astronomers have in understanding them. Red dwarf stars are thought to be less massive than our Sun but to radiate more than their fair share of X-rays, to have flares of immense violence, and their energy source is also something ... are factors at work which are not explicable by the currently accepted theories. Forrest's Sauces source: THE SKEPTICAL INQUIRER vol.8 (Winter 1983-4), p.154-63 In his latest investigation into the source material used by Velikovsky, Bob Forrest presents his criticisms of Velikovsky's identification of the planet Venus in mythology. Unfortunately, Forrest brings with him his own questionable methodology (for which see the criticisms of R.M.Lowery in REVIEW VI:4, pp.112-13 and D.Cardona in KRONOS IX:2, pp.87-95) and introduces his paper with the usual "nothing is ...
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... in direction to that of Jupiter and most other planets, including Venus, even when it was ejected in the opposite dierection. It was assumed that the place of ejection was near the equator of Jupiter, assisted by its high rotational velocity. In fact the Great Red Spot seems the obvious site, especially as the subsequent forces on Cosbod would tend to pull it into the same plane as Jupiter, near the ecliptic. After a few days Cosbod was far enough away from Jupiter to retreat further and accelerate under the gravitational force ... influenced by the solar magnetic field and current flow in the solar atmosphere, but this is likely to be much less than the forces due to electrical charges on the Sun and planets, which would add to or subtract from that of gravity. This would cause the planet to behave as if it had a greater or smaller mass than if it is not charged. A possible example is that of the planet Mercury with a 'text book' density of 5500kg/m^3. Based on the density of similar sized bodies this ...
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284. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... an average of 8 a year over the last 20 years. This is many more than are seen and reported by other sources. One seen as a fireball over the Pacific on 1st Feb. 94 was the largest picked up by spy satellite. It burned with red and blue flames and left a trail of smoke that persisted for over an hour. Meanwhile reports have recently come out of Russia about an explosion south of Russia in 1991 which left a small crater. It was followed a year later by another. Apparently there ... Uranus lies on its side with a 90 degree tilt could explain why it is the only one of the four giant planets not to give out more heat than it receives from the Sun. Because this means its poles get heated this may cause an instability inside the planet which causes heat to be carried more efficiently to its surface to be radiated into space. The return of the comet New Scientist 4.6.94, p. 14 A comet observed last year may be the same as that observed by the Chinese in 574. This would ...
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... truth in this supposition of larval contamination of the Earth is anyone's guess." (6) According to Sagan: Now the Pharoah eventually relents, the Israelites are permitted to leave --there's, according to Exodus, a few hundred thousand of them, they approach the Red Sea, the host of the Pharoah follows them, the Pharoah hardens his heart again, and Moses has a rod and taps it on a rock and the Red Sea opens. Okay, the Israelites go across, not getting even slightly damp, and then ... be applied to the situation of 34 centuries ago, when the day was of a different length.) Sagan says that "the comet comes back a few more times, scores a few more miracles and then eventually goes into orbit around the Sun and becomes the planet Venus." (23) But the comet Venus, even before it became the planet Venus, was already in orbit around the Sun. Furthermore, Venus and the Earth (with or without "miracles") never again encountered each other even one more ...
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286. The Flood [The Velikovskian $]
... present gradualistic or uniformitarian conditions. This clearly indicates that a flood of extraordinary magnitude inundated Africa during the time of Egyptian civilisation. A temple was uncovered at Abydos, over 250 miles south of Gizeh, in the 19th century. The main temple complex, built of red granite, is located in a swamp 30 feet beneath the surface. According to David H. Childress, "[ its foundations are cut many feet below the current level of the water table, which has risen some [20 feet since the temple was built ... p. 110-111. Also see John Shaw, "Drumlins, Sub-glacial Melt Water Floods and Ocean Responses," Geology 17 (September, 1989): 853-856. 29. Scott Fields, "Megafloods at Ice Age's End," Earth: the Science of Our Planet (May, 1994), pp. 12-13. 30. C. Warren Hunt, Environment of Violence (Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 1990), pp. 117-119. 31. J. Shaw, "Book Review of Drumlin Symposium," Quaternary ...
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... Grand Canyon Grand Coulee Grand Karroo Grand Teton Range granite granule graphite gravel Graves, Robert gravity, gravitation Great "Nevada" basin Great African rift valley Great barrier reef Great Basin Great Bear Great Bear Lake Great Britain Great flood Great Lakes Great Lakes Basin Great Pyramid Great Red spot Great Salt lake Great Slave Lake great tidal flooding Great Valley deposits Great Western Erg Great Year Greater Melanesia Greater Micronesia Greater Polynesia Greater Tasmania Greece, Greek Greek history Greenberg, Lewis greenhouse effect greenhouse, atmospheric Greenland Greenland crater Greenland ice cores Gregorian calendar Gregory, ... Pi-ha-kiroth Pickering, William pictograph piezoelectricity pigmentation Pikaia Pikering, William Pilat dunes pilgrim pillar pillar of fire" Pillars of Hercules Piltdown man Piltdown, England Pindar,-. pingo Pioneer-s Piri Reis map placebo plague Plagues of Egypt plain planaria planarian Planck, Max plane, ecliptic planet planetarium planetary gods planetary motion planetary nebula planetary tide planetary, transaction planets and human directives planets, in language plant plasma plasma, cosmic plastic flow Plata, rio de la plate tectonics plateau Plato pleasure Pleiades Pleione pleisiosaurus Pleistocene Epoch Pleistocene-Holocene Boundary plenum Plinian eruption Pliny Pliocene ...
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... the electric Sun forms part of a galactic circuit, it will exhibit resonant effects. The Sun is an electric bell as well as an electric light! It seems particularly significant that the 160-minute oscillation also appears with high statistical significance in the solar intensity, infra- red, radio and radio polarization (connected with the solar magnetic field). All of these effects are to be expected in an electric star model because they are driven by the same resonant electrical power circuit. Kotov went on to publish a paper in 1985 that ... THOTH A Catastrophics Newsletter VOL VII, No 5 July 31, 2003 EDITOR: Amy Acheson PUBLISHER: Michael Armstrong LIST MANAGER: Brian Stewart CONTENTS WHAT IS ACTUALLY THE CASE?......... Mel Acheson PLANET BIRTHING- MORE EVIDENCE...... Wal Thornhill SQUASHED STAR FLATTENS SOLAR THEORY.... Wal Thornhill >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >---<<<<<<<<< ...
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289. Schools of Thought - A Reply [SIS C&C Review $]
... A. Dolby: On Schools of Thought, SISR I:3, 26ff 2. Chicago, 1962. 3. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 169-70. 4. Ibid., 143-5, etc. 5. If the meaning of a term like "red" were determined not by its application to objects in a publicly-observed world, but by a sense- datum private to each one of us, we would never be sure that two people meant the same thing by "red", and all discourse would become ... to give us a means of testing the theories. It is instructive to go through The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, applying the principle I have just outlined to the scientific advances described there. For reasons of space, one example must suffice. When Herschel discovered the planet Uranus (6), he needed a good measure of theoretical sophistication to know what observations would tend to confirm the status of the new heavenly body as a planet and not as a star. These were (a) that the body should appear through the ...
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290. Exploring The Saturn Myth [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... melée of cataclysmic proportions; A primary mythical image connected with the 'end' of this Golden Age seems to be a set of seven concentric circles revolving around a central orb, each bearing its own crescent of brilliant illumination; There are specific colour associations proposed, including red for the column, blue/green for the enclosure, gold for the central orb and/or the crescent; The whole apparition is 'fiery' and invested with a 'shimmering' quality. The theory suggestst that after this configuration disappeared, the names and mythical ... of the stationary central orb, the revolving crescent, and the enclosing band were transferred to the solar orb, the lunar orb, and an inner planet respectively- the Sun, the Moon, and the planet Venus. The theory predicts that the name and image of the entire configuration will be transmitted through the notions of a 'first' sun and a 'first dawn,' a 'first' morning star and 'the creation.' Talbott's thesis is that prehistoric man saw a concrete image in the sky to the north and that the ...
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